Pavel Chesnekov – “We Praise Thee” – performed by the St Petersburg Chamber Choir (Russia)

Hola a todos. Below is a performance of “We Praise Thee” from The Russian Liturgy by the Russian composer, Pavel Grigorievich Chesnokov (in Russian: Павел Григорьевич Чесноков). This piece is performed superbly by the St Petersburg Chamber Choir of Russia and conducted by Nikolai Korniev.

Chesnekov lived during the years 1877-1944, approximately the same time as Sergei Rachmaninov, 1873-1943. And because of the style and harmonies of this piece, if one didn’t know otherwise, one might think it was written by Rachmaninov.

I played this for mi amigo/my friend and his first comment was about those Russian basses you will hear. They are known as Oktavist basses which are basso profondo (from italiano) basses with an exceptionally low (on the scale) range. They are usually the older men of the Chorus and this is especially typical of Russian Orthodox choral music. When I was a chorister in Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington we performed Sergei Rachmaninov’s choral symphony Колокола, Kolokola/The Bells, Op. 35, in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with (I think it was) the resident National Symphony Orchestra — as opposed to a guest international orchestra — with either Norman conducting or Mstislav Rostropovich (I forget which, considering it was awhile ago). I think it was Norman; my memory sees him conducting that. But anyway, Norman worked on having our bass section sound authentically Russian for that performance, and it did, very much like what you’ll hear in the performance below. In Chesnekov’s choral music, he focused on the bass section in his writing generally dividing the bass section into six groups with baritones being the higher-ranged voices and the deep and powerful Oktavists basses at the bottom.

This music feels very appropriate for the dark times we’re living in as we proceed deeper into Dark Ages II. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. strangetimes

    that music does feel very fitting for the times. looks like the inaguration stirred some people up on here this a.m. fyi: i’ve had the most success getting my comments on non-liberal and non-progressive sites. when i’ve addressed the fake liberals, fake left and fake progressives everybody shuts up including the far right. the fake left have never responded or tried to defend their hypocrisy. they don’t have any comeback. i get the silence they became comfortable with during the obama years.


  2. FedUp!

    I enjoyed that piece of music very much and it does speak to the times….it brought me to tears. If you’ll allow me to be off topic considering it’s inauguration day, you wrote about what I’m about to say after Trump was declared the winner. Just like GW Bush, some of us feel DT is illegitimate because he lost the popular vote. I was no Hillary supporter but it’s not right in my mind that a billionaire bully who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes that we’re told about is declared the winner. I read your words after the election and they bare repeating. I too am fed up with the fake-left, the fake-liberals and the fake-progressives who sat mostly in silence for 8 years under Obama when there were so many things to protest. But these fakes were silent or condoned Obama’s policies with many of them being one issue people. To them, war is okay if it’s a Democrat in office. War is only bad when it’s a Republican in office. Like you said, their politics change with the wind depending which team is in office and their god (you used the word messiah) in the White House. You described them as “shallow and superficial.” Couldn’t agree more!!! I’ve read about the protests planned for Trump in DC and across the US. Where TF were these people during the past 8 years who have (as you put it) “come out of their partisan coma?” I would join them in their protests but I see them all as hypocrites, like you said, so it would make me very uncomfortable to stand with them in protest of Trrump becasue the next time we have a Democratic president if that happens again and if we live that long and make it that far (doubful) these hypocrites will go back to sleep for the duration of that Democratic president’s stay in office. Thanks for allowing me to say this and vent. I tried posting this comment on a couple of fake-progressive site but they deleted it. That’s also typical of the fake-progressives and fake-left who live in their partisan Democratic Party bubble, and the truth hurts them.

    1. David in Breuckelen

      That’s how I feel. Thank you for saying that. I would be over in Manhattan at Trump Tower this morning joining the protesters, but I see a bunch of hypocrites. So no thank you, let me go back up here and read this article and watch this video….I clicked on the comments first.

    2. San Francisco Resident

      My, lovely music and those rumbling low basses. Looks like we’re all here this morning & I agree with FedUp!’s comment repeating what pink barrio wrote….thanks….somehow I must have missed that post.

  3. D8

    That’s beautiful, and speaking of the dark times we’re living in …..I find it very ironic you posted a Russian choral work on the day of Trump’s inauguration considering all the allegations and conversations about Russia hacking the election. I think there’s more to this posting than coincidence. It’s something you would do in a tongue-in-cheek way. :-)

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