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UPDATE (el 22 de noviembre de 2017/22 November 2017): Hola. In keeping with the chauvinistic, misogynistic and sexist mindset of the pseudo-socialists called the SEP, they consistently defend the male accused of (alleged) sexual assault rather than defend the female victim that comes forth. And of course they call this a “witch-hunt” (against guys). They’re now obsessed with this topic as more and more accusations come forth. Quickly searching their site, they’ve called many things a “witch-hunt” in their various article titles. They’re big on using that term as well as “you’re slandering the working class” any time anyone speaks a word of criticism about the working class, as if they think that the working class is sacrosanct and above reproach. I don’t hold that view. No one is above criticism or above reproach regardless of class. It just occurred to me that the term “witch-hunt” is sexist. I looked it up. This article explains that the term “witch-hunt” is indeed sexist, so it’s most fitting with their engrained sexism at the SEP that they would consistently use that term. This was pointed out to them as well as their sexist language they enjoy using, but that was met with the usual hateful rants using the “Attack the Messenger” (the commenter) routine and Denial. They’re not about to change their chauvinistic, misogynistic and sexist way of thinking. It’s engrained in them. And the abrasive-as-sandpaper female boot licker commenters of the SEP are among the first to rush and defend their messiah SEP writers who write these articles defending chauvinistic, misogynistic and sexist alleged behaviour. I was reminded that one will also find this language in their articles: “congressMAN/congressMEN” (even when referring to females) and “MANkind” as two examples. When the US Episcopal Church revised their Book of Common Prayer back in the 1980s, they changed “mankind” to “humankind” to make it gender-neutral and made other gender-neutral language changes as well to reflect the changing times. Unlike the sexist SEP ignoramuses, the Anglicans/Episcopalians in the US understood the difference between “mankind” and “humankind,” but these basura known as “socialist” are so blinded by their generational-sexism that they refuse to change, and never will, no matter how many times their chauvinistic, misogynistic and sexist mentality is shoved in their faces. They’re quite a piece of work. I can’t stand them which is why I no longer go to their site. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 6 de julio de 2017/6 July 2017): Hola. A reader alerted me to more hypocrisy from the SEP. Two regular commenters on their site were essentially promoting two billionaire-owned car companies (Tes*a and Üb*r). The SEP and their supporters claim to oppose the Billionaire Class except in the case of the tech dooshes and the billionaire-owned so-called “ride/share” companies. Their continued hypocrisy is duly noted. The reader told me that he wrote two short polite comments on their site about this indirectly referring to their hypocrisy, but neither comment was posted. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 3 de junio de 2017/3 June 2017): Hola. I thought readers might be interested in this article: The Hypocrisy: The SEP’s cheerleading for the Billionaire Tech Industry. The SEP claims to favour the working class and oppose The Billionaire ClassTM. That is, unless it’s the billionaire-class-owned predatory and data-mining Tech Industrial Complex. Then they gush over The Billionaire ClassTM and even promote it on their site. They’ve started uploading their videos to data-mining F***book, which a recent article from the BBC wrote, “Vladan Joler says that all F***book users are effectively working on behalf of the company.” Apparently that does not at all bother the hypocrites at the SEP. Their hypocrisy is duly noted. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 25 de noviembre de 2016/25 November 2016): Hola. Since the s-election of Donald Trump to be el presidente of The Cesspool/the US, the comment section on the wsws has been mostly unreadable. Mi amigo/My friend who occasionally monitors their site urged me to go over there and check it out. I asked him, “Why?” I try to avoid gastritis, so I was hesitant to take his suggestion. I went over there for a brief period. My visit was long enough to see what a bunch of dysfunctional basura are over there, and it reinforced for me once again why I no longer can stand that site. Some things I noticed: They are still rabidly hateful of Dra Jill Stein. They detest her and anything she does (such as raising millions for a recount in four US states). Their SEP hasn’t done that! I don’t really think about Dra Stein that often but they seem obsessed with her. They seem to think about Jill more than they think about their own candidates. I suspect it may be a case of immature jealousy on their part since she got more votes than any of their candidates did and she is out there doing things. Which brings me to this: The SEP has yet to reveal to their readers how many votes their candidates received and I suspect that’s because they are embarrassed by the negligible amount of support they received. This topic came up again: The abbreviation for the United States is two letters: “US.” Isn’t “US” a lot easier to type than “America?” I know it is for me. And I don’t use the word “America” except in a certain context. Their writers and cult members insist on calling The United States OF America “America.” One of their cult members screamed (in all caps): “This is AMERICA.” Well no, this is the United States OF America. America/América is the entire hemisphere, idiot. And many Latinos/Hispanos throughout the hemisphere called América resent the US trying to own and dominate the word “America” because Latinos/Hispanos live in América too whether they live in the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba or in Canada as a few examples. (Related: The US is not America.“) Then that commenter proceeded to go on about the supposed democracy that we have in The Cesspool/The US. Ludicrous. What I found on my time over there was just bickering and arguing. Also, one commenter was going on about “liberal bastions” in the US and referred to San Francisco and Berkeley. I wouldn’t call the City of Berkeley “liberal” now. Berkeley has become more like San Francisco in the past years. And San Francisco is now a very conservative City. It has become a Baby Factory with fleets of baby strollers. I know because I live here. The San Francisco that commenter was referring to is long gone. I have previously written reams about how San Francisco has changed so there’s no need to repeat all that here. But that commenter was repeating outdated/old information. San Francisco used to be a “liberal bastion” or a more genuinely progressive city, but it ain’t now I can assure you that. Even some of the SEP cult members who claim to live here refuse to educate the other Cult members about this. Unfortunately, this sanitised and lobotomised City of San Francisco is nothing like it was during the “proudly radical and alternative” San Francisco days. It has been raped by the billionaire-class tech industry and much of the Old City has been forced out. This City today is a playground for the super-wealthy with many anti-homeless laws on the books, one of those laws recently passed (a law banning homeless tents on the sidewalks and a gay conservative prude campaigned on that law…pendejo). A genuinely liberal city would not have anti-homeless laws. A genuinely liberal city would also not have a city-wide nudity ban. What’s left of the gay community — that hasn’t been forced out — is very conservative. As some locals say today, “the only way to see the Gay Mecca is through a rear view mirror…because it’s gone.” The Gay Mecca has been replaced with a “Straight” Mecca. So for anyone to refer to San Francisco as a “liberal bastion” they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about and I’m tired of people putting out old information with such authority. They need to update their information. It’s disinformation or “fake news.” In conclusion, for one’s sanity, it’s best to avoid the SEP website altogether, unless one likes hanging out with a bunch of dysfunctional assholes who behave like self-appointed authorities on all topics and who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than to sit around arguing with each other and trying to score points. Based on the state of things today, their SEP party of pseudo-socialists will never amount to anything despite the SEP Cult members’ delusions to the contrary. And finally, considering their site is read internationally — meaning throughout el mundo/the world — one would think they would refer to “international workers.” But the language their writers consistently use is the outdated and pejorative language “foreign workers.” (Related: It’s not called Trump Foreign Golf Club? Forget the SEP! What useless people. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola a todos. As much as they obsess over, fixate over, whinge and moan about, and write about — what they call — the “pseudo-left,” I have to assume that the SEP/wsws and “the Church of the SEP” (my description) are pseudo-right socialists. I’ve come to the point where I’m just so turned off by their site. Can’t stand them really. Didn’t feel this way about them in the distant past. But I think that’s because during this 2016 presidential campaign season, they have more than shown themselves for who they are. So if I do go to their site, I’ve come to know what to expect from them.

