Whoever thought that being Queer was just a fad ?

Being gay was just a phase for many.

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

That seems to be the thinking these days within the so-called “gay community.” This was not the thinking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement where millions of Queers/GTQBLs fought difficult times to be true and honest to the sexual orientation they were born with.

Yeah, that was then. “Been there, done that” seems to be the thinking now, along with “I’m whatever.” Dishonesty is “in” today.

Hola a todos. For those under age 60, I guess it’s best described as “fad sexuality” or “a phase-sexuality.” It’s where one’s sexual orientation is determined by or based on the sexual orientation and sexual behaviour of the majority population (breeders) where one lives, as a way of “fitting in” with them.

As I’ve asked before: What exactly was the point of working for same-sex marriage in the US when, in the end, many gay guys would “assimilate” themselves right back into the closet and go through the traditional “man and woman” (ugh) marriage charade? (Even though “man and woman” marriages have a divorce rate of over 50% here in The Cesspool/US).

Having lived through and participated in the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, this is not an article I had ever thought I would write. I do feel fortunate that I lived during a time where I got to experience something so unique and historic as the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Notice that the word Gay was first, not Lesbian as it is today with that “LGBT” nonsense that one sees all over the place). Even though since then, the conformist corporatist among us have ruined it, revised it, lied about it and distorted some of our rich Queer history about that time. Attention-seeking lesbians have hijacked our GLBTQ movement — moving themselves to first place/first billing with that “LGBT” acronym bunk — taking credit for work that the assholes didn’t do, thereby giving a false history and false impression about our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement and did most of the work, not lesbians.

Today, I can’t relate to the so-called “gay community” (whatever that is) at all and what it has become: Corporatised, conformist “LGBT” (ugh) sheeple. And what “community?” There’s absolutely no feel or sense of community today even in what remains of the museum relics of former gay meccas, such as San Francisco’s dying Castro with its many papered-up store fronts1. But the nebulous term “Gay Community” is still being used when people aren’t using those ridiculous revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” letters) to describe something that’s really of the past when there were genuine gay communities in gay meccas. But you look around today, one does not see any “Gay Community” anywhere. Everybody looks conformist. But one does definitely see the “Straight/Breeder Community” because they make a point of forcing their sexuality in our faces with their mandatory make-out scenes and mandatory hand-holding in public (needy-her requires that as his entrance rights to that pussy; if he doesn’t hold Ms Insecure’s hand in public he ain’t getting any later on). As for the so-called “Gay Community,” one might see a Queer couple holding hands on the rare occasion in The Castro. But it’s nothing like the breeders.

Which leads me to the reason for this article.

Because of the many gay guys I either hear about or see “converting to straight,” (More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) it would appear that being gay was just a long-term phase or fad for many people, gay guys especially. This feeds directly into the anti-gay bigots’ assertion that “being gay is just a phase.” But in these days of increasing insanity, more and more Queers/GTQBLs seem to be falling for this “sexuality is fluid” brainwashing which says that one’s sexuality is a choice or it’s “fluid,” meaning one’s sexuality can be changed. “Fluid” is the most common word I’ve seen being used. “Sexuality is fluid” is also the language used by the crowd promoting gay conversion, whether gay conversion is based in religious beliefs or not. The far-right ilk — including anti-gay religious fundamentalist fanatic bigots — will certainly love hearing Queers say that “sexuality is a choice or is ‘fluid,'” because that’s exactly what those bigots have said all along. They will then shove that in your Queer face with: “See? We told you so! We conservatives have always said being gay was just a phase or a choice! Thank you for finally admitting that! So now that you faggots admit that being gay was just a phase or a ‘cool and hip’ fad and that your ‘sexuality is fluid’ according to you, that means that you can now change and choose to be ‘normal’ and straight, correct?”

Is there anyone out there who does not see where this is headed?

