What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”

Answer: It causes people to go back in the closet. (Continue reading, por favor.)

Hola. ¿Qué tal? The corporatist GLBTQ organisations—who serve as hacks and shills for the misnamed “Democratic” party in the US of Hypocrisy and anything that their messiah Obama does—for some time have called for the “assimilation” of GLBTQ people into society. By that they mean that GLBTQ people should “blend in” to society, not be activists and don’t make a point about one’s gay sexuality. I guess with them it’s fine for “straights” to make a point about their heterosexuality because they do so every day. Just look on the desks or bookshelves of “straight” office employees anywhere and you’ll see a picture or pictures of “The Heterosexual FamilyTM.” You’ll see pictures of him with her wrapped around each other and their niños/children. Yes, heterosexuals most assuredly like to flaunt their “straight” sexuality and they make a point of doing so at work and anywhere else they choose (walking down the street hand-in-hand, for example). He talks about “The Wife” (what a warm and affectionate way for one to speak about one’s partner [sarcasm intended]) and she talks about “The Hubby.” Then when “The Hubby” announces that “The Wife” is pregnant everyone in the office gushes, “oh congratulations.” Why congratulations? Mosquitoes can breed! Anyone can fuck. Why does that merit a “congratulations?” There may have been a time in a previous era when a “congratulations” was warranted after the successful birth of a healthy child. I know that everyone think that their los niños are or will be “different” than anyone else’s. But since we’re already overpopulated with no shortage of children—especially in gentrified San Francisco (just check out Upper Market if you don’t believe me, Upper Market is like a nursery today, has no one heard of birth control?)—and California and other places are experiencing an historic drought which will lead to agua/water and food shortages, is it really intelligent, positive and should someone be congratulated for squeezing out another baby on the planet? And many GLBTQ parents are adding babies to the planet as well in their desperate attempt to “assimilate” so they can be like the “straights.” When did that become the goal?

The problem with gays “blending in” is that most of society is “straight.” So when GLBTQs—being in the minority—try to “blend in” with heterosexuals who are in the majority, many GLBTQs don’t feel comfortable being out of the closet around sometimes bigoted and prejudiced heterosexuals who often make anti-gay comments (because they wrongly assume that the person they’re talking with is “straight”) and think nothing of it, so the GLBTQ person goes back in the closet in order to “fit in,” and pretends to be “straight” around the “straight” majority. In other words, the GLBTQ person adopts a heteronormative mentality. That’s the same as going back in the closet which is very unhealthy for anyone and it’s the same thing that GLBTQs did back in the 1940s and 50s, for example. We really are going backwards in many ways. This GLBTQ “assimilation” nonsense also very quickly gets rid of diversity because the goal of “assimilation” or “blending in” involves being like everyone else or being like the herd and that removes diversity and encourages sameness and homogeneity. And unfortunately, that is pretty much what the GLBTQ so-called “community” has become. Bland, boring and sanitised in their desperate attempt to “assimilate” and be like the “straights.” Ugh. They’ve become the opposite of what they were during the (now-dead) Gay Rights’ Movement days. And today many (if not most) GLBTQ parents have become the same type of conservative prudes they ran from decades ago when they fled to the sexual freedom and revolution of “gay meccas” of their day. Today, the so-called “gay community” is a bunch of sheeple with no interest in anything but their phone addiction, their addiction to their apps (have they used the “Where to take a shit” app yet?), their coffee addiction and frequenting corporate coffee outlets like the heterosexuals they try to emulate, saying the word “like” every-other-word, taking meth, partying and getting drunk. And many using expensive PreP as an excuse for bareback sex with no intention of using a condom. That’s what the so-called “gay community” has become from what I and mis amigos see. This “assimilation” nonsense really got cranked up with the same-gender marriage issue. But instead of being “assimilated,” and “blending in” many GLBTQs have gone back or are going back in the closet. They use words such as “discreet” and “down low” and “not into the scene” and “straight-acting.” If a gay person is “out and proud” they’re not any of that. Closet cases are “discreet” and “down low.” The Gay Rights’ Movement worked decades for people to go back in the closet? Or the only other reason for being “discreet” is that someone is cheating on someone and doesn’t want the person to know. Some gay guys claim to be “bi” but they have zero interest in females and they have issues. They think that “bi” sounds more masculine or “straight-acting” (heteronormative, in other words) than being who they are: Gay. So this “assimilation” nonsense has backfired. The idiots who promoted “assimilation” in the national corporatist GLBTQ organisations could have seen this coming if they had taken the time to look beyond their cushy, bloated executive salaries and elitist bubble.

Even though “straights” have no shortage of bars to go to, these days they’re hell-bent on going to gay bars to take them over. That’s the reason they’re there because why would “straights” have any interest in going to a gay bar? I and mis amigos have no interest at all in going to a “straight” bar. So when a Queer boy sitting in his own gay bar sees a guy he’s interested in and when “straights” are also in the same bar, how is the Queer boy supposed to know who is “straight” and who’s Queer? If he hits on the wrong person, watch out! That’s another problem with this “assimilation” nonsense. There have always been real and justifiable reasons for Queer bars, and there will continue to be legitimate reasons and a need for Queer bars, no matter how many Queer bars are taken over by “straight” assholes who never seem satisfied with what they already have; they always want more.

