The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

Absolute insanity.

Lea DeLaria Doesn’t Want You Calling Her A Lesbian. “I am a dyke! Get it right. I don’t do that alphabet, LGBTQ thing. By the time you get to all of those letters, the parade is over!” … “Previously, DeLaria said, “Part of me believes that this so-called inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences, and that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”

I agree Lea and thank you for saying that, although the “LGBT”-brainwashed conformist and corporatists sheeple don’t agree with us. Yes, the straights have as many varied sexual interests as queers and they’re just called straight (or breeders). They don’t have this long string of letters.


On pink barrio you will read no dishonest, revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” acronym, because I don’t use that. Fact: Lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement as “LGBT” implies. Somehow, someone moved gay guys to second place. Why? Gay guys led the Movement along with trans individuals and Drag Queens, particularly with two riots at donut shops pre-Stonewall. Lesbians — or one of those elitist queer organisations on their behalf — hijacked our Movement by putting their needy and self-absorbed and self-entitled selves in first place in that silly acronym (LGBT). “LGBT” does not represent me and other queers from comments I’ve read from people online. And how many more fucking letters with this LGBTQQICAPF2K+ shit. If that isn’t the most ridiculous looking thing I’ve seen in some time. It almost looks like a type of barcode. Take for example “gay marriage.” Gay marriage is not called LGBTQQICAPF2K+ marriage. Fortunately. I’m surprised it’s not at this point as stupid as things have become with this LGBTQQICAPF2K+ shit. What fucking idiots dreamed that up? We are living in the Century of Insanity. When gay marriage became legal in Taiwan recently, they called it “gay marriage.” They didn’t call it LGBTQQICAPF2K+ marriage. So why does anything else have to be called anything other than the words gay or queer? “LGBT(Q)” is divisive. It divides us up into group which leads to infighting and excluding some people. It becomes a competition to see “who’s the most discriminated against?” Do these “LGBT” corporatist conformist sheeple — and that is who uses this “LGBT” shit in order to “fit in” and conform — not possess any critical thinking skills whatsoever? And I thought with “Gay Assimilation” that “everyone” wanted to be clones of the straights, no? The straights don’t have any silly acronyms or letters. So why are the conformist corporatists among us still clinging to this Brand LGBT shit? Because they’ve all been brainwashed to use it. And this brainwashing is no different than political partisan cult brainwashing. And sadly this dishonest and revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” is being used all over the world, rather than just the simple words gay or queer. The straights are known as straight or breeder, not this whole string of alphabet soup letters. And their sexual interests are just as varied as that of queers. What has happened to my fellow queers that they have become such fucking conformist, conservative (regardless of political party affiliation) and corporatist sheeple? They have become the opposite of who and what they were doing our proudly radical Left Movement. End of Introduction.

Hola a todos. According to a gay publication in the UK, the official Gay acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Stupid.

That stands for “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Queer,” “Questioning,” “Intersex,” “Curious,” “Asexual,” “Agender,” “Ally,” “Pansexual,” “Polysexual,” “Friends and family,” “Two-spirit” and “Kink.”

Surely they can work in a few more descriptors so that maybe each letter in the alphabet could be repeated at least twice like the two “Q’s” up there, no?

What more is there to be said about this topic that I haven’t already said — what feels like — hundreds of time? When are they going to stop this ridiculous acronym shit? Why do Queers need this long string of letters to identify themselves with? Why do they need any set of letters to identify themselves with? I don’t get that. Can’t they just use one word such as Gay or Queer? Just like the breeders use straight. (I use the word Queer because it makes the breeders very uncomfortable. They don’t know what to make of that!) Again, breeders don’t have any acronyms, so why does the Queer or Gay community need one? Ever since the order from on-high was given for “gay assimilation,” I thought Queers wanted to be just like the breeders, no? More specifically — and I feel like I’m repeating myself — breeders/straights don’t have any acronym to identify themselves with and they have various sexual interests too, and some of those descriptors above would also apply to breeders. For example: “bisexual,” “asexual,” “ally” or “friends and family.” Breeders are simply called straight and straight guys are into females and pussy and straight females are into guys and dick. And since most of the gay community has shown that they adamantly want to be just like the breeders — I don’t know why; one would hope they would have higher standards than that! — one would think that the gay community would abandon all of these ludicrous acronyms.

