The musicians who refused to perform for Trump’s inaguration

Hola a todos. Readers may know that most musicians who were asked to perform for the Trump-Pence coronation/inauguration said “NO!” One-by-one they refused. Good for them. They stood on some principles. They had their integrity, self-respect and dignity.

Then there are other musicians whom I’ve lost all respect for and that’s because there was another event that was part of the inauguration where the musicians did not refuse to perform for Trump-Pence, and that’s what this article is about.

I would like to make a statement about the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service held at Washington National Cathedral (WNC) in the District of Columbia on el 21 de enero de 2017/the 21st of January 2017:

To begin with, why is there a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service in a nation where there is supposed to be a separation of church-religion and state? I wasn’t about to watch this Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service video just as I didn’t watch the coronation/inauguration. This prayer service should have been included as part of the “Boycott the Inauguration” movement. But that would have required possessing some principles and convictions on the part of the staff at WNC. I scanned through their video of this prayer service and saw enough of it with the sound off to comment on it. I have lost all respect for everyone at Washington National Cathedral who took part in this Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service and that’s because they stand for nothing. That is so typical of Democrats, and I suspect most (if not all) of the staff at WNC are Democrats considering that the District is a city of mostly Democrats and devout Hillarybots/Obamabots.

For this prayer service, the Nave was packed with most people wearing conservative and conformist black. It looked more like a traditional funeral. I saw members of the Military Industrial ComplexTM there, including military musicians. When did Jesus stand for the military? Jesus was about peace and love, and not about the violence and barbarism of the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and its neocon Project For The New American Century (PNAC) agenda of US global imperialism and world domination. Or have the staff at WNC never contemplated this concept? With Democrats, war is only bad when a Republican is in office. I saw the cathedral clergy there including the Bishop for the District of Columbia-Diocese of Washington. The Cathedral Choir of Men, Boys and Girls as well as the two organists performed for these basura Trump/Pence. It’s disgusting that these musicians including the Choirmaster-Director of Music and the Organist and Associate Director of Music from Washington National Cathedral did not possess the integrity, the self-respect and dignity of the many musicians who said “NO!!” to performing for Trump’s inauguration, and this prayer service was part of the inaugural festivities. That’s why it was called the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. All the musicians who performed in WNC were performing in Trump’s presence which is no different than performing in his presence at the inauguration. And again, that’s why musician after musician refused to perform in his presence at the inauguration. I guess Trump didn’t know that all he needed to do was to contact “We Stand For Nothing” Washington National Cathedral and he could have easily had the full Cathedral Choir, organists Benjamin Straley and George Fergus performing for his inauguration, with Benjamin and George performing on a Digital Organ or piano. I found this disgusting and appalling behaviour on the part of WNC. I know nothing about George’s politics, but I know a little bit about Benjamin’s. Would Benjamin have been fired if he had taken a stand and gone to the Director of Music and told him that he would have to boycott this event? It’s doubtful that he would have been fired for that. Even if the cathedral was adamant about hosting this event to honour Trump-Pence, Benjamin could have called in a substitute organist to fill in for him as he has done on occasion in the past, such as for this Liturgy on the Day of Pentecost 2016. In fact, that substitute organist — who was superb; I loved his High Church playing — filled in for Benjamin on two occasions that I’m aware of. From my understanding, this Inaugural Prayer Service was nationally televised over the US corporate media. Did Benjamin want to play for this prayer service to get national television exposure? He has contacts in the AGO. I have no doubt that some of the substitute organists available from the AGO (the American Guild of Organists-District of Columbia Chapter) would have been delighted to play the Cathedral’s Great Organ and some of them might even be Trump-Pence supporters so they would have had no problem playing there in the presence of the Führer. Or, not being Trump supporters, maybe they too have no principles and convictions. Many people don’t, such as the Men of the Cathedral Choir as another example. But the point is, Benjamin would not have had to lower himself to the cesspool. Yet that’s what he chose to do. And the Men of the Cathedral Choir (they’re paid per call/per Liturgy) who were there for this prayer service deliberately chose to do this service. The Men of the Cathedral Choir — who have other musical engagements and commitments in and around the District, Maryland and Virginia — are “on-call” depending upon which men choristers are available for a Liturgy at WNC. In other words, they are not a permanent group of choristers. Some of the guys come and go from week-to-week. Whereas with some of the other men, I’ve seen them there for an extended period of time. It just depends. When I was watching their Liturgies, there would generally be a different group of men there from week-to-week, depending upon who was available from their roster of “on-call” choristers called “the professional singers.” My point is that the men who performed for this prayer service, chose to be there rather than boycott it. (Sigh. It disgusts me that some people stand for nothing!) I saw how the clergy and others paused to give respect to Führer Trump by smiling and shaking his hand as they recessed. The only thing they didn’t do was to genuflect to him and bless themselves. It was a disgusting spectacle. This basura Trump deserves no respect. Why respect an arrogant bully with an enormous narcissistic ego? This guy is not “all there.” He’s off the latch. He’s absolutely repugnant and a pathetic specimen of a human being. This immature man boy in an adult body who behaves like an angry, out-of-control, elementary schoolyard bully deserves no respect at all. Respect must be earned regardless of one’s position of authority or office held and Trump has done nothing to earn anyone’s respect. His low-information, know-nothing, stupid-is-in, childish supporters are just as ugly, nasty, vile and despicable as their messiah Trump from reading their comments on message forums. (Related: The Trump Cult). Some of them are proud Nazis. Some of them write about “the niggers” or “negrows [sic].” Two comments I read from the Trumpbots while writing this article read: “It’s good to have a pure Aryan in the White House” and “It’s good to have a white man back in the White House who doesn’t have a tranny wife.” (Sigh.) The Trump disciples are anti-GLBTQ and they write hateful comments about “the trannies” as you see above. The Trumpbots are full of hate. They would have lived very comfortably in Nazi Germany and they come with this Dark Ages’ mentality. They’re constantly writing comments about “libtards, libturds and DemoRATS.” They hate on anyone who is not Republican, white, with blue-eyes and with blond hair, and they make baseless assumptions about commenters they know absolutely nothing about. They are the scum of the Earth, just like their Führer.

