Why have “Pride” when the majority of GLBTQs aren’t Proud?

Hola a todos. It would seem that the only time GLBTQs have gay “pride” is one day a year on what’s known as Pride day. That would seem to say that most GLBTQs are ashamed of their sexual orientation. And that’s an impression I’ve been getting more and more. In past years, I’ve referred to Gay Pride as Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Day, since that seems to be what it really is based on people’s behaviour I have observed 364 days of the year. Out of frustration with the now-dead Gay Rights’s Movement and the gay community, I’ve already written reams about this topic, not that I expected anything to change.

I hadn’t planned to say anything about “Pride” this year because I’m so disgusted with what it has turned into and GLBTQs apparent gay shame. In San Francisco, for example, “Pride” is nothing but an exploited event serving as a corporate commercial for mainly “straight” people who show up. The major $ponsor$ for “SF Pride” are major tech corporations based here and their Tech Surveillance State Industrial Complex. In recent years, “SF Pride” began inviting the corporate major league baseball sports team with San Francisco’s name attached to it to take part in the parade to try to get more and more people into corporate sports and to become obnoxious sports jocks. As that article I just linked to points out, this local corporate sports team has a major facility in the hate state of Arizona, the state which San Francisco is supposed to be boycotting. Hypocrisy.

I read this article and thought I would bring it to people’s attention:

Pride in London research: Many LGBT+ people ‘hide sexuality’
“In London: A majority of the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community feel the need to lie about their gender or sexual identity, a survey suggests. London Pride said its findings were “striking”.

Well so much for being “out and proud.”

I suspect if one were to take their survey in other major cities around the world the results would be the same. Why wouldn’t they be? Awhile back, I noticed that most gay guys all over the world have abandoned the word “gay” in their personal sex ads. Read: Bi Now Means Masculine And Not Bisexual. They now call themselves “bi” which now really means masculine. The unofficial new meaning of “bi” does not mean the guy is into females. What’s the reason for this? It’s internalised homophobia with one feeling ashamed of one’s gay sexual orientation, so gay guys are avoiding the use of the word “gay.” Their heteronormative thinking seems to be “you’re more of a real man if you don’t call yourself gay” and instead hide behind the “bi” word even though most of these guys have absolutely no interest in females because human sexuality does not change that drastically where all/most of the gay guys around the world now suddenly have this interest in females. Loco.

So it’s clear that GBLTQs feel the need to hide their sexuality. Nothing “out and proud” about that so why are we having “Pride?” But we’re told, “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” [sarcasm intended]. That’s what we’ve heard repeatedly from the wishful-thinking GLBTQs among us, but the need to hide one’s sexual orientation does not support that.

I would point out that “straight” people never hide their sexuality. In San Francisco, the “straights” who have taken over The Castro and Upper Market are in-your-face with their sexuality as often as possible. They enjoy walking hand-in-hand (that’s mandatory for them), they enjoy making out wherever they can and nearly fucking on the sidewalk to put on a show for everyone, to the point where I’ve heard some locals scream: “GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE!” to these obnoxious mostly young, white “straight” pendejos. Yes, I wish they would “get a room somewhere,” preferably in another City, as in MOVE!

And while I’m on this topic, I’m so sick of seeing that cookie-cutter conformist “LGBT” nonsense that the conformist sheeple use. The same people who use those letters (meaning in that order) say, “Gays and Lesbians.” They don’t say “Lesbians and Gays.” It’s always been ‘Gays and Lesbians’ (as in GLBTQ) but some idiots awhile back decided that Gays and Lesbians should be chauvinistic and sexist and put the “L” first (as in “Ladies go first”) and to show that Gays and Lesbians support women’s rights. To me it’s a given that Gays and Lesbians support women’s rights. Duh. Using their rationale, shouldn’t the “T” be first to show that we support Transgender rights? Or the “B” first to show that we support Bisexual rights? See how ludicrous that is? Apparently the idiots that dreamed up this conformist “LGBT” letter order possessed no critical thinking skills whatsoever. And many of these people who write “LGBT” often refer to “us queers.” They use the word Queer instead of Gay. Well, do you see a “Q” (for Queer) in “LGBT?” A local San Francisco Queer activist is one person I know of who constantly uses the conformist LGBT. It’s always been Gays and Lesbians (that’s how it’s been spoken and there have always been far more gay guys than lesbians) so that means the letters should be “GL” followed by “BTQ.” But in our conformist society, I’ve noticed that the sheeple all over the world including major corporations and organisations are writing “LGBT.” Everyone got their orders to be conformist from some idiot(s) who dreamed up this ridiculous sexist/chauvinistic order for the letters. I bring this up again because I get quite a few e-mails about. Most people who write me say it should be GLBTQ because, as I said earlier, most people say “Gays and Lesbians.” The local gay museum in San Francisco uses “GLBT” but on their sidewalk sign they refer to “Queers.” It’s always been Gays and Lesbians and it always will be as far as I and others whom I’ve talked with are concerned. One local said he thought they changed this to “LGBT” around the same time that “SF Pride” started being exploited by corporations and turned into the commercial on wheels that it is now.