This article is about the Socialist Equality Party Cult, which does not include Jerry White and Niles Niemuth, the SEP’s presidential and vice presidential candidates for 2016 in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. For those interested in taking part in the complete corruption of the 2016 US presidential (s)election en noviembre/in November and who would like to avoid the two septic candidates of the 1% offered by the US Oligarchy, you could instead vote for Jerry and Niles of the SEP if you’d like. They both have a conscious, unlike the D and R trash offered up by The Cesspool’s Oligarchy. From what I know about Jerry and Niles, they are both excellent candidates and they haven’t turned me off, at least not yet.

But the SEP disciples (the commenters on their site), jesus! Ugh. What a bunch of fucking assholes they are. Where did these septic people come from?! The SEP followers/disciples can most accurately be described as the SEP Cult because, well, they act like cultist. And there’s nothing that could be described as friendly about them. There’s no sense of community with them, and one commenter told them that the other day. Good. That needed to be said. The response he got for saying that caused him to write to the snarly-assed person who responded, “Thanks for making my point for me.” Indeed. What smug and arrogant people some of the SEP Cultists are. Some of whom come off as if they think they are superior to others merely because they wear the “Marxist” or “Communist” or “Comrade” or “Trotsky” labels. Fortunately, that’s not at all how Jerry and Niles are. They seem like very good people. Niles could work on his sexism and refer to the corporate basura in congress as “congresspeople” or “congresspersons” or “members of congress” instead of the language he uses which is “congressmen.” I suspect representative Nancy Pelosi and senator Dianne Feinstein would not appreciate being referred to as men.

