West Hollywood puts the Rainbow Flag back in the closet

Hola. ¿Qué tal? I missed this when it happened last year. It’s hard to keep up on all of this sanitising of gay areas in the US in the attempt to make them heteronormative and to cater to the (anti-gay and bigoted) “straights.”

As is the case with Hollywood, West Hollywood is at the base of the Hollywood Hills. Most people probably think that West Hollywood (WeHo) is a part of La Ciudad de los Ángeles/the City of Los Ángeles. Technically, just like Beverly Hills, West Hollywood is a separate city from La Ciudad de los Ángeles with its own city hall and city government. It is of course part of and in Los Ángeles County. West Hollywood is 1.9 square miles in size with an estimated population of a little over 35,000 residents as of 2013.

En junio/June of 2013 (what I now call Gay Discreet Month, but officially known as “Gay Pride Month”) in WeHo they decided to put up a Rainbow Flag on the top of City Hall. That was a very cool idea. For decades, West Hollywood has been known as the “gay mecca” of Los Ángeles. Today about 40% of the residents of WeHo say they are GLBTQs. But unfortunately from what I’ve read in the past month about West Hollywood, the same things that are happening in San Francisco are happening down there. As usual, some (“straight,” anti-gay?) busy-bodies who would likely say how they love and adore GLBTQ people protested the Rainbow Flag flying above West Hollywood’s City Hall. Then en enero/in January 2014, the city council of West Hollywood decided to vote on the presence of the Rainbow Flag flying on city hall. There are 5 people on the city council in West Hollywood and 4 of them are Queer boys. Now can you guess how these Queer boys voted? They voted to remove their own Rainbow Flag from their own city hall. Loco./Crazy. (As I’ve said many times, there’s got to be something in the water.) Then one of these Queer guys on the city council came up with the usual, typical and predictable mealy-mouthed pabulum about, “West Hollywood belongs to everyone including heterosexuals.” Oh give it a fucking rest! Some heterosexuals have always lived in West Hollywood, so have you, Mr Queer boy, always opposed the gay identity of West Hollywood because you didn’t want to offend the precious and delicate “straights” and cater to their (possible) bigotry? Ugh. The same Queer loco said that taking down the Rainbow Flag wasn’t about slighting gays (of course it wasn’t! [roll eyes]…the idiot really expected people to believe that?) but rather it was about “sending a message” about the city’s diversity (meaning “straight” people living in WeHo). Well again, there have always been some “straight” people in West Hollywood so his bull shit doesn’t really fly.

Conservatives Playing The Diversity CardTM

For some time, I’ve noticed how conservatives love to go on about “diversity”—until recently they hated diversity especially in San Francisco—and they really like to work the Diversity CardTM now. They think they’re being real cute by doing that. They’re using the term “diversity” as Newspeak because the only time they have any interest in “diversity” is when “straight” (conservative) white people are taking over a place. Then they’re all for “diversity.” But you watch when some Black people or Latinos or Asians or Queer boys are moving into or taking over an area and you’ll see conservatives supposed interest in “diversity” die pretty quickly. The same conservatives will be foaming at the mouth with bile, their necks a bright red as they’re screaming “get those people out of here”—that they don’t want—moving into their area. No, they don’t call that “diversity.” They protest that. And I’ve noticed that the conservatives must have all gotten together on this because the conservatives in San Francisco are using the same Newspeak/bull shit “Diversity Card”TM as they’re using in West Hollywood. These basura are not fooling anyone. I’ve heard all of this before in San Francisco in the recent years. The conservative Libertarians—including GLBTQ conservatives—love that “straights” are moving into and taking over the Castro, for example. They think that’s wonderful. That’s because the conservatives have never liked “gay meccas.” Many (if not most?) conservatives are closet cases. A case of self-hate?

Well, after the Rainbow Flag was removed from the top of City Hall in WeHo, fortunately many people expressed outraged and two months later (marzo/March 2014) they put up a new flag on city hall with a rainbow-coloured city logo. They should have put the original Rainbow Flag back up. When this happens in conservative San Francisco, I think most people—including GBLTQs—won’t give a fuck about it. I think when they take down the big Rainbow Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza—and some of us are surprised that it’s still up, but it’s probably up to exploit the tourists—no one will give a fuck about its removal other than the few remaining activists who are still living here who haven’t been evicted. When they painted over the Rainbow Flag colours (with gray paint) in the local “gay gym” which you can read about here no one gave a damn about that. No one protested that. An amigo wrote a letter of complaint to them, but the gym ignored him. No one could be bothered it seemed, or even noticed the change. Most (99%) were too busy with their phone addiction to even notice that the rainbow flag colours were painted over.

