There was Russian influence in the 2016 US s-election

Hola a todos. Previously, I wrote that there was no evidence of Russian influence in the 2016 US s-election. That is not true.

Mi amigo/My friend — who is non-partisan like myself — has paid very close attention to this topicFootnote 1 and he informed me that there is ample evidence that Russia was involved in collusion, influence and corruption with The Cesspool’s 2016 s-election. So I just wanted to make that correction. I don’t like putting out incorrect information.

Previously, I did ask: Does it matter that Russia influenced or was involved in the US s-election considering the hypocritical US is constantly sticking its bullying nose — with collusion and corruption — in the elections of countries all around the world. The US goes way beyond collusion and corruption. The US, this fraud of a “Christian nation,” knocks off any country’s leader they don’t like in order to replace him (it’s usually a guy) with someone more favourable and subservient and who will bow to and serve US imperialistic and barbaric interests and its goal of empire building and world domination, found in the neocon’s The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) document.

I had been reading RT (Russia Today), which is funded by the state. When reading RT, I noticed that they have some of the most anti-gay commenters one will find anywhere. According to RT, as one would expect since they’re funded by the state, there is not a shred of evidence of any Russian involvement in the US s-election. This brings to mind an e-mail I received this week from a reader who had read my articles about the Russian-adoring fake-socialists SEP Cult, and who also reads the SEP site. He wrote that they continue to take the same position as they did when I was reading their site that there’s not a shred of evidence of any Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election, and all of this is “media hysteria.” One of the things that turned me off about the SEP cultists was just how sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic they are. And they don’t try to hide it. They have rushed to defend the many guys accused of sexual assault and called it a “witch hunt,” a term they often use in general. As this article from the UK points out, the language of “witches” and “hunts” is in itself sexist – after all, how many male witches have you come across? (You might want to avoid reading the comments below that article since many of them could have been written by the SEP Cultists). Nevertheless, this was pointed out to the SEP cultists, but of course they denied this as well choosing to wear the same blinders as they do to any Russian influence in the 2016 s-election. Absolute denial. I should also point out that their site is mainly male-dominated (their writers). According to my reader’s e-mail, the SEP cultists are unanimous in genuflecting to Russia now more than ever and even seem to be defending the orange nazi man-child following his farce called the Helsinki Summit where the orange nazi demonstrated absolute subservience to Vladimir Putin. (By the way, his name in Russian — according to the language translator I used — is pronounced Pu-chin, which no one pronounces correctly outside of Russia). What does Putin have on the orange nazi? One of the SEP commenters also defended Russia by saying that they have no anti-Queer policies. Really?

Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Laws Are Illegal, European Court Rules

The same commenter wrote that gay people in Russia don’t have it any worse than gay people in the US. Are they trying to say that “two wrongs make a right?” Loco. I don’t understand why these fake-socialists adore and genuflect to Russia.

Because the SEP cultists believe that literally everything is “class” based, they’re the same basura who believe that any talk about Queer rights is a “distraction.” I suspect they wouldn’t be saying that if they were Queer. That strikes me as the mindset of straight (white) privilege, a bigoted breeder or a closet case. How many closet cases are there among the SEP cultists?

But enough about them. The SEP are best ignored, but I did want to acknowledge the e-mail I received (gracias) and respond to it a bit.

From my years of experience, it’s the “Democratic” partisan brainwashed authoritarianFootnote 2 front sites working for the “Democratic” Party who have been promoting this Russian influence theme as a way of rushing to the defence of their precious war criminal Hillary. They continue to blame everybody but themselves for her alleged loss, and her being a horrible candidate. She was one of the most corrupt and awful candidates they could have nominated after throwing fake-independent and “Democratic” Party-enabler Bernie Sanders “under the bus.” The brainwashed partisans of the corrupt “Democratic” Party also seem to continually forget that their messiah Hillary won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of. But one thing I’ve noticed in particular about the Dembots: Even though they go on and on about Russian influence implying that the 2016 “s-election” was illegitimate, they still refer to this piece of trash as “President,” with a capital “P” which denotes respect. When I pointed this out to the Dembots on occasion, my comment was been ignored.

One of the most recent immature trolling techniques used by partisan brainwashed Democrats is to label anyone one dare speak a word of criticism about their sacrosanct “Democratic” Party as a “Russian Operative.” That’s followed by, “How are things in St Petersburg tonight? What are the hotel rates?” This is the childish material one has come to expect from the toddler-mentality of many Dembots. But at least they have moved on from the “You are a Republican Operative” and “You are a [Karl] Rove Operative” they were using during the illegitimate Bush regime years whenever anyone wrote anything critical of their presumably sacrosanct corrupt party.

When one looks at the comments from the brainwashed people who still dutifully support the “Democratic” Party and their trashy corrupt corporate politicians, there’s no wonder that the party is in such a dismal and irrelevant state of existence, having such childish boot lickers supporting them no matter what they do.

The Dembots’ partisan brainwashing has been extremely effective. It’s the same brainwashing used by fundamentalist religious fanatics. Their manic brainwashing is also on full display when a small group of Dem cultists complain on the odd occasion about their precious Democrats nearly constantly enabling their employer, the Republicans. (A recent example: only 34 Democrats voted against a House Resolution praising the ICE gangs and their thuggish behaviour.) Then, in their next breathe, Dem cultists are seen mindlessly chanting: “Gotta get Dems in, gotta get Dems in.” Why? Because that’s part of their brainwashing. Insanity.

Nevertheless, I just wanted to make this correction that there was Russian influence, collusion, involvement (whatever you want to call it) in the 2016 s-election. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 I’ve not paid close attention to this — mi amigo often says watching videos about it makes him sweat — because it’s politics and I like to keep my blood pressure in a healthy range, and this topic seemed to be rather partisan based with the Dembots saying that “Hillary would have won were it not for Russian intervention.” Instead of forthright admitting that she “lost” (sort of – in the electoral college) because she was an awful, war-mongering hawk candidate.

Footnote 2 These “Democratic” Party cultists demand lockstep agreement with no dissent allowed otherwise one gets banned, especially months before a s-election.


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