The SEP Cult remind me of fundamentalist christians, and I can’t stand fundamentalist christians. The SEP Cult criticised the Bernie-bots — so did I — for their rabid support of Bernie Sanders. Well, the SEP disciples fail to see their own hypocrisy because they are just as rabid and partisan about their Socialist Equality Party and candidates. Some of them go on about how they will be honoured and proud to vote for Jerry and Niles. Proud and honoured? WTF? Jerry and Niles are very good people, from what I know about them, but I wouldn’t feel “proud” or “honoured” to vote for them or anybody else for that matter. I don’t get those type of “evangelical”/cultist feelings about voting for somebody. I think cultist get those type of feelings.

With the SEP cultists, if anyone says a word of criticism about anything having to do with the SEP, WATCH OUT! The claws and venom come out. The SEP cultist assholes come rushing out to defend their party, their writers whom they seem to see as gods and are often gushed over by fellow cultists, and the candidates of the SEP. They get extremely defensive of any criticism of the SEP. These cultists are very thin-skinned people. As self-appointed authorities, they enjoy making judgments about other commenters whom they know nothing about other than what the commenter has revealed about him/herself. For example, the self-appointed authority cultists judge/determine whether someone is a true person of the left — although they use the sexist language “man of the left” — or a true socialist or not. The cultists are obsessed with labels (Marxist, Communist, Trotskyist, “pseudo-left” and others. The same goes for some of their writers. And everything is about class with them.

They have this mentality that the working class is not stupid. Such as this recent comment:

“People are not stupid. They just can’t get over themselves.”

Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean! Apparently these cultist assholes have been most fortunate to not come across some of the stupid people of all classes that I have during my lifetime. And to say that based on one’s income bracket (i.e. working class) and solely based on that, that a person cannot be stupid is just nonsense. Who came up with this caca? One’s income bracket (specifically working class) doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how intelligent or stupid a person is. And to make a broad generalisation about an entire group of people (the working class) based on their income level and to say that they can’t be stupid is ludicrous. But if a person is of the working class, the SEP automatically defend them. Also according to the SEP, the working class cannot be anti-ethnic/racist. That doesn’t agree with my experience. I grew up in a working class white neighbourhood and most people that I knew were anti-ethnic (either covertly or overtly) against non-white working class people. And being anti-ethnic was engrained in them. But the SEP cultists say that most white people are not anti-ethnic/racist. That it’s all about class.

Then there are the cult members who must begin every comment with a gushing thank you to eat ass of their “comrade” SEP writer. Here’s an example: “Thank you [name of writer} for this intelligent lesson” or “Thank you comrade for this valuable story.” Or this one “Thank you [name of writer], for this careful socialist analysis and latest report on the pending death of capitalism. It is as though financial parasitism has finally mutated into a malignant financial cancer, making it too late for the surgeon and time to call in ‘the grave diggers’.” The pending death of capitalism? What drugs are you on? Sigh. I don’t read that cult-like ass-eating shit on any other site I go on, and it’s not necessary. The writers are just doing their job. An occasional thank you can be nice, but not this perfunctory “thank you comrade” every fucking day like these SEP cult idiots do. And then there are the cultists who thumbs-up that gushing praise. There’s another SEP cult member from the UK that spams the comment section every day with gushing praise such as, “Brilliant article, absolutely brilliant, comrade.” Apparently not much going on in that person’s life. Then there’s that abrasive la perra with her glasses hanging off her face that has to write little one-liners and/or lecture others and occasionally troll other commenters with some type of flippant put-down. Oh fuck off la perra. I can’t stand her. She’s a fucking piece of work. Basura. I won’t have it! It’s as if she lives under the illusion that she alone is the SEP’s public relations spokesperson and an authority on all matters. Someone had to correct her the other day because in her lecture to someone she had the wrong state where one of their SEP candidates was running for office. The same asshole felt the need to go off on another commenter who made a good point of saying that if we were living in as desperate times as one of the SEP’s articles implied that the working class wouldn’t be able to buy and be addicted to the latest tech gadget, which is true. So the omnipotent asshole used the standard cultist script of accusing that commenter of “slandering the working class.” Oh here we go with that again! That’s a common theme on there — they love to rattle on about “slandering the working class” — when anyone questions the behaviour of the (what is seen as) Sacrosanct “working class.” So Ms Asshole went on to say: “Do you not realize that one cannot look for work or work from home without a computer?” Well abrasive la perra, that doesn’t mean one has to own one if one cannot afford one. There are places especially in major cities where one can look for a job online by renting time on a computer or go to a public library and that can be much cheaper — depending how often one does it — than one’s own internet connection and all that’s connected with that. If one is looking for a job, using a PC online at a public library is free. It’s not as convenient as using one’s smartphone stupidphone or having a PC at home, but if one is really tight for dinero/money those other options can be cheaper. And of course the moderator(s) of their comment section — who “moderate” every single comment before it’s allowed to be posted so sometimes it can take hours for a post to appear — protect their cultists (who probably donate to their site which buys them unconditional access for commenting) are free to say whatever they want often regurgitating the SEP Dogma ScriptTM, but if someone tries to respond to them in a critical manner, that comment will not be posted.

