The real Gay Pride is celebrated by the non-corporatist Queer (GTLBQ) Community

Hola a todos. Corporate Gay Pride has become very predictable. It’s about corporate dinero/money. And the status-quo, pro-Establishment Queer corporatists among us see nothing wrong with that. In 2017, Pride is essentially a slick corporate-style, hours-long mobile commercial providing advertising to corporations, businesses, organisations, as well as corporatist career politicians looking for face time. Some corporations and politicians have supposedly become “pro-gay.” After seeing lots of Queer dollar signs? Others claim to have “evolved” overnight when they realise there’s lots of dinero to be made from some wealthy (gullible) Queers who are easily exploited for campaign donations. Some corporate sports teams now have “LGBT Night” (they use the revisionist history acronym) after they realised they can make lots of money from Queers — those Queers trying to emulate the breeders by being obnoxious heteronormative jock bros — from their purchase of outrageously expensive season tickets. Meanwhile, how many anti-gay/”fag jokes” does one hear in these corporate sports team locker rooms today with team members encouraging it by laughing it up? Some of these political parasite hypocrites in the parade wave a Rainbow Flag with one hand while any other time are oppressing members of the Queer community with the other. The pro-corporate, empty puppet-mayor of San Francisco — he’s the puppet of the real mayor who is a conservative billionaire venture capitalist — refused to fly the Transgender Flag from the balcony of San Francisco City Hall a number of years ago and his transgender liaison supported that decision. Despicable. He has no problem flying any other flag such as the flag of Israel or the flags of wealthy national league corporate sports teams.

There are some very wealthy Queers in the community of each major city. Why don’t they anonymously fund this annual Pride celebration in their own city and kick these corporations out? Why does it have to take so much dinero to have a parade down the street? I don’t get it. Or does most of the money from these corporate sponsors go to pay exorbitant executive salaries of the self-appointed authorities who have ruined Pride and think they know what’s best for the Queer community, with preference given to wealthy white males? It wouldn’t take much dinero at all to get the required street permit, portable toilets and other basic necessities. Pride should not be a mobile corporate commercial. It should return to its authentic roots, but I live under no illusion that’s about to happen.

The sponsors for SF Pride 2017 were: Ala*ka Airlines, B*dLight, bl*eCalifornia, Sm*rnoff, x*fin*ty, the conservative Com*onw*alth Club and others. The Com*onw*alth Club? (geezus) Well, that’s what I’ve come to expect from the conservative, pro-corporate Establishment ass-eaters running SF Pride, some of whom probably describe themselves as: “I’m a liberal” or “I’m a progressive.” Yeah sure you are. In name-only. You’re a fake-liberal, fake-progressive. People call themselves anything these days even though it’s not based in reality. Another corporate sponsor was the big pharma corporation that makes PrEP/Truvada. And there were other corporate sponsors.

I wonder if the TGLBQ or GTLBQ community — whichever letter order you prefer of the two acronyms that more accurately honour our true/authentic history — have noticed that they are being used and exploited by major corporation$? Alcoholism is a major problem in the Queer community (it’s also a major problem with breeders too, obviously) and SF Pride has sponsors that promote drug use (the drug alcohol: beer companies). SF Pride has a big pharma corporation sponsor and its cheerleader corporate politicians continue to try to get as many people on PrEP as possible. From what I’ve read in men-for-men personal sex ads, people are taking PrEP/Truvada so they can bareback. Rarely does anyone mention condom use. Guys specifically write, “BB, bareback, raw, cumdump, anonymous…” in their sex ads. (Breeders bareback too I’d like to point out). And consequently, STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are on the rise because fewer people are using condoms. As of this writing, there have been two documented cases of guys becoming HIV+ while taking PrEP that I’ve read about.

