Trump’s Terrorists

Hola a todos. I received some e-mail comments following the terrorist attack on Syria last week by the bullying child in a man’s body currently occupying la casa blanca/the white house. I thought I’d respond to a few things that readers wrote:

“Donald says that the Holy Bible is his favorite book.”

My response: Well he lies a lot and lives in an “alternative universe” from the rest of us. His statement is rather meaningless really considering he disrespects at least one of The Ten Commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” I’m not sure what part of that he does not understand. That commandment does not say, “Thou Shalt Not Kill, except in the case of __________.” No, no exceptions are listed. Just like with war criminal obama, trump — deliberate lower case “t” denoting a lack of respect — couldn’t wait to kill innocent people within his first 100 days in office. What is with these wealthy basura that never grew out of their childhood enjoyment of wanting to play war games with the lives of innocent people? But upon reflection, there’s lots of dinero/money to be made for these despicable millionaire corporate parasites from their use of the barbaric Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and the insane basura of the trump regime. As of this writing, trump has killed over 1,000 innocent people throughout Africa and the Middle East. Despicable. Most fake-christians hate it whenever I shove The Ten Commandments in their face and their support of state-sponsored terrorism, death and killing when it’s “their guy” in office.

“Trump launched a very expensive hit and run fireworks show.”

My response: That’s sanitising it. In reality, he launched a terrorist attack — that’s what he and/or The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US would officially call it if anybody else had done the same thing around el mundo/the world or to The Cesspool — on a sovereign nation in violation of international law and without congressional authorisation. I see that his white supremacist/Nazi base (they call themselves “alt-right”) have bailed on him because he campaigned against this imperialistic neocon “Nation Building” agenda (Project For the New American Century Agenda – PNAC) and instead ran on his “Amurrrrrrrkkka First” rhetoric.

Unfortunately, there will be more of this insanity. Such as with North Korea. El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man wants to take them on. Loco. This hypocritical, constantly angry-looking child in an adult body residing in la casa blanca/the white house has los cojones to say that “North Korea is looking for trouble.” (roll eyes). No, pendejo, you are the one constantly looking for trouble.

I see that career politician, Nancy Pelosi (D), is leading the cheer-leading section for El Pendejo and his terrorist attack on Siria/Syria. She even wants to grant him an Authorisation of War to make his despicable “Nation Building” actions more legitimate. As I’ve written before, the Democrats are just as imperialistic as the Republicans. El Pendejo trump opposed “Nation Building” during the septic presidential campaign. Well, that was then. This is now. The US of Hypocrisy.

San Francisco voters keep voting for la mujer/the woman Pelosi no matter what she does. And rarely does anyone challenge her seat in the house of representatives. Even when they do, the Dembots vote for Pelosi (she usually gets around 78% of the vote regardless of voter turnout) and I suspect if one were to ask these voters to rattle off her congressional voting record you’d get a blank stare from most of them. I suspect most people vote out of partisan devotion and her name recognition, which goes something like this: “Oh yes Pelosi, I’ve seen that name before. Somewhere. Isn’t she on television sometimes? Then I’ll vote for her.” That’s about the extent of it.

True story: There was a protest for Pelosi outside the San Francisco Castro Muni Metro station years ago. (I don’t know how that happened considering what The Castro is today; you wouldn’t see a protest for Pelosi in The Castro today, I can tell you that!). A crowd came out of the Metro station and one woman stopped and asked me, “what’s the protest for?” I said: They’re protesting Nancy Pelosi. She gave me this blank stare. I then added, “She’s the speaker of the house (of representatives).” She said: What’s that? I was thinking: Oh lord. I gave her this “Look at me. Are you in there?” look. She then walked away. Sigh. Even if she wasn’t a resident of San Francisco, she was speaking US-English so I assume she was from somewhere in The Cesspool and she didn’t even know who Pelosi was.

There were some spontaneous protests in US cities following trump’s terrorist attack on Syria. As I asked mi amigo/my friend: Where were these protesters when obama was doing the same thing or worse? Answer: They were making excuses for obama or remaining silent because they felt they couldn’t criticise the guy they voted for. With these protesters, it seems that war is only bad when a Republican is in office. Their hypocrisy is noted. Chau.—el barrio rosa

One comment on “Trump’s Terrorists

  1. FedUp!

    Dropping bombs and killing people = presidential.

    I saw a poll yesterday that said that the insane one is now considered “presidential” in the minds of most people in the U.S. who were polled because he dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb on a civilian population and killed people. We really do live in a fucking sick country. Not only that, but he dropped the bomb on the facility that the U.S. mlitary built for the musha hadeen during the 1970s when the U.S. backed the musha hadeen (now the Taliban) and built this undergroiund facility to fight the USSR at the time. So we basically bombed our own facility. But hey, it’s just U.S. taxpaper money…so what’s the big deal???? If the U.S. were to give just one-tenth of the money they spent on the Moab to poor people the people in the U.S. would be saying “no special rights for the poor” and that we should be spending the money on something else.

Fin. The End.