One reason I felt the need to write this article was an experience I had recently. One of the stores where I have shopped for years, I had assumed that most of the workers were Queer because what other store closes for Gay Freedom Day? Only this store, to my knowledge. I know of no other store in San Francisco that closes for “Gay Pride.” Well, I overheard two of the workers in this store talking about picking up a chick. I’ve seen both of these guys for years and my reliable gaydar has always told me that they were Queer. Mi amigo/my friend said the same. He said: One of them sounds particularly Queer, even with his stereotypical lisp, and neither worker acts like Mr Jock Bro. Although they did sort of turn that “jock bro” attitude on when talking about picking up a chick. One of the workers was talking with a female customer and after she walked away he said to the other worker standing near him, “She got cold feet.” The other worker said, “Yeah it’s a tough call.” I realised what they were talking about: picking up a chick, the customer who had just walked away. How did this worker know that she “got cold feet” or is that just something to say? Did she know he was supposedly trying to pick her up? I overheard part of their conversation — which was about travelling — and I didn’t get the impression he was trying to pick her up at all and I’m usually pretty alert to these things. I got the impression he was merely making conversation with her. But in his mind, apparently any extended conversation with a chick is an attempt to pick her up. Like me, maybe she thought he was just making conversation — it’s technically called “customer service” — rather than having any sexual interest in her. But, the “straight jock bro” attitude of these workers really turned me off because what I saw was two gay guys trying to be and act straight with each other. Trying to be heteronormative and “into chicks.” My reliable gaydar saw two closet cases in a store that celebrates “Gay Pride” every June. Although these days, I get the impression that most of the workers are now breeders/straight, or pretend to be because “being straight is now in.” “Being gay is out” as San Francisco has become a Breeder Mecca and Baby Factory.

In the Old Bohemian City of San Francisco — before the Walking Dead Millennial Techie trash arrived and ruined The City and turned it into a snotty, unfriendly playground for the super-wealthy — I never heard this kind of “straight jock bro” talk when we were a Gay Mecca. Gay guys were not into that. If anything, they made fun of it. They mocked it. But here in the new Breeder Mecca, things are very different now or as I’ve heard some Old City locals say, “This New City sucks!” On the odd occasion anyone talks — since most phone-zombies are usually hunched over glued to their phone — it’s now “in” or “cool” to talk about picking up chicks and “my girl.” I still sensed that both of these young guys/store workers I mentioned earlier are gay but they have gone back in the closet (if they ever came out to begin with), and again, ironically they’re working at a store that celebrates Gay Freedom Day. Mi amigo/My friend said he has always thought that both guys were gay and was thinking, “Oh he’s one of us” (Queer) while overhearing the guy making conversation with the female customer.

Mi amigo told me: It’s the same way at my gym. I hear the same stuff there. The guys I always thought were gay and who always hung out with the gay guys at the former gay gym and who were all about “gay pride” are now at my current gym. But they act like they’ve gone through gay conversion. (roll eyes) When they talk with the macho hard-ass straight jock bros, they talk just like them. They talk about “my girl and I,” “my girl at home” and “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.” Completely heteronormative. I never heard this kind of talk at the “gay gym.” But today, gay guys are trying to be just like the breeders, “acting straight” (gone back in the closet) and talking about chicks to fit in with the majority breeder macho jock bros. I should point out that historically the macho jock bros were the anti-gay assholes who bullied and made fun of gay guys on school playgrounds, in gyms and made “faggot” jokes about. How ironic that it’s the jocks that gay guys now want to be so much like and emulate.

That’s why I began this article with:

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

Maybe it’s the plastics in the agua/water worldwide that’s causing such widespread insanity and has caused the so-called “gay community” (again, whatever that is) to go completely bonkers.

I have to say that today is such a very different closeted time. No wonder the so-called “gay community” is dead. It really reminds me of the atmosphere I remember from when I started getting involved in the Movement, or before that. We’ve gone back to that 1940-50s repressive closeted atmosphere where, “I don’t want to let anyone else see me looking at another guy because they might think I’m gay, and I don’t want another guy to catch me looking at him either” was the norm. Sigh.

It’s one thing to have “Gay Pride” events one day (or one weekend) a year in various cities throughout the world. But here in the States I look at the other 364 days a year which look the exact opposite of “Gay Pride.” The other 364 days of the year can best be described as “Gay and Back in the Closet,” or as the so-called “gay community” loves to say about themselves: “Discreet, Down Low.”*

So that’s why mi amigo and I think that in the big scheme of things, being gay was really just a long-term fad or phase for many (if not most) gay guys in particular, and that fad is now over.2 Now, it seems that gay people (Queers/GTQBLs) for various reasons have moved or have been forced to move all over the US and there is no so-called “gay community” or sense of community anywhere. And the majority of the so-called “gay community” worldwide is in the closet in breeder relationships with children. Most of them will never come out of the closet as many of them hate on other Queers/gay people to hide their own Queer sexuality. Only a small fraction of the worldwide so-called “gay community” is out of the closet. That’s how we see it.

Mi amigo pointed out to me something he’s noticed. The many and increasing number of Queer boys with a YT channel worldwide where it’s obvious to both of us that the guy is Queer in mannerisms and speaking style. Yet the guy is wearing a wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger. They too are in the closet married to a female. Some of them even feature their wife in the videos. What we both see is a Queer boy in a relationship with a female. We’re seeing more and more of this. This fad has really taken off.

