Transgender And In The US Military?

GLBTQs enjoy killing other innocent GLBTQs in the name of barbaric US Imperialism.

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: According to her abogada/attorney, Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself last week in prison (the week of July 4, 2016).

Hola a todos. I got an e-mail the other day asking, “Why haven’t you talked about the US military lifting the ban on transgender troops in the US military?”

I thought I’d answer that e-mail here. I haven’t mentioned anything about that because I think it’s mostly window-dressing bull shit, and Chelsea Manning finds it quite suspect too. But I’ll get to her comments later. I have no doubt that the gullible GLBTQ Obamabots (and Hillarybots) have fallen for it like they fall for everything else whenever el hombre Obama says the word “gay” or “transgender” on occasion. I have observed the pro-Establishment behaviour of many GLBTQ party-line Democrats and career operatives/hacks since Obama has been in office. And I can predict that they are gushing such slogans as: “Obama, Best President Ever” and “Obama, President For Life” (oh, so you prefer a dictatorship, do you?) as I’ve heard some one-issue wealthy/corporatist GLBTQ organisations go on about. Do these people have any idea what Obama has done overall? Do they care? I have to assume that they don’t based on their near-genuflecting to him no matter what he does. These are one-issue people, and I’m not a one-issue person.

For those who haven’t been paying attention for the last 7.5 years, overall Obama’s policies have been an expansion of and to the right of the policies of illegitimate resident George W Bush, but GLBTQs never gushed over war criminal Bush. Your messiah war criminal Obama has greatly expanded the Bush regime’s agenda. During the Obama years, I’ve learned that Dembots think they can’t be critical of their messiah Obama because he pops up occasionally to exploit GLBTQs for his political agenda/advancement by speaking the words “gay” and “transgender” when he thinks it will benefit him politically. Todays GLBTQs don’t seem to care that they’re being used/exploited. They long-ago retired their keen bull shit detectors to the closet, around the time that Obama took office. They take this man at his word that he has so-called “evolved.” Obama is also known as The Deporter and Chief having deported more immigrants than all US presidents combined. GLBTQs don’t seem to care about that either. They don’t seem to care about anything these days to tell you the truth. That’s what boils me about partisans. They think they must remain silent when they disagree (assuming they do disagree with these things). They didn’t agreed with these policies when they were Bush’s policies and they didn’t remain silent when he was in office. Rather GLBTQs were in the street protesting (with me). But under their Obama, they have suspended their mass protests and have become “Obama conservatives.” I call them Hypocrites since that’s what they are. Under Obama, they take this approach that one must not criticise one’s own undemocratic Democratic party and their saviour Obama. I saw a screen name the other day on a message forum that read, “Obama Leftist.” Obama Leftist???? WTF? Sigh. Clearly, that person hasn’t been paying any attention to what her messiah Obama has done in office. There’s nothing “leftist” about Obama. He’s a warmongering, neocon corporate fascist to the right of George W Bush overall. No one ever called Bush a “leftist.”

I was pleased to see that Ms Chelsea Manning didn’t fall for this transgender bull shit either. She hasn’t retired her bull shit detector to the closet. She said that she’s very concerned, that like so many other policies, the effects of this supposed change will not penetrate prison walls. Uh huh. I hear yah. She asked: “What does it mean that the US military will recognise our gender, unless and until we are arrested, but then what? This core identity is then stripped away and our birth-assigned gender is imposed on us?” She also said that the Military Industrial Complex’s new policy of supposedly accepting transgender people falls short in certain areas, including how the MIC defines transgender people and how they plan to apply this policy to military prisoners, such as to herself.

Then, after Chelsea wrote her statement, she ended up in the hospital for some undisclosed reason that the corrupt and lying military basura refused to talk about. They also refused to talk about her condition. They also refused to talk about any of this to her attorneys. Was she beaten and tortured because she spoke the truth against The Establishment/The US Oligarchy (Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In)?

