Why people are wearing all black (and looking like white nationalists)

Hola a todos. I’ve written about this before, but not in this context. I had one of the shopping networks on the other night — I find shopping networks to be the least obnoxious, annoying and least juvenile programming one can find on television — because all the español language networks were running the same informercials they’ve been running for (what seems like) months now. I glanced at the television at one point and saw yet another guest on the shopping network wearing all black. I’ve seen this so many times before. They are obsessed with black (as well as gray and white) on there, but they’ve gone overboard with black. I’ve seen many of the show hosts wearing all black, or black and gray. I thought to myself: There has got to be more to this ridiculous all-black fad than some moda/fashion statement nonsense. After a bit of research, I realised that people have been urged to wear all black because of Führer Trump being in office as a way of showing that they’re mourning. (roll eyes) The article I read about it was devoutly Democratic partisan. The writer stopped short of saying: Wear black to mourn Obama not being in office any longer. Well, Obama served his two 4-year terms so he would be out of office regardless of what D or R corporate parasite came next. I can’t stand Führer Trump and couldn’t stand Obama either, therefore I see no reason to look like an non-creative black zombie by wearing all black.

San Francisco, which is a Democratic-partisan City, has turned into a City of Black Zombies. By that I mean most people — especially guys — are wearing all black or black and gray, as if it’s their “uniform.” The partisan article I read said: Wear black to show that you “mourn the loss of a truly sophisticated, graceful, and intelligent president Barack Obama.” Oh good lord! I doubt that the thousands of innocent people that Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama killed in his many wars — he left office with 8 wars in progress — would consider him to be “sophisticated, graceful” or intelligent.” And that’s because sophisticated and graceful people don’t kill other people. Barbarians and dysfunctional people do that and they feel no sense of remorse, just like messiah Obama clearly felt no sense of remorse for all the innocent people killed on “his watch.” And Obama didn’t seem that intelligent when Mr Constitutional Scholar declared Chelsea Manning guilty before she had even gone on trial. Obama wasn’t intelligent when he expanded on the vile policies of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime. I would guess that writer knows nothing about any of this, so that writer would likely say, “Who cares?!” Well, if Obama had a R (for Republican) next to his name you would care. But with partisan Democratic hypocrites, war is only bad when it’s a Republican in office. The writer also wrote: Wear black to mourn the death of our democracy with Trump being in office. Apparently this writer didn’t know that our democracy died long before Trump’s arrival. Our democracy (although the US is technically a Democratic Republic) died in 2000, if not before, the night of the Judicial Coup when illegitimate George W Bush was selected by Bush Family friends on the US Supreme Court. So claiming that we had democracy when Obama was in office is incorrect too. Apparently that writer had not read the Northwestern and Princeton Universities’ study of 2014 which said that the US is an Oligarchy, not a democracy:

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

So why weren’t all these conformist sheeple wearing black during the heinous policies of the Obama regime or the Bush regime? I think the answer to that is quite clear: Because they’re hypocritical partisan Democrats.

To the shallow sheeple, it seems that it’s easier to wear an all-black “uniform” on a daily basis than to actually do something of substance that might have a positive effect on something politically, such as voting with your dinero/money (for example) and stop supporting corporations and corporatists D and R politicians. Because in reality, wearing all-black isn’t going to do a damn thing — other than make dinero/money for the corporations that sell black clothing — and people aren’t going to know what “wear black clothing” is for anyway, just as I didn’t until I researched it.

This all-black clothing fad is not new. It really started years ago. I first noticed it when I saw a sea of black at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards Ceremony. Some people were asking that night at the awards ceremony, “Who died?” Since then, I’ve seen complete saturation of black clothing along with black, gray and white especially on the corporate networks I monitor. So again, most people won’t know what this decree for people to wear all-black clothing is for. I’ve also noticed how many (if not most) Latinos/Hispanos/mexicanos have abandoned wearing beautiful Latin colours to conform with the all-black clothing herd. I’ve even seen Latin musical groups wearing all-black or black and gray when they used to wear beautiful colours. Sigh. From my observations, most musicians (I’m talking about non-classical musicians) are wearing all black. I saw a clip of the Rolling Stones while writing this and they too were wearing all black.