Queers worked for decades for this sad state of affairs, did we? Sigh. Someone may ask, “Why do you call it sad?” Because the gay guy is living a lie by being in the closet and charading as a breeder/straight because of gay shame within his being. You don’t call that sad? I certainly do. We worked for decades to overcome gay shame, and now look! Gay shame now seems to be back at an epidemic level with all the closet cases and gay guys “converting to straight” (ha!) and marrying females. And they’re marrying females after gay marriage became legal. WTF? Have they all gone insane? (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.)

While writing this article I had a nice conversation with my straight neighbour (he’s a nice guy) and I mentioned to him how pussy is so brainwashed into the males in our society. He agreed and said: “Pussy is soooooooo over-rated, and it usually stinks to high heaven and it’s right there next to her asshole and if she doesn’t clean well down there it’s really, really bad. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s like her emotions are on a light switch with her emotional roller-coaster personality where one moment things are fine and dandy, then the next moment she’s flipped out over the smallest thing and she’s now an emotional wreck and screaming and crying at you and you have no idea what you did to cause this as she storms out the room in tears. All I can say is that I wish I were gay. From my times around gay guys, they don’t act like this. Many women can be bitches and they’re proud of that.” Well, I can confirm that. I’m been the subject of the emotional roller-coaster light switch he’s talking about. Just the other day I had this female flip out/go off on me with a vicious, abrasive attack that came out of nowhere. WTF? That’s how it happens. You say something that flips them, and you have no idea what it is. They will go from supporting you to attacking you in the same breath. Loca.

Folks, it’s all over as far as we’re concerned from what we see. That’s the way it feels to us at this point in time here in San Francisco’s Breeder/Baby Stroller Mecca. Need another example of going backwards in time? Here you are:

(30 July 2018:) Alaska Airlines forced a same-sex couple to switch seats so that a straight couple could sit together in first class
This past weekend, Alaska Airlines forced a prominent Queer businessperson from Los Ángeles and his gay partner to switch seats so that a breeder couple could sit together in the seats the gay couple were occupying in the plane’s premium section.
David Cooley (one of the gay guys) wrote: “I cannot believe that an airline in this day and age would give a straight couple preferential treatment over a gay couple and go so far as to ask us to leave,” he wrote.

You can’t believe that, David? I can. You’re really that naïve, are you? Where the fuck have you been not to be able to believe that? Too busy playing on that phone of yours and not paying attention to what’s really happening in our society and the now-dead so-called “gay community?”

The Price of (Queer) Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

I would like to point out that the price of (Queer) freedom is eternal vigilance, which the so-called “gay community” has forgotten and abandoned in their quest to “assimilate” with the breeders. Yeah, you see how well that “assimilation” nonsense has worked out for you when the breeders have preference over Queers. And I haven’t heard about or seen any of the so-called “gay community” showing up at Alaska Airline terminals at airports around The Cesspool to protest this as they would have done in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. In a comment I read, one “Democratic” Party Cultist wrote: “I can’t wait until the fucking midterms.” Oh I’m sure that will stop this, aren’t you? As if that were to change anything. Mi amor: Your useless and Republican-enabling “Democratic” Party could have every fucking seat in the House and Senate and the current dismal status quo would continue, they would see to that with Nancy Pelosi droning on about “this is not the time to talk about impeachment” for the umpteenth time. But unfortunately, “Democratic” Party Cultist, your partisan brainwashing and wishful-thinking prevent you from seeing the political reality.

Today, the Rainbow Flags3 and remaining Queer bars are the museum relics from that era, soon to be closing or going out of business or to be turned into breeder/straight bars. In San Francisco, some are already straight bars or “mixed bars” (as they’re called) depending upon when you go. The closet cases/conservatives like the “mixed bars” because they’re not specifically or technically gay bars. These bars appeal to the closeted gay guys among us when they have a “wing woman” with them to serve as their “straight” cover/camouflage, should someone they know from work or some place happen to come in the bar, and because of their insecurity they feel the need to explain/justify why they’re there in the bar.

Gay Marriage Has Backfired

You might think that gay marriage becoming legal around the world would bring more Queers out of the closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see that being the case. If anything, gay marriage has backfired and more people are staying closeted and saying, “My private life is of no business of yours” which is what I read from one closeted television presenter in France recently. It’s obvious to me he’s Queer but he too is closeted and refers to “my French TV wife.” WTF? I was watching a news broadcast from Paris and my gaydar told me that another news anchor was/is gay. Mi amigo came into the room and asked, “Who’s that Queer boy on the television?” I put in his name in my search engine and after a few moments I found that he lives with his wife and two children in Paris. See what I mean? As I’ve come to expect. Yet another closet case. They’re all over el mundo/the world in breeder relationships. One wonders what sort of feelings come up in this closeted gay news anchor as he’s sitting there reporting on a gay news story in Paris, sitting there on the set with his gay shame.

