White Privilege

Hola a todos. Over the 2017 holiday season, mi amigo/my friend talked with a relative he doesn’t see often and who he realised for the first time is a white supremacist. Up until now this guy had never talked about his politics or his white supremacist feelings. I guess he feels it safe now to come out of the white supremacist closet since there are now white supremacists/nazis in the US Oligarchy today. This guy began whining about the lack of privilege that “white people” have. That’s the current climate we’re living in. Mi amigo slowly and covertly challenged him and dissected things for him by starting out and asking: Don’t you own a home? The guy said, “Yes, one in Texas with a three-car garage, two-story, four bedroom, and three bathrooms.” Mi amigo then asked, “Well you also have a house in Michigan, don’t you?” The guy said: “Yes, a two-car garage, two-story, three bedroom, two bathrooms.” This guy is also having a new cabin built on Lake Michigan for the Summer seasons which has a one-car garage, one-story, two-bedroom. Then mi amigo asked: Do you have a boat to go with the cabin? The guy said: “Oh I have a nice boat.” Then the guy’s esposa/wife — who, at this point, understood what mi amigo was doing and the point he was making which she agreed with — chimed in and she said: “We also have three cars, four Segways for everyone in the family, electric bicycles, and a trampoline in the backyard.”

Mi amigo then asked this guy: How many non-white people do you know who have the privilege(s) that you have? His answer: “But I have to pay high taxes! I have to pay for all the ‘freeloaders.’” (“Freeloaders?” I’m sure he’s referring to the corporate “freeloaders” receiving corporate welfare or those “freeloader” corporations not paying any taxes. That must be who he’s talking about, and not some extremely carefully screened by the county poor person who is expected to live/exist on $15.00 or even $30.00 a month on food stamps/SNAP.) Mi amigo responded to this guy by saying: “All people have to pay taxes on property they own — it’s not just you — regardless of their ethnicity so your paying high taxes is moot/irrelevant.” And if this guy didn’t want to pay taxes on his properties then he shouldn’t have bought them to begin with! He knew before he bought these properties there would be taxes on them. He could have rented instead. Then mi amigo pointed out that most countries have to take care of about 10% of their population because for one reason or another they can’t take care of themselves. He explained to this guy that’s how countries can turn into 1930-40s Germany, which blew this white supremacist guy away and led him to stuttering.

Then mi amigo asked him: How many Black people have you known that own 3 homes and a total of six garages, three cars, a boat, Segways and electric bikes? It was at this point in the conversation that the white privilege guy responded with a bunch of sputtering, garbled, gobbledygook nonsense because he couldn’t answer the question with any logical, rationale and reasonable response to his very privileged situation as a privileged white supremacist, while whining about others and so-called “freeloaders.”

So where did this white supremacist guy get brainwashed about white people being in the minority and lacking white privilege? We suspect he listens to some white (overpaid?) far-right-wing (nazi?) gasbag parked in front of a microphone who supports Mr Shithole. And then this brainwashed white privilege relative mindlessly spews out the hateful drivel he’s heard — word-for-word? — whether any of the information is true or not and without any critical thinking skills involved. Would he think to research any of the information he’s just heard to confirm its validity? Hardly! Or would he call any information in opposition to what he’s heard “fake news” just like his messiah Mr Shithole does. But that’s what white supremacists do. It’s all about what’s simple in their simple mind (the word “mind” used advisedly), with little or no thought process involved. Using brainwashing, they merely regurgitate/spew out what they’ve heard some far-right-wing piece of trash say over the air to thoroughly brainwash the listening or viewing audience. It’s the same brainwashing that was used by el hombre naranja/the orange man on his know-nothing, stupid-is-in gullible cultists during the 2016 presidential campaign. And just like during that campaign, it’s all about the scapegoating of and hating on non-white people (Blacks and Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos especially). The thing in the White House got there in large part because of people just like this white supremacist guy.

I was surprised that mi amigo challenged this guy because usually at these traditionalist family gatherings nothing is challenged especially around the holidays so there’s nothing controversial in conversations. I asked him about this. Mi amigo told me: “I just couldn’t take it. I was not about to sit there silently listening to this white supremacist crap about a lack of white privilege from a very privileged white guy who has more than probably 80% of the residents here in the shithole US.

If I were to ask most people these two questions:

1. In your entire life, were you dedicated to happiness for you and your family?


2. Did you spent your entire life and working career working for financial gain to “have it all” and to try to acquire that ridiculous myth known as “The American Dream?” The myth about “The American Dream” could be an entire article in itself, which could literally be a 6-part-plus article. Don’t let me get started on that!

Of the two questions above, which question do you think most people would fall under? In my opinion, it would be #2. All about wealth, “The American Dream” bull shit and “Keeping Up With The Joneses.”

Mi amigo and I live very simply. We don’t have or want all of that materialistic shit that this white supremacist relative has. We have no interest in living in some pretentious luxury this or luxury that. And these multiple homes and other materialistic stuff that this guy rattled off to mi amigo has to be maintained/kept-up (the multiple homes and that boat, for example) and I can’t imagine all the time and work required for that. Who has the energy for that? No, we have absolutely no interest in any of it or in having some status-symbol vehicle — trying to impress people who don’t even know you or care what you have! — and all this other materialistic junk most of which will end up in the already stuffed landfills. But all of this is what the sheeple here in the Shithole US have been brainwashed to think they must have to “Keep Up With The Joneses.” I have a suggestion: Let the Joneses keep up with you! Screw the Joneses, whoever they are. And see if the Joneses will make your payments for you after you foolishly buy something you can’t afford just to keep up with them. Ludicrous!

It’s amazing that many people devote their entire life to trying to keep up with other people and that approach is also very shallow and superficial. People who are secure with themselves allow other people to “keep up” with them.

And you know, all of this materialistic stuff that this white supremacist and his wife have has not made them any happier at all. In fact, they live a very unhappy, constantly arguing and dysfunctional life causing them to spend as much time apart as possible. Because of their white privilege, at the drop of a hat, they can fly anywhere they want. They have plenty of dinero/money. Often his esposa flies to the San Francisco Bay Area where she finds it a relief getting away from him. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Let The Joneses Keep Up With You

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