US Presidential campaign resorts to scapegoating undocumented immigrants

Hola. I had no intention of writing anything about the presidential campaign here in The Cesspool/the US, but when one issue keeps getting shoved in one’s face daily because of a billionaire redneck white trash candidate, it’s a hard to ignore that. Hate is hard to ignore.

As per usual, the scum has floated to the top. And the way these corporate parasites go about getting support from the gullible sheeple is by appealing to their emotions using hate. They appeal to the lowest common denominator. They feel the need to hate on one group or another in order to generate support from redneck white trash (which is all I’ve seen show up at his campaign rallies). Critical thinking skills are unknown to these sheeple. They operate solely on emotion and respond to hate rhetoric, and one particular corporate parasite is generating as much hate as possible on a daily basis and the corporate media are fueling it by giving this basura as much attention as possible. The corporate media could just ignore his hateful ass, but no, they don’t do that, including Univisión. That billionaire piece of trash who’s buying his way for president went after respected journalist Jorge Ramos of Noticero Univisión at a press conference. And when that piece of billionaire did so, because of his willful-ignorance of español, he mispronounced the name of the network Jorge Ramos works for. Note to wealthy redneck white trash: It’s not pronounced “You-nah-vision,” asshole. Learn some basis español, Mr Bully, before you go off telling someone to go back to their network that you don’t even know how to pronounce! You looked pretty bad/ignorant. You remind me of the worst type of internet troll. By telling Jorge to “go back to Univisión,” many Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos heard, “go back to México.” (Hopefully I don’t need to explain that to anyone and the slap-in-the-face that that is.) And Mr Bully redneck was making fun of an español accent the other day. Ugh.

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Las Dalias are native
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I haven’t heard that the misnamed “Democratic” Party and their useless, mealy-mouthed, feet-shuffling corporate parasites have said a word in response to the hate spewed against los inmigrantes indocumentados. Silencio is what one typically gets from them. Well, silencio can equate with agreement. Have I told you how much I despise that corrupt “Democratic” Big Business Party and the trash that still support it, no matter what they call themselves (pseudo-”progressives,” pseudo-”liberals” and other meaningless words)?

And what’s this about Mr Billionaire Bully and that anti-Mexicano asshole sheriff on a power trip in Arizona going to México together? Is that to pick a fight with los mexicanos? *roll eyes* Well at least learn the word for “hello” before you go, assholes. I can help you with that: Say “hola” and the “h” is not pronounced, just so you know.

Yesterday, I learned that Queen Hillary of the Borg Collective and that Bill went to la boda/the wedding for this redneck billionaire bully back in 2005, so they’re all friends.

For my own sanity and well-being, I’m paying very little attention to this caca, in part, because there’s so much scapegoating of los inmigrantes y los inmigrantes indocumentados/undocumented immigrants and I’m sick of it. I can’t stand it. Here in The Cesspool/the US, everyone is an immigrant whether you were born here or not unless you are a direct descendant of the native peoples (commonly known as “Native Americans”) who were here to begin with and treated like basura by the arriving (European) immigrants.

Also, the words on the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour mean absolutely nothing to these basura such as that billionaire asshole and his rabid, right-wing trash supporters. Based on the way this gutter-based presidential campaign is going, is there any wonder now why some of us refer to este país/this country (US/EEUU/Los Estados Unidos/The Imperialistic Empire) as The Cesspool? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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12 comments on “US Presidential campaign resorts to scapegoating undocumented immigrants

  1. FedUp!

    The hate for immigrants is happening throughout the world now. I have many problems with DemocracyNow but a friend showed me this video. It’s very disturbing:

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      Just goes hand-in-hand with the global spread of fascism (and conservatism in general). Yes, as American Capitalist imperialism continues unabated, causing more wars and destruction, of course there will be floods of refugees and asylum seekers. What did they think would happen? What disturbs me is the somewhat indirect effect it has had on many European countries. Most European countries simply do not have the resources to keep up with the floods of immigrant refugees even if they tried.

      I’m of (mostly) Norwegian descent – 1st generation – and I tend to stay somewhat aware of what’s going on over there. In 2013, Norway elected the first conservative/libertarian/capitalist government in about 50 years. They were elected in part because of their anti-immigration stance – Norwegian citizens are easy prey in this area, even as progressive as they are, simply because it is a very small country with very limited resources. They’ve had a great thing going for a long time – wealthy social democracy with the highest standard of living in the world. It can be as easy as cake to convince/propagandize the population into accepting this rightist shift if they feel their wealth and lifestyle may be affected. Now, along with most of the rest of Europe, the conservative shift has begun in Norway.

