The SEP’s Billionaire-Class Hypocrisy and “Social Media”

In truth, they only oppose the billionaire class when it doesn’t disturb their own comfort level.

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers got together recently for our monthly vegetarian-vegan dinner. We never know what we’ll end up talking about, it’s rather spontaneous. It’s often based on what someone mentions in passing near the beginning, which was the case this time. Mi amigo asked: Is anyone here on F**eb**k? (Hereinafter referred to as “FB”). Signs of pain were heard in the room. Groans. Everyone shook their head in disapproval of FB — at least some Queers still have some convictions unlike some fake-socialists (I’m thinking of the Socialist Equality Party/ICFI/Marxist/Trotskyist/Communist variety, they go by many names) — because we don’t care to help a billionaire make more billions nor do we care to be spied on anymore than we know we already are. Mi amigo explained to us that some of the SEP cultists (cultists best describe the devout commenters on the SEP site) were going to great lengths to make excuses for their being on so-called “social media,” particularly FB. BTW, what is a FB? What a stupid name. (As I’ve written before, “social media” is the headquarters for many people void of any genuine social skills, such as the Millennial-zombie assholes). Mi amigo told us that the main excuse being given by the SEP cultists for their being on FB is, “We have to use FB to get our message out.” Really? The person sitting next to me said, “Doesn’t their website get their message out like anyone else’s website?” I said: Being self-described socialists, I didn’t know any of them were on FB to begin with because it’s of the billionaire class, even though the SEP site heavily promotes FB by having tech icons on their site. Yes, this is the same site that claims to oppose the billionaire class while daily promoting the billionaire class, specifically billionaire-owned FB. Try not to choke on the hypocrisy there. Mi amigo told us that this hypocrisy had been pointed out to the SEP cultists and they essentially dismiss it (Denial is “in” these days) and say that they have to use FB because “it’s so embedded in our culture.” That’s the excuse they give? That’s their rationale? That’s odd, I’m not on any “social media” and I get along just fine without them. These adult pacifiers (these phones) which the sheeple are addicted to are also “embedded in our culture” and I get along just fine without one of them too. Cars are also “embedded in our culture,” and I don’t own a car, and get along just fine without a vehicle by using mass transit (Metro and bus). There are so many things “embedded in our culture,” such as the use of sex language, for example, but I don’t see those conservative prudes on the SEP site using sex language. They need to come up with some other lame excuses. The SEP commenters claim — that because “FB is so embedded in our culture” that using FB is no different than being forced to be a customer on one’s local gas company provider. (roll eyes) Hardly! The fact is nobody is forcing anyone to use FB, and many people can’t stand the thing. The extreme lengths and excuses some people go to in order to avoid having to change their own behaviour! The SEP commenters also say it’s no different than having to use G**gle, even though on their own site some people have urged the SEP cultists to stop using G**gle and use non-tracking DuckDuckGo, and to stop using the language, “g**gle this.” In other words, stop using the word “g**gle” as a verb, because that also promotes this parasitic and predatory out-of-control corporation that wants to control the world, along with Am*z*n. (BTW, I had a piano student some years ago — he was a wonderful guy — who worked at G**gle at one time — at a time when that company was considered respectable and was thought very highly of — and he told me that the company hated the word G**gle being used as a verb). So, mi amigo told us that many of the SEP cultists were making any and all excuses of why they need to use FB. It doesn’t matter to them that FB is part of the misogynistic Tech Industrial ComplexTM. I pointed out that I’ve noticed misogyny, sexism and chauvinism within the comments on the SEP site, and often particularly from females. Perhaps that explains some of this. Many of the SEP cultists (commenters) are quite a backward piece of work while they pretend to be on “the left” or at least some of them do. Others have said, “we’re not on the left” so there seems to be some confusion within the ranks of the SEP on where they fall within the political spectrum. Their 2016 vp candidate supported open borders — as do I — and clearly that did not set well with some of the SEP cultists, and accordingly an argument ensued, which of course accomplished nothing in the end. When I was on their site, most of the commenters — and some of the writers — came off to me as quite the conservatives and very prudish. Nothing genuinely “left” about that. And when their writers are pictured, they’re usually dressed very conservatively (dark-coloured suits and ties; they look very corporate). Nothing remotely rad, even when they’re dressed very casually on the odd occasion. You won’t see any tie-dye on them! Not what I would expect from someone claiming to be on “the left.” Although one of their main writers, according to mi amigo, recently wrote that they are on “the left.” With tech, the SEP support the phone addiction — they have written in their articles “people worldwide now have news instantly at the touch of a finger” (note to SEP: we had “news instantly at the touch of a finger” with the PC which came before these addictive adult pacifiers/phones; so “news instantly at the touch of a finger” is not new and it’s not a new feature with phones) — and the SEP encourage their readers to use both major “social media” sites, particularly FB. They promote them both on their site. Interestingly, when I glance over at people’s adult pacifier screens, they’re not reading news. They’re usually playing waste-of-time games, scrolling through reams of sex profiles and pics or little boxes of text. None of it looks like news.

