What’s more difficult: Tech Training or Music Training?

Hola. For those who haven’t heard, the techies and their Tech Surveillance-State Industrial ComplexTM have ruined San Francisco.

It seems that most techies have this enormous superiority complex that they are “The Gift to the World.”  When the techies arrived here in San Francisco — uninvited as if they owned the place rather than as guests in a new City — the conservatives welcomed them with open arms and referred to them as “geniuses.”  (roll eyes)  The real geniuses are highly-trained musicians.  The techies seem to think they are better than anyone else because they possess boring and monotonous coding skills.  They’re also overpaid, they enjoy throwing their la plata/money away on overpriced cookie-cutter Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) and other overpriced things such as pretentious status-symbol vehicles. (Pre COVID-19):  You should see their empty-looking faces (as best one can) as they’re waiting in line hunched over with their faces buried in their phone — which seems to be their entire life and existence — waiting for their Luxury Designer Gentrification and Eviction Shuttles to arrive at appointed locations in San Francisco to take their Class Warfare elitist asses (which are too good to sit on public transport) from the techie-gentrified bedroom seaside community of San Francisco down to Silicon Valley where these techies are employed.

I taught piano instruction for years and I taught people who worked in many different fields, including tech. Of the three techies I taught, one was a really nice person (without a big head) and being a nice person he got out of tech. I really enjoyed teaching him. The other two techies turned out to be assholes (a prerequisite for the techie field?). Every student I taught — including the three techies — told me that music training is much more difficult than the training they went through for their field. I found that very interesting. I’ve never really thought about how difficult music training is. Some things were difficult for me but many things came very naturally. A dentist told me: Dentistry is pretty black and white. It’s not nearly as intense and complicated as music training. For example, there’s a standard way to do root canals and other dental procedures. The only “artistry” involved really is in colour-shading and matching colours of teeth and that sort of thing.

With tech coding, that’s pretty black and white too, and it’s boring. I think there may be more than one way to do some things, but still it’s mostly black and white.

When I speak of music training, I’m referring specifically to the classical music field and Conservatory/University School of Music-type training.

Many beginners quit because they find just the basic aspects of learning music much too difficult for them. They want and expect to play their favourite music NOW! without learning any of the fundamentals of music. And many students come to their first class with this unspoken, instant-gratification, “I want and expect to play now” way of thinking and when they find out that it doesn’t work that way, well, they quit.

In music, some things are “black and white” such as learning the Grand Staff, the treble and bass clefs, note values and corresponding rests and the reading of music, but other things are not “black and white” at all. They’re more subjective and that’s where the artistry is involved. The interpretation of a piece is left up to the artistry of the talented artist who will hopefully honour the score and the wishes of the composer in coming up with his/her own interpretation of the piece.

When beginning music training, one doesn’t just “sit down and play” (unless one plays by ear without any training) even though many people think that’s the way it works. It doesn’t. For some reason, many (most?) people think it takes very little time to become proficient with an instrument or to play one’s favourite pieces. I don’t know where people get that from.

To be accepted in a Conservatory of Music or a University’s School of Music (especially if the SoM has a Conservatory environment) one already must have a certain proficiency level which has been acquired from usually a very young age of training. Here’s an example of that: the students at Boston University’s School of Music, which is a conservatory environment. This is a superb performance by the BU Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus in this Rachmaninov performance. These are already well-trained musicians and they are continuing in the process of their training at an advanced level and most are working on a degree in music.

Most people think music and learning an instrument is easy, in part, I think because a true artist makes it look so easy and effortless — as they do in this performance up above from Boston University — as if it takes little time and effort. But in reality the artist has spent usually decades on their extensive and intensive music training and may have spent weeks, months or years on the pieces they play — and they just re-prepare them for performances — to make them look effortless to play. I found from teaching music that when it got the least bit difficult for most students and where people realised there’s actually some serious work involved, lots of practising, and that it’s not all “fun,” that’s when students quit. Like with anything else that’s worth doing, there is some work involved. As I said earlier, many people expect to immediately play an instrument and a piece just because they’re sitting down with the piano instructor, as if s/he possesses these super-powers to cause the student to instantly play like a well-known international artist. (It doesn’t work that way).

What I find interesting and the reason I decided to write this article is that (as I said at the beginning) techies think they’re the Gift to the WorldTM with their enormous heads and superiority complex. Most well-trained musicians don’t feel that way about themselves. Even with the most arrogant and pompous musicians — there are a few of those, especially the ones I call the classical music armchair critics — I’ve never heard a well-trained musician or any musicians that I worked with go on and on and on about how s/he or their field is superior to others and The Gift to the WorldTM the way these big-headed, arrogant and elitist techie assholes do. And yet advanced, Conservatory-style music training and performance and the years required for training are far more difficult than what techies do, and yet these techie assholes think they are the best thing to happen to the world with their misplaced superiority complex. Music provides far more pleasure to more people worldwide and has for generations than this societal addiction to tech, which is heavily promoted by the corporate media.