Now GLBTQs: Come out of the closet for one day a year for your exploited corporatist Pride event. And so much for the bull shit about “gays can now live anywhere.” The part they omit?: In the closet. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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12 comments on “Why have “Pride” when the majority of GLBTQs aren’t Proud?

  1. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola a todos, on the topic of exploiting GLBTQs, Hillary went to New York City’s Pride parade today. Speaking of transparent. La mujer/The woman has never been to one in her life and until recently has been no friend of gay people, but since she wants their vote. It’s amazing how a corrupt politician will exploit a group of people and become their “friend” so quickly for their dinero/money and their votes. But knowing my fellow gullible Dembot Queers — who put their bull shit detectors back in the closet at the beginning of the warmongering and bullying Obama regime — I’m sure most of them fell for her cheap stunt and warmly shook her hand as she gave them her signature broad smile (I can’t stand to look at her) and thinking to herself, “what suckers these people are!” “Vote for me in November; I’m your new saviour.” The woman has no shame; she will stoop to any level. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  2. D8

    I was in the Castro yesterday (Saturday) afternoon for pink saturday. The majority were straight couples – tall and short. Saw two make out scenes and lots of hand-holding. Some gay couples mixed in. Most people were in dress plaid shirts of gray and black, some red and blue. Also in jeans or shorts. Saw almost nobody wearing party clothing or jewelry. It looked mostly straight, young 20-somethings and the younger from the “bridge and tunnel” crowd. Young teenagers coming in to get drunk. Lots of street vendors spread all over the place — money, money, money. I wore my tie-dye shirt and still felt out of place. Loads and loads of cops – 5 abreast in groups. Homeless gone. Down at the Church Street end it was the same as other days. Guess who asked me about my tie-dye shirt? Two straight couples. Not the gay guys. It was the straights who were wearing party stuff, not the gay guys. I felt frustrated being there. It didn’t feel like Pride. It felt like it was all about money and has been taken over by straights – just a place to party. When you talk about how conservative the gay community has become, you ain’t kiddin’. I think they will keep Pride going as long as possible because it’s just too much of a money maker for a group of people and that’s what it’s all about now.

  3. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola a todos. I would put this on The Castro Report, but I’ll put it here instead since it’s more related to this SFPride Gay Shame weekend. Mi amigo went on his walk last night and said it was no different out than usual. No herds of people coming in. He saw two bear-type guys he used to see here. I guess they moved away and came back for this. Then he saw another gay couple. They had a small Rainbow Flag painted on their arm, but he said it seemed like they were trying to be “discreet” about it, even in The Castro. (roll eyes, sigh). Nobody was wearing rainbow colours or tie-dye. He said as usual most people were in conservative conformist black/gray clothing, that I often complain about and that seems to be at an epidemic level wherever I look, especially on television. The obnoxious closet case sports bar — which doesn’t fly the Rainbow Flag — was about 2/3rds full. I asked him: Did they get their Rainbow Flag out of the closet to exploit the weekend? He said, “No Rainbow Flag there.” Maybe they don’t bring it out until Domingo/Sunday and then it goes back in the closet on Lunes/Monday. Have it out for just one day a year. Another bar was empty when he passed the first time but on his return trip that bar had some “straights” in there and maybe some gay couples, although he wasn’t sure about that. There was heavy police presence in The Castro with cops carrying rifles. He said it was like a police state. How nice!…so very welcoming and inviting [sarcasm intended]. The homeless were being evicted/removed once again from The Castro. I guess the thinking being that “anyone who shows up for Pride must not see our homeless. We have to lie and give the impression we don’t have any homeless; get them out of sight and don’t be long!” Oh by the way, I don’t even care to talk about this because it boils me but there’s yet another anti-homeless law that will be on the November ballot in San Francisco. And some idiots — who obviously don’t live here and are living in the distant past — still refer to “Liberal San Francisco.” Ugh. One of the supporters for this new anti-homeless law is of course that corporatist asshole whom I refer to as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity”/Politician Cocks. And by the way, he came in second to his opponent in the June s-election according to the Department of Elections. I wonder if this will deflate his big head any to realise that he’s not quite seen as the god he likes to believe he is? They will be in a run-off in November. Hopefully she will win, not that he will go away. Corporate scum like that don’t go away.

