Was Russia involved in the US 2016 “election?”

“A former CIA director admits the U.S. does interfere in other countries’ elections – when it is, quote, “for a good cause”. [source: RT News]. Translation of “for a good cause?”: In the interests of the shithole US of Hypocrisy.

Hola a todos. Politics. Disgusting. I’d much rather talk about music.

I started this article sometime ago in response to a couple of readers who e-mailed me over the past months giving me their views on the US 2016 presidential s-election. They both thought it was illegitimate because of Russian involvement and asked my thoughts. I sat on it for awhile. So rather than waste the time I spent writing what I had written, I thought I’d go ahead and update it and publish it.

Was Russia involved in the US 2016 “s-election?” I don’t know, and don’t really care. And does it matter? I think there are far more important things to be concerned about. I’ve seen the occasional article over past months speaking to something suspect having taken place and the latest revelations. It’s become too partisan of a topic. But overall, to date (el 21 de febrero de 2018), so far it’s all pretty minor stuff even though the brainwashed partisan Democrats want to believe it’s “bombshell” stuff. One has to keep in mind that they frequently tend to exaggerate these things and engage in wishful-thinking. So what that some Russians tried to influence our “election” and politics? The shithole US of Hypocrisy constantly does that to other countries. The US goes way beyond “influencing” the politics in other countries throughout the world. They’ve intervened and/or tried to influence the politics of every country on the Earth and continue to do so to this day. I’m not saying that “two wrongs make a right” but I’m just pointing out the usual blatant hypocrisy of The Cesspool/the US.

The US goes so far as to launch congressionally-(un)authorised terrorist attacks on other nations — the feel-good marketing language they use is usually “Operation [fill in the blank]” — to change a country’s politics by removing/killing their leader and killing thousands of innocent people in the process. The US doesn’t care how many people they kill in other countries. The barbaric “Christian nation” US of Hypocrisy thinks nothing of leaving a country in complete rubble to “influence”/outright change a country’s politics per the US neocon’s Project For The New American Century agenda. Fucking assholes. So that’s way beyond “influence.” But the brainwashed/cultist Democrats want to believe that their messiah Hillary lost due to outside intervention from Russia. They refuse to admit that she lost (sort of) because she was an awful candidate and people can’t stand her. However, she did win in the context that she got more votes, 3-4 million more that we know of. Just like with illegitimate George W Bush, el hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child got in office through the “backdoor” called the electoral college, and that’s likely how he will be “re-selected” for a second term. Do I think he’s legitimate? No, but no one seems eager to remove him from office when the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives vote with the House Republicans against impeachment, led by Democrat Nancy Pelosi and in addition to that: the Democrats helped expand the surveillance powers that el hombre-niño naranja has. Now mind you, this comes after their accusations that he’s abusing the inJustice Department and going after his political enemies. As for the utterly gross man-child being illegitimate, by that I mean that I think that has to do with our corrupt election system — and the “Deep State” cabal who wanted him in office and not her — rather than by Russian involvement. Who controls the tabulators on “s-election” night connected to these easily-hackable electronic voting machines which are all over the nation? (BTW, is that not still true? I keep reading that these voting machines are now only used in 15 US states. Although, even when a paper ballot is used, the ballot is still tallied using electronic equipment. Isn’t that electronic equipment hackable?). For those who are about to make some snide/troll comment about my, “tin-foil hat,” what I’m talking about is not “loony conspiracy theory stuff.” It’s very real, although the overwhelming majority of US voters choose to live in Denial about it, including most Democrats and Republicans. Here in the US of Hypocrisy and Denial, they choose/want to believe that we have a fair and legitimate election system. The conservative state of Virginia doesn’t agree with that thinking: For example, Virginia just decertified its most hackable voting machines. Here’s more info about easily-hackable electronic voting machines. Take your pick of articles. It seems to me it would be much easier to flip numbers and deliberately change the outcome of the “s-election” internally through hackable voting machines and at a central tabulator rather than by some “influence” from an outside international source such as Russia. I have no idea which persons within the US Oligarchy are responsible for working with the tabulator(s).

Mi amigo/My friend asked: Why is this investigation into Russia’s involvement taking so long? The initial 9-11 investigation took only hours before they/we knew who all the hijackers were and how they got there. This so-called “investigation” smells like there may be some payoffs going on. Of course that would never happen would it? Not in the shithole US of Hypocrisy. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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