I would think that the thousands of websites that currently use the ubiquitous Gay and Lesbian revisionist history acronym “LGBT(Q)” will now have to copy and paste this “LGBTQQICAPF2K+” mess onto their websites every time they mention something Queer-related because I doubt anyone will be able to remember all those keyboard characters in the correct order. One can probably remember that the “+” sign goes at the end.

The reason for this revision? Well, as insanity becomes more widespread around el mundo/the world, I read that a group of Queer activists want to add the word “kink” — or the letter “K” for kink — to the already crowded and ridiculous-looking acronym.

Sometimes I write “Queer/GTQBL” just to let new readers know that Queer means GTQBL.

For first time readers:

My acronym (GTQBL) uses that letter order because it is a more accurate acronym for the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement’s history. The movement was started by gay guys and trans individuals (“GT”) with two riots at donut shops. I’m talking about pre-Stonewall.

The acronym “GLBT(Q)” was used up until the time that the corporatists among us fucked things up with their dishonest revisionist Queer history acronym “LGBT(Q)” that one sees all over the internet these days. It seems that lesbians felt the need for attention so they hijacked the Gay/Queer movement and demanded first place (the L being first in the acronym) which they didn’t and don’t deserve because lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Gay guys did followed by trans people. So out of retribution, I put the “L” for lesbian last in my acronym. Kicked to the curb.

I’ve also read that the “L” was moved to first place because the feminist movement was in high-gear at the same time as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. That’s true, but isn’t it a given that Queers support women’s rights? I should think so. And the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement were two separate movements and had their own protests, demonstrations and marches despite some overlapping of people between the two movements. So why move the “L” to first place? To “let the ladies go first?” That’s sexist and chauvinistic, and it’s counter to the core values of the feminist/women’s movement. Has no one ever thought of that who dreamed up this nonsense? Yet the gay community and some breeders mindlessly use “LGBT(Q)” like a bunch of sheeple. That’s also one of my problems with the L being first. I resent lesbians and corporatists rewriting our rich Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement history when, again, lesbians didn’t do most of the work.

Also, from my research into this topic, another reason for the “L” being moved to first place was to cater to the prejudiced and bigoted breeders. You see, they are more comfortable with lesbians than they are gay guys. And some heteronormative corporatist gay people among us at those national gay organisations — with their “gay assimilation” obsession — enjoy catering to prejudiced breeders and their comfort level, so they moved the “L” for lesbian to first place so that breeders would see the “L” first with the “G” for gay more buried/hidden in second place inside the acronym. Apparently every site on the internet was ordered to make that change to “LGBT(Q)” when writing anything Queer-related because “LGBT(Q)” is the conformist and dishonest revisionist history acronym that one sees saturated all over the internet. What heteronormative corporate basura at these US national Queer corporatist organisations thought it a good idea to cater to breeders and their prejudices against gay guys?

Reflecting on where we are in 2018:

I remember a Queer blogger whose site I was reading for awhile until he stopped writing asked on his site several years ago: “What has happened to my fellow Queers?” I was glad he had noticed and he was in New York City. By all indications they have flipped out and have stopped just short of issuing a formal apology to the breeders for our activism/behaviour during the decades of the proudly-radical Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It’s as if the gay community feels embarrassment and remorse for having inconvenienced the precious (prejudiced and bigoted) breeders over those decades by our marches and protests. It’s as if the gay community now sees the breeders as superior to us Queers for some odd reason. Is that because breeders are the majority population, regardless of the number of closeted gay guys among the him and her breeder couples? Why else would the gay community want to model their lives after the breeders — with their dysfunctional relationships and high divorce rate — and what they do (such as being rabid over corporate sports teams to show how macho they are)?