I think that when the insane orange nazi man-child through an executive order or through the inJustice Department ends gay marriage in the US and retroactively dissolves all previous gay marriages, the response from the so-called “gay community” will be the words I most commonly hear spoken by guys I perceive to be gay:

“Whatever!” or

“I’m like, whatever, like.”

In other words: They won’t give a fuck. All they care about is their phone and their (sex) apps, and as long as all that still works, nothing else matters.

Useless Twi**er might “erupt,” but no one is inconvenienced or emotionally shaken because fucking Twi**er “erupts.” Any “protests” on there can merely be clicked off or deleted.

Today, most former gay meccas have been taken over by breeders. The thinking now seems to be: It’s time to convert and be straight, or pretend to be. “Straight is in and gay is out.” You’re supposed to be into pussy. And I think that’s what we’re seeing here, and it’s what mi amigo and I saw at this store. It disgusted me really. I felt very turned off.

These days, whenever I see a gay guy (according to my reliable gaydar), I say to myself: Oh he probably has some chick at home. On occasion, I see two guys and a female walking together. What’s that about? Yes, they could just be friends. Although the way things are going these days perhaps they are a gay couple trying to go straight so they brought in a female. Fucking bizarre. Wouldn’t surprise me. Then the gay couple will break up and each will get their own “girl/wife?” Then they decide to live side-by-side and start breeding. The two closet cases (former gay couple) meet each other over the fence between their properties and talk about how much pussy they’re now getting and how they’re trying to get her pregnant, have babies and do a “show and tell” over the fence. They say, “this is so much better than when we were gay.” Note to closet case Queer boys: She won’t be staying young all her life. As my straight neighbour asked: How bad is (hanging) pussy over 50?

How many gay couples are breaking up to go with females because that’s the latest stupid fad?

I can’t remember the last time I heard a (gay) guy say about another guy: “He’s hot.” All I see and hear are guys all hot over chicks.

So if you want to know where gay guys went, they converted/went back in the closet. I look forward to the days when they return, if I live that long. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 The most recent as of this writing being Harvest Urban Market on Market Street near Castro, a favourite hang-out place for their vegetarian/vegan salad bar of the Old City’s Gay Mecca.

2 Being Queer/Gay was not the only fad that’s over from the Old City, the proudly radical and Bohemian San Francisco. In hindsight, being vegetarian or vegan and going to the gym were two other fads from the Old City that most people have abandoned today. The words vegetarian and vegan seem to have become “bad words” in the New City of San Francisco. Passing by one of the new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) awhile back I heard two people talking. He said to her, “There’s vegetarian if you want that.” (I wonder where that place was?) She said, “No, I’m not like that.” As if vegetarian were as bad as one being accused of being gay. Most restaurants have removed their one token vegetarian option because as servers have said when we asked about it: “No one is requesting vegetarian anymore. It’s all meat-based now.” Reading some local restaurant reviews awhile back, I read: “More meat, more meat” being demanded by customers. Well, it’s your health idiots. As for gym membership, it’s the same way. Mi amigo tells me that fewer and fewer people are coming to his gym anymore. Around The Castro, he often sees a guy from his former gay gym and he’ll tell me: “That guy used to go to our gym, now look at him. What happened to him? He gave all that up and it shows.” It was just a fad to be a “buffed muscle jock.” Then there was the now-closeted gay guy he pointed out to me who used to go to the gay gym and obviously stopped doing so. He was wearing a baseball cap to make himself still look like Mr Jock. Mi amigo saw a wedding ring on the guy’s left hand fourth finger. Ah, so he too is now married to a female? Today’s Jock/Real ManTM = Wear baseball cap and have a beard. No working out at the gym is required. Do they wear their baseball cap when fucking pussy?

3 I sense that most Queers don’t give a fuck about Rainbow Flags anymore because they’re now seen as “too gay.” And in San Francisco and perhaps in other cities, breeders enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags — don’t spend too much time trying to understand that — as if they’re hijacking the flag and marking their territory.


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9 comments on “Whoever thought that being Queer was just a fad ?

  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooooola. Haven’t commented in a while.

    I’ve seen for myself what this article refers to.

    Like this that I read on a sex site : “Her moaning would turn me off back in the gay days. But am a proud pussy fucker now.”


