There is no Gay Agenda

The only “special rights” (to use the language of the far-right) that we Queers demand are the same “special rights” that come with straight privilege. Understand?

Hola a todos. Because of some recent actions by a corporate coffee chain (which I’ll get to in a moment), accusations of “the gay agenda” surfaced again. There is no “gay agenda” and there never has been. All Queers have ever wanted/demanded are the same “special rights” that breeders enjoy and take for granted with their straight privilege. “The Gay Agenda” is merely anti-Queer propaganda from the prejudiced far-right bigots, many of whom are Queer closet cases themselves such as some anti-Queer (Republicano) politicians who are forced to resign after being caught in their office having sex with another guy. That’s so typical of gay closet case hypocrites.

These days, some Queers continue to want to have the same equal rights as the breeders, which of course we don’t have, while other Queers couldn’t care less one way or the other it seems. They’re too occupied with their adult pacifiers (their phone, which is their entire life) and they stare at the thing day and night, even while crossing busy streets. Insanity. Maybe they would wake up from their stupor and be concerned about things that really matter in life when their phone — the biggest distraction and mind-controlling device known to humankind — is taken away from them. But that’s not about to happen. Because their phone is their monitoring device, their electronic leash used by corporations and government entities for keeping track of them and their mind, in part, through extensive data-mining (especially on billionaire-owned “social media” FB), the massive surveillance state and online spying. But enough about this since most people don’t seem to care about any of it.

Speaking of agendas, from what I and other Queers have seen, I think it’s accurate to say that these days there is an agenda within the Queer community for Queers to be as heteronormative as possible. This is especially true for the conformist, pro-Establishment, pro-Oligarchy and corporatist wealthy Queers. It’s part of that “assimilating” quest/nonsense. “Assimilating with the straights/breeders” as it’s called. Unfortunately, but as expected, “assimilation” has resulted in many gay guys going back in the closet as they try to fit in with the (anti-gay in some cases) breeders as a minority (with some gay guys marrying females after they worked decades for gay marriage. Please don’t try to figure that out! And most gay guys trying to “look and act straight.” Very closeted. The opposite of “Out and Proud” of the Gay Mecca decades. Consequently, these days I and other Queers can’t tell who is Queer and who is a breeder, which was not at all the way it was during the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?).

If we Queers had the same rights and respect in society as the breeders with their straight privilege and all the “special rights” they have, the Starb**ks 2017 holiday drinking cup featuring the hands of a lesbian couple would be no big deal. I was sorry to see Starb**ks take the “safe route” with the lesbian couple holding hands. Lesbians are considered a little “more acceptable” and less offensive to the prejudiced breeders than gay male couples. Seeing two girls hold hands is more acceptable to the breeders than two guys holding hands. If two children (girls) hold hands, no one thinks anything of that. “Aren’t they cute?!” is often the remark made about the two girls. But if two boys hold hands? That’s the end of the world! SCREAMS! Watch out for an instant scolding which begins with, “YOU BOYS STOP THAT NOW! BOYS DON’T HOLD HANDS.” What a fucked-up, double-standard society we live in. The boys are probably asking each other, “Why can’t we hold hands? The girls are. What’s the difference?” Los Chicos/Boys: as you’ll learn later dears, we live in a very unfair and fucked up society. As far as lesbians being a little more acceptable to the breeders, that’s also one reason from my research why the letter “L” was moved to first place in that ridiculous alphabet-soup “LGBT(Q)” acronym that one sees saturated all over the internet. Even though lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and therefore they don’t deserve first place or “top billing.” Gay guys were the dominant group leading the movement. Before Stonewall, gay guys and transgender people really started — what would later become known as — the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement through two overnight riots at donut shops, one in San Francisco and the other in Los Ángeles.

The LGBTQIA+community? When is this nonsense going to stop?

As mi amigo/my friend said: Breeders don’t have all of these alphabet-soup letters to identify them. They’re just called “straight” or breeders. Just like Queers should be called Queers. Is that so difficult? Stop with this ridiculous and increasing-long string of letters that the corporatist conformists among us insist on using. (Related: So now it’s the LGBTQIA+community ? jesus fucking christ).

Didn’t I fleetingly see two females in a bed on The Q (the major shopping network) the other night as part of the promotion for a product they were selling? I remember saying to the television: Of course they wouldn’t dream of showing two guys in that bed sitting side-by-side. Hell no! Can you imagine the calls of disapproval from viewers they would receive for that? And again, that’s because lesbians are considered a bit “more acceptable” to the breeders. You see, it’s ultimately important that one cater to the comfort level and prejudices of breeders whenever possible. (Sarcasm intended).