      Granted this is nothing near as bad as the utterly insane crackpot conservatism in the US, but it’s a stepping stone in that direction – and that worries me deeply.

      In 2011, a right-wing lunatic named Anders Breivik ( if you’re not familiar with this scumbag) killed a large number of people in Oslo, mainly for reasons of extremist racism, protesting immigration and Norway’s once-liberal asylum policies. His special brand of evil was partially fueled by American anti-Muslim sentiment.

      And in typical right-wing fashion, the “Progress” Party has made an attempt to dissuade anyone from making the connection between their antics and Breivik: – The fact that Breivik dropped support for the “Progess” party is irrelevant here. The same sort of twisted thought process going through Breivik’s head is going through the heads of many anti-immigrant citizens in Europe, and that thought process is only being fueled by the huge number of refugees.

      We need to end this idiotic and downright insane concept of drawing arbitrary lines in the sand and then killing each other over them. World War III (which many say has already begun, and they may well be correct) will indeed be the “war to end all wars” – no one will be left to kill in the end. Not even the Oligarchs will be safe this time. Bloody f’ing insanity.

      1. rosa_barrio Post author

        “We need to end this idiotic and downright insane concept of drawing arbitrary lines in the sand and then killing each other over them.”

        Hola, I agree completely. I’m opposed to borders. All they do is cause problems. People should be able to live and work wherever they want in the world considering we are all citizens of the planet. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  2. Dan

    Thanks for referring to some immigrants as undocumented. With all the hate out there for immigrants I really appreciate that. I know you read the wsws and they consistently use undocumented. The same cannot be said about some of their commenters though. Even though the hateful “i” word is not used in any of their articles some commenters use it, even some who come off as “socialist.” I don’t understand that. I won’t register with their third-party comment system in order to vent my frustration about that there so I thought I would vent here about that. Thanks much.

    1. Edna

      I agree with you, Dan. This is the only site I’ve ever been on where the comments about immigration are readable. On so many other sites the commenters go out of their way to use the I-word as often as possible and they type it in all caps screaming it. The hate out there for undocumented immigrants is disgusting.

  3. E in Sunnyvale

    History just keeps repeating itself. As perhaps intended, capitalism has failed the majority (it certainly has benefitted the small minority at the top of the pyramid scheme) and its failure has destabilized society. Very much the same way Germany was destabilized after WWI. Prime breeding ground for all sorts of fanatics, lunatics, wannabe dictators and fascism in general. We’re seeing more and more of The Crazy coming out of the woodwork every single day and it’s happening fast. I seriously believe it’s only a matter of time before they fire up the gas chambers to deal with the “illegals”, homeless/poor, mentally ill, homosexual, transgender, hippies, non-conformist, etc… etc… It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  4. D8

    Speaking of Assholes, One of these presidential candidates wants to track immigrants the way FedEx tracks packages. Track immigrants like packages he says.

    Where can one go to get out of here? I was thinking of Cuba but that’s now off my list because in about five years Cuba will probably look like Manhattan considering all the corporations chomping at the bit to exploit the people of Cuba and tourists as a result of what Obama and Castro are now doing. US imperialism will control Cuba.

  5. FedUp!

    Deportations are at record levels under Obama. He has deported more people than any president. Despite that, aren’t most Latinos still Obama supporters?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola, yes I think so. Incredible isn’t it?! I think el hombre could deport every Latino/Hispano living here in The Cesspool and they would all still support him. (What does it take for people to abandon their support of someone who is tearing families and friends apart?) And the same goes for Univisión y Telemundo. Their messiah Obama can do anything and both networks remain Obamabots and love to interview him and have him before their cameras. Ugh. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  6. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. Muchas gracias for this; I really appreciate it. I’m hearing so much hate too. I’ve seen that clip many times and could not believe how disrespectful DT was to Jorge Ramos. Damn. Other than DT not knowing how to pronounce Univisión, the other thing that really annoyed me about that was that the other reporters just sat there on their hands. They didn’t say anything. None of them stood up to defend Ramos. That was disgusting to watch. Gracias.

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