What Happened to the Naked Guys in San Francisco?

Hola, someone e-mailed me asking what happened to the naked guys in San Francisco? Well, I don’t know. I don’t see them anymore. Maybe they got evicted and/or were gentrified out of the city. Or, maybe they got arrested and are in prison for the capital offence of being naked.

For the benefit of new readers who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about: There were usually one or two naked guys who sunbathed in The Castro barrio awhile back when the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza was created at Castro and Market Streets. Historically, The Castro has had some nudity for decades. It’s part of what made San Francisco unique and special in a positive way. During the proudly-radical and alternative Gay Mecca days thousands of gay guys moved here from all over the US to escape from repressive, conservative, anti-gay prudes. Ironically, the remaining gay guys living in The Castro today have unfortunately become the same repressive conservative prudes they ran from when they moved to San Francisco decades ago. I don’t know how this happened or what the fuck has happened to them. Is there something in the agua/water? (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). Some of the conservative gay prudes in San Francisco hated on and bullied the nudists. I and mis amigos/my friends witnessed some of that.

Years ago, a conservative gay asshole from New Jersey decided to move here. (One may be saying, “I’ve never heard of a gay conservative; seems like an oxymoron.” Well I hadn’t either until things started to change around here.) He later decided to become a corporate parasite politician and his covert agenda was to change The Castro and San Francisco to the way he wanted it: conservative. He could have just stayed in New Jersey and minded his own damn business. I don’t care what they do in New Jersey so why couldn’t he take that same approach about San Francisco? But in reality, it all had to do with his self-serving goal of going up the “political ladder” as a corporatist politician and he chose to do that in San Francisco, unfortunately. He dreamed up a San Francisco city-wide nudity ban which the Board of Supervisors — who bow down to anything he wants — voted for and it passed by one vote. Another political parasite asshole cast that one vote and he no longer even lives here. He’s now trying to ruin things at the state level. Typical.

The conservative gay asshole from New Jersey1.(see footnote below) — whom his devout supporters see as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity — was overwhelming reelected by the conservative gay prudes. The city-wide nudity ban is extreme because the couple of nudists were not all over the city but only in a small little 1-2 block area (mainly Jane Warner Plaza at Castro/Market). But this was part of the Sanitising of The Castro, which has been completed to make The Castro “Family-Friendy” (gag) and to cater to the “straights” — they have priority over GLBTQs do they? — who are taking over the place. Today the sheeple enjoy, “Family-Friendly” mainstream sing-alongs at the local theatre. There’s nothing rad/radical or alternative here any longer.

This past viernes/Friday night I was walking up Castro Street with un amigo/my friend and he heard someone in front of one of the bars whining, “I can’t stand all these naked people.” WTF? There were no naked people anywhere. There are no naked people around here anymore. None. There was one young guy wearing either black briefs or tight black trunks with a pretty colourful unbuttoned shirt that mostly covered his trunks/briefs. But he wasn’t naked. He looked caliente to me. There was no nudity anywhere. I guess this was a case of another conservative/prude going off.

I swear, the US is one of the most fucked up countries in the world with its fear of the human body and body image issues. Nearly every time I go to check e-mail there’s some article on the front page of that site talking about some woman’s “plunging neckline” dress — who the fuck cares?! — or some mujere/woman showing too much skin and how the public was supposedly freaked out by it. Really? I guess they don’t have much going on in their lives. *roll eyes* jesus fucking christ, people. It’s just a woman in a dress and she has boobs like women do. What is new about that? You’ve never seen women’s boobs before? I guess you’d break out into a cold sweat and faint if you saw la mujere naked.

Speaking of fear of the human body, I made the mistake of reading a customer’s review of a local overpriced, bougi restaurant. (You know, I think it’s best to stop reading customer reviews of things because it’s the same as reading comments below articles…a very bad idea). The female customer said she was made uncomfortable by the server in the restaurant resorting to exposing her breasts in order to get a good tip. Really? I don’t believe that. I assume the server learned over the table perhaps to reach for something or to clean it up and you chose to stare at her breasts. I don’t think the server took her breast out to show it to them. LOL. But anyway, why would a woman supposedly “exposing” her breast make another woman uncomfortable? They both have breasts, they know what breasts generally look like and las muchachas look at each other’s breasts. It’s “a girl thing.” Well, in a nation of prudes who are vehemently afraid of the human body and have body images issues I guess that’s the way that works these days.

I hope this helps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1. Regarding that conservative gay asshole from New Jersey: He’s the same basura who said that it was uncomfortable telling his mother that he’s taking PrEP. (That’s so he can bareback.) One wonders why a 45-year old hombre/man would have to tell his mommy that he’s taking PrEP? Why was it important that mommy know that? Does he tell his mommy when he takes other drugs, including alcohol? For those who don’t know, PrEP is what some gay guys are taking so they can bareback. Just like this basura, they claim it’s, “one of the tools they’re using to prevent HIV.” That’s bull shit. They’re only using PrEP and not condoms (another “tool”). For example: Go on the site I call ClosetList. Read the personal sex ads in the “men seeking men” category. You will see the guys listing PrEP in their sex ads and not a one says he’s using condoms (another so-called “tool”). They usually say “Bareback Top (or Bareback Bottom) neg and on PrEP.” Taking PrEP is an excuse for barebacking. So this “one of the tools” newspeak is bull shit and it’s what gay guys are telling their physicians in order to get their physician to agree to write a prescription for PrEP. This corporatist basura from New Jersey is all for gay guys taking PrEP (instead of advocating condoms) because by getting as many people on PrEP it’s making dinero/money for the wealthy pharmaceutical company that this basura received some campaign dinero/money from. More fucking corruption.


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4 comments on “What Happened to the Naked Guys in San Francisco?

  1. SF-Resident

    I saw one of the naked guys last night about 11pm. He was walking down Castro with someone and I think he was mostly nude but he was wearing a thin see-through scarf that he was wearing like a short skirt. That’s what he did after the nudity ban went into effect, so one of them is still here.

  2. castro local

    i supported the naked guys. i went over and talked with one of them one day. nice guy. i felt sorry for them being treated the way they were. gay guys around here bullied them, belittled them, made snide remarks about how ugly they were and harassed them. just like gay guys have been subjected to for decades but they saw nothing wrong with it in this case. i overheard a gay guy a few weeks ago complaining about one of the gay bars showing “explicit” (his word) videos at night. when did gay guys start becoming offended by nudity? most gay guys around here seem to have forgotten the history of the castro. thanks for your post.

  3. Ed in the Castro

    If the naked guys had been young super models it would have been a different story. They would have become celebrities. These hate-filled merchants and gay guys would have welcomed them with open arms. They would have set up a daily performance schedule for them in Jane Warner Plaza for them to dance and pose enticing everyone to come and oooh and aaaah over them to help bring in more business. But. Since they were older guys and not models all they got was ageism from the locals along with “Get out of my neighborhood!!”

    The thing is I didn’t see or hear of many women opposed to them. It was mostly guys. I no longer support the Castro merchants or the theater with my money because they were all part of the hate campaign against the nudist.

  4. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. After the nudity ban went into effect they started wearing socks over their dick or a small covering so they couldn’t be accused of being nude. They still got hate from disgusting locals, mainly gay guys. The tourists liked them and asked to take pictures with them. My opinion today of the Castro is the opposite of when I moved here. Gracias.

Fin. The End.