Julian Assange has said that FB is the biggest data-mining spy machine on the internet along with G**gle. Windows 10 is also a major auto-spy machine. One can read about that at that link. In this article: How F**eb**k’s tentacles reach further than you think, Vladan Joler in Belgrade says that all FB users are effectively working on behalf of the company. That apparently doesn’t bother the hypocrites at the SEP either. Most of this has been explained to the SEP cult members, but because they don’t want to have to change their own behaviour, they shuffle their feet and make lame excuses in the comments for why they must use FB and remain a part of the problem. Again, they claim they have to use FB to promote the SEP articles — as if they are not already online and anyone interested in socialism (or their brand of socialism) — would likely find them through some search engine. G**gle is censoring their site as well as other sites considered on “the left.” Do the sheeple on FB care about the SEP articles? Considering the dismal state of things here in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos, clearly their articles don’t seem to be catching on or having any effect on the masses despite some SEP’s commenters delusions about, “this is the imminent collapse of capitalism” and “an imminent revolution in the US.” Both are delusional wishful-thinking. I would think that most people visiting their site would be turned off by the off-putting comment section. There’s no sense of community there whatsoever and they’re certainly not the warmest bunch of people. Often abrasive. As for an “imminent revolution,” most people in the US couldn’t walk one city block without having to take a cigarette break or without needing a beer, or the desperate need to check their phone every 5-10 seconds, so exactly how is credible revolution about to happen? By my saying that, the SEP would likely accuse me of, “slandering the working class.” They’re big on using that language, as if the working class is above reproach and should never be criticised. Nonsense! I’m just stating the reality rather than wishful-thinking they often like to engage in. No social class is sacrosanct or above-reproach in my opinion, including the working class. I just don’t see the “working class” about to rise up in any major way nationwide to have a legitimate and genuine revolution. The fact is a real revolution would greatly inconvenience the “working class” and that’s why it’s not likely to happen. Someone wrote a comment on the SEP site: “We must organize to counter this” (meaning the censorship by G**gle). The response to that comment: Silencio/silence. See what I mean?

The bottom line: The reason the SEP cultists make excuses for using FB is because they use it themselves and are likely addicted to it — despite it being owned by a billionaire, and in this case they don’t care — and to stop using FB they would have to change their own behaviour. Not. Going. To. Happen. Mi amigo said: It’s obvious that they refuse to change their own behaviour as “good socialists” so that explains the bank of excuses they give for why they must use FB. Therefore, despite their claim of being “socialists” and opposing the billionaire class, they are really serving as accomplices and enablers of FB, being part of the problem and helping a billionaire make more billions. In truth, they only oppose the billionaire class when it doesn’t disturb their own comfort level. Rather than stand for something, such as their supposed but nonexistent convictions in this context. Their hypocrisy is duly noted. And people claim to be anything these days, including “a socialist” and “on the left.” But that doesn’t mean they are. (Look at all the people who claim to be a Christian, and they are Christian frauds. Those hypocrites don’t at all live the teachings of Jesus in their own life.)

I told our group: I don’t think we should worry too much about the SEP. It’s a very small group of people/cultists on their website, the last time I was on there. Mi amigo confirmed it’s still the same. Even though the SEP is international, they are not any major political force at all — even though they live under the illusion they are — especially in the US/Los Estados Unidos. The SEP cultists love to pump themselves up and tell “naysayers” how important they are, and what work they’ve accomplished and what person has gone out and given speeches to whom, and how they’re gaining enormous popularity. Not really. Their political candidates are rarely on anyone’s ballot and they receive so few votes that the SEP website never inform readers as to how many votes they receive, including their presidential and vice presidential candidates. Must have been embarrassingly few. According to their own site, G**gle searches directed only 650 people to their site weekly in 2016. This year due to G**gle censorship of their site and other “left” sites, news.g** has referred only 53 people to their site in the past week (middle of octubre/October 2017), as of this writing.