I would also point out that people who are mature and secure with themselves don’t feel the need to shove their supposed-superiority in other people’s face, or continually boast about it to the world. So I thought I would ask: Are these young, stupidphone-addicted, lobotomised techies really that vapid, immature and insecure with themselves? It would seem so. Of course it doesn’t help matters at all when there are thoroughly corrupt corporate political parasites of the San Francisco Oligarchy constantly vigilant in their worship of tech and their heads firmly planted in the upper colon of the techies and their Tech Surveillance-State Industrial ComplexTM. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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UPDATE (el 3 de mayo de 2020/3 May 2020):   The Techie Trash Abandon COVID-19 Masks and Social Distancing.   Up until one day last week, nearly everyone was following the COVID-19 mask and social-distancing guidelines in my area of San Francisco.  The next day? After articles were published about Elon Musk’s extreme views about the California and San Francisco shelter-in-place order (which Musk called “fascist”) and then other billionaire venture capitalist techies agreed, gone were the COVID-19 masks and social distancing from the techie trash.  Their Tech Messiahs had spoken that COVID-19 is a “hoax” and most of the techie Millennial trash that we saw — who have taken over San Francisco, ruined The City and turned The City into a lobotomised, cultureless City — were/are now in lockstep with their tech messiahs, just like they are for everything else.  The Techie Millennial trash are such conformist sheeple.  Who reared these trash?  One blatant example is their conservative, conformist all-black clothing (or black and grey) that they wear 365 days a year.  They wear the same thing every day.  All black from head to toe.  I think it’s called The Uniform.  So terribly original.  One would like to ask them, “What funeral did you just come from?”  Another example of conformity is their mandatory height requirements where for breeder couples the guy must be tall (2-3 feet taller than the female) and White.  She must be short (2-3 feet shorter than the guy).  She must be White and have blond hair (whether it’s out of a bottle or not), and where she looks like his daughter and looks very subservient to him. Male Patriarchy mentality.  When he’s making out with her on street corners — they love to put on a make-out show on street corners — he looks like he’s making out with his little daughter, leaning way down to reach her.  Sometime ago, mi amigo/my friend saw a guy wearing a t-shirt at his gym which said, “Fuck the techie trash.”  Ah, so he’s not the only one who can’t stand these people.  I understand.  I can’t stand them either.  I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with the Millennial Techie Trash if they hadn’t moved to San Francisco with this over-inflated sense of entitlement, this arrogant, nose-in-the-air attitude as if they owned the place, rather than being a guest in a new City which they were.  They disrespected our City and its cultures and neighbourhood and made fun of some of the locals.  Immature Assholes.  Some of them came here with homophobia.  I also wouldn’t have a problem with them if they had any verbal social skills, which they seem completely void of.  The only word that they seem to know is “like” or “lick” (when the word like is said quickly) which is clipped or grunted out repeatedly.  They sound unintelligent and damn illiterate frankly.  How do they get any job talking like that?  Most of them seem to have been born without vocal chords or any skills for pleasantries.  The words “excuse me” or “Hello” are not in their vocabulary that I’ve heard.  Say “Hello” to them and one gets a blank stare as if no one is home.  The Tech Industrial Complex is known for being very ageist and sexist and we sense that from the techies.  I wouldn’t have a problem with them if they didn’t seem to have the cold personality of hardened cement and are constantly wearing a nasty-looking frown on their faces.  Note to techie trash:  It’s not my fault that you can’t stand that tech job you fell for.  It’s not my fault that you don’t like San Francisco.  Nobody invited you here so I welcome you to go back to the conservative hellhole you came here from.  For the breeder couples, it’s not fault that you can’t stand him or he can’t stand her. It’s not my fault that she’s having another emotional meltdown (the 18th one for the day?) and loud brawl on the sidewalk because he didn’t recharge her phone.  Something enormously important like that [sarcasm intended].  I can’t stand these people, with few exceptions. I suppose there are some “human” techies somewhere, but I’ve not met any of them. Well I take that back.  A techie did study piano with me — he left G**gle — and he was a wonderful guy.  He was not at all like these techie trash I’ve described.  Maybe that’s why he left G**gle.  I think he got out of tech.  Another techie studied with me and he was an arrogant asshole.  He thought he knew it all.  At the piano, he thought he was more advanced than he was.  Tech’s big head.  I no longer hear the techie trash referred to as “geniuses” as the conservatives used to do when these techies first arrived and raped San Francisco. The real geniuses among us are well-trained musicians, not techies.  Considering the Internet does not change much other than G**gle has completely ruined U-toob and the Internet continues to decline in quality from my experience, what are these techie trash doing down there in Silicon Valley all day?  Writing useless ads to bring in more billions from stupid people who click on ads?  They don’t have to keep re-coding the same coding every day do they?  Or is tech that flaky?  What I code on my site stays and since all the sites online have already been coded, what are they coding/doing?  Ads?  So since the techie trash have abandoned COVID-19 requirements, we’ll see how that works out for them.  Finally, I keep reading about “tech giants” and included in there is Amaz*n.  Amaz*n is not a tech site.  It’s an e-commerce site where people sell things just like on Eb*y.  That’s like calling JC Penny’s or Macy’s tech.  Neither are tech; they are e-commerce sites.  They’re on the Internet too.  Just because something is on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s tech.  That’s like calling the pink barrio tech.  E-commerce is not tech.  E-commerce sites — like all sites — use some tech, but Amaz*n is not tech like App*e, G**gle or FB.  I don’t know what idiot started that but I wish people would stop lumping Amaz*n in with tech, but I know they’re not about to.  They’ve been brainwashed to say that.  Whenever I see something about tech corporations, e-commerce site Amaz*n is always there.  Loco./Crazy.

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