As you probably know, there are different sets of laws and standards applied to and for different classes of people. The bourgeois ruling elite millionaires are mostly above the law.

I read awhile back that nothing had really changed in the US military following the supposed lifting of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” just as I had suspected would be the case when the ban was supposedly lifted because one is dealing with the military here and that backward, redneck, bigoted, macho, pro-violence culture. As I wrote after DADT was supposedly lifted, gay guys have imposed their own DADT.

There have always been gay people in the military, usually in the closet. I don’t understand why GLBTQs want to be in the US military to begin with — whether they’re in the closet or out — and be a part of violent US Imperialism worldwide and the US Military Industrial Complex. What is wrong with people who have no problem with that? You can try to justify it by saying you’re serving your country. No, you’re not “serving your country.” That’s just the feel-good pabulum the troops are fed by the military to “keep them in line.” You’re serving the wealthy ruling elite, their corporate owners and their bloated War Machine. That’s who you’re serving. You’re not fighting for any flag or freedom. That’s just feel-good bull shit. Our freedoms — what remains of them following Bush and Obama — are guaranteed in the now-shredded US Constitution, and troops are not fighting for the Constitution. But again, why would GLBTQs (in or out of the closet) want to serve in the War Machine? Or is this more of that heteronormative behaviour because GLBTQs want to be as much like the “straights” as possible? That’s also something I don’t understand. But that’s what I and others see going on. Do you GLBTQs enjoy going around the world killing innocent people just because it’s your messiah Obama in office? I remember that during most of the days of the now-dead Gay Rights’s Movement, the gay community was for peace, they wore peace sign buttons, they were very anti-military, anti-Establishment (although always voted for Democrats, I think) and they saw the US flag as what it was/is: the symbol of ugly US imperialism. But today: What the fuck has happened to you? Well, you got your orders to “assimilate” from these wealthy pro-Establishment — usually rabid supporters of the Democratic party and their celebrity politicians — US corporatist self-appointed authority GLBTQ organisations. So today GLBTQs try to be like the obnoxious “straights” and be all closet-case “DL, discreet” heteronormative and essentially back in the closet as I have previously written reams about.

During the Obama years, GLBTQs in San Francisco (and elsewhere from what I can tell) have become conservatives. They have run from and tried to erase our proudly radical and alternative Queer past/history. Like the rest of this prudish shit-hole US Cesspool society, you’ve sanitised yourselves and today you are the opposite of who you were. In San Francisco’s Castro, GLBTQs voted overwhelmingly twice for that conservative hateful piece of basura I refer to as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity.” These days, I see some gay guys walking around The Castro with US flag shirts on or shirts that say “Army” or “Navy” or Marines” or some such US military shit. There are gay choral ensembles that want to sing the militaristic US national anthem at ball games to glorify war and nationalism while they support major league corporate sports team. Ugh. Again (and this cannot be overemphasized), GLBTQs have become the opposite of who and what they once were. WTF has happened to you? You’ve fucking flipped out so desperate to be conformist and mainstream and to be like the obnoxious “straights.” Yes, I know being conformist and mainstream is so much easier than being who you once were, because there’s no work or vigilance involved with being a conformist and proudly mainstream sheeple. You can just vegetate and be part of the conformist herd in your depressed-looking monochrome drab black and gray conformist street clothing that I’m now seeing wherever I look (especially in The Castro).

Unlike most of you GLBTQs (whom I can no longer relate to because you have done a “180″), I’m not a one-issue person like many (most?) of the GLBTQ sheeple who fall for anything that your messiah Obama does or say. I’m referring to his window-dressing bull shit. This repugnant warmongering hombre — Mr Nobel Peace Prize — uses gay topics to exploit you for your dinero/$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and for your votes especially at s-election time and you allow yourselves to be exploited because of that phony “D” next to his name. He’s the head of your “team.” In reality, he’s been the best Republican president los Republicanos could have ever asked for due to his expansion of the Bush regime’s agenda. But GLBTQs fall for Obama’s public relation stunts while he pretends to be your best amigo and having supposedly “evolved.” Most GLBTQs seem to forget or never knew that your Obama invited anti-gay Rick Warren to his first inauguration/coronation. Most GLBTQs also seem to forget or never knew that your Obama said that marriage is between a man and a woman. Ugh.

