The SEP: Always a friend to sexism

The Last Word on the Abrasive and Sexist SEP Cult

UPDATE (enero/January 2018). I received the following e-mail from a reader:

Hola pb. I read your article about “The SEP: Always a friend to sexism” and I understand you wish to say no more about them. But may I? I’m e-mailing you because the comments are closed on your article. The SEP had an online conference in recent days about censorship on the internet including censorship by FB which they (as you say) hypocritically heavily promote on their site. The graphic they used promoting this event was that of a somber, unsmiling guy in a suit who was to serve as moderator. The SEP members never seem to smile and to call themselves “on the left” they more than look very conservative in their dress. The comments following this conference were all over the spectrum. One person complained that the conference was very male-dominated with very few references to any women. That commenter mentioned Angela Davis and her politics and a greater need for women participation in future conferences. That commenter was responded to by the royal bitch on the site. I normally don’t use the word “bitch” and am doing so in this case because that’s what best describes her. She took it upon herself to respond to many commenters as if she’s the spokeswoman for the SEP ordering commenters to read the SEP website. Her commenting style is like nails on a chalkboard and the bitch enjoys putting people down. She said that the SEP does not share the politics of Angela Davis nor do they support identity politics, referring to the commenters request for greater participation from women. How is their sexist thinking and male chauvinism not “identity politics?” Only promoting women is “identity politics?” What I came away from this thing was how can a party like the SEP ever expect to win people over when they seem to come with a built-in grudge and with the nastiest of attitudes. These people are not the least bit inviting to their cause. Thanks for listening to me, Faye.

My response: Hola Faye. It’s best that you forget about them, just ignore them, and I mean that respectfully to you. They will never amount to anything despite their big heads and delusions of self-importance of how important they think they are. They write some good articles, but overall I can’t stand them and I have no interest in writing any more about them other than to say, as I have previously, I agree with you that they are such an unwelcoming, cold, asshole-ish group of people, with only a few exceptions. Nothing at all warm or welcoming about them. I would expect the conference to be very male-dominated because that’s what sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic basura do. I’m not surprised at all to hear that. I’ll take a guess that the “royal bitch” you referred to comes with the initials “CZ.” If so, yes, she’s one abrasive piece of SEP cultist trash. I can’t stand her. Is the woman in great, constant pain or something? She’s one piece of work. Gracias for your e-mail. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers met the other night. We talked about several topics including this topic, but the main topic was about one that I’d rather not write about at all, but agreed to one last time because no one else in our group has a website of their own, and they thought the topic deserved more than a random comment somewhere. Some of what I’m going to write here I’ve written before, but it will be new to readers who didn’t read those articles. That topic is about the abrasive Socialist Equality Party (SEP) Cult, as I call them. Are those signs of pain I’m hearing because I’m bringing up the SEP again? Understandable. I’d rather forget about them too.

One of their male writers is obsessed with the many sexual harassment scandals in the news these days and he consistently supports the men being accused of sexual assault and misconduct by labeling it a “witch hunt” against the men. Using a search engine, one finds that the SEP writers call many things with which they disagree a “witch hunt.” It seems to be one of their favoured terms, along with their overuse of the word “slander.” In that instance, if anyone speaks critically of a person from “the working class,” the SEP refer to that as “slandering the working class.” To them I say: Get. A. Grip. (roll eyes) As far as I’m concerned, no social class — whether it be “the working class” or the billionaire class — is above reproach from criticism. But I got to thinking about this term “witch hunt.” Isn’t that sexist in itself? Being the sexists that they are, maybe that’s why they routinely use it. A little research pulled up an article from the UK explaining how the term “witch hunt” is indeed sexist. I suppose most people have never thought of that. So, one of the people in our group posted a comment — which surprisingly they published on the SEP site — explaining how the term “witch hunt” is sexist, and gave other examples of sexist language having been used routinely on the SEP site. Such as their male-dominated language use of “mankind” and “congressmen” even though there are many females in congress whom I suspect don’t appreciate being called congressmen. And one sexist commenter referred to a Bay Area congresswoman as “the congressman.” Well, as expected, the person from our group was attacked for his comment. His comment was referred to by one commenter as “a rant.” I read his comment and it wasn’t a rant at all. He made sure of that because he was aware that any “rant” would likely not get published on their site. So he kept his remarks very calm and respectful. He gave that link up above and wrote some of what I’ve written here in the previous paragraph. Bottom line: They didn’t like his message as he knew they wouldn’t. He asked readers to attack the article at that link — showing that the term “witch hunt” is sexist — rather than take the old and tiresome approach of “Attack the Messenger” (meaning him). But of course they attacked him anyway. I guess they considered that more fun. He didn’t respond to any of them.