This despicable Führer Trump was recorded back in 2005 bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy … you can do anything … grab them by the pussy.”

He said:

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything.” (It’s not clear who Trump was talking about.)

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” [Source: Trump Was Recorded in 2005 Bragging About Grabbing Women “by the Pussy”]

This is the basura they honoured/hosted at Washington National Cathedral and for whom their musicians performed. Have they no standards or sense of right and wrong at all?! This was just wrong. It was repugnant! He has made sexist and misogynistic comments, he and Pence are anti-GLBTQ, he’s talked about los mexicanos being rapists and murderers and building a type of “Berlin Wall” at la frontera/the border between the US and México. I could go on listing his despicable and vile comments made during the septic 2016 US presidential campaign. His comments are well-documented. Yet this basura was honoured/hosted at WNC under the guise of a Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service. Outrageous.

Führer Trump is clearly dividing the US in half as if preparing for civil war, and he’s heavily attacking the US corporate media which are supposed to be protected under the First and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution. On his first day in office he talked about relaxing torture restrictions. Is torture what Jesus would do? Not from what I’ve learned about Jesus and from what I’ve heard them say about Jesus at WNC, so why was Trump/Pence being honoured/hosted in Washington National Cathedral around the same time that he made the torture comment? It was reported that the Trump-Pence regime plan to end The National Endowment For The Arts and The National Endowment For the Humanities. Yet this cathedral church (WNC) hosts these two pieces of basura. Washington National Cathedral stand for nothing; they are without convictions despite sweet-word rhetoric to the contrary. As I’ve written before and to be blunt, they are ass-eaters and boot lickers for the Establishment no matter how heinous and despicable The Establishment. Just one example: They have hosted this piece of basura (among many others) in their forum conversations at WNC:

The hypocrites at Washington National Cathedral could have stood up, stood for something, and released a firmly-worded statement that this prayer service would not be held in Washington National Cathedral with the suggestion that it be moved to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the entire staff of WNC refusing to have anything to do with it because of their supposed-professed principles and convictions. Ha! What principles and convictions do these Establishment boot lickers have?

At the Kennedy Center, Führer Trump could have had his Inaugural Prayer Team conduct the service which would have included Franklin Graham (the son of right-wing evangelical Billy Graham) with Franklin Graham’s long track record of anti-GLBTQ statements and frequent attacks on Muslims. Did Trump’s Inaugural Prayer Team attend the service at WNC? (Related: Here’s A Look At Trump’s Inaugural Prayer Team). The Kennedy Center Concert Hall — which comes with a fairly new pipe organ built by Casavant Frères, installed in 2012 and which could be used for a prayer service — would have been a much better venue and a secular venue for this prayer service. That’s because again (for the thick people) there is supposed to be a separation of church and state en los Estados Unidos/in the United States and this event was about celebrating the US Oligarchy/The Establishment or as Führer Trump calls it, “The Swamp” with his cabinet full of millionaires and billionaires.