Then I read an article on a corporate site referring to West Hollywood becoming more “Diverse.” Oh here we go again! Translation: more “Straight,” but the “straight?” writer of that article couldn’t bring herself to say that. Even the writer of that article had to use Newspeak and play the disingenuous “Diversity CardTM.” Typical corporate.

As for this Queer loco on the city council, I’m sick of people like him. I’m sick of this shit where Queer boys are essentially going back in the fucking closet and/or eating the upper colon of the Hallowed and Sacrosanct “Straights”TM that these Queer boys think they must now bow and genuflect to, and eat the ass of. The original Gay Rights’ Movement damned-sure didn’t eat the ass of “straight” people. When did eating the ass of heterosexuals and becoming as much like them as possible become such a major turn-on and a top priority of GLBTQs? I know the answer to that. Eating the ass of heterosexuals is part of that GLBTQ “Assimilation” nonsense I wrote about here.

Larry Block in West Hollywood who donated the Rainbow Flag said, “…the removal of the flag was political because Duran and Prang are running for county offices (Duran for a seat on the Los Ángeles County Board of Supervisors and Prang for county assessor).” Of course it’s political. It’s nearly always political for some self-serving piece who wants to eat the upper colon of conservatives and the “straights.” It’s called trying to be heteronormative, sanitising oneself, sanitising West Hollywood, (and sanitising San Francisco and the Castro) and being sucked in by the far right/conservatives. And we have no shortage of conservative trash up here in San Francisco doing the same self-serving goddamned things to ram through their conservative agenda. In fact, this is happening all over the US of Hypocrisy to gay areas, and in most places Queers are just letting it happen and even encouraging it. In West Hollywood, they seem to be a bit more activist oriented. Meanwhile, Queer activism in San Francisco is dead. Most of our activists have been evicted from the city and are living in Oakland/East Bay and elsewhere. Today, most GLBTQs in San Francisco are corporatised sheeple and are too busy with their phone addiction to give a fuck about anything that really matters. Observing most people around here they are completely addicted to that dopamine rush they get from their “smartphone” screens. Most are hunched over squinting at and fucking with that tiny screen in their hand day and night, and not even aware of their surroundings or paying any attention to what’s going on right around them. Then you read this:

Arkansas Senate passes religion bill seen as targeting gays

Indiana Senate passes ‘religious freedom’ bill

There are currently 20 states as of this writing in The US of Hypocrisy that have these anti-gay laws. Yet there are GLBTQ idiots in San Francisco who say, “Gays can live anywhere these days.” Only a fucking moron believes that. Or someone not paying any attention to what’s going on.

As I’ve said before, at the rate things are going, in about 20 years or so the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will have to start all over again from the very beginning. Many GLBTQs seemed to have learned nothing from the past. Have they never heard the statement that “the past repeats itself?” Chau.—el barrio rosa


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2 comments on “West Hollywood puts the Rainbow Flag back in the closet

  1. FormerSanFranciscan

    Your post sparked my interest in West Hollywood. I did some research of my own. They’ve passed some very forward-thinking laws there.

    In 2011, they became the first city in the U.S. to ban the sale of clothing with real animal fur and that ban took effect on September 21, 2013. A local business challenged it but the ban was upheld.

    San Francisco would never ban animal furs. They would mock that idea, I know that from having lived there. There have been many other things they’ve done in WeHo that I can’t see San Francisco doing and I’m talking specifically of the new conservative San Francisco that you’ve written about. The San Francisco I lived in *might* have done them or some of them. Why didn’t we?

  2. Dan

    This is the first I’ve heard about this. You’re right, they do sound a little more activist down there than up here in SF. Things are pretty dead around SF these days in the Activist Department. I think Tech closed ours down.

    On the smartphone addiction – the thing that gets me is to see gay guys sitting in a bar and they’re on their phone all night. Why the fuck did they come to a gay bar to be on their phone all night? They don’t look at anyone or try to socialize with anyone in the bar but I bet if you asked them what they were doing they’d say they’re being social.

Fin. The End.