I began to think more about the language they use on their site. Of the examples that readily came to mind, they use terms such as “transgender” instead of perhaps using “shemale,” “tranny,” “he-she,” “ladyboy,” or some other outdated or pejorative term. Although when I was reading their site, one of their female writers used the incorrect term “transgendered.” I was going to correct her for writing “transgendered” but knew I would be attacked for doing so and called “nit-picky” — because the devout SEP cultists hold the view that their idol writers are sacrosanct and are not to be criticised under any circumstance — so I didn’t bother. Their site also uses the language “African-American” or “black” rather than the ugly ethnic slur words “nigger” or “darkie” or “negro” or “negra” or “nigger boy.” On the rare occasion they write about anything Queer, they use the word “gay” rather than “faggot” or “nellie-boy, although I think sometimes they use the word “homosexual.” I don’t like that word at all.

My point is that the SEP have updated some or nearly all of their language to non-offensive contemporary usage, or I guess what they would call “politically correct.” Except when it comes to sexist language, which they hold very dear and live in denial that their language is at all sexist. Also, their cultist commenters have made it clear that they can’t stand “politically correct” language.

The SEP site is a very male-dominated site as some people have pointed out to them. Most of the writers are guys. Perhaps that explains that the one area where they absolutely refuse to update their language is in the area of sexism. So they use mankind instead of the gender-neutral word humankind (which includes all of humanity). Humankind does not give preference to men, which must absolutely irk the SEP cultists whenever they see that word. Whereas “mankind” gives preference to men or as the Merriam-Webster dictionary says, “men especially as distinguished from women.”

Also, while these pseudo-socialists claim to oppose the billionaire class, they make an exception for the billionaire class tech industry — an industry well known for its sexism and gender inequality — and the SEP heavily promote billionaire-owned F***book, as one example, on their site. Their glaring hypocrisy has been pointed out to them, but they don’t care about that. They refuse to change their behaviour in that regard because it would disturb their own comfort level and their addiction to their phones and activity on certain billionaire-owned “social media” sites. I often think that so-called “social media” (what an Orwellian marketing name!) is the headquarters for people without any real social skills. Here’s more sexism from the techies (2017): “Tech firms draw flak over hiring ‘record number’ of eye-candy models for holiday parties.” Seeing females as sex objects is sexist.

As our society regresses and rushes backwards to at least the 1940s-50s if not before, I am definitely seeing the increased use of man-based/preferred words having a strong comeback. The progress made over past decades seems to have only been temporary. And anyone challenging the SEP on their sexism is met with the strongest resistance. Despite their continual denial, their sexism, chauvinism and misogyny seem to be the core of who they are as so-called socialists. The female cultist commenters are among the first to rush to boot lick their messiah writers and defend any sexist language used in articles. Curiously, the females have also been among those to defend the men accused of alleged sexual assault and refer to it as “a witch-hunt.” One of their most abrasive cultist commenters wrote, “I love men.” She had to let everyone know that she’s a breeder. Then she invited one of the other male commenters (she doesn’t know the guy) over to her place by writing, “You can come over to my place” meaning for sex. Someone jokingly wrote to her: “Oh, so you take anything you can get, do you?” She seems to have little sense of humour while complaining about the same in another commenter. She claimed she was only joking about her invite.

We’re convinced that sexism within the SEP is a generational phenomenon. For example, that same abrasive asshole-ish female commenter I mentioned in the previous paragraph constantly defends sexism and their sexist writers, and gave her age in one of her comments. She in her early 70s and not in good health she wrote. That’s the generation that grew up with sexism and where it is deeply embedded in them. By their conservative writing style, we in our little group of Queers get the impression that many, if not most, of the cultist commenters are of that generation where sexism, misogyny and chauvinism were the norm. Therefore, today they see nothing wrong with it. It’s part of who they are. And if anyone corrects their saviour writers and sexist language used in articles, the females on the site are often the first to flame the commenter for being “nit-picky” and “off-topic.” The females serve as such good little boot lickers.

I agree with some of the SEP positions, but I do not at all agree that everything is class-based, which is their position. For example, a person being anti-Queer has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s class. There are anti-Queer people/bigots/prejudiced people in all classes. In addition, the SEP and cultists are strongly pro-Russia and they have never written about Queer persecution in Russia because they consider Queer/gay topics “identity politics,” which they oppose. We have sensed that most of the SEP cultists are breeders/straight, or closet cases. I can’t remember ever reading where anyone on the site has ever said they’re Queer/gay, and some of their articles have been written from a place of straight privilege.

