The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others

Hola. On el 6 de octubre de 2017/6 October 2017, the US Department of Injustice issued a major assault on Queers/GTQBLs, women, people of various ethnic backgrounds, and other minorities — anyone surprised? one shouldn’t be — by giving a Religious Freedom Directive (RFD) to federal agencies. Simply put: this is justifying discrimination of people on the basis of one’s religious beliefs, a belief in the Floating Cloud Being.

This Religious Freedom Directive (RFD) makes Queers and others second class citizens under the law.

Some examples: Federal contractor can now deny services to Queer people. If an agency is receiving federal funding or even their individual staff members, they can refuse to provide services to Queer children in crisis. An agency receiving federal funding can refuse to place adoptive/foster children with Queer/same-gender couples, including transgender couples. An employee of the SSA (Social Security Administration) because of his/her religious beliefs, can refuse to accept or process spousal or survivor benefits paperwork for a surviving Queer partner/spouse.

According to the RFD, all that an ultra-conservative, far-right, anti-Queer bigoted person has to do is to claim that his/her religious beliefs/freedom have been violated and that overrides any concerns for the civil rights of Queer people and any discrimination against women and — let’s tell it like it is — people who are not white (with blue eyes and blond hair?). Some so-called “experts” are saying that this new list of required guidelines for federal agencies is so extreme that one should expect very wide-ranging lawsuits to be filed against the US Oligarchy. Yeah well, that doesn’t really mean anything in the end. The injustices on the US Supreme Court will likely side with hate and The Orange Man’s regime and the hateful and draconian basura/closet cases within.

When the regime of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man dreamed up this nonsense, the Department of Injustice presumably consulted extensively with religious and political groups who have a history of opposing protections for Queer people, but they didn’t consult with any Queer rights organisations specifically, from what I read.

Not surprising, this RFD from the Department of Injustice has already received the expected glowing praise from ultra-conservative/far-right “lawmaker” basura and some religious organisations, (those who charade as Christians?). Meanwhile, some civil rights groups have spoken out that the RFD — from the basura who runs the US Department of Injustice — gives people the right to discriminate against the Queer community and others.

For the few people among us who have been paying attention to things important — that would exclude the vapid, lobotomised and conformist phone/F***book-addicted Millennials as well as much of the conformist Queer/GTQBL community — one already knows that The Orange Man’s regime has already come out with numerous draconian policies to take women and the Queer community back decades (think: the 1950s or before). For example, The Orange Man’s regime have already rolled back the federal birth control mandate, and have reversed work place protections for trans individuals.

As is most typical with closet cases, the closet cases of The Orange Man’s regime — with their internalised gay self-hate — despise Queers. They couldn’t make that more obvious. By comparison, breeders who are comfortable with themselves and their own sexuality don’t behave in this anti-Queer way. Neither do intelligent people who see people as people regardless of their ethnicity or gender.

It’s most hypocritical — but hypocrisy is what this regime is all about — that this despicable and un-Christian-like regime would exploit Christianity for their septic agenda. None of these trash are Christians. They just pretend to be. They’re disgusting Christians frauds, like so many other Christians who are Christian in name-only. For example, The Orange Man’s church on Sundays is a golf course. Like many other Christian frauds, El Hombre Naranja is what’s known as a “Christmas and Easter Christian” meaning he only shows up at church — for photo-op purposes — on those High Holy days. Although I would suspect that he doesn’t know what a High Holy day is, frankly. This man-child-bully is damn stupid. One wonders how he was able to get where the got in life, before he became occupant of la casa blanca/the white house. From what we’ve been told about Jesus (“the Prince of Peace”) Jesus would want absolutely nothing to do with any of these scum of the Earth closet cases of The Orange Man’s regime and would resent them exploiting Christianity for their septic agenda.

As I’ve said many times since the s-election of El Hombre Naranja by the electoral college (and no I didn’t support Hillary), his and his sidekick’s agenda is to take The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos back to the 1950s, if not before (think: nazi Germany). And the rabid, stupid-is-in trash who continue to support him and lick his boots don’t deny that. Some people — including some Queers who occasionally get off their adult pacifiers (their phones) and lift their eyes up from billionaire-owned F***book — are finally realising this too, it seems.