The many side effects of PrEP/Truvada — including, but not limited to, serious liver problems, kidney problems including kidney failure, worsening of hepatitis B (HBV) infection, too much lactic acid in your blood (lactic acidosis) which is a serious medical emergency and other side effects — are constantly minimised and/or dismissed by the corporatist cheerleaders of PrEP (including gay guys on PrEP) from my research. From their website: “Common side effects in people taking Truvada to reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 infection include: stomach-area (abdomen) pain, headache, and decreased weight. I’ve read such hype from guys taking PrEP as: “Never felt better; best blood test results ever!” Yes I’m sure. Of course there’s no way to confirm their claim.

Truvada says the following on their website which seems to have escaped the people barebacking while on PrEP: “Just taking TRUVADA may not keep you from getting HIV-1. You must continue using safer sex practices while you are taking TRUVADA to reduce your risk of getting HIV-1.

Are these big corporation$ really on the side of the GTLBQ or TGLBQ community? Are we sure Queers are not being exploited by corporations for their dinero/money for corporate profits? Just because a corporation claims to be pro-GTLBQ, why is that a reason for them to be in our Pride parades? At this point in time, the astute people among us know why they’re in there and it’s not just because they supposedly “love gay people.”

Here in San Francisco, I noticed they had the police in our Corporate SF Pride parade, as usual. Yes, the same SFPD that TGLBQs/GTLBQs in San Francisco’s Castro had violent confrontations with decades ago. But now, we find them in the Corporate Pride Parade along with the major techie companies owned by billionaires. Many, if not most Queers, enjoy being mindless Establishment boot lickers these days. Keep staring at your phones, San Francisco.

A genuine Gay Pride celebration — which is not what these Corporate Pride events are by any measure — would observe and honour our authentic-original history where gay guys and transgender persons started the Queer Rights’ Movement initially. The reader may be asking, “What are you talking about?” I’m talking about the Queer riot at Cooper’s Donuts in Los Ángeles which took place 10 years before the Stonewall riots in 1969. I’m talking about the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria Queer riot in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. But the dishonest corporatists among us with no respect for our true history have unfortunately revised, changed our history (I’m referring to that “LGBT” acronym which some of us can’t stand) that one sees everywhere today giving the false impression that lesbians led the Movement. They did not. Gay guys and Transgender individuals started the movement. (Related: Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy Hijacked By Lesbians. May GLBTQ Live On!).

I spent a little time walking around the barrio/neighbourhood after San Francisco’s Corporate Pride parade. I saw: him and her, him and her, him and her, and him and her together. I was reminded that I was in the new Breeder Mecca (formerly the Gay Mecca). Breeders moved to the most expensive city in the nation, San Francisco, to be a Baby Factory, many of them copycat pregnancies: Needy-her says to him, “Honey, we should have a baby because two of my friends are having babies and I want to fit in so we can all talk about our pregnancies. And a baby will make us so much happier.” Don’t bet on it, and you shouldn’t be using a baby to try to improve your (lousy?) relationship. When I happened to see two gay guys together after Corporate Pride, most gay couples were pushing baby strollers (heteronormative?) being just like the breeders.

I also noticed that for Corporate Pride in San Francisco, los pendejos closed the Jane Warner Plaza for the weekend. The JWPlaza is just off the intersection of Market and Castro Streets. That meant that there was no where for anyone to sit and rest in The Castro other than in the chairs in front of the conservative merchants’ stores who have helped to ruin and sanitise The Castro. Years ago, there were benches in the Harvey Milk Plaza for people to sit, rest and hang-out, but they too were removed by the elitist, conservative, hateful, busy-body basura who run The Castro because of their hate for the homeless who sometimes sat there too. The homeless sat there because they had no where else to sit due to our draconian and hateful anti-homeless “sit-lie” law which The Castro (particularly homeowners) heavily supported. In other words, in order to sit and rest in The Castro after SF Corporate Pride, one had to buy something. One would have to buy an expensive coffee or latte (Dahling) in order to sit inside the coffee store or to sit and rest in one of the store’s chairs on the sidewalk. Or one could sit and eat in one of the mediocre and overpriced restaurants (at least one of them has a $3.00 cake cutting fee, Dahling). Another reason the Warner Plaza was closed was so that the homeless who often hang out in the plaza would be out-of-sight, shoved out of the neighbourhood and under the freeway blocks away to give the illusion/false impression to visitors that we have no homeless people. By doing this, now-conservative San Francisco was merely showing itself once again as a playground for the super-wealthy — a City of haves and have-nots living right next to each other in some cases — that despises the homeless. So they used Corporate SF Pride as an excuse for that, even though there are many Queer homeless people which are not at all represented by corporatist SF Pride. Some people are really scum and I’m not referring to the homeless.