    Then, this morning mi amigo went up to the ceremony for the pink triangle that somebody puts on Twin Peaks every Pride weekend. About 25 people showed up for that. The speaker got outspoken and out of frustration asked “Where is everybody? [My response to that: They’ve been evicted and forced out of San Francisco.]. He continued: Did people stay away because they’re afraid they’ll get shot?” The police state cops far outnumbered the people there. The cops were in military green fatigues and not cop uniforms. Mi amigo said: It was essentially a militarised event. I remember in the past “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity” went to that event to give his puss attention. He wasn’t there today. Maybe he had a bareback date that conflicted with it, or he had an adverse reaction to his PrEP? I remember a time where that ceremony included many politicians (and their waste-of-time speeches.) There were no politicians there today. Well, that’s about it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

    1. David in Breuckelen

      I have heard from a few people here in NYC who have visited San Francisco that the city has lost itself which reaffirms what pb has written about. What they didn’t say is that SF Pride has lost itself too and been hijacked by corporate interests. They had military recruitment booths one year at SF Pride. Disgusting. The gang running Sf Pride seems to be very mainstream and corporate without scruples.

  4. San Francisco Resident

    Hola all, I had the day off today and went on a bike ride this afternoon around Upper Market to see how many Rainbow flags I could spot. I saw all of 3 Rainbow flags in Upper Market. I remember when Upper Market was ablaze in Rainbow flags when SF was the gay mecca. We’re now down to 3. A motorist wouldn’t move over and give me any room. He had a US flag bumper sticker on the back of his car. That’s the type of person I would expect to not want to give any room to a cyclist.

    Time has really changed SF and not in a good way as far as I’m concerned. Anyone heard if the straights are leaving town for this weekend? They can put up all the Rainbow flags they want in the Castro to try to elude people into thinking it’s still a gay area but anyone who comes here for the parade can’t help but notice all the baby strollers and straight couples with locked hands. I don’t know what it’s like in other cities, but SFPride is now nothing but something to make money for a group of people.

  5. nonpartisan-sf

    it’s not just the pride parade that has been exploited & overtaken by corporations. it’s the same way with the glbtq international film festival. here’s a short list of the exploiters: ay-tee and tee, the big pharma corporation that makes travada the expensive PrEP drug, wellllls fargooooo, showtiiiiime, h bee oh, and many of the hateful anti-homeless and anti-nudist merchants of castro …. most of them are no good as pink barrio has talked about.

  6. FedUp!

    “A local San Francisco Queer activist is one person I know of who constantly uses LGBT. ”

    I think I know who you’re talking about. He wrote that he can’t stand Trump or Hillary or the Democrats. Then said he will check the box for Hillary…..I think he calls himself a radical too, or thinks he is. Someone told him “your views are identical to Jill Stein so why aren’t you voting for her?” No response from this radical activist.

  7. D8

    I guess it’s SFPride that is hyping SFPride. Read a short blurb about “SF Readies for Pride.” Talked about in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, over 1million people from all over the world are expected to take part in the country’s largest gay pride parade and celebration this weekend.

    LOL. Take out that part about Orlando and that paragraph is from the past. It’s not that way now. As E in Sunnyvale said, it’s business as usual around here. I was in the Castro earlier tonight and if over 1 million are going to be here they’d better get a move on it. In the past that was true and people would be coming in here in droves all week long. It was very crowded. Not the case now. Looks like any other week. My sense is that SFPride is hyping this in the media and or the media sources who don’t live here don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. They’re living in the past where we had a very different Pride back “in the day.” Talking with my neighbor we both expect less people here this time around because of the shooting in Orlando and because there have been other threats. NYC is upping their security for Sunday. My guess is that the attendance will be much lower for SFPride but they’ll lie about it say “the biggest and best ever.”

  8. Alejandro

    Hooooooola. I read your article this morning but couldn’t think of anything to add so I didn’t comment. I just got back in from the Castro. From what I saw I think Pride is going to be a bust. It’s Thursday afternoon and there were no huge crowds or anything different than usual. Bars were empty. It looked like any other Thursday. In the “Old City” hundreds of people would be streaming into the Castro about now. maybe people have heard about how SF Pride has been ruined and exploited by corporations and said fuck it or can’t afford it. I’m not going and I don’t know anybody who is. Gracias.


    1. E in Sunnyvale

      I’m definitely staying home this weekend. I was in the Castro briefly last Sunday and it was definitely business as usual then. LOTS of straight couples (tall him (dressed conservatively), short her (dressed like a prostitute), mandatory hand-holding, in one case clearly laughing at the few noticeably gay people present) and strollers, just like you’ve said. I haven’t been through there in over a year and won’t likely be there again any time soon. Disgusting.

  9. Ed in the Castro

    I was out last night in the Castro with some friends and had to do some errands this morning and it was dead out. You wouldn’t know this is is San Francisco Pride week. The memorial for Orlando at Castro and 18th has grown to the length of the B of A building both sides. It’s quite big. I didn’t think anyone around here cared about Orlando or maybe people are doing it because their friends are doing it under peer pressure, or maybe visitors are doing it.

Fin. The End.