US Democratic Party front sites moving to the right by sanitising their language

Hola a todos. First, I thought I’d respond to an e-mail I received. A reader asked what I think about el presidente-electo/the presidente-elect en México, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City who is still running for the US House of Representatives. Well, it’s too early to say since neither have taken office yet. But, I can say that both have already somewhat turned me off and caused red flags to rise. Let’s take Alexandria for instance. She is already back-tracking on who and what she is — not good — and as I said she’s not even in office yet! Being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Party — does “America” mean the United States of America in this instance or the entire hemisphere called America? — she was asked on one of those corporate media shows after winning the primary: “Are you a democratic socialist? Is that what you’d call yourself or you don’t want that label?” Note that the first part of the question required a yes or no answer, which she didn’t give. Instead she responded with this pabulum: “I mean, it’s part of what I am. It’s not all of what I am. (ed. Oh here we go! That is a raw politics sewage answer). And I think that that’s a very important distinction. I’m an educator. I’m an organizer. (ed. Unspoken: And I’m a bullshitter in case you haven’t noticed. I’ll tell people what I think they want to hear). And I believe that what we’re really seeing is just a movement for healthcare, housing and education in the United States.” Sounds like evasion of the question and newspeak to me. And that’s pretty much the way the entire interview went: Bent over and mealy-mouthed, trying not to offend anyone, especially the Democratic Party establishment politicians. Your typical Democrat, and she admits to being a “proud Democrat” and “the Democrats are a big tent party” (ed. Oh here we go with the big tent nonsense. I didn’t know they were still dragging that out.) and cited Charles Schumer as well. I wouldn’t have even mentioned his name. He’s known as the senator of Walls Street. In her first interview after winning the primary she said, “I’m proud to be a Democrat. I was raised in a Democratic family, with Democratic values.” And her main goal, she said, is to help the Democrats recapture control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm election. Ugh. (As if anything will change if they do). Since winning the primary, she has gone out of her way to assure The Establishment/The US Oligarchy that she in no way represents any threat to their interests. She still has to win in November 2018. After she won the primary, mi amigo/my friend told me that the brainwashed Dembot voters were jumping up and down in premature celebration. I told him: The corporatist Democratic Party will treat her just like they treated Dennis Kucinich, Al Franken, and the same disrespectful way they treat Maxine Waters. Using political speak, Alexandria will be told to: “Sit down and shut up. You’re new here. You have to be part of The Right-Wing Establishment and our agenda of helping the Republicans or we’ll make you irrelevant. Do we understand each other, Ms Ocasio-Cortez? We’ll get back to you, maybe, when we want to hear from you. We’ll call you. Don’t call us.” Shortly after I said that to mi amigo, I read that Nancy Pelosi had already dismissed Alexandria’s win as “insignificant.” See what I mean? Yes, that does sound like “sit down and shut up” and “we have no interest in her.” As for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he’s a corporatist, and from what I read he assured the business interests in México that he is of no threat to their financial interests; he’s pro-capitalism. He’s for NAFTA. Well, a corporatist and a genuine leftist is an oxymoron. He appears to already be snuggling up to the orange nazi and he’s not even in office yet. He takes office en diciembre/in December 2018. In his typical hyped form, the orange nazi said he and Obrador had a “great” conversation and he thinks that Obrador will pay for the wall between The Cesspool and México. Yes, the orange nazi had to drag out that wall first thing! He couldn’t even wait for the guy to take office. Obrador said he looks forward to working with the US. Why?
I also read: “López Obrador has been highly critical of Tr*mp, particularly of his policy to separate migrant families. But his acceptance speech was more amicable, talking of renewing the hugely strained relations with the US.” WTF? This is not looking good. So, is this el hombre/the man that los mexicanos thought they elected where their behaviour was reminiscent of the Obamabots with tears running down their faces? As usual, I think there’s a lot of false hope and wishful-thinking with these two supposed “leftist” messiah politicians which is how they’re being made out to be. The brainwashed Dembots with their cult mentality apparently learned nothing from The Messiah Obama ExperienceTM, and how they allowed themselves to be so duped by him with his empty marketing slogans of “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” bull shit. Like with anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But Dembots override any rationale, realistic thinking with their perpetual wishful-thinking. Now on to the subject of this article.

