The “Yellow Vest” Protesters “burned the City down?”

Hola a todos. Have you been following the “Yellow Vest” Movement (YVM) in France? They call themselves the “Gilets Jaunes,” or yellow vests, in French. I suspect most USians have never heard of it when the truth be told, and many USians probably don’t even know where France is quite frankly. “What’s France?” Clue: It’s part of the EU which stands for European Union. You know, the group of countries — 28 member states — that Great Britain is trying to leave with PM Theresa May’s Brexit disaster, or have most USians not heard about that either? Note to international readers: I’m sorry to say that being stupid is a fad here in the US, which you may already know considering the current orange despot resident in the White House who, as just one example, doesn’t know the difference between “border” and “boarder.” (sigh, roll eyes) Listening to many San Francisco Millennial residents talk (if one can stand to), the only word in their vocabulary is the shallow Valley-girl word, “like” which they say as often as possible.

Launch of Xmas Lights on the Champs Elysees with Karl Lagerfeld

The holiday lights on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  Dominique Maitre

I read a comment on a message forum saying that the Yellow Vest Movement had “burned the City down.” No, no one has burned Paris down. My, some people exaggerate don’t they? Some protesters of the YVM — or were they people who put on a yellow vest in order to infiltrate the leaderless YVMovement? — burned some things on the wealthy Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Some protesters broke shop windows, burned some cars — but that’s not “the City” since the City of Paris is still fully alive, intact and pretty much looks the way it did before the protests — and some protesters spray painted messages to French president Emmanuel Macron on Arc De Triomphe. The YVM protested in other cities throughout France. A total of 100,000 protesters — if I remember correctly — throughout France in the cold rain. It’s not easy to get USians to protest in clear blue skies, much less cold and foggy rain on consecutive weekends. But these YVM protesters don’t mess around if they get pissed off. Right-on!

Someone asked if a Yellow Vest type movement would start in the US? Well, I certainly wouldn’t bet on it. If one were to start here, I don’t think it would be like the one in France because our protesters are too “polite” and orderly boot lickers, and frankly fucking lame compared to the YVM protesters. Our protesters go along with the protocol by asking permission from The Establishment to protest. Well, if one has to ask permission to protest then it’s not a protest. It’s a state-sanctioned farce/charade. And if a YVM did start here in The Cesspool/the US — highly unlikely — it would be crushed by the goons/nazis called police thugs. To my knowledge, the YVM in France does not ask permission of anybody to protest. They just do it! They have been announcing when they will be protesting. And despite the violence of the YVM, the French public still strongly support them. That would not be the case here in the violence-loving US. The public in the US are such conformist wet doilies that they become boot lickers for The Establishment at the first sight of any violence from protesters. That’s when the strong hate for protesters begins. A rather curious response since any other time the public can’t get enough violence here in this violence-loving country. The thing is, they love violence except when it involves protesters protesting some injustice. Can you imagine how the US public would have reacted at seeing the violence of the revolution that began the US? Mi amigo/My friend was saying: The corporate media hardly give any time or attention to peaceful protests, they’re just a blip on a newscast. If you blink you’d miss the story. But they will spend their entire newscast with their reporters on the streets on a protest containing some violence and will usually talk about the reasons the protesters are protesting to inform the public on issues of social injustice. Yes, that’s true. Also, as some French citizens have said: “Our police are professionals. The police in the US are thugs.” The closest we had to the YVM was the Occupy Movement and the Obama regime gave the cops the licence to crack their skulls, so that was the end of them. I’ve seen what the vigilant protesters of the Yellow Vest Movement have done and, no, you’d never see that in the US, nor that vigilance. People in the US are too distracted by and addicted to their phones. I see very few people on a phone in the YVM. In the US, most people couldn’t care less. The French government — well specifically it was the Interior Minister said that the YVM had “created a monster.” No, you’re not going to lay that on the Yellow Vest Movement. It’s the Macron government that has “created a monster” by his being a president for the wealthy, which is the way most of the French population see Macron which is part of what the YVM is protesting against. Glad to see it. I think the #1 theme of the Yellow Vest Movement is the widening disparity between the rich and the poor in France. The catalyst for the Movement from my understanding was the 30 cent fuel hike which was not for the rich. And because the poor were stuck eating the fuel tax, it doesn’t bother the wealthy at all. Macron is of the wealthy. And most people in Paris don’t drive vehicles. They ride the elaborate Paris métro. As of this writing, this is the fourth consecutive week(end) of YVM protests. Some analysts are saying that if the Movement continues that it could very well lead to a major revolution in France, as they have seen in their history, including the French Revolution.