What about the Billionaire Class?

The SEP oppose the Billionaire Class EXCEPT when it comes to tech. They adore tech and smartphones stupidphones. Although I haven’t heard Jerry or Niles say anything about this in their videos. The SEP cultists and at least one of their writers say that the working class cannot be described as stupid because the working class can operate smartphones stupidphones. LOL. So that’s how you determine whether someone is stupid or not? Sigh. One SEP writer and some of the cultists were praising the invention of stupidphones recently because as they said, “they have brought people closer together.” Many people say just the opposite, because what is “social” about isolating oneself and being hunched over and typing with one’s thumbs on a tiny little keyboard to somebody? They also said that stupidphones have brought “news to people’s fingertips.” PCs served that purpose and they came before stupidphones so in that sense there was no need for stupidphones. But that’s what one of their writers said in a comment. And of course the cultists all piled on in gushing praise and support of him for saying that. “What an excellent response, comrade” was one of the responses. The SEP oppose gentrification of cities BUT then they promote tech — and they have billionaire-owned tech company icons all over their site (hypocrisy!) — and tech is directly responsible for much of the gentrification problems in cities such as Tech Zombie San Francisco. Why do they have billionaire-owned tech company icons all over their site when they claim to oppose the Billionaire Class?

They are also obsessed with the words “America(n)”. One commenter apologised the other day to Latino readers who may be offended by the use of the word “American” as if USans think they own the words “America” and “American” (which I’ve written about before). The commenter made it clear that s/he wasn’t using the word “American” but rather it was being used by the person s/he was quoting. I was surprised to see that apology in the comments there because that was the first time on that site that I’ve seen anyone at all being respectful and sensitive or even aware to Latinos about using the word “America” and “American.” Because both words are used all the time in the SEP articles and in the comments on that site — much more frequently than the easier to type “US” — and the SEP don’t seem to give a fuck who they offend by using “America(n)” even though they have international readers, including from throughout the continent called America.

Sexism And Ageism Are Common Especially Among The Cultists, Even Among The Females:

Here’s one example from one of the regular cultist commenters:

“Mankind by his ingenuity has created a world that only his revolutionary ingenuity can save him from the abyss to which at present he stares into.” So there are no women in this person’s world? Otherwise they would have begin with the word “Humankind through ingenuity has created a world…” It reminds me of how some of the SEP writers refer to “congressmen” which I would suspect would annoy the many women in the House and Senate.

Also, if someone points out the sexism and ageism among the cultists and their writers, they most often ignore it or excuse it. They are quite comfortable with their sexism and ageism, which speaks very poorly of the SEP, and I find it despicable. In the past, some of the females have been the first to rush to defend their sexism responding in the most pretentious, nose-in-the-air, snooty, elitist manner and ultimately in denial of their sexism. I read the one and only comment in response to a recent sexism claim which I’m including here written by a female (of all people!):

It’s just historical and cultural. It’s a fossil from the past of shameless patriarchy. [Editorial: And that makes it right?] When even the most brilliant thinkers and writers would succumb to the gender-specific terms, even when they literally meant all human beings. [Editorial: And how do you know what they meant since it stems from a period of male-dominated sexism?]