Mi amigo also said that they rarely talk about Queer-related topics — because that is considered “identity politics” which they oppose — and they only mention Queer-related issues in passing. For those who don’t know anything about the SEP, their #1 theme is class. All the problems in our society are because of social class, according to them, particularly with the cultist commenters. I find that thinking ludicrous. For example, someone’s anti-gay feelings are because of their class? Nonsense. There are people in all social classes who are anti-gay. It has nothing whatsoever to do with class. When I was on their site, I got the distinct impression that most of the people (writers and commenters) are breeders/straight, so therefore that could explain why they don’t care about Queer topics. Some could be closet cases. That’s the way that usually works. In one article recently, mi amigo read a remark which to him came from a place of straight-privilege and he pointed that out in a comment, only to be attacked by the cultists commenters. They don’t like any criticism of their saviour writers on that site whom they seem to see as some type of deity. That speaks to the gushing praise for their writers that one often reads in the comments.

The SEP constantly talk about “the working class” (whom they support) and the “Ruling Class,” — which they oppose, except in the case of “social media” — and of course FB is part of the billionaire “Ruling Capitalist Class,” being well-connected with the US Oligarchy’s Establishment.

As I’ve written previously, one will find misogyny, sexism and chauvinism among the socialists of the SEP variety, especially among their (male) writers and their cultist supporters, and especially with the females surprisingly. This came up again recently when one of their writers referred to members of the US congress as: “congressmen and senators.” I guess they’ve not noticed that there are quite a few women in the US congress and I suspect those women don’t appreciate being called “congressmen.” The language they’ve used is very sloppy language. They should have written representatives (as in House of Representatives) and senators instead of “congressmen,” because senators are also congresspersons. The US Congress is comprised of two bodies: the House and Senate. The way they’ve written it, makes it sound like the senate is not part of the congress. Mi amigo tells me that one commenter has brought this (congressmen) to their attention only to be hated on it for bringing it up by one of their regular/cultist commenters, a female, who rushed to their defence. The majority of people on their site find nothing wrong with it apparently. There have been other examples of this. So it would appear that among the characteristics for being a socialist of their variety are misogyny, sexism and chauvinism. This has been pointed out to some commenters and they didn’t deny it. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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13 comments on “The SEP’s Billionaire-Class Hypocrisy and “Social Media”

  1. Wes in Arlington

    One thing is for sure – they have some really smug and abrasive commenters on that site. Really a turn off.

  2. UK Reader

    Some of their writers have enormous heads, egos. They interviewed an anti-war activist and she referred to the shitty world we’re leaving for our children. The man interviewing her is one of the big honchos for the site said to her, “We’ll change it.” She said, “Well, we’re trying.”

    “We’ll change it?” Meaning we’ll change the world. The world is on the verge of a nuclear war with the international bully the United States attacking North Korea for no reason and this imbecile is talking about we’ll change the world ? Who is this ‘we’ he’s talking about that’s going to change the world? His little group of “socialists” that hardly anybody pays any serious attention to? This is what pink barrio and others refer to as delusions of grandeur.

    These people are really full of themselves. That’s partly why I find them so off-putting, and they don’t have a secure grip on reality.

  3. FedUp!

    From the article, “I pointed out that I’ve noticed misogyny, sexism and chauvinism..”

    Me too. Many times.

    From an article on their site today, “crews that would man bombers…” as opposed to “crews that would occupy bombers.”

    Read a similar thing on their site yesterday having to do with “man.” Forget what it was but it was similar to “what man will do.”

    Yeah, they really sound like they’re on “the left.” Not.

  4. FedUp!

    This article refers to the SEP’s cultists delusional wishful-thinking. If you’d like a good laugh, here a comment on one of their articles today:

    “must ask, how soon does the SEP predict it will “storm the presidency” – or any particular political office? If possible, I would like an update, however rudimentary, on the current status of these ongoing efforts.”

    Some of these people really are nuts. If that isn’t a perfect example of delusional wishful thinking, I don’t know what is. They might get 2-3 people to show up. The ones that are “honored” that San Francisco Resident wrote about, and rather than doing any “storming the presidency” they would be locked up and forgotten about.

    1. Y

      Hilarious. I’ve spent a lot of time on their site and on pink barrio although rarely comment on either site. pb has said “the SEP will never amount to anything.” Spot on. Socialism is not going to take over the U.S. They are a small group who sit around complaining day after day about the political landscape and much of the time waiting for someone else to do something. Their writers go out sometimes and give speeches to small groups of people, sometimes interview a few working class people, but they never lead or are part of any major protests. They have people like that commenter in the UK that is known for writing “keep up the good work guys, upward and onward!!” The resident cheer leaders. While that person sits on their butt in the UK, never writing a testimonial about what they are doing to further their cause. Finally, they never report on their eleection vote tallies.