On some of the political sites mi amigo/my friend visits, he’s noticed the increasing sanitising of language used in article titles and in the article’s text with the use of asterisks, such as these examples: d*ck, p*ssy, sh*t, goddam*ed, f*ck, n*gger and f*ggot, among others. He showed these examples to me. I asked: Who are they sanitising their language for? The fake-progressive prudes who visit the site? Why cater to them and their hangups? I thought we were all adults here, no?

I said: So if they were to write the name “Dick Gregory,” I guess that would have to be written D*ck Gregory, no? I mean, if they’re sanitising their language for children (some of whom know more of these words and how to spell them than their prudish parents!) — and how many children read these adult political sites? — whereas other children wouldn’t know the difference between one d*ck and another D*ck, frankly.

I don’t believe in the sanitising of language — why would one create a language for it to be sanitised? — with two exceptions to that being that I don’t like to mention the names of predatory techie corporations who have helped ruin San Francisco and the Bay Area. They get enough attention as it is. So I write G**gle, as one example. And, I don’t want the names of the current White House resident or his sidekick filth-ing my site. Other than that, one place you won’t read sanitised language is here on mi diario/my diary (pink barrio).

The sanitising of (sex) language strikes me as very prudish. Mi amigo is seeing more of this. At some point in the very near future their site is going to be one big asterisk.

This sanitising mentality caters to fascism and to a large segment of the orange nazi supporters, yet these political sites who serve as a front for the corrupt and largely-irrelevant Democratic Party especially at “s-election” time pretend to be “liberal” and “progressive.” Conservatives and prudes sanitise language. Genuine progressives and genuine liberals don’t, but the fake-progressives and fake-liberals among us do, such as these sites. And as I have written before, historically I have had the worst commenting experiences on the fake-progressives sites where the overwhelming majority of the commenters are not genuine progressives at all but merely lockstep, partisan-brainwashed supporters of their right-wing Democratic Party. Genuine progressives understand that it’s contradicts one’s alleged principles and convictions to support a right-wing party (the Democratic Party) which much of the time works for the other right-wing party (the Republican Party), as we likely shall see once again — based on their record — when fake-Democrats “cross over the aisle” and vote for whatever piece of right-wing trash the orange nazi nominates for the current opening on the US Supreme Court. This will come after one hears Democrats drone on in this manner:

Your worship, I have grave concerns about many statements you have made during these hearings (unspoken: and all the outright lies you’ve spoken. Did you train under Sarah Huck…, the White House spokesliar, by chance, in preparation for these hearings? I wasn’t aware she did private tutoring in lying skills). But I would like to join my esteemed colleagues (what a bunch of bull shit) and despite my grave concerns, I feel confident that you will make an outstanding justice for this court. So I can assure you, your worship, that you have my vote, and I’m looking forward to your serving on the court and I’m most humbled to be able to vote for you.

Yeah, that’s about the extent of it. Had enough ass-eating for one day? These people are the scum of the Earth. They love to hear themselves talk, and lie. Some of them are chronic liars — such as Sarah Huck… — so they have come to not know when they’re lying and when they’re on the odd occasion telling the truth. Some of these corporate parasites sit there in congress with no legal background or training whatsoever but with their Bachelor of Arts degree in a completely unrelated field to what they’re doing in congress while making laws. (Related: Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree).

CommonDems and other Democratic Party front sites exploiting political issues for $$/Dinero/Money

Mi amigo has also noticed some Democratic Party front sites currently exploiting issues such as child migration detention in the orange nazi’s concentration camps, ICE concentration camps, the Supremes upholding the orange nazi’s Muslim ban (another despicable decision), the “civility” smokescreen, and other topics in order to generate guilt-trip dinero/money for their sites from readers in the name of:

1. “Continuing Our Work Depends On You”
2. “Our Critical Mid-Year Campaign Is Going Very Slowly. Please Pitch In Today.”
3. “Readers Like You Keep Us Alive”
4. “Please support our mid-year campaign now, so we can continue to work for you.”

