Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?

The Blame GameTM is all that the brainwashed Democrats know.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend told me about his most unfortunate recent experience with a brainwashed partisan Democrat he encountered, and he asked me to write about it:

He walked out of his front door and one of the neighbours was coming out of her door at the same time. Out of nowhere, she confronted him with anger on her face and demanded to know who he had voted for in the 2016 s-election. He stalled for a moment in shock because a similar incident had happened with him just 2 weeks ago where another brainwashed Dembot asked him the same question. That time it was in a restaurant. On both occasions he said, “I voted for Jill Stein.” Well, the reaction to his response was the same in both cases: Rabid, frothing at the mouth rage came at him for daring to vote for a candidate of his choice and not for corrupt, war criminal, corporatist Democrat Hillary Clinton. Both Dembots screamed at him: “Third parties are to blame for the Tr*mp win.” No they’re not. That’s a lie, although he didn’t say that. Oddly, both brainwashed Democrats had forgotten that Hillary won the popular vote by over 3 million votes that we know of. And the insane orange nazi man-child “won” by very questionable means through the archaic electoral college. We do not consider him to be legitimate. Although the fake-progressive and fake-liberal political websites where these brainwashed Dembots hang out on seem to think he’s legitimate because they continue to respect him by referring to him as “president” which we will never do. (Just as I never refer to illegitimate George W Bush as “president.” But the Dembots do. They seem to have forgotten all about that. (These are the same people who used to write, “pResident Bush,” as one example.)

Mi amigo told me he was pleased with himself in how calmly he responded to this irate, angry, venting, deranged, loca/crazy neighbour by saying: Why isn’t it in reverse? The clearly better true progressive and non-corporatist candidate was Jill Stein. So why isn’t it the Democrats’ fault for failing to vote for Stein and giving the world Tr*mp? Stein was the best candidate of them all. The reaction he got to that was: Hands flying in the air along with tears and the words, “No, no, no, no, no, it’s the third’s parties fault.” He was dealing with her complete mind-block. Nothing he was saying was being comprehended by her, nor was she about to listen to anything he was saying. She was right and he was wrong — according to her thinking — and that was that!

So now we’re going through the usual, self-righteous Democratic Party Blame GameTM where everyone is wrong except them, because the Democrats are extremely angry. They should be angry and disgusted at themselves for supporting one of the most corrupt candidates, a warmonger and a criminal. They should be angry and disgusted at their corrupt party for not making Bernie Sanders their nominee — even though he was a wishy-washy candidate, he would have been their best candidate in probably 40-plus years — with elitist war criminal Hillary as his running mate. They should be angry and disgusted at their pathetic and corrupt party for its failures, and take ownership and responsibility for them. But that’s not about to happen. Because that’s not what brainwashed Democrats do. No, unfortunately, brainwashed Democrats don’t possess any “moral compass.” With their spectator sports’ mentality, winning at all costs is all that matters to them no matter how disgusting and corrupt the candidate(s). They expect everyone to vote in lockstep as they do.

This behaviour is expected because brainwashed Democrats consistently refuse to take any blame, ownership or responsibility for their bad voting choices. With them, it’s always someone else’s fault. It’s never their’s. Their wrath is at third-party candidates rather than themselves. These Dembots mistakenly wear the label “progressive” or “liberal” when they are neither. Why do I say that? Because they vote for right-wing politicians such as thoroughly corrupt right-wing Hillary Clinton which a genuine progressive or genuine liberal would not even consider doing. That’s why I refer to them as fake-progressives and fake-liberals. In reality, they will vote for whomever their corrupt party puts up as their nominee. In 2016, the Democratic Party could have put up the orange nazi man-child as their nominee and I have no doubt that the Dembots would have voted for him in lockstep overwhelmingly. Absolutely. They would have resorted to a bank of excuses for doing so. They have no standards. It’s all about party allegiance and devotion. Reminds me of fundamentalist Christians; it’s the same brainwashed mentality. I’ve heard partisan suckers say, “I’ll be a Democrat (or Republican) until the day I die” and “Any of these Democrats would make a wonderful president of the United States of America.” Bottom line: Anyone with a “D” next to their name will make “a wonderful president?” Ha! Their party allegiance guarantees that the person will make “a wonderful president.” Ludicrous thinking.

In the supposed “Land of the Free” one is allowed to vote for the candidate of one’s choice. Period. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. In the supposed “Land of the Free” voting is not to be a fascistic, lockstep charade where one is required to vote for — according to the Democratic voters — whatever piece of lying corporate trash their cesspool of a party puts up as their nominee, and where if one doesn’t vote for their corrupt candidate one is automatically subjected to their usual cheap and tawdry ritual known as The Blame GameTM.

I remember trying to inform the brainwashed Democrats about Obama’s record in the senate during his first presidential run. They didn’t want to hear it. They had no interest. They replied to me with his empty marketing slogan: “Hope and Change We Can Believe in.”

