Why does there have to be a “greatest country ?”

Hola a todos. I was disgusted recently by a partisan comedian who opened his skit with the comment: “The US is the greatest country on Earth.” Then he repeated it. (I thought: Here we go again.) What an obnoxious thing to say as well as terribly arrogant. Unfortunately, no one in the devoutly partisan audience hissed at him or was offended by it. Being partisans, and since the comment was coming from “one of their own,” they cheered mindlessly and loudly for him like good little brainwashed Democratic Party sheeple. It was sad that this comedian resorted to ugly US nationalism to begin his skit.

Why do people in the US have to keep telling themselves how “great” they are? WTF is that about? It’s as if they have to continually beat their chest and pump themselves up to make themselves feel better and more important than all other people en el mundo/in the world. It’s a strong sign of insecurity frankly.

Because people who are secure with themselves and who are truly great and accomplished people don’t feel the need to strut around with this, “I’m the greatest; I’m the best person on the planet” way of thinking. Well the same thing goes for nations.

And when a country has to consistently resort to touting how supposedly “great” is it as the US constantly does, you know something is very wrong. One should question that. It’s an indicator of an immature country that is not great, but pretends to be.

Those who have been paying attention know that the US is crumbling from within. Not great.

A truly great and mature country would not need to keep reassuring itself of its supposed greatness. Truly great and mature countries are modest and humble, not arrogant, and they allow others to speak of their greatness, and in return politely say, “Muchas Gracias/Thank You.” But the immature and juvenile, stupid-is-in US has to keep beating its chest and keep going on about how “great” it thinks it is. It reminds me of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man frankly.

Why does there have to be a “greatest country?”

There are many great countries all over the globe. Some far better and more advanced in many ways than the US. Travel a little bit and one will understand that, assuming one travels with an open and objective mind. In some/many ways, the US is quickly returning to being an undeveloped nation: about to lose what “health care” they have, lose their clean water, lose their Environmental Protection Agency, lose the rights to a “free press/media,” lose human rights, some of our major transport systems are falling apart, the New York City subway, for example, and the District of Columbia’s Metro and others. Our education system is in shambles since education is no longer valued and intellectualism is now a “bad word” because stupid-is-in, and I could go on. The US is also very close to a nuclear war with North Korea. But most people in the US couldn’t tell you about any of this. All they know is that phone that’s in their face 24/7 as they play mindless games for hours, scroll through tons of sex pics and live their lives on billionaire-owned “social media” (the headquarters for many people with no genuine social skills) and helping a billionaire make more billions. Related: “Vladan Joler says that all F***Book users are effectively working on behalf of the company.”

Wanna-be “Pop star” Obama was big on strutting around with this nonsense as well. He made the obnoxious comment during the 2012 presidential debate that the US remains the one indispensable nation. What a terribly arrogant thing to say. And the logical response to that ugly statement is: Which nations are dispensable, Obama? Do tell. Which nations would you like to deeply offend by naming the countries you deem dispensable? I can’t think of any. I suspect he couldn’t either and would stand there with his mouth hanging open thinking, “Oh I guess I shouldn’t have said that while I was trying to feed the egos of US’ans.”

And this is indeed all about feeding the fragile egos of the sheeple in the US. Keep telling them they’re special. They have to be constantly told that because of their short attention span. And most US’ans expect el mundo/the world to constantly genuflect to us because we’ve been told repeatedly that we’re “the greatest country on Earth,” and many sheeple in this country are stupid enough to believe it. Most of whom couldn’t find any of the 8 countries the US is currently at war with on a map. The painfully-ignorant conservatives are often the ones who scream, “USA #1, USA #1” to make themselves feel better. And that’s what this tacky comment from this comedian reminded me of.

There are also those nationalistic ignorant people who say, “My country right or wrong.” What fool would defend and stand by a country when it’s wrong?

The US has done some terrible things, some very heinous things in its history. The US is the #1 terrorist nation on the planet, causing the most death and destruction of any nation on the planet. The US Oligarchy and its corporate parasite politicians (both Democratic and Republican) think nothing of terrorising the innocent people of other nations — based on the Oligarchy’s cooked-up lies and dutifully repeated without any questions asked by the corporate media — killing thousands of innocent people in other nations in order to steal their natural resources from them and/or to install a government favourable to US interests, in the name of “bringing freedom and democracy” to said nation. What nonsense. In reality, the US Oligarchy doesn’t care about freedom or democracy in its own country. The US of Hypocrisy is what the nation should be called.

If this comedian and people just like him would do a bit of travelling and actually see the world, if he were to keep an objective and open mind, he might realise that the US is not the “greatest country.” It just arrogantly thinks it is.

It sort of mirrors what the US installed en la casa blanca/in the White House as its electoral college-elected president. In other words, what El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man is, is what the US has become. That’s why he’s currently occupying la casa blanca. In many ways, the US mirrors what El Hombre Naranja is. And the standing of the US en el mundo has diminished under el hombre-niño/the man-child. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. FedUp!

    I’ve done some traveling myself and that has opened my eyes to the pure fiction that the United States is the greatest country. The one down side of leaving is knowing I will have to come back here. Always dread it.

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