Finally, I noticed that corporate YT (which has been ruined by its corporate owner, G**gle) was late to the party. The month of June (Pride month) is nearly over. YT put a Rainbow Flag next to their logo on the evening of el 27 de junio/27 June 2017 with cuatro días/four days remaining in the month. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Why would anyone expect The Orange Man to honour Queer Pride Month?

6 comments on “The real Gay Pride is celebrated by the non-corporatist Queer (GTLBQ) Community

  1. D8

    To pink barrio – A while back I told you about my acquaintance who I’ve become very distanced from since he went back in the closet after changing jobs in SF’s Financial district. He was out at his old job for over 25 years then changed jobs and told the people at his new job that he’s got a girlfriend even though he doesn’t. He wanted to have lunch so we did. I was reluctant. That didn’t go well because I confronted him on what’s going on. He told me he went back in the closet at his new job because “I realize it’s bad to be gay and it’s not just me – a lot of my gay friends in my group and from the gym feel the same and have gone straight and dating women.” That’s what he said. After that I let him talk about how bad it is to be gay. I got up to leave and told him how sorry I was to hear this during Pride month and that I don’t care to see him again because he’s too fucked up. Then he started shouting at me as I was leaving the restaurant. I didn’t respond. I think managment was about to call the police on him.

    Thanks for letting me say this. It’s really disturbed me. I’ve told a couple people and they were speechless. Knowing you as I do, I knew you would understand. Thanks again.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, yes I remember your comments about that. Very sorry to hear that. Weird times. There seems to be quite a trend going on with some gay guys following the same straight path. Mi amigo/My friend saw a similar thing yesterday which really annoyed him. It was a gay guy he knew from what used to be known as the gay gym. They were all Queer buddies there or so they thought. Mi amigo saw this gay guy/his buddy yesterday walking down Market Street hand in hand with a female. Another gay guy trying to be straight and thinking that holding hands with a female and forcing himself to have sex with her — assuming that’s what he’s doing — will somehow make him straight. As I’ve said before, in many ways they should change June from Gay Pride month to Gay Shame month, since for many that would more accurately reflect the reality. I’m sincerely very sorry to hear about your experience with him. He and other just like him need to see a credible pro-Queer/GTLBQ psychotherapist. Gracias for your comment and the nice comments from everyone else. Chau.

  2. castro local

    the city took down the rainbow flags on market st early. not sure when but it’s the 29th and they’re gone. they did this last year. when there’s no money to be made on pride any more, rip those things down. that seems to be how they think. my guess is that they started taking them down on the 26st. nearly a full week before the end of the month.

    what was going on with yt ?? pink barrio and e in sunnyvale are correct. the rainbow flag was there that night on the right side of the yt logo. the next day?? gone. someone wanted that rainbow flag gone. these corps. love gay people. yes sure you do!! their phoniness is enough to make you vomit.

  3. D8

    I like your suggestions for returning Pride to its roots….but like you say they’d never happen at this point. I read yesterday that scientists are saying that humans will be extinct in 9 years due to climate change. None of this will matter by then.

  4. E in Sunnyvale

    YT put a Rainbow Flag next to their logo on the evening of el 27 de junio/27 June 2017 with cuatro días/four days remaining in the month.

    Just looked: on 28 June 2017, it’s already gone. Go figure.


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