Wealthy People Have A Right To Live In San Francisco? WTF?

“I shouldn’t have to see homeless people to and from my way to work every day.”— a start-up founder in San Francisco

Hola. Things are really loco when people think they have a “right” to live somewhere because of their wealth. And it’s because of that self-entitled, self-absorbed, elitist mentality of the super-wealthy tech basura that some of us are very pleased that tech is finally crashing in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and in Europe. Let ‘er Rip!

A start-up founder — who shall remain nameless on mi diario/my diary — wrote in an open letter last month that wealthy working people have earned the right to live in San Francisco. LOL. Really? How’s that?

The reality is that no one has a self-entitled right to live anywhere chico, especially these days. People live where they choose to live if they can afford it, but that has nothing to do with any special “right” to live there based on one’s wealth. I know of no laws that say that if one is wealthy one has a right to live in a certain place. That’s very ugly, bourgeois and elitist thinking. And apparently some of these techies — who we are constantly told are such “geniuses” — don’t possess any critical thinking skills, otherwise they wouldn’t make such ludicrous statements.

This techie basura went on to say that he shouldn’t have to see homeless people on his way to work every day and to see their pain, struggle and despair.

And why is that Mr Techie? Does it make you feel guilty to see the pain, struggle and despair of homeless people when self-entitled you have so much and they have nothing and you’re doing absolutely nothing to help them? Unless you’re completely lobotomised, that must give you quite a guilt trip, no? And it must make you feel quite uncomfortable, no? So that could explain why you feel you shouldn’t have to see homeless people. You are the one with issues. Why don’t you use some of your exorbitant wealth that makes you live under some illusion that you have a “right” to live here and get your septic head some high-quality psychotherapy. You could also use some of your exorbitant wealth by giving the homeless that you see some la plata/money (bills, not coins) as you walk by them. Or you could use your wealth to buy them some food and give them that in a nice/kind way — with a smile — as you walk by them and that might help ease some of your internal guilt. And I’m sure they would certainly appreciate that and you might just make their day! But your hating on them doesn’t help them and your tech industry is doing nothing to help this city or the homeless. In fact, this city is giving your techie company corporate welfare through tax-breaks. The city is losing millions of dollars because of that, and what are you giving back? Nothing, but your snooty, arrogant, elitist, nose-in-the-air attitude, culo. Your tech industry is all about gentrification, kicking people out and raising rents and prices so that only the wealthy basura like yourself can afford to live here.

The Tech Crash of 2016: Crash, baby, crash!

Mr Techie also referred to the homeless as “riffraff,” but later said that was being “insensitive.” His entire comment was extremely “insensitive.” He’s another clueless techie culo. And how many upper colons did he have to eat out to get where he is? It’s not all about coding skills. Like with many other things, there’s more to it than one’s qualifications. And many other clueless, lobotomised techie culos just like el chico still don’t understand why many people in San Francisco can’t stand the techies and their elitist attitude.

Maybe this techie culo will be one of the first to leave San Francisco as a result of the Tech Crash of 2016 if his venture capitalist dries up on him.

I’ve read several articles in the last couple weeks about the Tech Crash of 2016 and I cheer after reading each article because of how tech has ruined this city. One article was about a mass exodus out of Silicon Valley. Another article said that even ardent supporters of tech in San Francisco feel that some air needs to come out of the tech bubble in that things have gotten out of hand as far as tech’s control of this city. One article said expect to see 330,000 tech layoffs in 2016. Venture markets are cooling. I read that venture capitalists are tightening up and tired of investing their money in and continuing to float companies that never make any dinero/money. And I also read that that useless so-called “social media network” that begins with a “T” and ends with an “r” has decided not to expand their headquarters to across the street in San Francisco. They’re laying off employees. In fact, they’re leasing out one of the floors they already have. Their San Francisco headquarters is where most of their layoffs will take place. Yes! Excellent! Another article written at the end of last month said it had been a bad month for tech layoffs.

One article referred to the amount of tech “talent” in the Bay Area. Talent? Talent?! I think someone is misusing the word “talent” there. What talent is there in learning coding skills? I’ll explain: Music involves talent. One can have decades of training in music but if one does not possess the talent for it — and a good ear — all that training isn’t worth much. I taught a few piano students like that. They had some training but their playing demonstrated that they lacked the talent required and a good ear for making a piece music. As I wrote awhile back, the decades of training required for being a well-trained classical musician are far, far more difficult than the training for tech and I heard that from every techie who studied piano with me (Related: What’s More Difficult: Learning Tech Training Or Music Training?). It was unanimous. They had no idea when they came to me how difficult music studies were going to be. For some reason, they thought that they could take a couple of classes with me and they would be playing like a well-known concert artist. I never did quite understand that thinking, but after thinking about it over the years I think it’s because most concert artists make it look easy and effortless which is the sign of a true artist (even though it’s not easy or effortless – it just looks that way). But yet most talented classically-trained musicians don’t strut around as if they are “The Gift To The World” the way these arrogant, wealthy and lobotomised techie culos do with their nose cemented to their smartphones stupidphones 24-hours a day.

So when will these techie culos be leaving San Francisco and when will we see their $1MILLION USD PLUS Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) sitting empty, and the rent prices and other costs in San Francisco coming down? Can’t wait! Chau.—el barrio rosa

2 comments on “Wealthy People Have A Right To Live In San Francisco? WTF?

  1. Alejandro

    >>>The Tech Crash of 2016: Crash, baby, crash!<<<

    Hooooooooooola. That's how I feel about it !!! Gracias.


  2. D8

    Since tech took over SF, the conservatives love how SF is being turned into a conservative playground for the wealthy with an emphasis on corporate. They call that progress and they have been typing in all caps to people protesting the tech shuttles, evictions and tech gentrification that “you don’t have a right to live in SF….move to Oakland.” That’s been their ongoing theme for a few years.

    Now I read that ttechies are saying they have a right to live in SF because of their wealth. Fucking crazy.

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