Recently, una lesbiana/a lesbian en San Francisco was interviewed and made a comment that “gays are now mainstream.” I don’t know what drugs she’s on or what bubble she’s living in but since she made that comment I’ve paid closer attention to “mainstream”/corporate television programming. What I see on television—no matter what canal/channel it is or international language—is heterosexual programming including the ads. I see “straight” couples engaged in the following behaviour: kissing, walking together, holding hands, arms around each other, making out, having dinner together, fighting, you-name-it. I see nothing but heterosexual-indoctrination programming no matter what canal it is. I’ve not seen one male-male couple or female-female couple kissing, walking together, holding hands, making out, having dinner together, fighting or arms around each other or ANYTHING. So this idea that this local lesbian has that “gays are now mainstream” is ludicrous. She’s loca. And if gays were so mainstream, they wouldn’t be going back in the closet with their “discreet” heteronormative mentality and calling it “assimilation.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (El 31 de marzo de 2015):

Many GLBTQ idiots around San Francisco and elsewhere have made the claim in recent years that “Gays can now live anywhere.” [roll eyes] What drugs are these people on who think that “gays can now live anywhere?” In many articles I have pointed out that that is bullshit, wishful-thinking and denial. In fact, some of the conservative idiot business owners in San Francisco’s Castro have said, “There’s no longer a need for gay meccas” (referring to San Francisco’s now-Fading Gay Mecca). Ugh. I don’t have the patience for willful-ignorance and stupid-assed people. There are currently 20 states (and there will be more) in The US of Hypocrisy that have these anti-gay laws so don’t tell me that “Gays can live anywhere.” In 2015, when you leave your gay mecca, remember that you’ll have to go back into the closet, and you won’t even be safe in the closet in some places, including but not limited to Arkansas and Indiana (and other states to follow):

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8 comments on “What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”

  1. michael mcgee

    I suspected this .The demo publican party is exploiting gays in the military and marriage for one reason.If they can’t cure gays and lesbians into heterosexual they can conform them to the establishment .Through assimilation force gays and lesbian not to practice their sexuality by making it difficult to find there identity .The demo publican are back stabbing conservative,They are no longer the classic liberals that they were back in the Johnson period .Although they were only moderate ,which was not enough,they could have gotten better .They never did .They are no different republicans .Like the republicans they politically prudish too against sex and nudity .This is why I am an ex demo and have been write nasty letters to the party for years for assimilating to Republican conservatism.Now we have the equal fascist tea party .The repercussion could do big business for prostitutes.Male prostitutes offering sex for a price to frustrated gays who now can’t find contact .Obama and the rest of his ilk are back stabbing homophones.They are following the bill Clinton false liberalism.They have now pitting straight against gays.Gay are not excepted yet .They are suffering set backs thanks to both parties and the lack of cure against h.i.v. a.i.d .This diseas has given powers to the repressive conservative .Something has to be do not to stop this.Both parties are destroying diversity on it’s true definition .The corporations that the demo are are paying the party to back stabbing destroying all gay and lesbian for profit .The gay and lesbians are now politically incorrect to those Commies .They are giving power to the republican through voter apathy they are creating .That their purpose .They work for the republicans.Something has to be done about this .Gays and lesbians must fight back to promote true diversity. No more conformity !

  2. SF-Resident

    They’ve ruined the Castro with cheap drink specials which attract young heterosexuals who want to get drunk and make out at Castro and Market and put on a show for everybody. I’m tired of seeing that show, it’s repetitive no matter which heterosexual couple puts it on. Is there no where else in the city but the Castro that one can get cheap drinks, and is that why heterosexuals swarm over here like flies swarming to shit?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      “Is there no where else in the city but the Castro that one can get cheap drinks, and is that why heterosexuals swarm over here like flies swarming to shit?”

      I and others have asked the same question. I guess the Marina, Specific Whites/Pacific Heights, North Beach, Union Street and other traditionally “straight” areas are absolutely dead these days because the “straights” are swarming over here for cheap booze and to get drunk. No other bars in the city have cheap booze? I’m as turned off by it as you. What I’ve started doing: Whenever I see the seemingly-required “straight” make-out shows at Castro and Market or wherever it might be, I walk away and go elsewhere. I’m tired of watching that “straight” scene. I don’t stand there getting annoyed and waiting for them to stop nearly-fucking on the sidewalk, or them showing each other in a “show and tell” what’s on their stupidphone screens, or him leaning down to needy her and repeatedly pecking his mouth on her mouth as she’s desperately craving attention from him. I heard one guy say sort of loudly to one “straight” couple making out as he walked by them: “Get a room!!” But they ignored him and continued their show at Castro and Market under the Rainbow Flag. Trying to “mark” their new territory? But as you say, they’re ruined The Castro with cheap drinks for young “straights” whose hobby it is to get drunk. They must really have a good life since drinking and getting drunk is so important to them. Then they usually throw up on the sidewalk judging by all the piles of vomit one sees on the sidewalks around here. Gracias for your comment. Chau.


