What are the thousands of techie dooshes doing down in Mountain View ?

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend told me he saw fleets of two-story tall white techie shuttles lined up on Market Street (San Francisco) the other morning headed down to Mountain View, the home of predatory G**gle, which owns and has ruined YT. Question: WTF are these thousands of techie dooshes doing down there to earn the exorbitant salaries they are paid? I’ve often wondered: What are they programming or doing — or are these Millennial phone addicts allowed to play on their phones at work all day and get paid for that? — when nothing changes with G**gle or YT? Other than to become worse than it was, such as obnoxious corporate ads saturated all over the place for stupid people to click on. Maybe this tech stuff is so flaky that they have to keep redoing/re-programming what they’ve already programmed hundreds or thousands of times before. It’s just that you don’t see anything changing — in a positive way — so one starts to wonder what are these thousands and thousands of tech dooshes doing down there every day?

If anyone has tried to play a video on YT for some time you know how pathetic videos play now. And the Millennial techie dooshes at G**gle are doing nothing about it. Constant buffering. You try to back up to re-hear a section and chaos occurs. What has been already buffered is completely erased and you have to sit there and wait for it to re-buffer using the pause button. No memory exists, other than maybe 1-2 minutes. There is this new half-circle thing in the middle of the screen (indicating that the video is re-loading) that keeps spinning and spinning and spinning to the point where you think the system is frozen. The video plays a couple of seconds, then stops, plays a couple more seconds, then stops, plays/stops, plays/stops, plays/stops. How many months did these techie dooshes work on that cosmetic, useless spinning thing rather than fixing YT so that it works properly even when using the HD settings (which I’ve learned to rarely use)? I usually use the 480 setting for music videos so I can see the performance and so it’s not blurry. You have to sit there on the pause button for minutes to get a video to re-load. Absolutely useless. And these Millennial techie doosh basura are paid how much annually to afford their pretentious, sterile-looking and overpriced million-dollars-plus “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahing) and big-tank-sized status-symbol vehicles and their $10.00+ toast and coffee? Dinero/Money means nothing to them. These Millennial basura enjoy throwing dinero down on a hole on over-priced shit based in corporate greed. Los Pendejos.

Oh, and one of these “G**gle shuttles” says on the back that (if I remember correctly): “This bus removes 122 cars off the streets.” That’s a lie. That’s green-washing. Because the bus only has seats for approximately 50 passengers (2 seats per row with 25 rows on each side). During the protests here against — what’s known as — “the G**gle shuttles,” when the door was open I was able to see enough of that shuttle’s interior from the sidewalk to determine the seating arrangement and rows, and I counted approximately 50 seats. Just wanted to point that out. So I have no idea how they figure that they are removing 122 cars from the streets when the bus only holds approximately 50 people. Corporate Liars. Chau.—el barrio rosa