“Thoughts and prayers” are the answer to school shootings in the US ?

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After each school shooting — or any tragedy for that matter — predictably the “thoughts and prayers” start flowing on cue. Question: Which god are these people praying to? I hope it’s not the same god who could have prevented the tragedy in the first place, but he chose not to.

Hola a todos. The other day there was another routine school shooting — yes, they have unfortunately become routine, let’s tell it like it is — here in The Cesspool (also known as the violent shithole US) that occurs periodically. School shootings have occurred 18 times in 2018 and it’s only the middle of February (source: Everytown Research). This time the tragedy was in Florida on el 14 de febrero de 2018/14 February 2018. 17 students were killed, and many injured.

I cautiously read comments on one Florida site I was on. It was all about “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.” The usual drivel. The overall tone of the comments was not about guns or gun control. A few people mentioned that strict gun control is needed, but they were slapped down. As expected, the insane far-right commenters were calling for more guns, more guns, more guns, more guns and of course for “our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.”

I wanted to ask these fake-Christian prayerbots the following question, but I knew that my comment would not be allowed/posted:

Which god are you praying to? Are you praying to the Christian god who has been described to us by his devout followers as: “all-powerful,” “omnipotent,” “compassionate,” “merciful,” “loving,” “kind,” and “slow-to-anger” and other syrupy descriptors? Are you praying to that Floating Cloud Being Christian god fellow who could have prevented this tragedy in the first place, but chose not to? Hmmmmmmm? I ask that question because we’re told by his devout followers/sheeple that “He’s all-powerful.” Well that means that he can stop/prevent any shootings or tragedies. We’re also told that “He’s omnipotent.” That means he’s “all-knowing.” That means that he knew this tragedy — as well as all other tragedies — was going to happen before it took place and he allowed it to happen. Obviously your Floating Cloud Being, Mr All-Powerful, was 1) either asleep at the switch because he chose not to prevent this tragedy. Or 2) it says that your Floating Cloud Being wanted to see this tragedy happen. It sounds like he’s into SM, doesn’t it? He likes to see people suffer. Apparently he enjoys seeing 17 people mowed down/killed and others injured. So if that’s the god you’re praying to (the Christian god), clearly you’re wasting your time with your “thoughts and prayers.” So again, why are you praying to him? I suspect this is something that none of these prayerbots and fake-Christians have ever thought about.

From what we’ve been told about Jesus, he taught love not hate. Oh, but love is so passé, so “last year!” I think Jesus would look at most Christians today and say, “How dare you call yourselves Christians. You’re complete frauds. Your life is not an example of what I taught. In fact, it’s just the opposite as you hate on (undocumented) immigrants, Queers and anyone who is not white and who comes with white privilege. You are Christian in name only. You’re exploiting my name and my teachings for your far-right hateful agenda.”

I suspect some of the prayerbots will encourage students to bring guns to school to supposedly protect themselves. Can you image that?

Then predictably, after the “thoughts and prayers” flow and the perfunctory “condolences,” one usually sees headlines reading, “We must heal as a nation; We must have a healing.” Oh give it a rest! That drivel is meaningless bull shit too because the real problem remains which is the saturation of guns and their easy access here in the violent shithole US. Nothing will be done about the gun problem. Corporate hack trash politicians will make sure of that. In fact, they’ve already moved on past this.

Other countries don’t have this problem. Just the stupid-is-in, dumbed-down violent US where violence is marketed to the masses through the corporate media and through the US Oligarchy’s PNAC agenda (the neocon’s Project For The New American Century document) of US Empire building and global domination with the barbaric goal of destroying of other countries — particularly in the Middle East — for the stealing of their natural resources using the blatant lie of “Bringing freedom and democracy” to a country having been left in rubble following a US terrorist attack on said country.

Regarding gun violence and gun control in the shithole US: The far-right, white-power/white supremacist/nazi crowd and supporters of the insane orange man-child are writing: “If gun control really worked, wouldn’t Chicago be the safest place in the US? Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country, lots of gun violence continues. True but sad.” That is not true. That is written from their usual place of proud willful-ignorance. The truth — and lies — about Chicago’s gun laws: “Chicago does not have the strictest gun laws in the country. It’s time for gun lovers to stop spreading that lie.”

As of this writing, the stupid orange man is proposing arming school teachers with guns. And after teachers are armed with guns and that becomes widespread news, when a person goes into a school to shoot up the place, who will be the first people shot? The teachers. What a moron.

Syrupy words and “our thoughts and prayers” don’t solve the gun problem. Syrupy words don’t even serve as a band-aid, and a band-aid doesn’t address the problem. There will likely be a headline reading, “The US Mourns over Florida school killings.” That’s just corporate media hype. The US is not mourning and it won’t be mourning. With the 2-second attention span — and that’s being generous — of most people, they’ve already forgotten all about it because these tragedies have become so routine just like the US and its many unauthorised wars internationally, and the death and killing by the US Oligarchy’s Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. Violence is the #1 export for the shithole US.

And then we’ll have the next school shooting, and what I’ve written here will be repeated all over again, and again and again. I’m not holding my breath to see this but until someone with principles, intelligence and foresight decides to seriously and effectively address the lack of serious gun control in the US and tells the NRA to go fuck off — and I know that will never happen — this problem will indeed continue indefinitely. Chau.—el barrio rosa


In one of my drafts of this article, I wrote that one should expect Democrat Dianne Feinstein to pop up as she usually does with some weak, lamebrain idea of “gun control” to give herself attention considering she’s running for re-election. I took that paragraph out so as not to give her attention. Then I see this: “Dianne Feinstein Wants To Raise Minimum Age For Assault Weapon Purchases To 21. She announced Friday (02.16.18) that she is introducing legislation to raise the minimum age to purchase rifles – including military-style assault weapons – from 18 to 21.” See what I mean? Well that ought to solve the problem. Yes, I’m sure 3 years will make a huge difference.


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