The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)

(This article has two updates at the bottom, before the links).

“The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”—that’s something that the Queer Community has completely lost.

Hola a todos. Ongoing Queer Activism? That’s something of the past. Today, Queers/GTQBLs can hear threats from closet case politicians of the US Oligarchy about “hanging gays” and Queers don’t even stick up for themselves. They continue to stare glazed-over at their #1 addiction: their phones. It’s more important to them to see who “liked” them on billionaire-owned Fa*eb**k, and who “liked” the picture of their lunch. (Related: How FB’s tentacles reach further than you think: According to Vladan Joler in Belgrade, “All of us, when we are uploading something, when we are tagging people, when we are commenting, we are basically working for FB,” he says.) Maybe Queers (and breeders) should look up from their phones, get off FB and decide to do something important with their lives rather than vegetate on FB. What an original thought! But I’m a realist and know that’s not about to happen.

It does not give me pleasure to write this. I write this article from a place of resignation, in the sense that there’s nothing I can do about it. Queer activism of the Gay Mecca decades is completely gone. There’s no question about that. Nobody seems to care about anything anymore, or at least very few do.

It seems that the ultimate goal of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement was having the legal right to marry. Who knew? I never knew that was the ultimate goal and who decided that was the ultimate goal? Lily Tomlin (whom you can see here and here as Ernestine Tomlin at the phone company) said she had hoped that the Queer Community would have come up with something better than marriage. I agree. The Breeder Institution of MarriageTM is a fucking turnoff, especially considering the hypocrisy of it where at least 50% of breeder marriages here in The Cesspool end in divorce. “We have to be like the breeders” — that’s what Queer “assimilation” is — seems to be the mentality of the Queer Community these days. To my knowledge, Lily and Jane Wagner have not married, and as I recall, she said in an interview that she and Jane would probably wear clown suits to their wedding should they ever get married. I sensed they’re not big on the idea of marriage and wedLOCK. Understandable. I’m not big on marriage of any kind. And after same-gender marriage/gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool, it seemed that the Queer Community shut down, closed up shop and said, “That’s it. We’re done. It’s all been accomplished. Hooray! We’ve achieved it all. There’s nothing left to do.”

(roll eyes) Sigh. A feeling of absolute disgust.

Oh there’s plenty left to do and to be accomplished Queer Community, especially here in 2017, as I said earlier, when a major politician in power talks about hanging gays. That comment/threat didn’t seem to phase the now-dead Queer Community at all. In fact, nothing seems to phase them anymore, they seem to be dead or having become lobotomised. WTF has happened to them? The Queer Community — since at least 2014 — abandoned its former self and has become quite conservative to “fit in with the breeders” in the name of “gay assimilation.” UGH. And in my opinion, the notion/concept of “gay assimilation” has grossly backfired. Gone are the “proud and radical days.” In fact, today Queers run from “proud and radical,” as if trying to run away from and/or erase our Queer history. I think that many Queers today see Queer activism as something of our “radical past” — which they view as very negative (because they know it offended the precious breeders) — so they want nothing to do with activism anymore because that’s associated with those “radicals” those “far left” those “left-wing nuts,” as they would likely say as “good conservative pro-Establishment Queers.” Queers have “assimilated” (translation: gone back in the closet using words such as “discreet, down-low” which are the exact opposite of “out and proud.”) It seems that the Queer Community has divorced itself from our proudly-radical past of the Gay Mecca years since they became quite the pro-Establishment conservatives during the Obama regime years. Under Obama, Queers served as his boot lickers and supported their neocon messiah Obama — even while he greatly expanded the despicable illegitimate Bush regime’s neocon agenda — and the Queer Community supported anything Mr Nobel Peace Prize did including his 8 wars. Their thinking seemed to be: War is only bad when there’s a Republican in office. We support war when it’s a Democrat. Hypocrites.

Also, as expected anti-Queer/GTQBL attacks are on the rise under the orange man’s anti-Queer regime. So that ridiculous talk we once heard from many Queers about “gay is now mainstream; gay people can live anywhere” is of course ludicrous as many of us said to begin with. The fact is, some people — especially trans people — can’t live anywhere safely even in the closet. That’s especially true in the deep South. No place is immune to anti-Queer attacks. There have been anti-Queer attack in New York City. According to the NYPD, there have been 128 hate crimes so far in 2017, more than double the 62 from last year.

Back in 2014, I wrote an article titled, “Gay Culture is Dead.” Most people didn’t want to hear that. I scanned through that article and it reads like the same thing I’m saying here in 2017.

