Washington National Cathedral: Preaching peace while promoting war criminals

Has Washington National Cathedral completely lost it? Who is running this place? The Dean? The Bishop (for the Diocese of the District of Columbia)? Or both?

Washington National Cathedral (WNC), located in my former home City, the District of Columbia, is a cathedral church of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Hola a todos. I gave up on Washington National Cathedral (WNC) sometime ago for various reasons (see links below at bottom of article). Both musically, which was the primary reason I was watching their Liturgies, as well as liturgically as they became more Low Church. I had sensed that the now-former Cathedral Organist, Benjamin Straley, had tried to use what influence he had to make the Liturgy more High Church (that was just a guess on my part), but those changes didn’t last. They were only temporary. Things gradually went back to the Low Church way they were.

I saw the image (to your right) online the other day. Why would WNC, a Christian Cathedral Church of the Anglican Communion, promote in its advertisement a neocon Republican politician whose policies in office were as anti-Christian as humanly possible? But I suppose that’s what we should expect today, no? Some of the partisan cultists would ask me, “Would you prefer to see Obama in that ad?” Well no, he’s just as bad. I would prefer to see neither. What does a corrupt politician have to do with WNC? In fact, overall Obama’s even worse because he greatly expanded on the neocon agenda of the illegitimate Bush regime, which you might remember got into office following the 2000 Judicial Coup where the US Supreme Court’s Bush Family friends selected Bush/Cheney to occupy the White House after the stolen election in Florida.

Then there’s that tag line about: “Where the story of faith meets the story of America.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Are they talking about how the British came in to — what’s now known as — the US and stole the land from the native peoples who were here to begin with? Is that the “story of America” they’re referring to? What I hear in that tag line is the wrapping of church and state. I would like to point out to WNC that we are supposed to have a separation of church and state here in the United States of America, including at WNC. But I’m well aware that if there’s any place where the lines are blurred and where they love to combine church and state it’s in Washington National Cathedral.

WNC is really no different than the combination of church and state that one sees in the CoE (Church of England) for state ceremonies such as in St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral or Westminster Abbey in London. The difference there is that the CoE/Anglican Church is the Established Church of England. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the liturgical head, although the monarch (Queen Elizabeth II) is the supreme governor. The Church of England is also the mother church of the international Anglican Communion. We don’t have an established church here in the shithole US.

Also, why on Earth would they at WNC promote someone — George W Bush — who constantly violated the fifth of the Ten Commandments (“Thou Shalt Not Kill”)? What part of that commandment do these fake-Christians not understand? Or is that commandment to only be selectively honoured?

Apparently, they don’t believe much of what they preach at WNC or what they claim to believe in. They’re very selective and pick and choose what they believe. Their hypocrisy is noted. They can’t possibly sincerely and genuinely believe what they preach since as of this writing they’re promoting George W Bush in their advertisement. Incredible. I find that reprehensible and repugnant. I’m not part of this new revisionist history crowd when it comes to Bush. I clearly remember his 8 years in office and his years should not be sanitised or sweetened as some are trying to do, no matter how often he and Michelle Obama hug and kiss. The Bush’s and Obama’s are all just one big happy family despite any appearance of “opposition party” pabulum for theatre purposes.