When I moved to San Francisco in the late 1970s at the height of the (then) Gay Mecca, I could never have predicted decades later what would happen to a once “Out and Proud” gay community that we had then.

But here we are decades later and the Gay/Queer Community has done a “180.” A complete flip. It’s nothing like it was. There’s nothing remotely rad(ical) about the gay community today. They’re as heteronormative as they can possibly be as they emulate the breeders.

San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca, has also done a “180.” The Bohemian alternative San Francisco used to be known as: “Anything Goes San Francisco; let and let live.” Today, Conformist San Francisco is a very judgmental City with a lot of immature, shallow and superficial people, mostly lobotomised Millennial zombies. The City’s new unofficial slogan is: “Conform! Obey! Wear Black and Grey.” And if you don’t? Be prepared to get some snide-assed bullying looks because you’re not conforming. If you’re a cyclist — particularly wearing bright colour so you can be seen easily — be prepared for some asshole motorist to get uncomfortably close to you because: 1) they hate cyclists and/or 2) they hate cyclists and colour. (Sigh)

Considering how very conservative and sanitised the Queer/Gay community has become — and this seemed to have happened after gay marriage became legal in the shithole US and was part of that “gay assimilation” bull shit — I think most Queers today would find the word “Queer” much too radical for their conservative and Disneyfied “family-friendly” (gag) tastes.

I should also mention that the Gay community has gone from being a pro-peace group to a pro-war, pro-Establishment, pro-US Oligarchy group. The opposite of who they were. This happened mainly because their messiah Obama was in office. Overall, Obama’s policies were to the right of those of George W Bush’s policies. The Gay community opposed illegitimate George W Bush’s despicable policies but they supported the same policies and their expansion when they became Obama’s policies with his neocon agenda. Fucking hypocrites! Unlike during the Bush years, I didn’t see the Gay community oppose any of Obama’s 8-9 wars. No, they were perfectly cool with those wars and the anti-war movement died because Obama calls himself a Democrat. (Related: Obama a “Centrist?” WTF?) War is perfectly fine when it’s a Democrat leading it seems to be the hypocritical thinking of devout Democratic voters/partisans. For example: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism. Completely flipped-out.

With “gay assimilation,” many Queers have gone back in the closet. They’re running from the word Gay and instead are referring to themselves in the closet-case language “discreet” and “down low.” The opposite of “Out and Proud.” Reading men-seeking-men personal sex ads, some guys have the word “discreet” sprinkled throughout their small paragraph ad 5-6 times. It’s obvious that here in 2018 many gay guys are ashamed of their gay sexuality, and this is especially true for the extremely insecure Millennial gay guys whose ads often go on about how “straight” they think they are while they’re looking for sex with a guy. “Gay assimilation” has backfired but I don’t see anyone talking about it. It’s very hush hush. Many gay guys are marrying females to be just like the breeders whom they desperately want to be like (internalised homophobia). Sigh. Sad. You can read about that here: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

One wonders why the Gay community spent decades working for gay marriage and when that was achieved, many gay guys decide to marry a female? Loco. Flipped out.

And I’ve not even mentioned the majority of the Gay community in San Francisco and the Bay Area (and other major cities) who are now pretending to be bi on CL to make themselves appear to be more straight. Their homophobic mentality seems to be that because they claim to be into females that makes them more jock, more macho, more masculine, more like the breeders and “a real man” as the majority of them run from the word gay. The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys. You can’t tell me that the majority of the Gay community has “turned bi” en masse. Human sexuality doesn’t work that way where an entire community can somehow supposedly change their sexuality from gay to bi. Who believes that? Yet that’s what one sees on CL when one does a search of keywords. Are most bi guys bi? And I always have to say this: To be clear, I’m not talking about the genuine bi guys out there. I’m talking about the lying frauds; the gay guys with their internalised homophobia pretending to be bi and into pussy when they’re not. A friend of mine has done gay phone sex for years. He tells me that nearly every guy he’s talked with who said they were bi at the beginning of the conversation hung up on him as soon as he mentioned pussy. The few that didn’t hang up said something to the effect of: “We don’t need no pussy; just us masculine guys here wanting to get into dick” was the theme with most of these fake-bi guys.