If this were the days of the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, there would be millions of Queers in the street protesting. But this is a very different time now than those days, in part, because our former gay meccas have become breeder meccas. Queers are now spread all over the place and are not in any one central gay mecca place to have the most effective impromptu protests. (Also, protesters are highly frowned upon by the conformists of the Queer community, which I would say is the majority of the Queer community.) That was one of the very major benefits of having a gay mecca. Also, today is a time of absolute conformity, to wear black and grey, be a mindless phone-bot, to adamantly support and help make more billions for billionaire-owned so-called “social media” (even though one has no genuine social skills), it’s a time to keep watching that screen to see who “friended” you or “unfriended” you (because that’s ultimately important in one’s life, isn’t it?), or to see who liked a picture of your lunch that you uploaded (something critically important like that), or who liked the many selfie pics you uploaded. Ugh. What a fucking sick, phone-addicted society. If only people would get off their phones — even occasionally — look up from that screen glued to their hand, and do something meaningful with their pathetic life (learn a musical instrument, for example), we would have a very different and more positive society today, I suspect. But of course, I’m not holding my breath that that’s ever going to happen. Not from what I’m seeing.

Did you hear about this: Just in the past 48 hours, El Hombre Naranja told the corporate media that “this is the calm before the storm.” When asked what he meant by that, he said, “you’ll see.” Does that mean that this insane bully man-child is going to launch a nuclear strike on North Korea killing millions of innocent people? One should put nothing past him or the basura around him. Chau.—el barrio rosa

7 comments on “The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others

  1. Your Straight Neighbor

    Didn’t hear anyone talking about this yesterday afternoon when I was in the Castro. I was at 18th & Castro and it was more a party atmosphere outside the bars.

  2. San Francisco Resident

    I hadn’t heard about this. Horrendous news.

    pb – off topic. Do you comment on any sites to spread your thoughts and views more widely?

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola San Francisco Resident: Answering your question: No I don’t. Why fucking bother?! A waste of my time. I did at one time, but it didn’t accomplish anything, no matter what site it was. Most people didn’t/don’t want to hear what I have to say, in part, because I’m never partisan. Most people can’t conceive of not being partisan. Then if one goes on a certain brand of socialist site, the commenters there are just as bad, asshole-ish, sexist, chauvinistic and hypocritical as anywhere else. So I say what I have to say here on my personal diario/my diary, pink barrio. That’s why I started mi diario, in part, to give me a place to say what I want to say that I wouldn’t be allowed to say anywhere else because of some moderator on a power trip. And here, my regular commenters can say what they would probably not be allowed to say anywhere else too, and they’re encouraged to do so.

      On the topic of this article, I and mis amigos/my friends get the strong impression that most people don’t give a fuck about The Orange Man’s assault on Queers and others. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it. Gracias to everyone for your comments. Chau.

      1. San Francisco Resident

        Thanks for that. I completely understand. It does feel futile to comment anywhere these days except here at pb. A rather peaceful place. Everywhere else it doesn’t matter what it is it usually ends up in arguing or snippy snide remarks. Even a gardening site I was once a regular on turned into an arguing swamp. Never thought that people could argue over gardening, but they sure did. I’ve had similar experiences like yours….just thought your’s might be different.

  3. castro local

    this is precisely what some of us queers expected from these people, and they’re just getting warmed up.

  4. Alejandro

    Oh god.

    Hoooooooooooooooola. I *do* pay attention and I’m already exhausted paying attention to el hombre naranja (I like that, btw). Every fucking day there’s a new drama. Every fucking day there’s bad news and really bad news. I read about a movement to ban him from Tw**ter. Don’t see that happening because the techie trash CEO at that company loves the attention he’s giving them. They’re just using him. He’s made their dying tech company relevant which is what others are saying. If you or I said half the things he writes on Tw**ter we would have banned long ago. Not him. On Tw**ter, he’s allowed to say anything threatening or of a violent nature because Tw**ter’s “reasoning” is that “it’s news worthy.” What is this country going to look like after this gang is done with it? I don’t want to imagine.

    Gracias y saludos, pink barrio.

  5. D8

    What’s taking them so long to get rid of gay marriage? Why are they piddling around with this stuff? Or is their plan to do a slower step by step dismantling of everything so the public (the few paying attention) will become numb to it? Then by the time they strike down gay marriage, you won’t hear a peep from anyone….except the national LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ organizations who only work for their wealthy gay contributors anyway, but no one in power will pay attention to them.

Fin. The End.