Let me tell it like it is about these sites and their obnoxious constant begging: “We” never asked you to work for us in the first place, and what do you call yourself doing? It’s your damn site. Pay for it yourself the way I do, rather than guilt-tripping your readers with semi-sob stories, or making regular commenters feel they must donate in order to have commenting rights which I think is the impression some people get. I’ve never asked my readers for donations nor will I. And contrary to the false-impression that most of these fake-progressive sites like to give of their supposedly having extremely expensive, exorbitant fees on their end to keep their site running, WTF are they talking about? It doesn’t cost that much money to have a site unless you’re paying a staff to steal articles from other sources or to write a few articles every now and then of their own, or paying “celebrity” writers. But often the “exposure” is the “salary” that writers receive.

Then there was the: “$22,165.00 raised from 838 readers as of 5PM on June 26.” And how does one verify that? The lowest suggested donation button is $15.00, as opposed to $5.00. But at least they finally changed their language. It used to be “We can’t do it without you.” That was getting stale. I often asked: What is it that you think you’re doing or claim to be doing since politically speaking things are getting worse with every passing day. Your site is not saving the world nor is it about to. Maybe you should shut down and things will get better, since they’re obviously not improving with your existence. And you’re not “working for” me because you banned me along with a large group of nonpartisan independent commenters from your site just days before your messiah Obama was s-elected. Despite your site pretending to be “independent and progressive,” your site becomes a site for lockstep cult-like devotion to the right-wing Democratic Party every s-election cycle — as happened during that campaign for Obama’s first White House run — and one had to be in boot-licking position with the corrupt Democratic Party Machine(TM) or else one was banned from your site by ISP address. I was one of many for which this happened just days before the s-election of Obama. That’s why for years I’ve called that site CommonDems. I have read that CommonDems is funded by George Soros. What suckers would give them any dinero/money? They’re constantly begging for money, according to mi amigo. So if the site is funded by Soros, anything they take in through these perpetual begging-fests is just pocket change. That is, if anyone is really donating at all. Or is it all bull shit to make themselves appear important and relevant? There’s no way to confirm that anyone is donating. You have to take their word for it, which I don’t. And conveniently and miraculously they always reach their goal of $50,000.00 — imagine that! — every fund drive. They never open up their financial books for anyone to see, and if you ask Craig what’s-it (the owner of the site) about that you’ll get silence. And get this: They’ll ban you so that you can’t even get on their site and then send you e-mails asking for money. That happened to me after I was banned. Here are some sites that have written about CommonDems’ history of banning people and other issues: Hope (on my banning from CommonDems) and Talk: CommonDems and The Distant Ocean and Metablue. Is the IRS paying any attention to this site and what they really are about, and what they do with any dinero they take in from gullible brainwashed Dembot suckers? The site is merely a mouthpiece for the corrupt Democratic Party especially at s-election time, while hiding behind the words “independent and progressive.” Oh they publish articles critical of their precious Dems during the year, but I think that’s just to give the illusion-impression that they are “independent and progressive.” Then at s-election time, things change. Lockstep devotion is required. Absolutely. As one of my commenters wrote today and I thought he made an excellent point: Here in the alleged “land of the free” — with the orange nazi’s regime in power Footnote 3 — the Dembots want nothing to do with one’s freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice. No, instead, in the minds of the Dembots, one apparently forfeits that freedom at s-election time and one is supposed to be in adamant lockstep with them. There are other sites similar to CommonDems who are frequently begging for money as well. I wouldn’t give any of them a penny.

CommonDems also wrote this (with my slight edits):

“CommonDems people-powered news model only works with the continuing support of our readers. Over 1,000 readers have stepped up this week. But we have millions of readers every month. And we still must raise $21,000 by Tuesday, July 3rd, for us to keep publishing. (They claimed to have reached $34,315.00 from 1,146 readers as of 12PM on 1 July 2018). Imagine the world without CommonDems. We have no choice but to ask readers who haven’t donated to step up at this crucial time.”