I highly doubt that [name removed] is sexist, or means to be in this or any other instance. [Editorial: How would you know what that person meant? Why are you rushing to defend that person...because they are one of the regular cultists who is eating the upper colon of their "god" writers on a daily basis on that site with their perfunctory and gushing "brilliant article, comrade?" In reality, you know no more about that person than I do.] His/her comment is insightful and poetic, [Editorial: Yes, I always find sexism poetic] and your obsessive quibbling is a distraction to the issues raised by the article, and the thoughts provoked by their comment. [Editorial: Oh, Fuck off, basura!]

After I read that excuse-making for sexism by a female and the elitist and bougi way it’s written, I said to my screen with my nose in the air: Well excuse me, Bougi Dahling. Yet these assholes pretend to be “working class.” From my experience, I’ve not known any working class people who talked like that. They talked in more plain language rather than bougi and pretentious, nose-in-the-air style. I swear, I can’t stand these people. I’ve been on many message forums and comment sections over the years and some of them have a “community” feel to them and a rapport among people. That’s not at all the case with the SEP. These pseudo-socialists are the coldest bunch of assholes I’ve encountered on any website. Why would anyone want anything to do with them? Their site writes some good articles on occasion, but the baggage that comes along with it, I think it’s best to find that information elsewhere.

The strange thing about that site is that most of the commenters don’t “match” Jerry or Niles and their style, for example, from what I know about Jerry and Niles. Jerry and Niles don’t come off to me at all like these pretentious, lecturing, formal, asshole cultists. Jerry and Niles are just the opposite of them and they come across to me as very warm and caring people. One commenter recently described the cultist Marxists as “angry.” Yes, I can relate to what that commenter is saying. They’re certainly not a friendly bunch. They are really rather sterile and cold, and there is absolutely no sense of community there. One might be wondering how large is this obnoxious cult? It’s about 20 people going by screen names and who thumbs-ups other cult member’s comments. It’s not a large group at all; just a very annoying group, or they can be. Jerry and Niles seem very easy to talk with from observing them in their videos. They’re very laid back and informal and knowledgeable and they actively listen to the people of the working class that they interview. One of the cultist accused Jerry of “being too old to lead street fights.” My response: Your ageism is duly noted. Are you also sexist like many other SEP cultist? WTF does Jerry’s age have to do with anything? (These SEP cultist assholes have so many outdated hang-ups and issues). And to me, Jerry and Niles look quite capable of leading whatever they choose to lead.

So why do they have these (asshole) cultist followers who seem so different as people than Jerry and Niles? I would have no interest in talking with most of their commenters in person from what I know about them. They’re too damn irritating/sometimes troll-like in their comments so I certainly wouldn’t have any interest in talking with them in person. That’s what I mean by their commenters don’t “match” the site and/or what I know about Jerry and Niles, or Andre Damon, for example, another one of their writers. Many of their writers I like. I just don’t care for the ones that cheer-lead for billionaire tech companies and techies and have tech icons on their site while hypocritically out of the other side of their mouth they oppose the billionaire class, which includes billionaire tech — and they fail to see their hypocrisy in that regard — and they wear these blinders and have these blind spots and gaping holes in their thinking as I’ve written about previously. Mi amigo/My friend said that it reminds him of some videos that he watches. The video will be on the far Left but the commenters are not far Left at all. They don’t “match” the video content. He said, “you would think that a far Left video would have far Left commenters, no? That’s what he means by not “matching.” No, I wouldn’t necessarily think they would match. Not from my experience. The (often willfully-ignorant) conservatives mostly dominate comment sections it seems. And that’s what I get with the SEP commenters — regardless of what they call themselves — and that’s why I say they don’t “match” most of the writers. Chau.— el barrio rosa

UPDATE: A reader e-mailed me regarding the routine sexism on the World Socialist Website. One of their regularly sexist writers in early October 2016 wrote about two magazines who had made editorial political endorsements. The SEP writer referred to “these wise editorial men…” Well, one of the magazines has a woman editor and the other has a man editor. They didn’t bother to check that. They chose to wallow in their sexism. The SEP site has written extensively about the magazine with the female editor in the past. It’s odd they don’t remember that. And of course if anyone had challenged this in their comment section, the comment would not have been posted OR the sexist SEP Cult would have come out of the woodwork and down on the commenter and defended the sexism, as per usual. With the overall age demographics of most of their readers — which I strongly sense most were born either before or during WWII — sexism is just part of who they are as people, and they see nothing wrong with it, and they defend it. I’ve seen that repeatedly. I appreciate the reader who e-mailed me. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (11.05.16): A reader sent me this from over at the SEP site/wsws. On one of their articles, one of the SEP Cult members dragged out the Hate On Jill Stein CardTM for the umpteenth time. Yes, they do so love to hate on her. The SEP Cult member wrote this referring to the s-election here in The Cesspool/The US on Martes/Tuesday (11.08.16):