      The SEP stand in solidarity with Russia and as another commenter mentioned, not a word from them about queer prosecution in that country, and did everyone read the other day where Putin said that the orange man should be respected?

      I think the orange man can get rid of gay marriage through executive order. I think that’s possible considering his previous executive orders. My partner asked me what the gay community would do if he did that. I said they would do what they’re doing now. Nothing. Oh, and phone, apps, sex and parties.

      Thanks for your article.

      1. el barrio rosa Post author

        Hola Y, yes, they’re adamantly pro-Russia according to mi amigo. He said it’s hard to not notice that, and not a word from them about Queer prosecution in Russia. On the topic of G**gle censorship, they included a list in their open letter to G**gle (which obviously backfired on them, because G**gle has intensified the censorship since then) of the sites being censored by G**gle which they described as “on the left” sites. Any other time, the SEP would have called those sites “pseudo-left” (because they are so-called “progressive” sites in support of the corrupt Democratic Party at s-election time). Re your comment about gay marriage, I think the orange nazi can end gay marriage through executive order, if I’m not mistaken. He seems to be able to do anything else with executive order, so why not that? Gracias for your comment.

  5. San Francisco Resident

    You referred to the cultists over there, I know what you mean. Speaking of over the top comments on that site that have stuck in my mind, during the presidential campaign one of the regulars wrote that he would be “honored” to vote for their candidates. I can’t think of a time when I would say that I felt honored to vote for anybody. Another commenter said she had done some work at the CA state level for them and wrote how she was honored to do that. Why are these people so honored to be associated with that political party? It all seems weird to me. When I read the comments over there before I start I always have to tell myself “now brace yourself.” Never have to do that over here. :-)

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola SF Resident, LOL. Well I’m glad you don’t have to brace yourself over here before reading comments. That’s good to hear. I would hope not. I try to keep it that way. But sometimes you never know. Occasionally some asshole/troll might slip through that either I or the spam filter didn’t catch but most of the time I’m able to keep bad people off of here. (And for first time readers, when I say “bad people” I’m not referring to people who disagree with me. I’m referring to people who can’t disagree with me respectfully.) My straight neighbour who comments here occasionally — I’ve encouraged him to do so — complained to me the other day that the last comment he wrote went into the spam filter and didn’t post for awhile. Yes, that happens. I told him I was sorry but I had nothing to do with that. I posted it when I saw it. As for that site, yes, it’s a weird bunch. Honoured to vote for someone? WTF? Sounds like not much going on in their life. Gracias for your comment.

  6. Dan

    You mentioned Am*z*n in your article. This is what is happening there.
    The robots are winning. Warehouse robots are replacing the workers.

  7. D8

    I tried to comment on their site a few times and it took forever and a day for my comments to appear, what’s up with that? I gave up on them. I didn’t say anything nasty. Agree with you about most of the commenters over there. Definitely a cult-like mentality among some of them.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, from what mi amigo tells me, they moderate every single comment on that site. Who has the time for that and what are they afraid of? Are we thin-skinned over there? They even moderate the comments of their devout cultist followers. Loco. Even the commenters that eat their ass on a daily basis and who write gushingly, “brilliant article, absolutely brilliant article.” He says that usually some cultist is writing that and the other cultists profusely thanking them for their articles. It’s all a bit much.

      Awhile back mi amigo wrote a couple of comments and he said it took hours for his comments to show up. He said that some commenters have complained about the “over moderation” of comments although their complaints didn’t do any good. Those commenters said that they prefer to choose what comments to read rather than having a moderator choose for them what they will read. I agree with that. I don’t like that over-moderation stuff at all. And moderators are so often fucked up people/assholes on a power trip. I know from personal experience. He said the moderators on that site can often be assholes, pompous and abrasive. Typical.

      Here on pink barrio, although I read all the comments after they go on, I have it set up for comments to automatically post — although some on occasion fly into the spam filter for some mysterious reason even though they were perfectly fine comments — to make it easy for people to comment, even if they happen to disagree with me (in a friendly way). As usual, gracias to everyone for your comments. Chau.

  8. E in Sunnyvale

    Let’s not forget that the SEP’s biggest mouthpiece, the WSWS, will jump at every opportunity to defend Russia. You know, the same Russia that gave us the orange nazi. The same Russia that has been trying to wipe out its own queer community.

Fin. The End.