There’s no gay agenda but there most assuredly is a Breeder Agenda. Just look around.

The prejudiced anti-Queer bigots never talk about the real agenda in our society which is the Breeder Agenda. The Breeder Agenda is all I see anywhere I look. I see “him and her” shoved in my face 24/7 and especially in corporate media programming and advertising. When they show a couple on The Q (the shopping network) as part of a product ad, it’s a young, white breeder couple sitting on the couch side-by-side. Little do they know that they are reaffirming that needy-her needs his constant attention 24/7. That’s enough to make me turn away. I’m so sick of seeing breeder couples, and especially young and white Millennial breeder couples in their conformist all-black uniform. That’s all I see today in my area of San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca. I used to have the pleasure of seeing nothing but Queer couples/gay boys walking by my window. Not anymore. Today it’s always him and her and other breeder basura with their screaming children. These fuckers have never heard of birth control in an already overpopulated planet.

Another example of the Breeder Agenda are the numerous gay conversion sites that I have written about here. These sites are so obsessed with gay guys and their sexuality which tells me they definitely have an agenda. Their Breeder Agenda is to “turn” gay guys into (what they call) “pussy hounds” or to at least “turn them bi.” Pussy is the ultimate sexual satisfaction these sites claim. The unspoken message being: it’s bad to be gay. The expressed message of these sites is that all that gay guys need to do is to try pussy for the first time and they will instantly be hooked on pussy, find pussy “so amazing,” and never turn back to dick, and hopefully go straight or at least bi. These sites fail to say that many (if not most) gay guys started out with pussy out of peer pressure in high school and realised it didn’t do anything for them. And the most common thing I’ve heard from gay guys (mis amigos/my friends) who started out with pussy was about the raunchy smell. They would say to me as their way of complaining about it: “Phew! Smells like rotten fish? Do they ever clean that thing out?”

So let’s put this Gay Agenda nonsense to rest.

I don’t drink coffee or support corporate Starb**ks. And who has the luxury and dinero/money of running to Starb**ks every hour or every time one wants a fucking cup of coffee during the day? What pathetic people! I’ve see them. They have their 2-3 addictions going all at the same time: Their phone in one hand and their coffee in another. Or, their phone in one hand and their coffee and cigarette in the other. Coffee addicts have never learned to grind coffee beans and properly boil water to the correct temperature? Do some people not know how to boil water these days? Apparently not, since stupid is in. The shallow and superficial corporatists among us have been brainwashed to think that they must drink corporate coffee throughout the day so they make multiple trips to Starb**ks and/or other corporate coffee chains. Just think about all the dinero/money spent on that coffee daily and on the gas getting there and back (because most people are too lazy to walk a few city blocks), and the waste involved. Does anyone ever take their own glass cup with them? Or is part of the bougi and elitist corporate coffee experience having the status-symbol cup that comes with the coffee so one can be all pretentious and be seen with it. (roll eyes)

With this lesbiana theme to holiday coffee cups at Starb**ks, I guess we’ll have to take what we can get (meaning the lesbian theme) since we’re not about to see two guys holding hands on their cups anytime soon, if ever I suspect. Even though in recent years we have been assured repeatedly by some wishful-thinking and delusional people in the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream.” Were these people on crack who said that? The rise in anti-Queer hate and violence certainly shows how “gay is now mainstream” especially since the current insane occupant of la casa blanca took office with his anti-Queer regime of closet cases. There’s been lots of Queer hate since then, and one knows that if one has been paying close attention. Anyone choosing to dispute that can use the nontracking search engine DuckDuckGo to confirm that using your own choice of keywords. There is a very anti-Queer climate now due to a very repressive and regressive regime and political climate. The protestations of Starb**ks and calls to boycott them because of their las lesbiana-theme coffee cups are yet another example of how only a wishful-thinking idiot would say that “gay is now mainstream” and that “gay people can live anywhere.” In reality, gay people cannot live anywhere even in the closet in some places.

There is little to no Queer activism today in former Gay Mecca San Francisco which speaks to the lack of any “gay agenda.” What remains of the Queer community here is effectively dead in the activism department.