Oh no! The threat of them not publishing? The threat of losing CommonDems? What will one do, what will one do? “At this crucial time?” It’s always a “crucial time” with them. And what exactly do they presume to think they’re going to do about the orange nazi when the corrupt party they ultimately cheer lead for is all about helping him as I pointed out in this article.

Despite their arrogant illusions of grandeur and of self-importance, I think el mundo/the world will survive without CommonDems. In the big scheme of things, most people won’t even notice that they’re gone. Just the brainwashed Dembots will notice. This is especially true considering many of the articles they publish are based in a lot of unrealistic, gullible, premature celebration wishful-thinking. I guess you could call it “Eye Candy for Brainwashed Democrats.” Here’s an example as of this writing: “In ‘Huge Win’ for Immigrant Rights, Tr*mp Administration Ordered to End Indefinite Detention of Asylum Seekers.” Who among us is so gullible to believe that these human trash are going to adhere to a court order when they have demonstrated that they have absolutely no respect or regard for the US inJustice system and our time-honoured laws except when it favours them? You honestly believe that the orange nazi’s regime cares what a federal judge says? That’s not how these nazis operate. And who will monitor them to confirm that they are following this judge’s order? Or do “we” in “good faith” believe that they will? (roll eyes)

A Civil War in The Cesspool/the US?

In my opinion, a civil war is already underway with all the gun shootings around the country. The orange nazi would love to have a civil war in this country as he cheers on and encourages his violent-based cult followers. Many (if not most) of the people who worship and glorify the orange nazi as part of his cult are very much about violence and white supremacy, confederate flags, violent video games, endless gun collections. They openly talk about raping women because according to them: “white males are entitled to what they want” and “grabbing pussy” to be like their cult leader. Gun violence in the shithole US is a daily occurrence.

Fortunately I don’t see it in San FranciscoFootnote 2, but it’s getting really, really bad/nasty out there from reading the headlines on some sites. More and more people are using the word nigger these days as well as the word faggot. Yes, we’re going back to that era at part of a civil war in the US by reading the filth online and the hate for one group or another. The word faggot seems to be the new put-down for any person that one disagrees with online. It’s the “us versus them” mentality. And with their 5-4 decision in support of the orange nazi’s Muslim ban, it looks like the US Supreme Court wants to be an accomplice in assisting the orange nazi as much as possible in turning the shithole US into another nazi Deutschland/Germany, that being the ultimate goal of these people.

Meanwhile, we have two of the most useless people on the planet: Democrats and orange nazi boot lickers: First, there’s Nancy “it is never the time for impeachment talk” PelosiFootnote 1 and in second place there’s Charles “civility” Schumer scolding/reprimanding Representative Maxine Waters about “civility.” Maxine: you go girl! You tell it! We are way past “civility,” Schumer and Pelosi, you two useless Establishment corporate parasites. Why San Francisco continues to vote for that b/witch every s-election cycle at around 70%+ regardless of voter turnout is beyond me. Well I know why they do it: Name recognition. It should be pointed out that “civility” ended when the orange nazi trash got into office, illegitimately so, and the scum of his regime. (Related:
None of these people should be talking about “civility.”) With all that’s happening in this country, these two Establishment basura (Pelosi and Schumer) are concerned about “civility” of all thing! I don’t see Pelosi or Schumer reprimanding the orange nazi bully and lecturing him about “civility” and about him encouraging his rabid white supremacist and nazi supporters to resort to violence against opponents as he did repeatedly during the campaign. Schumer said, It’s ‘Not American’ to call for harassment of political opponents. Oh fuck off! I don’t see you lecturing the orange nazi about that or anything. Basura.

