What are straights doing in gay bars? WTF?

Hola a todos. So it’s not just me wondering: “Why the fuck are straights going to gay bars? WTF is that about?” I’ve not heard that all the straight bars closed, have you? Can’t Queers have anything to ourselves?! The Breeders want it all. Then when a gay guy hits on you (Mr Breeder/Mr Straight) in the gay bar — thinking that you’re gay because you’re in a gay bar — and gets “breeder attitude” and says, “I’m straight” the logical question is: Then what the fuck are you doing in here? What the fuck are you doing in a gay bar, Mr Breeder? Nothing else to do in your pathetic life but go to a gay bar? Have you gone insane, too? Get the fuck out! I don’t have the patience for this shit. I have had it up to here with this shit. The Century of Insanity. These two Queer boys in this video ask the same question I’ve asked and talk about how fucked up things have become. They talk about that at the beginning of the video. The rest of the video is about top and bottom. You can watch that too if you want.

I’ve previously written about this topic of breeders parking their ass in gay bars some time ago, so I’ll let los chicos do the rest of the talking. It’s good to see these Queer boys. They’re caliente. They’re hot. They remind me of the Old City (San Francisco), the way Queer/Gay boys used to be with some “gay camp” before the sanitise-yourselves “Assimilate with the straights” order was given. Good to see them. Check them out. Hugs to both of them. To the guy on the left: Dahling, your hair looks perfect. No need to keep fucking with it. (Smile). Chau.—el barrio rosa


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