Apparently Ivanka Trump doesn’t know what this fad is for either because I saw a picture of her while writing this article. She was wearing all black and her toddler son was wearing a gray shirt and black pants. Does she not know that the all-black clothing fad is in protest of Donald Trump?

Another observation: In researching the white nationalists’ movement since Führer Trump took office, I’ve noticed that most of the white nationalists wear all-black (examples – give these a few seconds to go to the correct image: here, here or black and tan/white as seen in this picture here. I find that quite ironic since they can’t stand Black people or other ethnic groups with a dark(er) skin pigmentation.

But I think this better explains the complete saturation of black clothing, no matter where I look or what network it is, with people usually wearing all black, or black and gray or black and white or a combination of all three (drab hearse-black, ashtray gray and boring white).

This silly and depressed-looking fad seems to be worldwide, but it’s especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. As I see it, it’s really a fad for shallow, conformist and Democratic-partisan people (mourning their messiah Obama/Bush II no longer being in office). If one wanted to effect positive change politically — if that’s even possible at this point considering the dismal state of things (and as far as I’m concerned it’s all over for this country) — one has to do a lot more than putting on some black clothing. (roll eyes). I suppose some of these black clothing zombies do more than just wear black/gray clothing, but I suspect that what they do is in a devoutly Democratic partisan sense, and therefore I have no use for that at all. Democratic partisans (whom I can’t stand because of their hypocrisy) are part of the problem. And I always have to say this for the stupid people: I can’t stand Republicans either. Both Democrats and Republicans are part of “The Swamp.” And “The Swamp” is what Führer Trump promised to drain while he packs his elitist cabinet with white millionaires and billionaires and (closeted) white nationalists, and puts one of them on the National Security Council. More hypocrisy in and from the US of Hypocrisy. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Bittersweet Chocolate

    All black looks dreary and depressing and shows a lack of imagination, with gray as a close second. I wear a lot of lime and purple together which a lot of people seem to like considering the compliments I get on it while waiting for the bus. I never heard anybody compliment the people in all-black. Nope, they blend beautifully into the background looking like they all came out of the same mold.

  2. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    Hi all, I live in Arlington which is across the Potomac River from the District of Columbia. Just want to say that the gay community in the District is just as closeted as they are in SF by what people out there are saying. It’s really sad to read what has happened to San Francisco. Someone wrote in the local DC gay rag that they don’t see gay guys holding hands in the District anymore. Someone responded and said you don’t see it in Maryland or Virginia either. The gay community is trying to “act straight.” I’ve read the many posts pink barrio has written about this and the closeted sex personal ads. They’re the same here with gay guys describing themselves as discreet, down low, and others saying “closeted.” What used to be gay pride has changed into internalized homophobia as another commenter mentioned. I agree with pink barrio… it’s very sad what the gay community has turned into and I too can’t relate to them. Corporatist closet cases. :-(

  3. Greg

    This is one of my pet peeves. The black and gray crowd are some of the snottiest people. Is it because they’re depressed from seeing black and gray all day? Maybe it’s because they almost got hit by a car the night before because nobody could see them crossing the street because they’re too stupid to wear anything reflective on t hem? I see gay guys in all black or black and gray and they refuse to make any eye contact, act cold, always in a rush to go nowhere and and I think we’ll excuse me. Glad to read there are others w ho have noticed this sad and boring trend. Color is where it’s at and that’s what I wear.

  4. Ed in the Castro

    99% of the guys at my gym wear black, or black and gray. Only the women wear color. Depending upon when I go, some days are more str8 and others are more Queer. Rarely hear anyone talking. They’re all on their electronic leashes. I think it’s the str8 guys that started wearing all black and like pb has said the gay community wants to be like the str8s so they’ve conformed to black, and I wouldn’t doubt if some of them wish they were str8 with increasing internalized homophobia. W hat a fucked up time we’re living in. We thought we had worked through all that didn’t we in the old Castro when the majority population of the ‘stro was Queer? But internalized homophobia seems to restart when the majority population is str8. The ashamed to be gay thinking. Internalized homophobia has returned with the str8 takeover here in Baby Stroller Central and conservatives’ goal of ousting the Queer community and making the ‘stro as str8 as possible. That explains why pb has seen gay guys over the last couple years holding hands and making out with women on the sidewalks. I’m probably getting off topic but I’m just as disgusted with the gay community as pb. Looking at the gay community in all black tells me they think the rainbow flag colors are “too gay.”….internalized homophobia….I never see anyone here wearing a rainbow flag pin or anything related to the rainbow flag. A lot of the gay community has taken the rainbow flag back to the closet with themselves.