If the Democrats had a proper candidate, they wouldn’t be sobbing over themselves and trying to blame everyone else but themselves. Dra Jill Stein was the best candidate in the 2016 campaign cycle.Footnote 1 Her questionable attempt to hook up with fake-independent Bernie Sanders — why is he frequently trying to help the Democratic Party? WTF? — boiled me and others. I don’t know what that was about. Then when the Democrats threw Sanders under the bus, he got in lockstep and licked the ass of the Democratic Party by endorsing the same war criminal (Hillary) he had railed against for months. Such hypocrisy. We can’t stand these politicians.

A comment I read online (with my slight “Tr*mp” edits):

“If Hillary had made Bernie Sanders her running mate, we would not have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country. If Hillary had not deleted those 30,000 emails, we would not have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country. Hillary Clinton’s bad judgement is the reason we now have Donald Tr*mp ruining this country.”

If we had President Jill Stein, she would be nominating genuine progressives for the US Supreme Court. She would not be nominating far-right fascist trash like the insane orange nazi man-child is going to stack the court with.

By the way, the nominee that messiah Obama put forth for the Supreme Court and the Republicans stalled on, that nominee wasn’t any better than the piece of trash that’s about to be proposed by the orange nazi. From my understanding, a far-right judge on the District of Columbia circuit is being considered for nomination by the orange nazi. That judge believes that a president is above the law and whatever the president does is legal. He’s very young and would be on the court for decades.

If President Jill Stein were en la casa blanca/in the white house, this would not be happening. But because of the stupidity of brainwashed partisan Democratic voters, this is happening. They are responsible for where we are.

Each s-election cycle, Dembots jump through all kinds of hoops to justify voting for what they call “the best of the worst” and “holding their nose.” With Jill Stein, no “nose-holding” is necessary and there’s no “best of the worst” nonsense with her either. She was the best candidate in the 2016 campaign cycle. She’s a medical doctor, very intelligent and articulate.

But the fact of the matter is that the partisan-brainwashed Democratic sheeple are simply not intelligent enough nor do they possess the foresight to vote for a Jill Stein, a genuine progressive. Someone will likely say: But there are no Green Party people in the House and Senate — and who’s fault is that? — so Stein doesn’t have a party in congress. That’s a moot point. I’d like to point out that the Democrats routinely have no problem “crossing over the aisle” as it’s called and voting with the Republicans. They could easily do they same thing by “crossing over the aisle” and voting for and with President Stein’s policies. They could “become her party,” should she be s-elected. In the upcoming 2018 midterm, assuming the s-election is legitimate (yeah right), one could vote for Green Party candidates for both the House and Senate and kick the Democrats who are up for re-election into the sewer where they belong. But one should not expect that to happen in any large numbers because stupid-is-in.

But here’s a scenario: If the Democrats were to hold together as a united party and have one Republican join them, they could delay the vote for the next Supreme Court nominee until after the midterms. At the same time, they would have to win the House and Senate, which frankly they don’t deserve to do BTW. They are such cowards and seem terrified of the orange nazi. Related: Democrats just handed Tr*mp more domestic surveillance powers. They should know better. The Democrats could delay the appointment of the next Supreme Court nominee for another 2 years, until President Dra Jill Stein is in office, and then she would begin installing genuine progressives on the US Supreme Court. (No, I’m not on 420, but one might get that impression).

Is this scenario realistic? (eye roll) I’ll believe it when I see it.

The Dembots are very selective with their anger and rage which they misguidedly take out on other voters.

But it’s curious that I’ve not seen any of the brainwashed Dembots angry or in rage over Nancy Pelosi saying, “this is not the time for impeachment talk” which she has said approximately three times now since this piece of basura has been in office. Instead, they make excuses for her by saying, “Nancy Pelosi has a plan.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. We heard that same wishful-thinking drivel when Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” Did she have “a plan” then? No, not that of a supposed opposition party so-called “leader.” Instead, the woman served as an accomplice to Bush by helping him stay in office, and shortly after she took “impeachment off the table” I saw two pictures of Bush and Pelosi together as if best of friends. See here and here and see them holding hands here. (Yet San Francisco continues to put this woman in office by 68 to 70-plus percent of the vote regardless of voter turnout every two years). The same thing she’s doing with the orange nazi man-child as you can see here. I wouldn’t respect him by shaking his hand. What pussy did he grab before shaking Pelosi’s hand? Related: Tr*mp impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly. The measure drew the support of 58 House Democrats:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.”

Where is the Dembots’ anger and rage over their darling god Pelosi saying that? Well, with Dembots (and Republicans) they have been brainwashed that they cannot criticise their own corrupt politicians from their own “team,” so therefore they remain silent. Silence = complicity, an accomplice and enabling.

The Dembots also don’t seem at all angry with right-wing Dianne Feinstein for saying, “We should expect him to serve his full term.” Did she mean with her help as “the senior senator?” The partisan brainwashed Dembots in California recently re-elected Feinstein overwhelmingly in the CA primary. She still has to win in November against California Senator Kevin de León, the better candidate. But the stupid-is-in voters don’t know Kevin’s name, and with most stupid/uninformed voters it’s all about name-recognition from the politician’s exposure on the corporate media. Instead of being angry or resentment of any of these corrupt politicians, the Dembots on cue continue to worship and glorify their corrupt right-wing career god politicians, make excuses for them and continue to re-elect them.