“And yet the opportunistic Jill Stein and the Greens still don’t have a chance of winning.”

Well, the same can be said about the SEP candidates, Jerry and Niles. They don’t have a chance of winning either, or do you not understand that? And there’s more hypocrisy in their statement. That’s because the wsws website has repeatedly lectured readers that when it comes to the SEP candidates it’s not about “winning.” They don’t expect their candidates Jerry and Niles to win. That it’s about organising a global socialist movement. Okay. So if it’s not about “winning” for your own SEP candidates, why must it be about “winning” when it comes to Dr Jill Stein, SEP Cultist assholes? Or do you not know your own party’s position on that? And the wsws has said that the election process here in the US is thoroughly corrupt and illegitimate. Several readers then asked the SEP: Why are you taking part in a system you know to be corrupt and illegitimate by putting Jerry and Niles et al out there as your candidates? I asked the same question. The answer given was: to “give the SEP candidates exposure.” How Lame. Why give them “exposure” in a corrupt and illegitimate system? Why would you want anything to do with a corrupt and illegitimate system? It would appear that some of these SEP Cultists are bereft of any critical thinking skills when it applies to their party. Los Pendejos. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The SEP’s Billionaire-Class Hypocrisy and “Social Media”

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  1. strangetimes

    re the cultist group –

    i think i saw the one you wrote about. i clicked on his commenting profile and he has around 591 comments and as far as i went scrolling down through his history of comments all except 1 began with thanking the writer or commenter he was responding to. soooooooooo monotonous and predictable.

    in keeping with that i guess i should say to pink barrio –

    thank you for this informative and cogent article COMRADE and thank you for allowing me to comment COMRADE. thank you for being here COMRADE. thank you for blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah COMRADE.


  2. D8

    You should have written this as a comment on their site. They need to read this about themselves, not that it would change anthing,

    1. D8

      Forgot what I was about to say….you should have seen them last week saying how they were vindicated becuase of what the SEP had said for months about Bernie Sanders. They were beating their chest saying how they had been right all along about Sanders as if nobody else was saying the same thing about Sanders. the cult members did their usual all pile-on support. From the beginning you said the same thing they said about Sanders but you haven’t been beating your chest and saying anything about how right you were and how you’ve been vindicated.

    2. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8, they would never allow that on their site — and no comment automatically goes on their site; each comment is manually “moderated” which I think is a bit much (what are they afraid of?) — and I would be ripped to shreds for saying it. No, that’s why I wrote it here on mi diario/my diary knowing it would be published since I’m the one that posts it. When mi amigo and I were commenting on their site, both of us had many comments that never made it on, no matter how tame it was written, yet their cult members live under the illusion that all comments are posted. That’s not the case at all. Some of our comments vanished. That’s why I chose to write 2-3 articles about them here previously. This “comment”/article will get more coverage here than it would as a comment on their site because search engines can pick up this article and people can read it over time here. If I wrote it as comment there, the comment would just get lost and buried and essentially a waste of my time. Gracias. Chau.

      1. Diego

        One of the cultists wrote this in response to another commenter:

        “I don’t know why this person systematically comments on WSWS articles, looking only to fault the analyses.”

        Following up on what a previous commenter here wrote, I stole your material pink barrio and wrote the following comment in response to see if they’d publish it on the SEP site:

        “From experience, I learned long ago that one is not supposed to do that (fault the analyses) on here (wsws). Period. Just like fundamentalist christians, the Marxist cultists on here (wsws) do indeed expect and demand lockstep agreement with the writers — whom they see as gods — so they can begin their comments with the perfunctory and gushing “thank you comrade [insert name of writer] for this valuable lesson.” One sees that daily on here. Will this comment be allowed on here (wsws)? I’ve written others in the past that never made it on.”

        No, never made it on.

Fin. The End.