As I’m writing this, it’s sábado/Saturday early evening, el 18 de noviembre de 2017/18 November 2017. Mi amigo/My friend was just in The Castro (the former Gay Mecca) and along Market Street of San Francisco. He said it was mostly breeders everywhere he went wearing all-black (as usual), with about 10 children per block, and the only word he heard anyone say was the Valleygirl word “like,” which he heard no matter where he went. One hears such intelligent and intellectual conversations around here these days! (Sarcasm intended). Very few Queers to be seen anywhere. He said The Castro was mostly hetero and Millennials and the sheeple glued to their adult pacifiers. But what he also saw was the income inequality in today’s San Francisco, which has been heavily promoted by the policies of the San Francisco Oligarchy (the current mayor works for and is owned by a billionaire venture capitalist). While the monied breeders were strutting around with their children in what was once a thriving gay area, there were the many homeless people camped outside the sterile-looking Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) down in the Church Street area. (Related: San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents).

Another thing mi amigo has noticed is how more and more gay guys are trying to copy the breeders in yet another way. He’s seeing more and more tall-short gay couples. Most gay couples used to be about the same height. But with the shallow and superficial Millennial breeder couples in The City now, their rule seems to be that they must be him-tall/her-short. Consistently. It’s the chauvinistic, sexist, dominant/submissive nonsense that they have been brainwashed with where the female is to be submissive to the dominant guy, rather than his equal. During the Gay Mecca Days, gay guys couldn’t care less about copying the straights and they stood for paz/peace. But since around the time that it became legal for Queers to supposedly be open about their sexuality in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine, gay guys have flipped and become very “Rah, Rah” pro-US military/pro-war and feel they must copy the straights. (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ? and also this: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continues and also this: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism). And the latest example of that is this trend mi amigo is seeing of him-tall/him-short with gay couples, copying the him-tall/her-short straight couples. Sigh. Pathetic.

I think that most of the activists we once had have been forced out of The City as the San Francisco Oligarchy have given free rein to the Tech Industrial Complex and the greedy Real Estate Industrial Complex/developers. They have turned The City into the billionaire-owned tech capital and playground for the super wealthy. On the odd occasion that a few Queers gets pissed off enough to stage a rally or protest at Harvey Milk Plaza at Castro/Market, one hears the same tired canned speeches from the celebrity activists of “What we must do” (which ends up being bull shit and wishful-thinking) with perfunctory applause on cue along with stale chants, such as that tired, “Whose streets? Our streets.” Yeah, the cops will show you whose streets they are when they order you to get on the sidewalk NOW! The last time I heard the “What we must do” had to do with “We must stop Queer persecution in Russia.” Not a word about how they planned to do that and without a plan of how to do that, it’s merely feel-good pabulum. And I’m not sure how the average citizen in the US would go about stopping persecution of Queers in another country. I’d suggest that Queers in the US focus on their own country considering the current regressive political climate and the anti-Queer regime in power.

No Gay Agenda

If Queers today were of the same activists level as during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, they would be vigilant on pointing out the Breeder Agenda whenever it’s shoved in our faces. But that’s not about to happen. The Queer community today seems dead as I wrote about there. Today, it seems that the Queer community — in their desire to be so accepted by the precious breeders see the word activism as a pejorative, a “dirty word” and something of the past, as if ashamed of our past with bowing apologies to the breeders for offending them with our previous activism. That’s the impression some of us get. And with that thinking, one will end up right back where one started.

Because in the end, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance to achieve the same level of respect and the “special rights” that come with straight privilege and which the breeders take for granted and enjoy every day. Queers have a long way to go before accomplishing that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

10 comments on “There is no Gay Agenda

  1. Ed in the Castro

    Walking back from the gym this morning (Castro) a breeder couple was walking behind me. Like breeder couples are often doing, they were bickering. She was barking at him about how he doesn’t please her and he was whimpering back at her. There were no gay couples around but when they are I don’t hear bickering from them.

  2. D8

    Most definitely a breeder agenda. I was in the Castro this morning. I get so frustrated every time I’m there. It didn’t matter where I stood waiting for the light to change, some woman had to park her baby stroller right up against my leg. I moved over, she moved the baby stroller over closer to me. I kept moving, she kept moving the baby stroller so that it was still right up against me. Finally I went way over and the light changed, but Ms Breeder was determined for me to see her baby and give her and her baby attention. Not about to happen! This repeated itself about 4 other times with women and their baby strollers while I was running errands in the Castro. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I cannot stand this new breeder Castro.

    1. castro local

      agree. it’s like a nursery around here esp on weekends.

      i read a press release from that b/witch that runs things around here but lives in pacifica. she wrote that “the neighborhood is changing.” she was referring to the castro. no, iit’s not changing. it’s already changed. it’s now mostly breeders. why can’t she write that? what’s her sexual orientation? i’ve never heard.