    At least he admits that “the gay days” are over. Confirms what pb wrote.


  2. Former San Franciscan

    A timely article. I was back in SF last month for work. Had planned my vacation time so got to stay there about 3 weeks. Such a different City than the one I lived in and loved. Didn’t really recognize SF with all the luxury condos that have popped up and that new big dick skyscraper dominating the skyline. Man, has the Castro changed….for the worse. Couldn’t believe all the closed stores. What’s Rafael Mandeman going to do about that disaster? I went to a gay bar and ran into a guy I used to know from when I lived there. A woman was sitting with him. He said “I’d like you to meet my wife.” I was blown away, choked on my drink. I said “Nice to meet you” while I’m thinking “wtf are you talking about – a wife?” Later when we were both in the bathroom I cornered him and asked him what was up with this wife? You’re gay, dude. You know what he told me? It’s just a fad. Everyone else is doing it. I asked him if he has sex with her. He said yes he’s required to…it’s part of being husband and wife. He said to be honest it’s like fucking my pillow. Do women not know how to put anything into it? I said so you’re gay or you’re not gay or what’s your story now? He said he’s gay but fakes it with her. I said so why are you doing this? He said like I said it’s a fad. I said so why are you into some stupid fad, and when this fad ends that’s the end of her? We were getting heated, so I left the bar not to see him again. Thought I’d go look for a gay guy in a real gay bar. Those are becoming kinda rare these days.

  3. Liz

    I’m an elderly straight woman and have to admit to having pretty good gaydar myself. I have 2 gay sons I love and adore. I knew they were gay before they ever came out to me. I’ve never wished they were straight. They both have partners and I love them like they’re my own sons.

    I can spot gay boys and girls a mile away. I’m sorry to say things are going back in time now. Just like you, I’m seeing gay boys with straight girls and it’s disturbing to me that he’s not out of the closet. If he’s not careful he’s going to dig himself a deep hole into a marriage that shouldn’t happen especially when children are involved. You can’t lie to yourself about the sexuality you were born with. You can lie to others about that but down the road that’s going to come biting you in the butt.

  4. David in Breukelen

    Hola pb, I passed your article onto a gay friend of mine before we had dinner last night. When we hooked up for dinner, he was a bit infuriated by what you wrote. He said all this should be kept quiet and “inside the gay family.” I asked why….and what ‘gay family?’ He said because it gives the impression that the gay community is broken and fragmented. I said but the gay community *is* broken and fragmented. Like you say – the ‘gay community’ is dead, and definiitely agree with you that there’s no feel of community anymore. He didn’t have an answer for my last 2 questions to him which was – so not talking about this is somehow going to improve things if that’s what we’d like to do? Gay guys should keep trying to go straight?

    Thanks for the article. What you wrote needed to be said and every gay person in the world should read it.

  5. Deplorable

    I just happened to be walking through that fair up there in San Francisco. You know, they were hitting each other with whips, bats and paddles and things. I even saw someone eating someone’s boot. You fags are really siick, you know that? You won’t find me eatinig some guys asss, sickos. Those converting guys are smart….they know how to get themselves out of eating someone’s assssss and man up to a real pussy.

  6. Greg

    I came out of the closet in 1989 right after the San Francisco earthquake. At the time I livved in Idaho and was a carpenter. I was asked to come down to help with the repairs in California. I immediately sold my house. Within 3 days I had packed my truck and moved to CA. The first thing on my agenda other than work was to go and drive through the Castro in San Francisco to see what queer guys look like….lol. After the brief drive thru, I turned around and went through again and decided to go home. I got ahold of my sister, I came out of the closet to her and she suggested I find a gay man in the Bay Area personal ads. That was quite a shock to me that there were ads for that. I tried it and today I’m still living with the guy I met through the personal ads. We’ve been together for nearly 30 years. It’s definitely not a fad. I cannot believe that anyone would believe that a gay relationship is just a fad. I can’t image what these “fad” guys are missing. I spent all my younger years wishing that I could find a guy to live with and then when I do, all of a sudden it’s just a fad, as if I just missed it. The Castro today is mostly just baby strollers, people saying the word like and people starring at their phone. Nothing like the gay days.

    1. castro local

      pink barrio speaks the unspeakable. we’re not to talk about any of this. we’re to shove it under the rug. pretend it’s not happening. pretend everything is fine. that’s what the azzholes do who claim to speak for us.

      one thing you left out, pb – the gay guys holding hands with bull dyke lesbians like they’re a straight couple. when i started seeing that – wtf? i’m to believe that gay guys are in relationships with lesbians???

Fin. The End.