They also say there is absolutely no proof/evidence of Russian involvement in the US 2016 s-election, and any talk of such is merely sour grapes from the Democratic Party that Hillary lost (she lost the electoral college that is but won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of). It’s all about that, according to them. Well I can’t stand the mis-named Democratic Party and I have no use for that Hillary. But I’ve seen too many strange “coincidences” that tell me that it’s not all about “sour grapes” regarding possible Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

A brief aside: By the way the majority just voted with the House Republicans not to impeach the current White House resident. “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement.” You may recall that Republican-enabler Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” As I’ve written before, I think the Democrats really like the current White House resident.

Any credible links provided to them about alleged-Russian involvement and the investigations thus far and the many coincidences found to date are outright rejected by the SEP cultists, and the person providing the links is belittled and trolled. The SEP cultists scream, “Where’s your evidence? Would do you know that none of the rest of us (unspoken: SEP omnipotent cultists) know?” Ugh. Just fucking assholes.

Oh by the way, the same writer (initials DW) who is hung up on these alleged sexual allegations would call my use of “fucking assholes,” vulgar language because that’s how he described someone else using sex language in another situation. Is the term “vulgar language” what you would expect to hear from a socialist? That’s what I would expect to hear from a far-right Republicano. I think we’re all adults here or maybe you’re not, Mr Fucking Prude (who is also of the generation I wrote about earlier). Piss off! I can’t stand these basura.

It should be obvious at this point to the astute reader that I/we no longer read their site for many reasons including it often puts me in a bad mood. Despite their big-headed delusions of grandeur, the SEP will never amount to anything in The Cesspool/the US as far as being a credible and serious political party, especially when their candidates are rarely on anyone’s ballot. And even when they are, their own website never reports on how many votes their candidates received. It must have been pathetically poor partly because most people have never even heard of them, and after any intelligent, sane, reasonable and rationale person has any experience with them and their abrasive cultist commenters, one would run from them having been completely turned off by their abrasiveness and defensiveness. Their cultist commenters are really very thin-skinned people. One finds nothing warm, friendly or inviting about any of them, aside from their syrupy ass-eating of the writers. With that type of chip-on-both-shoulders sandpaper personality, one is not likely to attract new members. I guess they’ve never thought about that or that maybe they should look inward as to how they come off to people. Even though they have allowed comments on their site for some time, what they have accomplished is to really show what type of basura support them. Again, there’s no sense of “community” there whatsoever as one sometimes finds on other sites. The words “abrasive assholes” are what I think of when I think of most of them; a very off-putting group of people with only a few exceptions to that. Some of their writers are just as off-putting. When they respond to commenters on occasion it’s often with a sense of arrogant omnipotence, and belittling the commenter in some cases. At which point, the 12-14 resident cultists all pile on in agreement to back slap the writer as good little SEP disciples. No, they are not likely to attract any new followers to their party after one gets wind of their abrasive, self-righteous and omnipotent attitudes. At one time I was quite interested in the SEP. But after spending many years around them, one finds them a major turn-off. A few of their cultists feel the need to write gushing and adoring praise comments on a daily basis to their writers, such as “Thank you so much comrade [name of writer] for this valuable socialist lesson…” for their articles. Or this: “brilliant article, comrade, absolutely brilliant article.” Or this: “onward and upward guys.” Or this: “Once again Andre, you hit the nail on the head.” Just mindless cheer leading for their team. Or this: “I have the highest regard and respect for [name of writer] and I am so proud to be connected with the SEP.” Sigh. One would hope you would have higher standards than that! They’re no different than the devout devotional behaviour one finds with the corporate and imperialistic Democrats and Republicans and their cultists.

Mi amigo/My friend told me that one of their now-regular commenter has the word “Deplorable” as part of his screen name and has written that he hopes the current resident of la casa blanca serves his full term. I went to read that comment and the guy did come off to me as a supporter of el hombre naranja/the orange man. Some of the SEP cultists gave him thumbs-up for his comments. So it would appear that some of the pseudo-socialist commenters are far-right supporters of el hombre naranja/the orange man, even though some of their articles are critical of him and his policies. That could also explain why there is disagreement among the commenters on where on the political spectrum their party stands, although one cultist commenter wrote that there is no political spectrum. WTF? (So I guess to that commenter the far-right site bre*tb*art is the same as npr and whatever they claim to be these days)? Yet one of their writers says that the SEP site is on the “left.” But when I was on there one of their cultists told another commenter, “We are not on the left.” Then recently, according to mi amigo, one commenters told another commenter, “We are not communist” which disagreed with another cultist commenter and her politics in favour of Cuba.

