The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections)

The Playing Cards for the US Presidential Selection. “Go team, go!” … The Spectator Sport’s Mentality of US Presidential Selections

Hola. Every presidential selection season for the US Oligarchy, predictably the following playing cards are dragged out and used by the Dembot supporters of each political (corporate) candidate running for the misnamed “Democratic” Party nomination. These playing cards are used by Dembots to try to get others to support their candidate, because they choose to believe that their candidate is not as putrid as the corporate candidate from the other big business party, the Republican Party. The playing cards are:

1. The Lesser-Evil Card. This card is the most used card in the deck. Its use is based on the premise that the (presumed) nominee from the “Democratic” Party will be or is less septic than the nominee from the Republican Party.

2. The Perfect Card (example: “He’s Not Perfect, But…”). This card has been used extensively by the Berniebots (rabid supporters of Bernie Sanders). No human being is perfect so why does this even need to be said?

3. The “Remember The Supreme Court” Card. This card is used in combination with The Fear Card (see card #4) as a reason that one must vote for the thoroughly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party nominee. This card is used by Dembots to imply that a nominee to the US Supreme Court should be chosen by a so-called Democratic parasite rather than a Republican parasite.

4. The Fear Card: The Dembots scream: “Do you want [fill in Republican nominee's name]??????” This overused card is dragged out every fucking selection cycle on cue when anyone says: 1) they’re not going to vote or 2) they are going to vote for a “third party” candidate and not the corporate parasitic nominee from the Democratic Party. This card is intended to instill fear in one and to encourage lockstep agreement with the Democratic Party.

5. The “We Must Do” Card. This card involves Group ThinkTM and lockstep agreement/obedience especially among Dembot commenters on message forums.

6. The “You’re Wasting Your Vote” Card. Ugh. This overused card is one of the most worn out cards in the entire deck. I talk more about this below, but this tattered card is dragged out by Dembots at the very mention of someone stating that s/he plans to not vote for the same piece of D-Establishment trash that gullible-him/her (meaning the Dembot) has fallen for and is voting for.

7. The “Don’t You Think We Should Vote For…?” Card. This card also involves Group ThinkTM and is used to encourage someone to compromise/water-down their principles and convictions and lower themselves to the gutter and vote for the Dembot’s imperialistic and nationalistic candidate, who the gullible Dembot wants to believe is not as septic and rank as the presumed nominee. During the 2016 selection season, mi amigo/my friend has seen the, “Don’t You Think We Should Vote For…?” Card used repeatedly by the Berniebots who are behaving identically to the Obamabots (during Obama’s first campaign.) We suspect they are the same gullible fools.

8. The Pure/Purity Card: This card is used in a patronising and troll-style manner by (rabid) supporters of and nasty/ugly trolls for Bernie Sanders to urge others to abandon/put aside their convictions and principles and to (as they put it) “be more understanding and supportive (Translation: do as I do and support Sanders)…we should all stick together and not get bogged down in sectarian struggles” they write. Ugh. The Berniebots write that (imperialistic and nationalistic) Sanders “is not quite as pure” as the candidate the other person supports. One thing mi amigo/my friend has noticed about the Berniebots is that they are closet-case Democrats. They go out of their way to try to give the impression that they don’t support the Democratic Party. But the more they reveal in their mush-mouth comments as they troll message forums cheer-leading for their saviour Bernie, that’s exactly who they support: The Democratic Party. They remind me of the wishful-thinking, delusional Obamabots.

9. The “If You Don’t Vote, You Have No Right To Complain” Card. This card/thinking is ludicrous and apparently the people who use this card don’t posses any critical thinking skills whatsoever. This card is used by Dembots to try to instill a guilt trip on the person who says s/he is not voting. No where in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say that one loses one’s First Amendment rights if one does not vote. Granted, very little remains of the First Amendment after the illegitimate Bush regime and the Obama regime have both trashed it. Nevertheless, one does not lose one’s right to speech and to complain about things politically just because one chooses not to take part in this corrupt charade by not voting, and usually for very credible reasons.

10. The “I’ve Not Heard That. Do You Have A Source? Where Do You Get Your Information?” Card. Ugh. This obnoxious and patronising card is used by the most willfully-ignorant and stupid-assed people out there — and they are rapidly increasing in numbers — who don’t seem to know what a search engine is here in 2016. That the person claims not to have heard something automatically discounts the information and makes it untrue in their “mind,” for some reason (a case of denial?). The best response to them is the following:
“Search Engine: [keyword], [keyword]. (I use DuckDuckGo).”
My opinion is that I’m not going to hold their hand and do their work for them. They can look this stuff up just as easily as I can. So there. But most likely they’re just trolling for the candidate being criticised.