It was mostly the third weekend (last weekend) where the violence occurred on the Champs-Élysées and the spray-painting of messages to Macron on the Arc De Triomphe and with tear-gassing of protesters.

On the fourth weekend of protests (8 décembre 2018): The shops on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées were closed as well as department stores throughout Paris, monuments, major museums, the Eiffel Tower and some 200-plus métro stations (the Paris métro has 245 stations). And four international embassies urged their citizens to avoid the French capital on the fourth weekend. The fourth weekend was the biggest clamp-down on the protesters. As of this writing, I think the YVM is spreading to Brussels (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Nederlands).

Of course we have very similar situations here in the US with the widening gap between the rich and poor, especially here in the Tech Capital of San Francisco. But again, it would disturb the comfort level of most USians if they had to actually do something like the vigilant protests of the Yellow Vest Movement are currently engaged in. And from what I’ve seen, most of the Yellow Vest protesters are rather lean and slender. Not overweight blimps like most USians who couldn’t walk one city block — much less run anywhere — without taking a smoking and or phone break. Pathetic really.

Now on another topic about the holiday lights: I included a picture of their holiday lights on the Champs-Élysées up the page because they’re very pretty and nicely done, despite the commercial reason it was done. The red lights were chosen to match a Chanel fragrance campaign. Here in San Francisco’s Castro barrio/neighbourhood, the best they can do here is to wrap boring, drab, ubiquitous clear lights — some people call them “white” light — around part of the trunk of trees. The lights are about 2 feet in length up the trunk of trees. Don’t put yourselves out by trying to be the least bit imaginative or creative you useless conservative Castro Merchants here in San Francisco. And their Holiday Shopping Tree at Castro/18th Street is the usual drab, boring, dull, with all clear lights (the merchants — or is it that conservative hardware store that’s responsible for this? — apparently hate colour and or are colour-phobic). Why does The Holiday Shopping Tree always look the same? No imagination whatsoever. The holiday lights in Paris looks so much better, as do many other things. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: The orange despot — who lives under the illusion that he’s an authority on all matters but knows nothing about anything it seems and who just makes up anything — stuck his nose in French politics and said that there were protests all over France because of the Paris Climate Accord [Source]. Wrong again. In reality, the YVM has nothing to do with climate change or the Paris Climate Accord. So the French International Minister told the orange despot to stop meddling in French politics, and that Macron had told him the same thing. (That’s hard to believe considering what I’ve seen of Macron’s behaviour towards the orange despot and their earlier “bromance” where they looked like they needed to get a room somewhere with all the touching, hugging and kissing they were doing. It was embarrassing, as if Macron felt he needed to eat the orange despot’s ass.) The narcissistic orange despot also said that the protesters were chanting, “We want Tr*mp.” Oh good lord, this child in an adult body knows no limits. No, the YMV protesters did not chant, “We want Tr*mp” and I’ve seen no protest signs of the few signs there have been written in English. They’ve all been in French, as one would expect them to be in France. The French International Minister said that the YVM protesters were not protesting in English so he couldn’t have heard “We want Tr*mp.” You know, this piece of narcissistic trash en la casa blanca just says anything. Also and not surprisingly, the orange despot used the outdated and pejorative language, “third world countries” (the right-wing love that language), rather than saying “poorer countries.” But if there is one “third world country” on the Earth, it’s most assuredly the backwards Cesspool known as the US. And if one is asking: What’s wrong with saying “third world countries?” Well, other than being language from the Cold War Era, por favor/please click on the link up above and that will answer your question.


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