As you can see, it’s a fucking weird crowd over there, I can tell you that. Best to avoid. They don’t seem to know who and what they are.

Okay guys of our Queer group, I look forward to my delicious, organic vegetarian-vegan dinner you promised me for writing this for you. At least some of us care about what we eat and our health. Oh that’s another thing I should mention: I think the SEP cultists and perhaps writers eat “meat”/dead animals. Now originally that’s not something I would have thought to be the case with socialists, but obviously I had a very wrong impression of (most?) socialists, or at least those of the SEP breed. At this point, proudly eating dead animals is what I would expect from them. When I was on their site the topic of the environment and eating “meat” came up on one occasion and of those who responded, it was 100% agreement:

People should not be told what to eat. (Question: Does that also mean that MD’s should not be allowed to order their patients to change their “diet” after a major heart attack, open heart surgery, stroke, and so forth?) People should be able to eat meat was their main theme among the comments. I gave them this link, but they ignored it:

(2010): “UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says.

They had absolutely no interest in that. No health concerns about eating dead animals were even mentioned by them. Their position was: People should not be required to eat vegetarian or vegan foods, and climate change is really not one of our priorities wrote one commenter who claimed to be with the SEP in Australia. Maybe that’s why they rarely write about climate change. Yes, I know, it’s all about fucking “class” and sexism with you idiots. Even though each class has their own responsibility to bear for climate change. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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12 comments on “The SEP: Always a friend to sexism

  1. David in Breuckelen

    Like some others here I had never heard of this party either and don’t think you have turned me on to them because after I spent some time on their site, I clicked off from being turned off. Some weird politics on there. Their one-track theme of “class” is disturbing and frustrating. I’m gay and I don’t like my sexual orientation being dismissed as “identity politics” not to be discussed. Like you say, sounds like a group of straight people running that site and commenting. Like others here have said, their strong support for the men accused of sexual harrasment and assault of women is appalling in this day and age. That and other things really turned me off about them.

    They interviewed this chamber music group. All young guys. I got to thinking about that and it raised a question. Did these musicians know the politics of that site before agreeing to an interview w/ them? I’ve worked with classical musicians for years and the ones I’ve known would want nothing to do with that site based on their politics. They call themselves on the left but you and I see them for who they are. If anyone is “the pseudo-left” – their favorite term – it’s they themselves!! If I were a performing musician I would refuse an interview with them. Just wondered why this chamber music group agreed to an interview with them. Were they that desperate? Or did they look into their poliitics after the interview and said ‘oh good gawd what have we done?! Hopefully no one will see that.’

  2. Former San Franciscan

    Not to sound at all uppity, but I already knew most of what you’ve written about the SEP/ICFI. I go way back with them, although like you I can’t stand them now. It’s not so much their writers but their commenters. I used to like their site but thinking back when that was the case I really didn’t know much about them then. It was their articles I liked which were slamming both D and R partiies. It’s been in the past few years when they started allowing *overly moderated comments* that they’ve reared up and revealed that which turns many of us off about them. Their (as you say) cult-like commenters come off as weak people and bristle at any criticism of the party and proceed to troll the person. That’s because they want nothing but praise for the SEP. Although I don’t like the Ds (or Rs), theiir loyalists usually say nothing when someone criticizes their party…..I think I prefer that approach. The loyalists or cult-like commenters over there don’t come off as very good representatives of their party. I agree with your use of the word asshole-ish to describe them. Guess they’;ve never thought of how they come off to people.

    I overall agree with your assessment of them pb.

  3. Linda

    There’s a really sexist crowd on that sep site with the women leading the pack. THey ought to be ashamed of themselves. They say they’re on the left, while defending all these men accused of sexual assault????

  4. Ingrid

    I’d never heard of this SEP party until I came here so I went to their site and left turned off for a whole pile of reasons. One being that a woman there presenting herself as a staunch member of the SEP (kept using “we” as if she’s some sort of leader or something but acted more like a troll) was making fun of the glass ceiling as if she believes pay inequality and lack of promotions based on gender does not exist or is a good thing. She was dumping on the women who have come forth with sexual assault allegations like she doesn’t believe any of them or defends the accused male’s behavior. Most on there think just like her including their writers. Makes me feeling like screaming!! Like you said warm and welcoming they are not. Self-righteous they are. Like someone else said, to wear blinders to all the problems in the world and to come up with this simplistic message that “it’s all about class” leaves me cold. Some problems are class based but many others are not. I learned that their party is all around the world in spots but there’s such a small number of them on their own website judging by commenters. They talk of revolution and rising up by the working class. With those few people on there?