      1. el barrio rosa Post author

        Hola castro local, they always write “the neighbourhood is changing.” They never say how it’s changing, and they’re not about to. That piece of work you’re referring to as well as these busy-body and useless/snooty self-appointed neighbourhood associations all use the same sanitised code language. None of them write, “The Castro is now mostly straight” because somehow in their mind they think that might offend the breeders and they want their dinero/money. As you say, it’s already “changed” to breeders. I don’t pay attention to what they’re doing around here anymore for my own sanity. I rarely agree with anything they do because it’s become so conservative. So I just ignore it. Nothing I can do about it anyway. I did see their ludicrous plans for the new raised Harvey Milk Plaza. I hesitantly scanned the comments under what I read about it. Nobody liked it. Looks like a ski ramp they’re going to put up (calling it an amphitheatre). I guess people can sit up there and play on their phones while the breeders make out and have sex along side them, and they’re moving the entrance to the Muni Metro to the Collingwood end? Nobody liked that idea in the comments. More insanity. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. E in Sunnyvale

    Whenever I hear that “gay agenda” BS, I always ask where my copy of the agenda is; I didn’t get one! If there was one, there should be an item in there instructing us to take to the streets by the thousands in every city and shut it down… especially since P*nce stated he wanted us all hanged. That sure isn’t happening. In fact, not much of anything is happening, so I guess there’s just no “gay agenda”.

    With this lesbiana theme to holiday coffee cups at Starb**ks, I guess we’ll have to take what we can get (meaning the lesbian theme) since we’re not about to see two guys holding hands on their cups anytime soon.

    I wrote a brief letter to them via their website asking about why only lesbian women were depicted on the cup design. I asked why gay men were not included and if there was some bias against gay men. I highly doubt I’ll hear back, since that’s usually how these things go with corporate capitalist slime like starb**ks. Sure seems like the breeders are the ones with the agenda, as you said.

    Today, it seems that the Queer community — in their desire to be so accepted by the precious breeders see the word activism as a pejorative, a “dirty word” and something of the past, as if ashamed of our past with bowing apologies to the breeders for offending them with our previous activism.

    What a bunch of disgusting cowards. Hey, maybe we’re all getting what we deserve…

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      ” I asked why gay men were not included and if there was some bias against gay men.”

      Good for you, E. Gracias for doing that. And as always, gracias for your comment (and castro local too). Chau.

      1. E in Sunnyvale

        The expected happened: canned form-letter “reply” with a non-answer in it:

        “We appreciate you contacting us regarding gay people on cups or advertising materials from Starbucks. Your feedback is very important to us. However, it is our practice to not comment on speculation or rumors such as this.”

        They sure are predictable little parasites, aren’t they?

        1. E in Sunnyvale

          Oh, in the letter, I linked to two articles describing court cases (lawsuits) against the company for discriminating against gay men, both customers and employees. Those actual court cases (which they lost) are the “speculation or rumors” they refer to. We’ve entered alt-reality, for sure.

          1. el barrio rosa Post author

            Hola E, yeah that’s so typical of corporate basura. Gracias for the follow-up. Chau.

  4. castro local

    it’s a sad state of affairs. i’ve lived in sf as long as you and i hardly have any friends here anymore. the mayor has really ruined this city for the billionaires. the friends i had moved away and it’s so difficult to meet people now. i can’t tell who is gay and i’m scared to look at a guy too long for fear of getting a dirty look. some of the techies are really homophobic. are queers not having sex anymore? it’s the way it seems. cruising is gone, nobody looks at anybody….they just stare ahead. some people are getting sex through apps but i think most of them are flakes so nothing ever comes of them. lots of guys looking for pics to jo to. sf has become such a cold and impersonal city since they ruined it.

    was talking with a friend of mine and racking his brain about when the queer community changed. he remembers noticing a time when the local queer community started buying into the chronicles garbage about how terrible the progressives on the board of sups were. the chronicle never liked the gay mecca city. they couldn’t stand chris daly when he was in office. around that time is when my friend and i noticed this shift to the right from the local gay community. the local gay rag went along with it and they became very conservative. there’s not one conservative gay politician they’ve not liked. their endorsements are based on the person being gay and not on the person’s politics which have been horrible in some cases. the major national queer websites got in line with a more conservative trend….and that’s where we are today. depressing. i only see things getting worse.

Fin. The End.