The SEP: “Populist arguments such as sexual orientation are divisive.”

Hola a todos. One of my regular readers (FedUp!) e-mailed me (gracias) the following paragraph from an article on the Socialist Equality Party’s website and asked if I cared to comment on it:

“To defeat [Steve] Ba**on and his Nazi-loving billionaire backers, workers and youth must break the far-right’s primary sources of strength: the monopoly of the Democratic Party, trade unions, and pseudo-left over “left-wing” politics and the pernicious perspective of dividing the population along the lines of race, gender and sexual orientation, rather than class.”

That sounds like it was written by someone who is white, a breeder/straight and comes with breeder privileges and who would have no concern about being discriminated against, harmed or killed because he’s straight, and with no intention of putting himself in the shoes of a Queer/GTQBL person. Frankly, it sounds like that writer couldn’t care less about Queers. Unfortunately, Queers/GTQBLs don’t have the luxury of being one-issue people like the “comrades” — a word associated with communism and the Communist Party and a word one sees used on a regular basis by some of the SEP Cultists when responding to their god-writers — at the SEP. Although I admit that unfortunately some Queers are one-issue people and very myopic, especially politically speaking.

As for the SEP, they are a one-theme political party. That one-theme is about class. The SEP mindset is strictly about class. In their mind, class is above all. According to them, class is the most pervasive and fundamental social category. From my understanding of what they think, all the problems in our society are because of class. So (according to them) class is what should be addressed/talked about, and only class. (roll eyes). Speaking of sexual orientation, from my life experiences there are people in all social classes who have a problem with Queers/GTQBLs. So that “flies in the face” of the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communists SEP’s ridiculous claim that all social topics — or “identity-politics” — as they pejoratively call it are class-based.

I went to their site after receiving the e-mail from FedUp! According to one commenter on their site: “The class war, working class opposing the ruling class is the real issue. All populist arguments are divisive and distract workers from the war against imperialist wars.” Translation: Don’t talk about sexual orientation because it is “divisive” and “distracts workers.” Bull shit! I think workers can easily handle talking about sexual orientation. Workers don’t have a one-track mind like the SEP and their cultist followers. They make it sound like workers are short-attention-spanned children and too easily distracted by multiple thoughts. Nonsense. The hypocritical SEP seem to be doing what they sometimes accuse other people of doing and that is “slandering the working class” — as they frequently like to go on about — when anyone is critical of a person from the working class.

From my understanding of the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communists SEP, they want a class-less society. Well I’m for that, but I’m a realist. A class-less society is delusional thinking because that is not about to happen here in The Cesspool/The US/los Estados Unidos. The corporate parasites of the US Oligarchy will see to that as well as the millionaires and billionaires for whom they work. The SEP continue to live under some dreamy-based illusion that capitalism is on the verge of collapse or is going to be overthrown in the US and a revolution of the working class is imminent. (Are they on crack?)

I don’t relate to that and because of that I could not be their brand of pseudo-socialist. Generally speaking, I see people as people, not what class they’re from. Class is not something I even think about most of the time, other than the millionaire and billionaire wasteful trash who have raped San Francisco and made The City their 1% playground, and I don’t think most people think about class either. Do you? And rarely do I hear or read anyone even using the word “class,” which could explain why the SEP candidates get so few votes at s-election time that they never publish their dismally low vote tallies for their candidates on their website. FedUp! also said in the e-mail that the SEP stated recently that they are on the Left. Really? That’s odd. Aside from their opposition to US imperialism worldwide and maybe one or two other topics that don’t come to mind at the moment, I came away from their site with the distinct impression that they were mostly conservatives. (Related: Sexist and Chauvinistic Marxists (ICFI)). They certainly act like it. They also have a very conservative writing style. Some of their SEP cultist commenters have in the past said: “We are not on the Left,” although they didn’t say where they are on the political spectrum. I’ve not known people on the Left to be very formal but, as I said earlier, the SEP have a very formal writing style including their commenters, who refer to their writers as “Mr [insert name of writer]” rather than “Bill” or “Niles” for example. I’ve also noticed that their commenters are often rather thick. They often miss the point that someone is trying to make, which then gets into dysfunctional-style comments and abrasiveness.

They certainly don’t encourage any discussion in their comment section, which is overly-moderated to the extreme. I don’t know what they’re so afraid of. One commenter was complaining about the extreme moderation and pointed out that he can think for himself and prefers to do that rather than having a moderator — moderators are usually on a power trip — decide what commenters will read. It can take hours for the most innocent comment to appear, if it ever does. One gets the impression that they only approve/post comments about 3 times a day in groups. And despite their having been around for years, there is absolutely no sense of community at all in their site’s comment sections. Instead, it’s a rather cold and abrasive place, which is why I stopped going there, so what I’m writing here is based on my overall experience on their site, as well as my recent visit. I don’t think there’s any chance of them gaining mass support/popularity since they are far from the warmest bunch of people. Just the opposite in fact. There’s certainly no charisma to be found there that I’ve seen. I like some of their writers (Andre, Kate, Niles and Jerry come to mind), but some of their other writers are a prudish piece of work based on my previous experience over there. And as I’ve said in other articles about them (see under “Previously” at the bottom of the page), the SEP cultists among them — it’s a devout group of roughly 12-14 people — rush to compliment, profusely thank and defend their “comrade” god writers whom they seem to see as a deity who can do no wrong. Their behaviour is really like a cult. That’s the distinct impression I have about them. Anyone who speaks even the slightest hint of criticism of one of their god-writers: Watch out! You’ll be slapped down by one of the SEP cultists at-the-ready to defend their writers. Seems a bit much!

