Wearing all-black clothing in 46.1°C/115°F temperatures

El 3 de septiembre de 2017, Domingo/the 3rd of September 2017, Sunday. Hola a todos. Here are some of the temperatures for the past two days in San Francisco during our miserable and unusual heat wave here in the Bay Area and throughout California. It reached 42.7°C/109°F in some parts of San Francisco. It was 46.1°C/115°F over in the Forest Hill section of San Francisco, 47.2°C/117°F at Van Ness Avenue, and at Van Ness Avenue and Market Streets it reached 46.1°C/115°F. Unprecedented.

Question: Would you wear all-black or black and grey clothing in those temperatures?

I realise that stupid is in, insanity is in, and I realise that now-conservative San Francisco has an unofficial Dress Code of all-black or black and grey clothing, especially among the conformist Millennials and the techie trash. And that’s what one especially sees in the conservative Castro barrio/neighbourhood.

So I had wondered what these Millennial conformists would do when it was blazing hot outside, as it was the past two days. It was miserably hot. We’re having a very unusual heat wave in San Francisco at the moment, although it is a bit cooler today (Domingo/Sunday). During the past two days it literally felt like a blast furnace outside, especially the first day of the heat wave. Most unusual for usually cool San Francisco. I checked out things in The Castro yesterday — “ground-zero” to the Black and Grey Clothing Cult — to see what people were wearing. And here’s what I saw:

Not surprising, the conformist Millennials and some others were still in their all-black and black and grey clothing despite the extremely high temperatures. Loco/Loca/Crazy. As I’ve said before, conformity is more important to these shallow, superficial and insecure people than their own comfort. I saw one Millennial guy wearing all-black (black jeans and black t-shirt) with his phone to his ear sitting in the baking sun at Castro/Market Streets. He seemed unaware of the extreme heat, but at least he had his phone. Did he have any sun screen on his face or arms while baking for roughly 30 minutes in the hot sun? I suspect not.

About half to three-quarters of the people I saw were still wearing black and grey. Some people had made slight useless adjustments, presumably thinking it would keep them cooler. Some people were wearing — what I guess they thought was — cooler black clothing. It apparently didn’t dawn on these stupid-assed lobotomised phone-zombies that it’s the colour black that is the problem in the hot baking sun and not the design of the black clothing they’re wearing. For example, a black halter-top which some females were wearing yesterday is just as hot in the baking sun because it’s solid black. And because they were wearing a black halter top, more of their skin was exposed to the sun. Did these conformist females have the intelligence to put on any sun screen? Should females be allowed to wear a black halter top in today’s Castro? Doesn’t that border on violating the city-wide nudity ban? All of this exposed skin!! “What about the children????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!” that the conservative prudes constantly use as the lame excuse for continuing to sanitise The Castro? I don’t know, in the prudish Castro are females allowed to wear black halter tops? “Cover up! Cover up!” is what it’s all about today where shame of the human body has top priority — including among the conservative Queer community — regardless of the temperature outside. I saw two conformist females in tight blue jean cut-offs up to their ass. Gasp! “What about the children????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Are cut-offs up to the ass allowed in the prudish Castro? (Some gay guys caliente wore them during the Gay Mecca days, but those days are long over). Or is it okay when females wear them, but if a gay guy were to wear them conservative sex police Scott Penis would be instantly summoned to round them up and throw them in jail? These females with the blue jean cut-offs were wearing the perfunctory all-black lingerie shirt which went down to the bottom of the jeans. At least they were conforming in their all-black, since one could not really see their jean cut-offs that well. You must wear all-black to be “in” you know! It’s required. Did they have any sun screen on?

Some guys were wearing t-shirts and tank tops to presumably be cooler, but they were still all-black.

A large number of guys were more intelligent and they were wearing more colour (bright naranja/orange, verde/green, red) than the insecure and conformist females. (Mi amigo/My friend tells me that at his gym the females are always in all-black but some of the guys wear bright colours). The insecure females seem so afraid of colour — why is that? — and adamant about wearing all-black as if having been literally brainwashed in this context. I saw many gay guys in white t-shirts and coloured shorts — but not cargo shorts which were worn by most guys in the Old City days — in order to try to stay cooler. But at least the guys have some intelligence to know what to wear in order to try to stay cooler. These young females around here certainly don’t have a fucking clue. It also explains why they sound so stupid and illiterate when they talk: like, like, like, like, like is the main word in their very limited vocabulary, as well as their up-talking (putting a question mark at the end of all sentences). Where did these young, insecure, stupid-sounding females come from who moved here in recent years?

People who are secure with themselves don’t feel the need to conform with the sheeple herd. They don’t give a fuck what the herd wears. The secure people, the nonconformists people wear what they want. One thing is clear: San Francisco today is full of insecure females desperate to conform regardless of the temperature outside. They do so want to “fit in.” Quite pathetic really.

There’s got to be something in the agua/water, people, with such insanity as we’re seeing today! I thought most people were taught as a child that to keep cool outside in the hot sun that it’s intelligent to wear light-coloured clothing, no? In fact, I read an article yesterday about this heat wave and the article urged people to do exactly that. Well, apparently these stupid-assed people weren’t taught that. I’ve also referred to the Millennials as having been lobotomised, which seems appropriate, because the phone-zombies I saw yesterday didn’t look like they felt any heat, or felt anything for that matter. They were just floating along texting frantically and staring at their phones/their adult pacifiers. On the odd occasion they look up from their phone, they think there’s something wrong with you if you’re not staring at a phone and texting too, as well as wearing the black and grey “uniform.” Maybe it’s the phones that are causing all of this craziness and insanity.

Mi amigo/My friend had to take a trip up to the North Bay yesterday in the broiler-type heat. The first words out of his mouth when I saw him upon his return was, “The Bay Area is really changing.” He said it was crazy out. He specifically noticed the overpopulation and the heavy traffic of the Bay Area. He said people are driving so aggressively now. Like lunatics. He was driving 85mph to keep up with the traffic and aggressive, reckless asshole drivers were jetting past him even at that speed. He said that some people don’t stop at red lights over there. They jet through them, as happened when he was sitting at a red light in another lane. Later, when he came back through on the return trip, there was a 5-car pile up/accident at that intersection. He saw five accidents on his way back to San Francisco. He said he saw no phones over there in the places he went, although recently he told me that the phone addiction was just as bad over there as it is in The City. But yesterday, Marin and the North Bay were phone-free. When they got to the restaurant where they were going to eat, some insane female refused to walk out of the restaurant’s door to leave. She wanted the servers to remove the screen in the window so she could climb out the restaurant’s window. WTF? I’m not making this up. That’s what he told me. He said the servers had to escort this loca/crazy female out of the restaurant through the door to get her to leave. And he said he saw many other examples of insanity and people completely nutting out. There’s got to be something in the agua.

Also, speaking of insanity or an intended suicide, a guy jumped into the fire during the burning of the Burning Man last night during that festival in Nevada. He was air-lifted to the UC-Davis Medical Centre Burn Unit where he later died. The Burning Man internet feed was immediately shut down and they have completely stopped live-streaming Burning Man. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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