As for the deceitful gay guys in the closet who are living a lie, being a fraud and dishonest with themselves, their wife/girlfriend, and anyone they come in contact with, they might want to read this article to see how well that works out (a gay guy being married to a female for years). This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced.

But I guess none of this matters at this point. As that woman said at the Grammy’s recently: “The world is basically over anyway.” So it doesn’t matter. And most people — especially in the now-dead Queer community — don’t seem to give a fuck about anything, well, other than their phone which is their entire life and their addiction to their sex apps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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7 comments on “The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

  1. David in Breuckelen

    The progressive agenda is dying rapidly. The fascist agenda is gaining. What gay or queer community? It’s dead. There is no sense of community among queers any more. How can they call it “the gay community?” That’s as fake as “fake news.” He wants a military parade? Why doesn’t that wife of his go buy him some toy tanks, toy military planes, GI joe stuff and the like and maybe he can work through his fake “fondness” for the military. This is all about him, it has nothing to do with “fondness” for military. Sorry to be off topic. Delete this if you want.

    LGBTQQICAPF2K+ ?? That’s a fucking ridiculous acronym. Gay or Queer is fine by me….either one. 🙂

  2. Queer boi

    I read about a gay h.s. football star who came out two months ago and was honored by the nhl sports team on pride night. Yeah o.k., -but- how many Queers went back into the closet around the same time? These feel good news stories about -one- gay guy coming out try to paint a rosy picture but like this article says and I know for a fact we’re really fuking going backwards fast but that’s not the impression they try to give, and the Queer community is damn silent. Nothing said about the homophobia in sports and in society and how many on this guy’s team hated on him? We don’t know because that wasn’t talked about. The tone of the article was everyone loves Queers, but the picture with the article didn’t show that. There was a picture of him carrying a rainbow flag on pride night. No one in the picture was smiling at him. They had stone-cold and annoyed facial expressions. He wasn’t smiling either.

  3. Tarquin

    A personal story, if I may. I dated a guy for about a year after responding to his ad. We’re still good friends. In the ad he said he was bi but it never came up after we met in person. He never talked about women and when we watched porn together it was always gay porn. One night early on in our relationship it came up when he accidentally clicked on some straight porn then after a few minutes clicked it off and said “I’m not into girls.” That jogged my memory of his ad so I asked him about it. He said that he had said bi in his ad because “that’s what all the other guys were saying.” I think that’s what’s going on with the bi ads you were talking about. Dudes copying each other.

    Not sure what our word should be to replace the acronym. That new acronym is a real doozy. I’d probably choose queer but I think a lot of people would scream and howl over that. Gay seems to now be a no-no too….so…..I dont’ know.

  4. D8

    Sad state of affairs. IMHO the natiional corporate Queer organizations are responsible for ruining the Queer Community. The Community seems to take what this small elitist group of people say and dictate as the gospel truth. Things are the way they are today because of them.

    Forget the acronyms. One word is all that’s needed. I go with Queer.

    1. San Francisco Resident

      I agree D8, and would add that it’s also these local corp Pride events that are also responsible. Homophobia is still rampant in corp sports yet Pride invites corp sports team to join the parade, to the shock of the teams the 1st time they were invited. Viewers of the parade see that and get on board to throw money at the teams because they now love gay people while anti-gay jokes are heard in lockerrooms.

      1. Ed in the Castro

        Good point. The stupid bowl is on as I’m writing this and you should hear the roars and screams coming from every packed bar in the Castro. Gay guys cheering roars over these sports team. Thats not the way it used to be.

        Ssuspend wiith all the letters and use gay or queer. Either one is fine with me.

        1. Ed in the Castro

          I meant to say –

          Thats not the way it used to be…..they’re trying to act straight.

Fin. The End.