“Why don’t immigrants learn English before coming to the US?”

Hola a todos. That ignorant question in the title above was asked recently by some of El Hombre Naranja/the Orange Man’s cultists in the US state of Iowa in an interview with them. They said they thought that their Orange Man’s deportation of undocumented immigrants would tank Iowa’s economy. The people interviewed were not hating on immigrants, per se. One person asked: “Why don’t immigrants learn English before coming to the US?” (roll eyes) I’ll presume the person was referring to Los Latinos, Los Hispanos, Los mexicanos immigrants as opposed to Asians, for example. Many Latinos, Hispanos, mexicanos immigrants already know some English. Others are fluent in English. One of my acquaintances from Buenos Aires is bilingual. He’s fluent en español and inglés/English because he learned both languages in Argentina, and his English is perfect.

How many people in Iowa speak a language other than US-English? Their ignorance is noted however. Here’s why: Many undocumented immigrants fleeing the civil wars and many problems of their native country leave their country very quickly. When one is struggling financially and in other ways in one’s native country, one usually does not have the luxury of learning another language or even thinks about another language. Learning a language takes a long time and it takes dinero/money (schooling). Learning another language is the last thing on one’s mind when one’s country is in the midst of a conflict and/or civil war because of barbaric policies affecting that country (and sometimes the entire region) because of, in part, the terrible and exploiting policies of the barbaric and bullying Cesspool known as los Estados Unidos/the US. (To me, what I’m writing here seems like a given but there are a lot of stupid people out there who apparently don’t know any of this). So that’s why many immigrants arrive in The Cesspool/the US without knowing much or any English. Then after they arrive here, they understandably feel they must live in hiding so they won’t be rounded-up and deported. When one is trying to keep a low profile, one usually doesn’t enroll in a language school, unless perhaps one is living in a “Sanctuary City” and even then it can be risky. One can turn on an English-language corporate network but that will be very slow-going learning English that way. One needs to compare what one is learning in English with one’s first/native language to have a full understanding of the new language and how the two languages compare. When one is dead-tired from working a grueling and often back-breaking job every day as an undocumented immigrant and just trying to survive, learning US-English is understandably not a top priority, and where does one get the $$$$$$/dinero to do so? The Orange Man’s cultists/haters of undocumented immigrants should try doing the job that these extremely hard-working undocumented immigrants do — most of whom are very good people — and see how long they last in the same job. I suspect they would not last long. Also, when one is living among people of one’s own ethnicity and language, there is less incentive to learn the most commonly spoken and in some cases “official language” of a country. That’s the case with some Asians in San Francisco’s Chinatown, for example, who don’t speak much or any US-English, but I don’t hate on them for that. And one really has to have a genuine, sincere interest in something and the drive to learn it in order to learn it well, versus something being forced on one to learn. Some people simply have no interest in languages, and they only know the language they speak because they learned it from childhood up, and they probably don’t remember much about learning that language. If white people who only speak (or rather mangle) US-English were to move to a non-English speaking European country, for example, and lived among other white people who also only speak English, they too would likely be slow to learn the dominant or “official language” of that country because they would likely say, “I don’t have much need or use for it since most of the people I’m around already speak my (English) language.” I should point out that there is no “official language” in The Cesspool.

I suggest that the people of Iowa learn español. If they’re that frustrated by not understanding Latino or Hispano undocumented immigrants, Iowans could remedy that by learning their language, since I think español is the second major foreign international language spoken in The Cesspool at this time. Learning español will likely be as slow-going for Iowans as learning US-English is for Los Latinos/Hispanos. But unfortunately, most (redneck) US’ans fear other foreign international languages and want nothing to do with them which is the opposite approach taken in the rest of the world where international languages are embraced and encouraged, particularly in business. Yet another example of the Backwards USTM. As I’ve written before, classical musicians, for example, work with a variety of languages on a regular bases depending on the repertoire they’re playing. Yet many US’ans can’t even speak their one language correctly: US-English, as opposed to British English and its varieties/accents including Queen’s English. It’s as if the embarrassing and bullying El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man and his appallingly ignorant cult members don’t seem to have made it to 5th grade. Seriously. I mean, look at how el hombre/the man talks, if you can stand to! His ignorant cultists have all kinds of problems with US-English and spelling from reading their comments on message forums, while they lecture non-English speakers about: “LEARN ENGLISH!” They should take their own suggestion, los pendejos, since their English sucks.

