They didn’t like “the gay kiss.”

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At least for now, loving Queer couples have the right to marry here in the US. But some breeders and closet cases don’t want to see gay male couples kissing on television.

a man sitting on the side of a road: Kenneth and Bryan Woodington shared their first kiss in seven months since Bryan’s deployment, re-creating an iconic kiss in Times Square, N.Y. (Photo: Facebook/Naval Station Mayport)
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Tough luck, bigots. Hola a todos. A television station in Jacksonville Florida was “bombarded” (their word) with complaints after their newscast showed the image of two gay guys kissing. Queer couple Kenneth and Bryan Woodington re-created the photo (see image to your right) that was taken back in 1945 by Alfred Eisentaedt of a sailor kissing a nurse. Well, the station was accused of not being “family friendly.”

Translation: We, the breeders and closet cases in the Jacksonville audience hate it when you show us a picture of two human beings kissing who love each other, if they’re not a (white) breeder couple. But if they’re two guys engaged in a violent act, we’d love to see that and please show us more of that and as often as possible. We consider watching nonstop violence — especially between two guys — on television “family friendly” programming. We can’t get enough of “family friendly” violence. But we pathetics in the Jacksonville audience don’t want to see two guys showing affection and love to each other because we breeders are fucked up in the head like that. We don’t consider gay couples to be families. Only (dysfunctional and on the verge of divorce) breeder couples can be a family in our twisted “minds.” Therefore, we only want you to show us (dysfunctional and white) breeder couples kissing.

I’m so tired of this. It honestly feels like we have accomplished nothing. As I’ve written many times, here at the end of 2018 after decades of work by the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, the bigoted and prejudiced breeders and closet cases among us don’t like seeing gay guys kissing. Lesbians seem to be more acceptable to the prejudiced/bigots than gay guys because the thinking seems to be, “That’s what girls do. Girls hold hands and kiss.” I see. But you know, I suspect the reaction that the Florida television station received would be the same no matter what station in The Cesspool/the US showed the two gay boys kissing. Gay guys are not equal, but few of us seem to care anymore. I’ve had it up to here with this shit.

We’re headed backwards people and the now-dead so-called “gay community” — whatever the fuck that means now — doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anything. Except for that fucking phone embedded in their hand 24/7.

I’ve been getting some e-mails lately. A new reader asked me what the Queer organisations at the US federal level are doing these days? This came up he said in a discussion over Thanksgiving with his family. The reader said he couldn’t think of anything that’s been done or even talked about since marriage equality (temporarily) became the law here in The Cesspool. The reason I wrote “temporarily” is because I expect marriage equality to be ended at some point in the not-so-distant future considering where we’re headed. I agree with the reader. I’m not aware that the wealthy organisations at the US federal level are doing anything whatsoever except having annual overpriced gala dinners (Dahling) and taking in dinero/money from suckers who are members of their organisation.

Then another person wrote me saying he had been on a “gay conversion” chat app. He wrote about his negative experience there and how it’s mostly a very small (less than 10) and very conservative group, with one of the moderators being a pro-patriarchy gun-toting redneck. “The people closest to me would be shocked if they knew my real views” or words to that effect was a statement the moderator wrote on the chat.

Then I see these headlines:

1. Man says his landlord kicked him out because he’s gay: ‘You think I want homosexuals coming back and forth?’

My response to that: So much for the “gay people can live anywhere” rubbish that we’ve heard so many times from the conservatives in recent years.

2. Transgender teen films teachers hounding her in school bathroom: ‘I’m so scared and violated right now’

Again, so much for the “Queers can live anywhere” rubbish.

3. High school assistant principal suspended for allegedly ordering transgender student to ‘use a urinal’ to prove he is a boy

Repeat my response in Nos. 1 and 2.

We are really one fucked up society, you know that? And I don’t think it will ever change.

And what are we hearing from the so-called “gay community” today? Silencio. Silence. I’m not hearing anything from them. Is there even a gay community today and where is it? Other than on the phone, perhaps, and that certainly can’t be called a gay community.

At what point will we have to start all over again working for Queer rights because people’s fucking phones are more important than anything else in their life? And the old civil rights movements have been forgotten.

It’s an old saying but regardless it’s still true: The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. And the so-called “gay community” seems to know nothing these days about eternal vigilance. The only thing they are eternally vigilant with is their phone. Fucking pathetic. What would the masses do if everyone’s phone went dark at the same time and their entire life is on that phone? Would we see mass suicides? Complete societal chaos? Because people’s adult pacifiers have all gone dark? If you need to be on the internet, can’t you wait until you get home and get on a nice full screen called a computer?

The sense I and others get is that nothing matters anymore to the so-called “gay community,” whatever that is today. I don’t see anyone doing anything of any substance. I’ve not read about anyone doing anything of substance, including those elitist national US Queer organisations. It seems as though everyone shut down after marriage equality was achieved as if that was the ultimate goal, despite all the problems that remain for Queers today. But none of it seems to matter. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. David in Breukelen

    I like your venting articles because you usually say the same thing I’m feeling about this shit that’s happening.

      1. D8

        I’ll second that. What you read here you won’t read anywhere else, written the way it’s written here.

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