Let’s see just how much el hombre Obama has evolved:

If his celebrity daughters came to him and told him they were lesbians or wanted to change their sexual identity (transgender), what would he say to them? I can take a guess. I think one would see some squirming in his behaviour followed by some disagreeing with them to what they were telling him and some questioning. Yes, how much has this man supposedly “evolved” when there’s no campaign dinero/money or votes involved? Or, if Queers had a mass kiss-in on the white house lawn what would your messiah say to that? Would he say, “You know, I love to see gay people kiss; it warms my heart” (yeah sure it does), or would he call the secret service, Homeland inSecurity as well as the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police on your ass with full rifles/grenades in riot gear? Of course he would have no problem with a him-tall/her-short “straight” mass kiss-in on the white house lawn and he’d go on in another photo-op about supposed “Family Values” when he saw that spectacle.

I honestly don’t understand why any transgender person or any GLBQ person wants to be in the US military? Do GLBTQs enjoy killing for and giving their lives needlessly for the neocon’s Project For The New American Century Agenda (PNAC) of US imperialism and global domination? Someone may be asking: What are you talking about now? I’m talking about the killing of thousands of innocent people around the world, including GLBTQ people, who are killed in other parts of the world by the world’s #1 Terrorist Nation who refuses to mind its own damn business, has to stick its arrogant nose in the affairs of all other countries, and see itself as the World’s Pompous Bully and police force with its ugly exceptionalism/superiority complex. Mature countries don’t act like The immature Cesspool/the US. And the fact that innocent GLBTQs around the world are killed by US imperialism seems to have completely escaped the conservative/pro-Establishment GLBTQ community here in The Cesspool (including San Francisco) who are now conformists and all “rah, rah” pro-US military. Has it not occurred to you conformist heteronormative pro-military conservative GLBTQs who desperately want to be in the US military that when you kill innocent people in other parts of the world that you are killing innocent gay/GLBTQ people too? That’s never occurred to you? (I can hear someone saying: Huh. Oh yeah, I’d never thought of it like that). Sigh. *roll eyes* The US Military Industrial Complex, the cesspool called congress (house and senate) and the white house resident constantly lie to the public using The Terror CardTM to keep the public in a state of fear. The overused “War on Terror” excuse has been used to justify bombing/droning the hell out of innocent people including GLBTQ people somewhere in el mundo/the world under both the Bush and Obama regimes in order to serve the financial intere$t$ of corrupt politicians of The Cesspool and their corporate owners by stealing the natural resources of other countries and to remove/murder the (elected) politicians in other countries in order to replace them with a puppet regime favourable to The US Oligarchy. Today, The Cesspool is a crumbling, falling apart mess (particularly our infrastructure). In the US, stupidity, ignorance, pop-culture and celebrity worship are “in.” It’s also commonplace to see out-of-control rogue thugs/gangs called uniformed cops kill innocent Black people for no reason at all. Obama comes racing out to the corporate media cameras to serve as a bootlicker for the cops. I read this headline while writing this: “President Obama Describes Dallas Shootings As ‘Vicious, Calculated, Despicable Attack’” The hypocrisy of el hombre! jesus fucking christ. El hombre has no shame at all. This hypocrite sees nothing “vicious, calculated and despicable” about the thousands of innocent people he’s killed in his many wars (he admits to 7 currently) and the innocent people he’s droned to death since he took office? And doesn’t he pretend to be a christian? What about the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” does el hombre not understand? Basura. Then that corrupt Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, popped up for a photo-op with the Calm CardTM in hand and as expected called for “calm” after the shootings in Dallas this past week. These Establishment basura are so cookie-cutter and predictable. They don’t won’t the working class to rise up. Before that, you might remember that Bill Clinton asked for a meeting with Ms Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona for an hour to talk about not convicting his Hillary. Oh I’m so sorry, excuse me por favor, that’s right, they didn’t talk about that at all, according to Ms Lynch. No, not at all. They didn’t talk about anything related to that or any case before her inJustice Department. No, instead they talked about his grand children and his golf games for a fucking hour. Yes I’m sure, aren’t you? What idiot believes that? I should think that any talk about fucking golf games — does the woman even play golf or know anything about golf? — and talk about his grand children (does she even know his grandchildren since one of them just arrived?) could be covered in a couple of minutes, no? So what’s there to talk about in the remaining 58 minutes, if not for Hillary? Ms Lynch did say that they didn’t talk about anything of substance for the entire hour. LOL. Oh really? Did la mujer/the woman not realise she was saying that his golf games and grand children are not of substance/not important? LOL. Then the FBI director had his photo-op and said there would be no conviction of la perra, which should come as no surprise to anyone. I’m so tired of this corrupt Cesspool of lying Establishment-basura celebrity politicians and the ignorant people that worship them — usually because of partisan allegiance — just because these corrupt corporate D and R parasites are on television.