Why would WNC promote a war criminal from the Bush regime? Do they at WNC not remember what the illegitimate Bush regime did during the 8 years? Do they not remember that thousands of innocent people were killed on his watch — with the complicity and enabling of the Republican and “Democratic” Party Cults — based on banks of lies? Do they not remember the Bush regime’s two terrorist attacks (let’s call them what they were dammit), one on Afghanistan (2001) and the other on Iraq (2003)? The innocent people of both countries were terrorised by an attack on their country by the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine. Do they at WNC not remember the neocon’s Project For The New American Century Agenda’s convenient “Inside Job” called 911 — as written about on page 51 of the PNAC document which speaks of needing a new Pearl Harbour to galvanise the public for war, and that “new Pearl Harbour” took place on September 11, 2001 close to 8 months after the illegitimate Bush regime had taken office — and which has served as the excuse for damn-near every draconian repressive measure/law put in place since to keep the public in constant fear of their own shadow in the name of “Terror, Terror, Terror” all the time? Nearly any act of violence today is marketed to the public as “terror.” Before this marketing technique became “the norm” for the neocon agenda, any acts of violence were merely seen for what it was: An act of violence, and not to be exploited for an agenda of perpetual war and bombings as part of US Empire building and world domination. Humans have been violent since the beginning of time. But these basura felt they needed to exploit certain acts of violence for their neocon agenda, so they gave it a specific marketing name: “TerrorTM,” and it’s been used ever since.

What is wrong with these people at WNC? Do they have no memory, no historical recollection of any of this? Or is it more important to them to go out of their way to rub shoulders with corrupt war hawk bourgeois Establishment celebrities — no matter how heinous they are — whenever they attend Liturgies and/or memorial services in the cathedral? This is more of that revisionist history we’re seeing more and more of. Rather than what he is (a neocon Republican), I think George W Bush is now seen as a “liberal.” Ludicrous. I think he’s falsely seen as a “liberal” because he and Michelle Obama have become an item of sorts. Yes, that’s true. George and Michelle are so close and snugly as you can see in those images. It warms one’s heart, doesn’t it? (Gag.) To be clear: The Obamas are no liberals despite that “D” next to their name; his policies overall were to the right of Bush. But there’s still this myth that exists that “Democrat” = liberal. Rubbish. Here’s some chisme/gossip for you: Did you know that George supposedly slipped some candy to Michelle at the memorial service in WNC for John McCain? Oh yes, they enjoyed some candy during the Liturgy where war hawk and warmonger John McCain was canonised and granted sainthood status. I’m surprised they didn’t chant the Litany of Saints during the Liturgy and include Saint McCain’s name.

If I had to take a guess, I suspect most of the people at WNC are Obamabots, devout-faithful partisan “Democrats” and part of the “Democratic” Party Cult. For the canonisation of McCain, war criminal messiah Obama was there too glorifying and speaking the praises of Saint McCain. And I suspect that much of the cathedral staff was absolutely giddy that they were in the presence of the corrupt US Oligarchy’s war criminal celebrities and corporate parasite celebrities from the various branches of the utterly corrupt US government.

One wonders: Is WNC trying to change their “liberal” image to cater to the conservatives/right-wing? One does get that impression despite the sweet words that one supposedly still hears during the Liturgies about “peace, love and brotherhood and fellowship.” Their hypocrisy is glaring.

You might remember the image of torture that we saw during the illegitimate Bush regime years.

Image result for bush years, torture, head on box

Let’s also not forget that Iraq had nothing to do with 911, yet many people were tortured to death (see image on the right) and remain in prison to this day. Yet not one corporate parasite from the neocon illegitimate Bush regime went to jail or was even questioned. I remember that the delusional and constantly wishful-thinking “Democratic” Party Cultists wanted to believe that their messiah Obama was going to “go after Bush” after Obama took office. In reality, just the opposite happened as I and some others had said would be the case. Instead, many from the Bush regime got promotions in other jobs, some stayed over in the Obama regime, and “Mr Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” Nobel Peace Prize Obama — who left office with 8-9 wars in progress — decided to “look forward and not backwards.” He had no intention of “going after” his friend Bush, but instead greatly expanded many of the illegitimate Bush’s regime’s despicable neocon policies. These are just the facts, which make some partisans very uncomfortable.

Washington National Cathedral routinely preaches “peace and love through Christ Jesus,” while on other occasions celebrating war criminals and the barbaric killing machine known as the US Military Industrial Complex. One wonders how they at WNC live with their hypocrisy? Or do they choose to live in Denial as so many fake-Christians do? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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