  5. San Francisco Resident

    I have some tie-dyes and wear it around here, sometimes get weird looks from people (yes in SF) but after reading these comments I’m going to get me some real bright tie-dyes and start wearing that. Fuck these people. My way of protesting and because I LOVE color.

  6. E in Sunnyvale

    Hola PB and everyone! Ok, just had to say that, back in my more youthful days in the 80s and early 90s (high school for me), I tended to wear black quite a lot – and like many people who did this back then, it was a backlash against “mainstream” conformity. A little “grunge/metalhead” mixed with a hint of “goth” was about where I sat on the color spectrum for a while. By mid 90s, I adopted tie-dyes and other colorful clothing as regular daily attire – it just felt better and it made me feel happier. To this day, I keep it colorful but not “loud” at least to some degree. Now wearing any kind of color has become a backlash against mainstream conformity. Go figure. I prefer the color anyway.

    Still I guess many these days have reason to mourn or be depressed and miserable, so that is certain to be reflected (knowingly or not) in the fashions and trends. I was unaware that there was a “protest” element to black clothing regarding Orange Hitler though. I think a better protest would be to look as colorful and loud as possible – so we cannot be ignored.

    On another note, Castro Local wrote: my last visit there more women were wearing colors but the guys are stuck in black. As someone keenly aware of the gender distinctions with regards to fashion/color/style/etc…, this is kind of troubling in itself. It seems that the homophobia is deepening to the extent that any guy wearing color is “gay”. Just like the homophobia around guys wearing shorts (and even more ridiculous, swim trunks) that come above the knee or pants that actually fit the body or having hair longer than 2cm, etc… This comes to mind because I read a report the other day of a man that was attacked and beaten in a homophobic hate crime for wearing pants that were “tight”. Really???


    P.S.: The current “administration” has to be the biggest example of “closet case” in human history.

    1. castro local

      ” It seems that the homophobia is deepening to the extent that any guy wearing color is “gay”. ”

      good point. that makes a lot of sense to me. reminds me of pb’s article awhile back about the rainbow flag being seen as “too gay” for the more closeted & heteronormative gay community….where businesses were taking the rainbow flag down. with the orange man in office, the glbtq community had better pay attention and unite as glbtq people instead of pretending to be str8, and start wearing color for god’s/goddesses’ sake. his supreme court nominee thinks it should be illegal for gay people to have sex. wtf? watch him fly through the confirmation hearing because of the spineless democrats as usual. the orange man says he’s going to leave glbtq things alone. what he didn’t say is that he’s going to erode or erase glbtq laws through the supreme court route when he gets his man in which will make him look like he had nothing to do with it, if the glbtq’s let him. i hesitate to say that because in the old days everyone came out and protected each other but i realize this is a different time than then so even if glbtq’s come out, i don’t know that that would change anything positively.
      to be honest, i don’t really see them coming out. someone has planned a glbtq pride march on dc during their pride week and expecting 18,000 people. that’s all? a sign of the times.

  7. D8

    The few clothing stores around here are really pushing it too in their windows — mannequins wearing all black or black and white, or the gray. It’s not just the clothing that people are wearing. The new luxury condos going in around here, at least 2 of them are dark gray on the outside with black trim windows. Is that called the “industrial look?” Who would want to live in that? It looks very cold. Nothing homey about it. Looks ugly. A homeowner near me painted their house dark gray with black trim. They did paint the door reddish orange….I was thinking that’s so that would help them find the door especially at night in all that dark dungeon look.

  8. castro local

    yeah i know what you mean. the castro is awash in black and gray. it’s like the new castro clone look. the rainbow flags are about the only color around here now. almost all the people in my gym where black. my last visit there more women were wearing colors but the guys are stuck in black. look depressing. thanks for the heads up on this. i had heard or read nothing about it.

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