One thing I’ve learned under Obama: With the hypocrites called Democrats — which seems to include most Democrats (voters) including GLBTQs — they’re only for peace when the person in la casa blanca/the white house is a neocon PNAC Republican (Bush). That’s when you see these hypocrites protesting in the streets. But when it’s a neocon PNAC Republican with a D next to his name (Obama) and with the same agenda they’re all for war and any war that their messiah wants to launch killing thousands of innocent people. “He’s a smart guy,” they tell us. “He’s a constitutional scholar, you know” they tell us while their messiah Obama has continued to shred the US Constitution after Bush. The Obamabots will go to any length to justify their Obama’s (illegal) terrorist attacks on other nations and sanitise them. And they repeat the same excuses/lies that their messiah spoke before the corporate media cameras (who serve as Obama’s accomplice). So I will never understand why any transgender person or any GLBQ person wants to be a part of the Military Industrial Complex. To the person who e-mailed me, I hope I’ve answered your question as to why I didn’t write about this until now. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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9 comments on “Transgender And In The US Military?

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: According to her abogada/attorney, Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself last week in prison (the week of July 4, 2016).

    That often happens when a person has been tortured for years and pushed to the breaking point.

    Sick, sad world.

      1. D8

        July 10th 2016:
        “Tony Blair could face Iraq contempt vote in Commons
        A group of senior MPs is calling for a vote to decide whether Tony Blair is guilty of contempt of Parliament over his decision to invade Iraq in 2003.”

  2. FedUp!

    One thing that has always attracted me to your diary is that it’s not partisan which must really burn the Dem congregation readers who stop by. I bet most gays and lesbians, trans have never thought of themselves killing other gays and lesbians/Ts when they beg to be accepted by the military to be sent off to war. I sense and share your frustration with the gay community of today.

    Agree with E’s “they just want more cannon fodder” comment. That’s exactly right.

  3. E in Trans Sunnyvale

    They just want more cannon fodder.

    Considering the failure (or perhaps success, depending on which class you ask) of the capitalist system, the lack of available jobs and the ever-looming dark cloud of criminalized poverty and homelessness is imposing a sort of forced “conscription” on our youth. Whether they’re GLBTQ or straight, the lack of options is forcing many young people to the only alternative: military.


  4. D8

    Thought I’d post this in support of your sarcastic ongoing theme that GLBTQs can live anywhere…..

    “Ten states sue federal government over transgender bathroom”

    All good points made in your article.

  5. strangetimes

    beats me why glbtq folk want to be in the us military. you’ve been paying attention, unlike a gay relative of mine who does nothing but sing the praises of obama. when i have the chance i’ll ask him how he feels about gay/trans people in the us military killing other gay people around the world. very good point you made.

Fin. The End.