Or even going back to their saviour and messiah Obama: The Dembots have long been very big in engaging in wishful-thinking and premature celebration to the point of making themselves consistently look like damn fools. Well, the wishful-thinking Dembots assured us that Obama would “go after Bush” once Obama got in office. None of which happened. Do these images look like people who would “go after Bush?” See here and here and here. Instead of Obama “going after Bush,” Obama said he wanted to “look forward and not back.” And accordingly, those who paid attention know that Obama greatly expanded on the despicable neocon policies of the Bush-Cheney regime, and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office at the end of his second term with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress and he and Michelle look like they’re best of friends with The Bush Crime Family. Anyone still surprised why Obama didn’t “go after Bush?” It’s one big right-wing party with two names — Democrats and Republicans — and they’re all friends contrary to the theatre charades they present to the gullible suckers who still support them. Wake TF up, people. You’re being played by your Democratic and Republican “team.”

I questioned why mi amigo even answered the question posed to him from these two Dembots. I wouldn’t have. It’s none of their damn business who he voted for, or whether he voted or not. I suggested that in the future he say (as I would), “I don’t talk about politics with anyone to avoid an argument and my voting choices are personal.” He said he would do that in the future.

I refuse to talk about politics with my neighbour as she’s just as loca. She behaves completely ovarian, living entirely on her emotion(s) and thrives on constant dramas. She’s usually an emotional ovarian wreck all the time. She’s a brainwashed Dembot too. She’s originally from New York City. And get this: She told me, “I’m voting for Hillary because she’s from New York and I’m from New York.” A damn odd reason to vote for someone based on where they live. I didn’t say anything but Hillary is from Arkansas originally. She relocated to New York to advance her Democratic Party political career and to exploit brainwashed Dembots just like my neighbour. I was thinking: Well, Tr*mp is from New York too (Manhattan), but I don’t see you voting for him! One would hope that my neighbour and brainwashed Dembots like her would have more credible and substantive standards for choosing a candidate for office, such as their voting record in the US Congress and what they did in other political positions within the US Oligarchy. But no, with her it was all about “she’s from New York.” So shallow and superficial, but typical of the average and uninformed voter in the shithole US.

If recent US history is any guide, the corrupt, imperialistic and irrelevant Democratic Party will continue to work for their employer, the Republicans (whom the Dems frequently refer to as “my esteemed colleagues.”) And the stupid sheeple will vote them in again, and this cycle will be repeated over and over until the end. The way we feel about it at this point: We do have a strong suggestion for the Green Party and its candidates: Please stop catering to the corrupt Democratic Party in swing states as if you feel sorry for them and are trying to enable/help them in get in office. You either want to get your GP candidates in office, or you don’t. Make up your mind. Hold to your self-proclaimed principles. And when the brainwashed Dembots blame you for their miserable failures once again (as they will do on cue), tell them to get a new script and that you might consider their thoughts should their dead party ever become relevant again. And to Democrat and Republican corporate parasites: We’re sick of you frankly, and that’s putting it mildly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 If one believes the 2016 s-election results to be legitimate (which I don’t), Dra Stein received 1,457,226 votes or 1.06%. War criminal Hillary clocked in at 65,853,652 votes or 48.02%. The orange nazi man-child clocked in at 62,985,134 votes or 45.93%. In the outdated electoral college, the orange nazi clocked in at 304 votes or 56.5%. Hillary clocked in at 227 or 42.2%.


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5 comments on “Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?

  1. FedUp!

    You should see them. The Democrats are now coming out of the woodwork blaming Jill Stein for this Brett Kavanaugh nominee. I took them on and wrote a few comments stealing some of your material (hope you don’t mind) and their reaction was no reaction. They didn’t know how to respond to it. It left them speechless. Altho one person told me to fuck off. Truth hurts.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      The “Democrats” know the truth about them is becoming more widely known; the power structure of the two-faced-one-party system has been threatened. So now, they’re running scared. Expect to see a renewed flood of propaganda about “third parties”, “independents”, etc…

      They should place the blame where it belongs: on the likes of Pelosi and Feinstein (fine-swine?), etc…


  2. Greg

    I avoid comment sections like the plague but this one looks ok. I voted for Stein and would do so again, but have been attacked for doing so. Something is psychologically wrong with people who attack others for their voting choices in this “land of the free.” Puke. Hell the dems don’t want you to have the FREEDOM to vote for the candiidate you want.

  3. strangetimes

    those images you linked to which speak for themselves certainly confirm how cozy these d’s are with the r’s.


    1. D8

      Isn’t that the truth!! Michelle Obama kissing George Bush and sitting there holding hands w/ him.

      I read yesterday that surprise, surprise, the Dems will not try to block his Supreme Court nominees. We’re all stunned, right? NOT.

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