      I wouldn’t do well as a “straight” person

      Females are so insecure and needy

      “Straights” come to the Castro to cheat

      Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas

  3. Ed in the Castro

    We’re back into the ball game season now and that sucks for me in the Castro. There was a time where most gay guys had no interest in sports and ball games. But now that they’ve been given their orders to assimilate and overtly or covertly told to be as much like the straights as possible this time of the year and from here on out sucks around the Castro. Every time there’s a major league game on television the gay bars around here now have the game on and I hear cheering in the bars. Loud shouts and screams while they’re getting drunk. They come out on the sidewalk and do macho chest bumps and jump up and down cheering over the team. They didn’t used to do that. Makes me want to leave. This never happened around here until just in the last 2-3 years. I see a mix of mostly overweight guys who call themselves “bears” and the closet cases that call themselves a jock. The jocks give these glancing looks and looks of suspicion like they don’t want anyone seeing them in a gay bar. This is the new San Francisco where people do whatever their phone and their television tell them to do on cue. Long gone are the alternative and radical days where San Franciscans bragged about not even owning a television or if they did they bragged about not watching corporate television and about not being corporate. The residents of this city today including the now-small gay community that’s still left here make it a habit of eating corporate anus, and by their actions they can’t get enough of it. I have never seen a city change so drastically in such a short time as I’ve seen SF change.

    I read that the mayor is banning city employees from travelling to Indiana because of what they’ve done in Indiana and their slap to gay rights. That’s Rich! This is the same mayor that despite repeated requests refuses to fly the Transgender Flag on the City Hall balcony. He flies major league sport team flags and the flag of Israel but won’t fly the Transgender Flag even for one day. This mayor is a fcuking hypocrite and merely working the “gay vote” for November even though he’s running opposed. Grrrrrrr. Interesting the mayor doesn’t take the same position with hateful Arizona or ban the city from doing business with Arizona and their hateful anti-immigrant laws, etc. He’s very selective when it comes to hate. He opposes hate when he thinks it’s to his advantage and will promote his agenda.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Ed in the Castro, yes I know exactly what you mean. I hear it and see it too. Ugh. I think this nonsense started when some major league sports teams said the word “gay” on occasion and it wasn’t said as a pejorative. Some major league sports teams now have their token “GLBTQ Day.” That’s all it takes for some gullible gay people (called suckers) who have never had any interests in corporate sports teams or in any sports to all of a sudden supposedly take an interest in sports (and try to act like an obnoxious jock) and to take the “gay bait” from corporate sports teams to help them make even more la plata/money for their wealthy corporate teams/corporate entities by buying season ticket$ and all that goes with that, and their expensive corporate sports team clothing. Meanwhile, how many of the team players remain in the closet and being “discreet” and they and other players make anti-gay “jokes” in the locker rooms with their team players cheering them on? Gracias for your comment. Chau.


      The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City

  4. Emily

    Spot on !!

    Want to tell you this….My girlfriend and I are in town (SF) this weekend. We came to experience the Castro that you’ve written tons about. You’re right. We hung out around Castro and Market and went down Market Street to Church St and beyond and we felt like we were in some other city. Straight, straight, straight. A parade of young straight couples all along Market Street to Castro. I think we were the only two lesbians on Market Street. WTF has happened? I told my girlfriend that pink barrio says it’s usually more queer down on 18th so we went down there to check that out and you’re right. That felt more like “home” down there. A few straight couples down there too but a lot less than on straight-infiltrated Market St. When I lived in SF I hung out on Market Street between Church and Castro and it was nothing like it is today. Bougi straight couples. Like you say, the mayor of SF has ruined San Francisco. He damn sure has !! It’s one thing to read about it but it’s another thing to actually see it.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Emily. Yes, San Francisco is a very different city now. From what I and others see it’s as if bourgeois elite stuck-up/snooty “straight” females are taking over the city. Some people have asked where are all of these pretentious, snotty females coming from? They pretty much all look the same (cookie-cutter): anorexic, white, young and wear black tights and lingerie tops and spiked heels (wonderful for one’s feet). They’re supposedly not in tech because tech is well known for being sexist. And what idiot would move to an historic drought area? San Francisco has only 1 year of water remaining so why would anyone move here now knowing that? Or do these idiots not know that? Maybe they’re too glued to their stupidphone to know what’s going on here. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. Alejandro

    Hoooooola, I agree 100%. GLBTQs (I prefer that to the “LGBT” that the sheep use) should have the same rights that straights have but that doesn’t mean we have to be like them or assimilate with them. One does not equate the other and where did these morons get the idea that it does; that in order to have the same rights that we should be like them or assimilate? That’s ridiculous. What you said is true but I have a feeling a lot of gay people won’t want to hear it. Also like your remark about people congratulating someone who got pregnant. I’ve never understood that either. “MOSQUITOES CAN BREED!” LOL.

Fin. The End.