As I see it, forgetting sexual orientation — to obsess, dwell and fixate on class — is a direct route back to the 1950s, if not before, for most Queers.

I’ve been aware that the SEP claim to oppose the billionaire class, except when it comes to the billionaire-owned tech industry which they heavily promote. One will read on their site: “Follow us and promote our articles on F*ceb**k.” I remember someone pointing out to them that billionaire-owned F*ceb**k is the biggest data-mining and spy-machine on the internet along with G**gle, but that didn’t phase the SEP cultists. No, they continue to feel that they must use FB to “get their message out.” I guess they haven’t noticed that it doesn’t seem to be working, but their glaring hypocrisy is noted. Yes, they claim to oppose the billionaire class out of one side of their mouth, while out of the other side of their mouth they support/cheer lead for the billionaire-owned tech industry and its associated ubiquitous phone addiction. This has been pointed out to them and they just shrug it off. Their love affair for tech may be waning slightly because the number one search engine has been censoring SEP articles, so the SEP sent a protest letter to that search engine. I’m sure that corporation is just “shaking in their boots.” If anything, I suspect their open letter to G**gle promptly went into the recycling bin, if they have one, at their headquarters in Mountain View. It was interesting that the SEP letter included a list of “Left” sites that G**gle is censoring. I looked at the list and they are the same sites that the SEP would — in any other circumstance — refer to as “the pseudo-left,” since the SEP are constantly referring to “the pseudo-left.” I saw that again when I was over there while writing this (and it also appears in that quote from their website at the top of this page). All of the “Left” websites in their list the SEP would describe as being “within the orbit of the Democratic Party.” I guess they don’t see their hypocrisy in that instance either. As one can see, there’s no shortage of hypocrisy to be found with the Marxists/Trotskyists/Closet-Case Communist SEP.

I want to be clear here: I’m not using the word communist the way the far-right rednecks/Orange Man’s rabid supporters do. I’m not using it as they do to “red-bait” or to smear the SEP or as the ultimate put-down of them or as a pejorative. I’m using the word communist because it is my sense that the SEP are communists but they are afraid to say that for some reason, so they hide behind other words that I’ve already listed, while some of their cultists do use the term “comrade” as I said earlier. That’s why I refer to them as closet-case Communists.

I think forgetting about sexual orientation because it’s part of “identity politics” and “divisive” (according to them) is very misguided.

I’ve often wondered: Do they have any openly-Queer writers at the SEP? Not that I’m aware of. Just from some of the many prudish comments I’ve read on their site over the years from their writers as well as commenters, I sense they are a rather sexually-repressed group of people. Some writers on other sites will freely reveal their sexual orientation, particularly when the topic of sexual orientation comes up. But the SEP writers (and commenters) go out of their way to hide their sexual orientation. If there are any Queer writers on the staff at the SEP, they’re in the closet online. The same for the commenters. One gets the impression that they are all breeders with straight-privilege, which would explain why they would describe any discussion about sexual orientation as “divisive,” which is absolutely ludicrous. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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6 comments on “The SEP: “Populist arguments such as sexual orientation are divisive.”

  1. District Resident

    One of their cultists, screen name “Fire in the water,” or something like that usually writes:

    “Brilliant article guys. Absolutely brilliant article. Upward and onward guys!”

    Put your pom-poms down. You’re embarrasing.

  2. Claire

    Oh them! :-(

    I don’t want to get started with my many pet peeves about that crowd. Be nice, Claire. Ok, let me just say that I’ve noticed most of what youj’re talking about in this article. I could have written it myself. The commenters over there are really the ones who ruin the site. (MaYBE they should turn comments off — get a clue). They like to use big words, they try to be so damn philosophical and elitist sounding that they come off as snooty and they’re so know it all about everything. Sometimes I’ve had to read one comment 3-4 times to figure out what someone was saying. Gobbledygook. It’s good to keep a dictionary handy when reading those comments. Some commenters love to use the most unknown words in the English language to try to sound all elitist and like a philosopher. Then there’s Robert who starts out every comment with “Thank you comrade for this brilliant article.” They’re usually alright article but I wouldn’t call it brilliant. I know what you mean, there’s some over there that have to gush and thank in every comment. A cult feeling among the commenters? YES! YES! YES! Agree w/ you that it feels like a very cold place. Is that what their brand of socialism is about? Being off-putting and some of them having a permanent chip on their shoulder. Their knives would come out if you told them any of this. They don’t take well to criticism.

    That’s about it. Almost forgot, sexual orientation should be talked about and not dismissed or overridden by class talk.

    1. strangetimes

      matches my conclusions about them. i’m not criticizing pink barrio for writing about the sep but i don’t think most people have any interest in them or have heard of them. they’ll continue to be a non-relevant party.

    1. strangetimes

      me either. i gave up on the wsws sometime back. it felt very therapeutic for me reading through that because i’ve noticed many of those things myself. i now realize it wasn’t just me. very astute observations. i never felt comfortable commenting there for the reasons you gave. it’s a much more relaxed and better crowd over here at pb….thank you for this space…. and my comments go on immediately here.

Fin. The End.