  5. Queer boi

    Their site provides a place for their commenters to complain day after day about Democrats and Republicans and capitalism. I’ve seen the idiots that say there’s a mass revolution imminent by the working class… are they smoking? They complain about the Ds and Rs but act just like them when it comes to their own SEP – loyal cult supporters. I think the SEP is comprised of older straight white people. Can’t think of ever seeing anyone on there saying they are gay…………hell no, and if you talk about anything other than class with those assholes you’re accused of ‘identity politics’ which is a no no with them. They have a one track mind. Class, class, class, class. Shove it up your ass.

  6. FedUp!

    Hola pink barrio –

    Hope you don’t mind me adding my feelings about the SEP.

    Hung out on the SEP site earlier today. Now I have heart burn. Get a load of this comment written by a female apologist for them. She was taking on someone who complained about the lack of women in the party:

    “There is no shortage of women in the Socialist Equality Party or its leadership. Under capitalism, class division is *the* issue. Gender is used as a diversion to try and confuse, divide and weaken the working class, just as race is. The elevation of so called ‘leaders, experts, advocates and academics’ in these fields are both self serving as they carve out a career and lifestyle for themselves and directly serves the interests of the ruling elite in helping to suppress the revolutionary movement of the international working class.”

    No shortage of women, eh? Name them! Most of the SEP articles are written by men. I see no women sitting at the tables in your vid presentations. White male-dominated. Get a clue. Stop defending patriarchy.

    She said, “Gender is used as a diversion to try and confuse, divide and weaken the working class, just as race is.”

    She would add sexual orientation to that liist as well. Spoken like a straight sexist (and homphobic?) white male or female with straight white privilege, but a woman in this case.

    Gawd I can’t stand these “class” brainwashed people. Everything is not about fucking class. It’s interesting how the “haves” complain the most about anything other than brainwashed induced “class.”

    She says “There is no shortage of women in the Socialist Equality Party or its leadership….”

    How have they possibly managed to accomplish that feat when the Democratic and Republican parties have women in both of their parties but they are both male-dominated parties. As of 2017, women were only 19.3% of the House of Representatives and in the Senate the women were 22%. Both sound like a shortage of women in male-dominated parties. How can it be that the Democrats and Republicans have a shortage of women, but the SEP doesn’t, according to this woman? Miraculous.

    Thanks for your ear.

  7. Faye

    Hola pb, wasn’t sure you got my e-mail. Thanks for responding to me this way for others to see. I wanted to write what I sent you on their site leaving out the “royal bitch” part, but had a deep suspicion that they’d never post it and I’d be heavily ridiculed. Your guess is correct – her initials are CZ. I’d love to ask her is there any reason why she’s so often caustic, but I suspect she’d ignore the comment. Thanks again for what you did.

  8. Y

    pb – don’t think it’s justs you. i was reading a forum yesterday about these socialist suckers and their comments agreed with your post and the comments here. The forum comments were from 3 yeasr ago so nothing’s chnaged with the wsws. they’re as alienating as they’ve ever been. assholes of the highest order. one thing that really turns peole off is their obsession with the term pseudo-left. They’ve tunred a lot of people off. the sexism? yeah, that to0. based in detroit – not a hotbed of socialism i don’t think and most people suspect there’s less than 50 people in the u.s. who align with them. just saying.

  9. FedUp!

    I too agree with some of their politics, but their approach alienates people to the point that people like myself stop reading them. They’re always right so they think, and let’s not forget pretentious. I can usually read most articles on any other site without having to look up the definition of words but when I was reading their site it was like they went out their way to dig up a couple of words per article in their thesaurus that nobody would know and have to look up.

    My perception is that they’re mostly of an older age group. I don’t know of any young people who write the way they do.

  10. Tarquin

    They’re rather prolific – they do write a lot of articles and they could be appealing if they weren’t so sectarian, mechanical, dogmatic, narrow and cult like, not to mention all their questionable and problematic stances on issues of sexism, racism and homophobia. They would rather resort to petty insults and calling people “pseudo-leftists” instead of actually supporting real working class struggle. Some of their guys (like you wrote male-dominated) go out and give talks to a room full of 75-200 people who show up to hear them rattle on about the Russian revolution or some topic, but it’s a lot safer for them to stay in their hermetically sealed internet bubble and lecture people who aren’t in lockstep with the small cult that comments daily.

  11. D8

    Don’t really know what to say other than when I was reading their site I noticed some of that and yes it was a turn off, but hadn’t been reading their site for years like you….so your experience w/ them is much longer. A lot of big egos over there in the comments.

Fin. The End.