11. The “We Should Find Common Ground” Card: This tiresome card is intended to encourage those on the Far Left to “compromise” and/or abandon their beliefs, convictions and principles and join with the right-wing Democratic Party hacks and shills — who are pro-war while claiming to be “liberals” — and who go on about “purity” (see the Purity Card: #8) and “intolerance of views” (Translation: You’re intolerant because you don’t agree with my views and you’re not supporting my candidate) and that “we should find common ground (Translation: Support my candidate/support the party’s nominee) upon which to work for a better tomorrow.”

(Roll eyes) Yes, let’s all hold hands and sing a chorus of Kumbayah.

12. The “They Doesn’t Have Traction” Card: I’ve seen this card used by the Berniebots when someone mentions that if they were voting they would vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. The Berniebot comes along and tries to dispel that and urge one to vote for their Bernie by saying, “I understand your point about the Green Party, but they don’t have traction.” Meaning, Jill Stein doesn’t have “traction.” No, la mujer/the woman is not a fucking tractor, and what a pathetic reason for not voting for someone because “they don’t have traction.” Frankly most people don’t have the intelligence to vote for her. They prefer to stay in the cesspool rut called the corrupt Democratic Party. I and others are so tired of hearing this “traction” nonsense.

Of the cards in the set, I’ve already seen the Fear Card used many times (an example: “Do you want Trump?”). Frankly, I can’t stand Trump but if he’s already been selected by the Oligarchy — and one of these basura has already seen selected — by having him reside en la casa blanca might get these phony “liberals” and fake “progressives” and faux-Left (including GLBTQs) off their ass and back to the vigilance they were involved in during the illegitimate Bush regime. But as I pointed out in this article during the entire duration of their messiah Obama’s time in the white house they have been sedentary on their collective asses. These Democratic hypocrites have been supporting under their Obama the same policies and the expansion of same that they protested under Bush. Under their Obama (the candidate of “change” – remember that bull shit?), they have risen hypocrisy to an entirely new level. One thing I’ve learned under Obama is that Democrats stand for nothing but party allegiance. So we’ll see if they get off the pot and return to the vigilance they were engaged in pre-Obama should Trump have already been selected for the US Oligarchy.

For those who may have missed this previously when I posted it:

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

Again, for those in denial (partisan Dembots, Obamabots and Berniebots), from that study, pay special attention to this part por favor: while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

From what I’ve observed especially this selection cycle, unfortunately most people refuse to believe that study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities. Most people want to believe that their vote matters and their vote counts, and that these corporate politicians care what they/we think. LOL. Most people consistently engage in hopelessly delusional, wishful-thinking. Just like the gullible Obamabots.

I have no patience for people who still cling to the cesspool called the “Democratic” Party and who believe in this “election” farce/charade and who still believe their vote matters, makes a difference and that they as people matter to these corporate political parasites, and where this entire spectacle is treated like the Stupid Bowl.

Mi amigo/my has noticed that this 2016 selection has the usual spectator sports’ mentality with it (examples: “go Hillary, go!” or “go Bernie, go!). Sigh. He says that it seems that most Dembots have done yet another flip or a “180″ and now live under the illusion that the voting system in the US is legitimate. We both remember that during the illegitimate Bush years that some of the Dembots — as well as ourselves — were vigilant in reminding people about the easily-hackable electronic machines that leave no paper trail. (Related: PC World: Study: E-voting Machines Are Easily Hackable). But today, it appears that just because the Dembot’s messiah Obama was selected twice by the Oligarchy to expand on the Bush regime’s policies, that Obama’s selection somehow cancels out in their mind (the word “mind” used advisedly) any thoughts of corruption and an illegitimate voting system. So these days, Dembots are writing comments that give the impression that they think that the “election” system in the US is legitimate, fair, honest and everything is fine. Loco. That’s not what the Iowa caucus recently showed. Did they pay attention to that or choose to live in denial about that too?

“You’re Wasting Your Vote: The Democratic Party Guilt Trip

I want to make special mention about this playing card in the deck. The “You’re Wasting Your Vote” Card is nothing but a Democratic Party Guilt TripTM intended to make one feel guilty for not supporting/voting for the corporate, corrupt, lying gutter scum that they put up as the nominee of their cesspool party.

Secondly, no one is wasting their vote when one votes from a position of principles and conviction, and anyone who tries to convince one otherwise is a Democratic Party hack and shill troll. They are best ignored. What business is it of theirs who one votes for? Voting or not voting is a personal decision, not “group think.” Although today the process has become as cheap and shallow as when people place bets on a sporting event.

Thirdly, if anyone’s vote is “wasted,” it is the brainwashed partisans who “waste their vote” by consistently voting for one of these two Establishment corporatist imperialist parties and their corporate parasites thereby continuing the dismal status quo.