Yet the orange nazi is constantly attacking and harassing his political opponents, but the hypocrisy of bent over Schumer and Pelosi is noted. I appreciate what Representative Maxine Waters said. It’s about time a real politician stood up with some big hanging ovaries. It’s most rare. Muchas gracias to her. As for the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington VA incident, I appreciate that the owner and her employees decided to ask that despicable white house spokesliar — who’s void of any basic sense of human decency whatsoever — to leave the premises. (I can’t imagine what her children are going to turn out like). There are several other Red Hen restaurants around the US — none of them are related to each other; it’s not a chain — but that doesn’t seem to matter to the stupid white trash cultists who boot lick the orange nazi. Not being literate or big on details, his cultists have been protesting the wrong restaurant. Yes. They showed up at the Red Hen Restaurant in New Jersey and one here in California only to be informed: We’re not the restaurant where that happened. That was the Red Hen in Lexington VA. Stupid is in. The Lexington VA restaurant is being protested, or was when I checked on it while writing this. The picture I saw showed this large crowd (a rent-a-mob?) of 3 (three) people standing outside the restaurant. The restaurant was closed. They’re the most rabid of the orange nazi’s cultists. The owner of that restaurant just resigned from a local merchants’s group. The article I read didn’t say why she resigned but I suspect she was bullied and hounded out of the group. No big deal. If that group is anything like and as busy-bodied as the merchants’ groups here in San Francisco — especially The Castro merchants — it’s just as well she’s no longer part of such a (corrupt?) group. The restaurant is closed until July 5. One of the protesters I saw outside the restaurant was stepping on a Rainbow Flag going on about how bad gays are (several of the employees of the Red Hen in Lexington are Queer according to the owner).

Question: What is so unusual about asking someone to leave one’s restaurant/premises? In San Francisco, many businesses here have signs at or above the register that say, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. That’s normal business practise at any business. That’s what the Red Hen in Lexington VA did. (BTW, Lexington VA is south west of Charlottesville about 70 miles). The owner of the restaurant politely asked that constantly lying b/witch to leave, as I would have. I mean, who wants lying orange nazi trash hanging out in one’s restaurant? It should be pointed out that the US Supreme Court opened this whole thing up when they ruled in favour of discrimination that gay people can be discriminated against by a business and not be served. Remember the “Gay Wedding Cake” ruling, as one example?

Upon reflection, even though a civil war is already underway here in The Cesspool as I explained earlier, I don’t know how this country could have much of a civil war with such out-of-shape people who would have trouble walking one city block without having to check their phone in one hand and have a cigarette in the other, and a heart monitor in their back pocket. How would people get their required medications in a civil war, or food distribution, or their beer or clean agua/water or toilet paper?

Maybe the civil war will be online only — I don’t think that civil war will make any history books — since we’re frequently told how “Twi**er erupted” over yet another insane comment from the orange nazi man-child. I read the other day that “protests are now online.” Well that ought to make a tremendously big difference because so many people are inconvenienced by an online protest [sarcasm intended] with issues brought to their attention. If the civil war is only online, that civil war can easily be deleted, ignored or turned off entirely and won’t be the least bit effective, especially if it’s full of asterisks. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 Would you believe that this b/witch was once again re-elected for another 2-year term for the House of Representatives by the Dembot voters (of those who voted) in San Francisco this past June 2018, and she clocked in with the usual 70% or so (68.38% to be precise, 52.61% voter turnout). Ask these voters anything about her record of enabling George W Bush, neocon Obama (as he expanded the Bush’s regime’s agenda) and the orange nazi, and you’d likely get a blank stare. I think the people vote for her merely on name recognition and because, “Hey, I see her on television with those bugged-out eyes (where she looks terrified and afraid of her own shadow; similar to Dianne Feinstein) and those ancient outdated white pearls around her neck.” (BTW, for each pearl on her neck an animal had to die. Does anyone ever think of that?)

Footnote 2 Although I did see this white, jacked-up pickup truck the other day. I’ve never seen a pickup truck so high up off the ground. It was driven by this young white boy with a black baseball cap on. The only thing missing was the confederate flag in the back window along with a rifle and a “Tr*mp 2020″ bumper sticker. I don’t know how this guy was able to get into the cab of this truck without a ladder or somehow climbing up on the vehicle. It looked so much higher than the black pickup truck driving up the street right behind it.

Footnote 3 Even the orange nazi’s most rabid, sexist, misogynistic, chauvinist, pro-violence, racist, women-hating, homophobic angry supporters think that he is a nazi. That’s what they love about him. They have swastikas on their sites, one in particular supporting the orange nazi with his name imprinted on all four sides of the swastika. You can see that here. And they feel the same way about that P*nce guy.


Dr King warned us about people like Chuck Schumer