Why Are Bisexual Guys Calling Themselves “Str8?”

Hola a todos. Someone came to pink barrio the other day by searching: “Why are bisexual guys calling themselves “str8″?” I thought I might be able to help that person with their question if they didn’t already find the answer here.

To answer your question: The reason bisexual guys are calling themselves “straight” is for the same reason that most gay guys are calling themselves “bi” as I wrote about at that link. They’re lying. They’re outright lying. They’re being heteronormative. So tiresome. Despite decades of work from the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, these gay and bi guys (the guys who are really bi) have gay shame. They don’t feel good about themselves and their gay sexuality still, after all this time. They can’t be who they really are. They have to lie about their sexuality. It’s as if these closet-cases learned nothing from the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. It’s incredible how quickly we’re going backwards. I’ve seen the ads too where bisexual guys are calling themselves “str8.” One can see their ads on the site I call ClosetList. They call themselves “straight” but they’re looking to suck dick or to fuck a guy or to get fucked. And of course they usually say, “I don’t do this often” or “First time here.” Does it matter how often they do it? As if they are so ashamed of their gay sexuality that they have to make excuses for it by setting it up and saying they don’t try to hook up with a guy often. Who cares?! You’re trying to do it now. Or are you trying to say you’re not promiscuous? Does anyone believe that when we see your ads/pics on there frequently? Liar. Then there are the many gay guys who can’t stand to be called gay because of their gay shame in this new heteronormative conformist climate so they lie and claim that they’re bi, even though most of them are not bisexual. They have no interest in females. Their ads/pics are never over in the “men seeking women” category. They just think that saying they’re “bi” makes them sound more “manly” or “masculine” than saying they’re gay. Because they have a psychological hang-up with the word gay. (Sigh.) It does indeed feel like we’re going backwards very quickly with one closet door after the other being re-opened and the gay guy going back in the closet and locking the closet door tightly shut to live a lie and pretend to be “straight.” It’s called Gay Shame.

Then there was a closet case on ClosetList that wrote this stuff in his sex ad: “Mid-twenties mixed professional guy looking for a discreet intimate bromance relationship. Ideal guy is someone professional, straight, curious, or straight acting who will be my closest friend and activity partner.”

What is it with guys in their 20s and 30s who are so fucked-up sexually? He calls himself a “professional guy.” Stop the pretentiousness with this “professional” shit. You’re no better than anybody else. Anyone — regardless of what job it is — who does their job well and expertly is a professional as far as I’m concerned. This pretentious jerk calling himself “a professional” (Dahling) is just trying to put on snooty airs and put himself up on a damn pedestal as if he thinks his ass is better than other people. He’s gay, but is looking for a “straight” guy. Hint: A genuine hetero/”straight” guy will have no interest in you. Just like my neighbour who is a genuine “straight” guy. He has no interest in guys, period. And this guy is looking for a “discreet intimate bromance relationship.” Translation: Closeted. This guy is really looking for heteronormative/closeted gay guys or genuine bi guys who are pretending to be “straight” with their gay shame. And what’s that heteronormative “straight-acting” language? He means masculine. But again, he’s a closet case and he too comes with gay shame otherwise he wouldn’t be jumping through all of these calisthenics and code language with the type of guy he wants to meet, which is: A masculine gay guy. That’s all he had to say. And what’s this “closest friend and activity partner” BS? Translation: He’s looking for a fuck buddy. That’s what he really wants but he’s too ashamed to say that too. Cut out all that bull shit. Get to the point of what you want. Get some psychotherapy to deal with your gay shame. (That will never happen). Try being honest with people. (Can’t possible do that; not in these days!) What he wants is what everybody else on there wants but he’s too ashamed of his sexuality to ask for that. Pathetic, isn’t it? I hope this helps somebody. I enjoyed writing it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. castro local

    i can relate. i think some of those ads are pure fantasy and guys get off from writing them and seeing them posted. but you never know whjich ones are for real vs. fantasy. i think that probably the repeat ads are for real. repeat ads appear desperate. some guys have 4 copies of the same ad on there at one time. i’ve learned not to respond to any of them because i know i’ll never get a response back, but about twice a year i make an exception to that and respond as i did recently. i got a “no” but at least he responded. then i responded to another one and he ignored me which sort of pissed me off because i took the time to write a nice response but he didn’t have the courtesy to say “thanks but i’ll pass.” i think rather than responding to guy’s ads it’s best for me to write my own and maybe get some resopnses. although i thiknk most of the guys on there are flakes and that’s why i don’t rush to write my own ad. i think it’s all a waste of time. better to just jack off to somebody else’s pics. that’s another thing – i think most guys are only looking for pics. some guys say to send your face pic. no way am i sending a face pic. i’ve heard what happens with that.

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