There’s also the likely rigged outcomes of all the federal and state election processes in The Cesspool/the US. The phony “election” results are whatever the ruling elites decide them to be. The entire farce/spectacle is designed as “entertainment” and to give dysfunctional people something to argue over (“my team is better than your team”) in comment sections, and to enrich the corporate media by turning the entire charade into a spectator sports type of contest that generates ratings and lots of profit. As you may know, with the Iowa caucus, some Democratic caucus sites decided their winner with a coin toss. And in all six situations Clinton conveniently won. Imagine that. In reality, there is little chance that that could actually happen randomly.

In conclusion, if one still believes in this charade called voting (on easily-hackable electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail), then one should vote from a place of principles and not on who’s team is going to win. It’s not all about winning. That mentality is very shallow and superficial thinking. The reality is that both corrupt teams (Democrats and Republicans) work for their corporate owners, they only care about the super-wealthy/the 1%, and neither give a fuck about the average person — despite empty words to the contrary on the odd occasion — and they’ve made that quite clear. Unfortunately, from a place of denial most gullible people still choose to not see that, so they continue to take part in this corrupt system. Who would have thought that people would willingly and knowingly take part in corruption? What does that say about them as people?

I don’t suggest that anyone try to convince others of anything that I’ve written here, unless you like wasting your time and enjoy arguing with people. (Not something I’m into). People have to come to this place of understanding on their own from my experience. If someone doesn’t already “get this” on their own, there is absolutely nothing that one can say to them to convince them of it, from my experience. So I don’t even bother because it becomes a futile experience. You’ll just go around in circle with them and hit one wall after the other. And in the end, all you’ll get in response from them is: “So who are you saying ‘we’ should vote for?” Ugh. Completely missing the point. Chau.—el barrio rosa

9 comments on “The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections)

  1. Dan

    I do understand that the U.S. voting system is rigged and it doesnt matter what the voters want and even when polls are taken to see how many support a candidate, the ultimate candidate will have been pre-chosen by the gangster bourgeois elite to make sure their rightwing agenda continues.

    It appears that voting is a farce, the Empire War Puppet who will carry out the proliferation of war has already been picked.

  2. what is is

    isn’t it amazing how bernie sanders is using the obama campaign’s tactics with just a few changes here and there and the sheeple are falling for it. listen to obama’s speeches and then listen to bernie sanders’ speeches and they’re exactly the same. bernie sanders campaign sign says BELIEVE. that’s right out of “change we can believe in.”

  3. nonpartisan-sf

    wanted to pass this along although it’s depressing. i live here in sf. a local dem blog wrote about this. a poll was taken of sf democrats and i don’t know the number of people who were polled but 76 percent said they approve of obama’s job performance. when i read that a sense of rage came over me and then hopelessness. it really is hopeless that people think they can go to sleep because their party is in office. these are hardcore democrats who were polled and work for the party locally. my 1st thought was i’d bet any amount of money that they don’t know obama’s record in detail. i would think these are the people who were in the streets protesting during the bush years and today they’re in approval of obama’s job performance when, as you say, he has continued bush’s policies. someone in my office is like that. i keep distance from her. she loves obama and when i press her the slightest bit on his record she can’t tell me anything about what he’s done. her love for him is all emotion-based. when i start to tell her what he’s done she says it’s not true and asks me where i get my information, or says she’s sure he has a good reason. he has a good reason to give himself the authority to assassinate us citizens within the us? when i tell her that these are the same things she opposed when bush was in office she gets flabbergasted and almost in tears and tells me she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. i’d bet that most of those local democrats polled are just like this woman in my office. a hopelessly uninformed democrat. they only inform themselves to *some* degree when a registered republican is in office.

  4. D8

    Speaking of crazy Bernie-bots, I read a post from one of his supporters. It said that people like Sanders are trying to take us a step away from capitalism. Oh please! Bernie Sanders has a damn odd way of going about it – he joins a capitalist party and campaigns to be the nominee of that capitalist party and you tell me he’s trying to take us a step away from capitalism?

    The site I was on is all jacked because Sanders won NH, but that site has said the same thing you write about our election system being a fraud, but in this case out of the other side of their mouth they’re not at all questioning the NH primary results. Why? I’d like to know why they think these results are legit?

  5. Former San Franciscan

    I have seen every one of those playing cards used in the past & in this campaign season in political comments. You have a way of cutting through partisan BS.

  6. strangetimes

    the historical chapter of bush v gore needs to be revisited, and one of the key points from that chapter is — your vote doesn’t count.


  7. FedUp!

    Elections of today under capitalism are a sham. As you write, it is a Selection. But still bourgeois politicians, also known as con artists, are using blatant fraud too.

Fin. The End.