What was also galling about this spectacle was to see people of various ethnic backgrounds in attendance wearing broad smiles and honouring these two far-right repugnant candidates who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes that we know of. (Disclosure: I did not support war criminal Hillary Clinton and I’m not a Democrat so this is not “sour grapes” or a “sore loser” on my part as the Trumpbots like to allege.) This event should not have been held in a cathedral church of the Anglican Commmunion which claims to be pro-GLBTQ. Yet I would point out that the new Dean is a “straight” white guy, just like the former Dean and the one before him. WNC pretends/claims to stand for peace, love, equality, social justice, what Jesus taught, and other sweet word claims. Then they host this prayer service with members of the US Military Industrial ComplexTM in attendance and honouring Trump/Pence seated in the front row of the Nave. Incredible. And was that the US Army Choir I saw standing in the Sanctuary/Quire area of this Anglican cathedral?

I stopped watching the Liturgies at Washington National Cathedral at the beginning of November 2016 having become thoroughly turned off by them and what they were doing there (and probably still are) which I have written about in articles, the links of which are down the page at this link. I’m glad I’ve moved on to High Church La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. It’s a much better and more pleasing Liturgy at Notre-Dame (I love it! although I’m not at all religious), and I’ve not seen any military on the sacred grounds of Notre-Dame where you might actually find someone like a Jesus there. Shame, Shame, Shame on you Washington National Cathedral! Chau.— el barrio rosa

7 comments on “The musicians who refused to perform for Trump’s inaguration

  1. FireintheHead

    Brilliant article with all the necessary details so very well explained to help readers understand the sad state of affairs at Washington National Cathedral. I agree with Conservatory Student. What they did and their lack of proper judgment in this instance was reprehensible.

  2. strangetimes

    my experience w/ the trumpies is the same as yours. reading their comments, i’ve not met a one that doesn’t match your description. not a one. it’s unanimous.

    re this prayer service, the musicians we’re talking about here are in the field of classical music, specifically church music. with few exceptions classical musicians typically behave just like these musicians. they are without scruples when it comes to who they will perform for. like you, i have no use for people like that.


    1. Conservatory Student

      ” with few exceptions classical musicians typically behave just like these musicians. they are without scruples when it comes to who they will perform for. ”

      That’s true, I’m sorry to say. With one exception being pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim. I was thinking that I remember reading about a pianist who had her Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra cancelled because of her political views. If you’ll allow this link, here it is:

      Back to Washington National Cathedral, I wholeheartedly agree with the article and I’m glad there’s another classically-trained musician out there that has convictions. What they and the musicians there did was reprehensible.

  3. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    I’m not easily shocked but this shocks me that they had Trump and Pence there, and that Benjamin and the men of the choir took part in it. I have lost all respect and now have no interest in going up there for a service. Appreciate you writing about this. Thanks.

    1. District Resident

      Hi Wes – agree with your comment. I overheard a group of people talking about this on the Metro but I thought they were joking. It was no joke. Incredible they did this,. I agree with pink barrio that it should have been moved to the Kennedy Center and an inagural prayer service should be moved there permanently becuase of the church and state thing. Good point.

  4. FedUp!

    It doesn’t matter what the place is whether it’s the Capitol steps at the inauguration, Washington National Cathedral, the White House or wherever, when musicians of all kinds perform before hiim they’re part of the problem. I thought the same about Obama. Musicians of all kinds enjoyed performing for a war criminal when they performed before him. There’s no sense of right and wrong with so many people, and this thing at the cathedral was just flat-out wrong in so many ways. Glad you’ve written about it. It needed to be said.

  5. D8

    Well stated. Anyone who performed for this thing is very conservative, right-wing and pro-Trump regardless of what label they wear otherwise they wouldn’t have been there. That’s especially true for the men of the cathedral choir that you elaborated about. I guess the girls and boys had no say in the matter but their parents did and could have pulled their son or daughter out of the choir for this performance as a boycott.

Fin. The End.