Other than the music, one thing I’ve enjoyed about watching the Liturgies from La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is that I’m very slowly learning another foreign international language, français/French. Their High Church Messe is in Latin (the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, and so forth) as well as in français (the readings and Homily, for example). I especially enjoy listening to the readings during the Liturgy. The readers speak very clearly and I gradually pick up some words. They have at least two multi-lingual priests who read the announcements at the end of the Messe in both français and in Queen’s English. And they give free tours of La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris in about 6 international languages. They’re not afraid of other languages there as the bigoted and hateful basura are in the insecure US. I would like to learn français. One cannot learn enough foreign international languages as far as I’m concerned. It just takes a lot of concentrated time and effort. Learning another language is not as nearly as easy as the ignorant “English only” trash like to make out while they flippantly scream at immigrants, “LEARN ENGLISH!” as if one can learn a new language practically overnight, or in a matter of weeks or months and become fluent. It can take years to become fluent. I know some people are not language people — mi amigo/my friend is not a language person; he has trouble with languages because of his dyslexia, so I understand that — but people should stop fearing immigrants and international languages. Because in the US, we are all immigrants — except for the native/indigenous peoples — whether one was born here or not. I hope this helps some people better understand why some immigrants don’t learn English before coming to The Cesspool. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: Under the chaotic regime of El Hombre Naranja, this topic has come up again regarding immigrants being required to know English in order to come to Los Estados Unidos/the United States (also known as The Cesspool). Question: When is El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man and the ignorant basura who continue to lick his boots — no matter what he does or says — going to learn to properly speak English themselves? On occasion, I’ve had the utter misfortune of hearing the man-child ramble on incessantly and seemingly mindlessly as well as his rabid stupid supporters in — what I presume they call — “speaking English,” and they might consider getting their asses in some remedial English classes too, pronto. The hypocrites. Damn, what stupid and ignorant people, while he and they go on hating on immigrants in this nation of immigrants. The poem on the Statue of Liberty says nothing about English being a required language in order to come here. A reporter asked this new spokesliar from the regime about why speaking English is required to come here? Well, the response the reporter received was not worth listening to. It reminded me and others of the worst kind of internet bully troll asshole you could possibly find anywhere. El pendejo did his best to patronise and belittle the reporter much like a parent would severely scold a child over having received a bad report card. One wonders where this septic and despicable regime of chaos finds these scum? And why do scum navigate towards politics and “leadership” positions?

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    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Sergio, I take it that’s a compliment. Muchas gracias. I appreciate what Jorge has done and his vigilance in this regard. For those who don’t know, Jorge Ramos is one of the anchors of Noticiero Univisión (pronounced: notiˈsjeɾo uniβiˈsjon). Gracias, Sergio. Chau.

  1. Y

    Your point is so well taken about the time *and interest* it takes in learning a language. I failed French in high school because I came to despise the teacher. She bullied me for no reason, just didn’t like me. i never did anything to her. I wish I was fluent in French today so too bad my HS experience turned out the way it did. I’ve taken some language classes as an adult and you really have to have the interest and dedication to learn a language well and like yhou say it takes a long time to be comfortable with the language without being afraid you’re using words in the wrong meaning or way and maybe even offending native speakers. Because you want to have it perfect. Most people love it when you’re even making an attempt to learn their language even when your pronuncation might be slightly off. They are understanding. What you said about immigrants learning English is spot-on. I wouldn’t expect the moron in the White House to understand that.

  2. Hugo

    Hola, a very refreshing read. Your compassion for all immigrants is much appreciated. Muchísimas Gracias.

  3. Queer boi

    If most of the undocumented immigrants were white, from Europe and spoke only Russian, Dutch, German, French or Hebrew – I just chose those 5 languages at random – this would not even be a topic of discussion. Nobody would be asking “Why don’t immigrants learn English before coming to the US?” This hate for immigrants doesn’t have anything to do with them being undocumented. It *really* has to do with their ethnicity and darker skin color.

Fin. The End.