Some Queers still show up for the annual Corporate Pride events in major cities each year, which these days — at least in San Francisco (I don’t know what it’s like in other major cities) — seem to be an event for mostly the breeders with their baby strollers who need some excuse to party. Probably because that’s something easy to do and it involves partying, getting drunk. I don’t see the US national thoroughly-corporatist Queer organisations doing anything these days other than adding more and more corporate logos to their websites, eating corporate ass, eating the ass of corporate sports teams, and eating the ass of the misogynistic corporate Tech Industrial Complex. It’s as if the elitist corporatists — with their Executive salaries (Dahling) — who run these wealthy national corporatist Queer organisations think that “all has been accomplished.” The one thing these national Queer organisations continue to do is to have lavish, outrageously-priced Gala Dinners for their wealthy donors, where one of them most recently honoured a techie billionaire. These organisations represent wealthier Queers of a certain income bracket. They couldn’t care less about homeless Queer youth otherwise they would be diligently working on that problem. I see no sign that they’re doing anything.

In summary: It’s such a different time today. Overall, the Queer Community is dead and, again, that was re-emphasised the other day when it was reported that the orange man’s sidekick talked about hanging gay people. Some people thought something that heinous might wake people up, but that didn’t do anything either. At this point, I don’t think anything will wake up the Queer Community. The Queer Community’s pilot light is out. Oh there are occasionally little pop up protests here and there in some major cities but nothing like what I’m talking about requiring ongoing constant vigilance like during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Little “pop up” protests aren’t going to do anything. They are mostly symbolic and just feel-good pabulum for the people protesting at the time. And so often people are protesting to empty buildings on weekends when the basura they are protesting are not even there. It seems that the organisers of protests don’t want to “inconvenience” the breeders, including motorists. Because the breeders will think we are not like them as we have desperately tried to prove we are? That indeed seems to be the thinking of the “gay assimilation” crowd. Genuine, real, effective protests are all about inconveniencing the breeders/sheeple — to wake them the fuck up out of their stupor — and basura in positions of power. One has a right to protest under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and if one needs a City permit to protest, then it is not a genuine protest. It is a state-sanctioned charade.

But since the Queer Community doesn’t care/give a fuck, why should I? It’s hard for me not to care because that’s not the type of person I am. But there’s nothing I can do to awaken anyone, other than write this, which many people won’t want to hear since Denial is “in” these days. And since threats about hanging gay people result in silencio/silence, I don’t think anything I say will make them wake up. The Queer Community does not seem to care about anything anymore but their phones, partying with Meth, (and for the wealthy) being on expensive PrEP so they can bareback. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner got married on New Year’s Eve 2013. They got married in Los Ángeles in a private gathering.

Update 2 (30 October 2017): We are approaching Día de las Brujas/Day of Witches or Halloween 2017. Halloween used to be a major “holiday” of sorts in the Bohemian City of San Francisco (the Old City). But as The City began preparation for changing this City into a playground for the super-wealthy, The City instituted what many locals called “a war on fun.” It was The City’s way of sanitising San Francisco, making The City like everywhere else rather than a unique and special Bohemian place that it once was where people who were not accepted anywhere else could feel comfortable and at home here. Part of the sanitising process was to end the major Halloween party in The Castro, in part, out of fear. The hardware store in The Castro was the focal point for the sale of Halloween costumes in the Gay Mecca decades. I’d walk in there and the place would be packed with lots of costumes and adults choosing their costumes to wear on this big night. San Francisco’s Halloween was a party for Queers of the Gay Mecca. I was in that store today with mi amigo/my friend as he was running some errands. I don’t like supporting that store these days because they have helped sanitise The Castro. They are directly responsible for helping to make The Castro what it is today. And from what I saw today in their store, their Halloween business is now dead, which is what I had suspected would happen. I remember walking in there a number of years ago and one of their employees was loudly talking to two customers. He was going off about the Halloween party in The Castro. He was nearly screaming, “This is a residential neighbourhood! You can’t have thousands of people coming into a residential neighbourhood!” Well, we used to in years past and had no problem with it. And where the majority of the party was is a commercial neighbourhood. The party was on Castro and Market Streets. That is mostly commercial. And anyone living in The Castro (up above the stores) or in nearby homes knew that this party happened annually, so they were free to move if they couldn’t deal with a party one night out of the year, or leave The City for that night. No one forced them to stay here. I wonder what that guy and this store are thinking about now? Their Halloween business would appear to have tanked. Rather than seeing packed aisles and most people walking around The Castro in costumes, I saw just a few people in the aisle looking at costumes. I saw what looked like a Queer boy with a female and child. Another closet case with a female in The Castro? That’s the way it appeared to me with my reliable Gaydar. What I saw in that store today was the opposite of the way it used to be during the Gay Mecca years. I said to mi amigo: They deserve what they get because they have helped ruin this neighbourhood by sanitising it. To instill some fear in people, I saw cops in groups of 3 walking around The Castro over the weekend to make sure no party erupted. No chance of that from what I see. It’s a rather dead neighbourhood now. We don’t want any fun in The Castro anymore. We want it to remain the dead, unfriendly and dismal place it has been turned into. And I hope the conservative trash are happy now since they are the ones who ruined it. Walking home, mi amigo commented on how dead and disorganised the Queer Community is today. I said: Yes, I’ve written lots about that. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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11 comments on “The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Rafael, why should I be conformist and “like everybody else?” But that’s not the main reason I do not use that “LGBT” and “LGBTQ” nonsense. I don’t use it because it doesn’t make sense because it does not reflect our true Queer history.

