What’s With The “LGBT?”

Hola a todos. Getting most people on the Earth to all do the same thing on a constant basis is quite remarkable. But when it comes to language it seems to be quite easy to do. For example, there are millions of people today who speak mostly US-English who have deliberately changed their way of speaking so that they say the word “like” every-other-word, or as often as possible. This dumbed-down speaking style sounds really stupid — and it’s especially heard in today’s conformist Techie San Francisco — but I think that’s the intent in order to conform/”fit in” with the stupid-sounding herd. That’s because “stupidity is in” even though the masses are glued to and addicted to toys/gadgets with the word “smart” on them. It’s quite the contradiction.

Then there is the constant and consistent use of “LGBT.” It’s as if some gay organisation sent out a memo to every corporation and media organisation on the planet and dictated that whenever they speak or write about the gay community that they must use the letters “LGBT.” No exceptions. And remarkably that has caught on as contagiously as the cold virus. Some of us don’t use “LGBT” because it’s chauvinistic/sexist as in “ladies first” which apparently the idiots who dreamed it up never thought about. It’s a shame critical thinking skills are not taught in schools. And of course the more proudly-radical Queers are deliberately not included in that set of letters (there’s no Q anywhere in “LGBT”). The other day I saw this headline which used “LGBT.” Damn odd. I guess they didn’t get that “LGBT” dictate that the rest of el mundo/the world got. With them, the G for gay is now shoved down to third place. At this rate, the G will disappear altogether. Mi amigo/My friend said maybe the conformists are planning to disappear/remove the G altogether as more and more gay guys disappear and remain in or head back into the closet and get married to females as “cover” so as to be heteronormative and appear “straight.” Since millions of gay guys obviously still feel gay shame with their internalised homophobia. Then yesterday I saw a headline that used the conformist “LGBT,” but the text below the headline said “gays and lesbians.” “Gays and lesbians” sounds correct to my ear whereas “LG” or lesbians and gays sounds ass-backwards because as I’ve written before from the very beginning of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement we referred to ourselves as “gays and lesbians.” But then some idiots came along and omnipotently decided that the “L” should be first to show that we support women’s rights. Well Duh. Isn’t it a given that we support women’s rights? Stupid-assed people. We support all the rights of GLBTQ including Trans rights but these conformist idiots never put the T first, so why put the L first? I won’t have it! That’s why some of us will always use GLBTQ. And GLBTQ is inclusive of the more proudly-radical Queers whereas conformist corporate and ass-backwards “LGBT” is not. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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7 comments on “What’s With The “LGBT?”

  1. strangetimes

    i read about an hour ago how dolly parton helped gay family members come out. that’s how it was written in the title. then, of course the article said guess what? “lgbt”…………….

    when you’re referring to gay family members shouldn’t the “g” be first? gay family members are not necessarily females (“l” for lesbian). ive worked with some lesbians that didn’t want to be called gay. they told me that gay was for guys and lesbian was for women. makes sense.

    long before you brought this up i had noticed the saturation of “lgtb”. it’s a turn off. i try to ignore it.


    1. E in Sunnyvale

      I always thought the switch from GLBTQ to LGBT was due to vocal opposition from probably TERFy lesbians and radical feminists (as opposed to feminists with the goal of equality), the ‘Q’ being avoided since heteronormativity appears to be the goal. Basically the same people trying to get the ‘T’ off of the list too.

  2. Alejandro

    Hooooooooola. The “L” first makes it seem as though lesbian are the dominant group even though they’re not. There have always been many more gay men than lesbians.

    I found your paragraph about the overuse of like quite funny. One of my coworkers talks like that and it takes her forever to say anything and to get to the point with all the likes. When she walks away some of us just roll our eyes and ask each other, “what did she just say? does anyone know?” lol. It’s really quite funny. We just laugh at it. In all seriousness though, she sounds like she has a speech defect even though she doesn’t.

    Gracias y saludos.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      The “L” first makes it seem as though lesbian are the dominant group even though they’re not. There have always been many more gay men than lesbians.


  3. castro local

    take a walk down what we call “straightsville” and you’ll be barraged with the word ‘like’ from the young white straight techie couples. these alleged “geniuses” sure sound damn stupid when they talk to each other. i’ve overheard more loud conversations from them than i care to think about. the bottled-blond ditzy girl he’s with is the worst. just saying…

  4. I'm the L in GLBTQ (Castro resident)

    I agree and I’m a lesbian. I use GLBTQ. Some people will say what difference does it make? If they think like that, no need trying to explain it to them.

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