      I don’t use “LGBT” because Lesbians did not lead the movement, which is what “LGBT” implies. Lesbians were not the dominant group of the movement.

      I use GTQBL because it was Gay guys and Trans individuals (GT) who really launched/started the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, as it was originally named. I’m talking about before Stonewall at those two riots which often are ignored, one in San Francisco and one in Los Ángeles at donut shops late at night.

      Then I put the Q next to represent the more positively-radical Queers involved, followed by bisexuals.

      Lesbians have hijacked the original movement with their “top billing” and that pisses me off, so I stick them on the end as retribution. Lesbians were not the dominant group of the Gay and Lesbian Rights movement. Gay guys were, hence, Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, which the fucking corporatists have changed to “Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement.” And somehow these corporatist assholes have even gone back into online archival history (don’t ask me how they accomplished that!) and changed that too. WTF? I guess that is what can now be known as Queer “fake-history.” It certainly is not our accurate history. I took part in some of our history and those marches in DC (the District of Columbia) and they were called the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights, not the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. And even after Stonewall, lesbians have never been the dominant group of the movement — gay guys have been the dominant group — therefore lesbians don’t deserve “top billing” by having the L first, which is also misogynistic as if Queers are saying “Ladies go first.” Ugh. This LGBT and LGBTQ nonsense was started by the corporatists among us and I’ve read multiple ludicrous reasons for why they moved the L to first place. The most offensive reason being to hide the “G” more by putting it second to make Gay guys more palatable to the homophobic breeders since lesbians are seen as more “acceptable” to the homophobic breeders, so put them (lesbians) first. The conformist and corporatist Queer sheeple use “LGBT.” Some people leave the Q off altogether, but some thinking people still put the G first (I see “GLBTQ” occasionally) as it should be. I’m surprised the T is on there at all at this point considering how dismissive some in the Queer community are to trans individuals.

      As you can see below, I’ve written reams about this. I’m sick of all this acronym shit. Just use the word QUEER and be done with it, and stop all of this alphabet-soup nonsense:

      So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community ?

      The Resistance from the “LGBT” Status Quo Sheeple

      Brand LGBT(TM)

      What’s With The “LGBT?”

      Is it GLBTQ or LGBT?

      Is the GLBT Historical Society misogynistic?

      Gracias for your comment.

  1. David in Breuckelen

    I wish I could disagree with this article, but I’m afraid I can’t. There is so much division within the queer community now that I don’t feel safe bringing this up with local activists here in NYC. I’ve tried it once and was very turned off by the cold response I got. I walked away from the guy feeling rejected and belittled by Mr Queer Activist w/ his superiority complex. Because of the media and local attention that some activists get, it blows up their ego as an authority on all queers matters, so when the average perosn like me approaches them with serious questions, I’m quickly dismissed by them or they want to debate me and I’m really not into debating. When I personally see queers doing exactly what this article says they’re doing, what the fuck is there to debate about it? Thx for your article and for your concern. At least some of us care. But not many.

  2. Ed in the Castro

    I understand your dislike for FB. Most people don’t have any principles these days so that’s why they’re on it and absorbed by it. Like a herd. I’m not on it and have read that when people have tried to get off it and delete their account it was impossible to do so.

    Agree w/ you about the queer community today. It has become a shell of its former self.

  3. castro local

    i think the gay community is quite comfortable being dead. it means they don’t have to do anything. suspect they’ll come to regret that tactic in the future when history repeats itself.

  4. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooooola. Just want to say that almost every day something anti-Queer is in the news. It seems to be really ramping up. Yesterday it was the HIV quarantine proposal that strangetimes mentioned. Today I read about T*sla has a lawsuit filed by a gay Latino against the company accusing them of anti-Queer harassment while working on their assembly line. Not a peep from the dead Queer Community. Maybe they’re occupied at those expensive dinners you mentioned. That must be it.

    Gracias y saludos.

  5. strangetimes

    the queer community’s silence over the suggested quarantining of people with hiv matches their silence over the hanging of gays comment.


  6. Wes in Arlington

    Hola pb, couldn’t agree with you more. It feels the same way here in the District, Maryland and Virginia. I stopped going to DC’s Pride because it’s so corporate. Thx.

  7. FedUp!

    Speaking of big-time Queer denial, I wrote a version of that in a comment and posted it on a Queer site this morning. They deleted my comment. I reposted it. They deleted it. I reposted it. They deleted it. I reposted it again and asked the fuck head moderator what he and the Queer community are so afraid of in hearing the truth about themselves? That time I linked to your article. No response from the moderator. So far my comment remains, but for how long?

Fin. The End.