Why was openly gay Olympian Eric Radford skating with a female?

Answer: In order to promote the world-wide heteronormative Breeder Agenda that is shoved in our faces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hola a todos. I’ve not watched the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, but I’ve seen some headlines and images about them, such as “Eric Radford: Skater is first openly gay man to win Winter Olympics gold.” But. This openly gay guy was skating with a female — Meagan Duhamel was his partner — and not another gay guy. An openly gay guy skated with a female? WTF? What caused me to notice this was that the headline said “gay Olympian Eric Radford.” But the picture I saw was of a guy with a female hanging on to his left side/shoulder and he had his left hand under her knees holding her up and with his right hand over her left hand placed over his heart. He had an orgasmic look on his face, looking up towards the ceiling. I did a triple-take because that’s not the picture I expect to see of an openly gay guy. (Although upon reflection, these days I’ve come to expect to see that which I’ll talk about later). If the caption hadn’t read, “gay Olympian Eric Radford,” one would think they were a breeder/straight couple in a type of romantic embrace. Why wasn’t Eric skating with another gay guy? Is it because of the anti-gay Olympic rules about “a pair,” meaning that when two people skate together it must be the perfunctory and ubiquitous “him and her,” that’s shoved in our faces 24/7, and not two guys or two females? Well it’s enormously comforting to know that we Queers/GTQBLs have made so much progress that gay guys are not allowed to dance with other gay guys in a competition! When were these outdated “him and her” breeder-oriented rules established, in 1940? (roll eyes) Or is it because two guys cannot be seen dancing together on television throughout the world because the world-wide heteronormative Breeder Agenda must be promoted at all times to make the Olympics “Family-Friendly,” (gag) because we cannot let our children see two guys dancing together because our sexually fucked-up society wants to promote Denial once again: the false image/illusion that there are only (white) breeders in the world. (Groan, Disgusting).

In all the pictures I saw of the figure skating, they were all — as usual — breeder couples. “Him and her.” And I’m fucking tired of seeing that. This is 2018, and yes, I’m well aware that we’re going backwards very quickly. Two guys still can’t be shown dancing together on corporate television networks? (Shaking head in disgust).


That’s what the conservatives/far-right nuts scream. Protect the children? This has nothing to do with protecting children. I would like to address this conservative nonsense. To begin with, children are born with what’s known as a “clean slate.” They are born without any bigotry or prejudice whatsoever. Bigotry and prejudice must be taught/brainwashed into children by their parents (or other people) for them to have any bigotry or prejudice. Children — who have not been programmed or prejudiced by their bigoted, anti-Queer parents — wouldn’t think anything at all of seeing two guys skating together, two guys dancing together, two guys kissing, two guys hugging or two guys making out or being nude together. Who has a problem with it then? The fucked-up bigoted and prejudiced adults, that’s who! Their prudish parents, who are often children in adult bodies rearing children. They are the people who have a problem with this as they brainwash anti-gay bigotry and prejudice into their children. So it’s really the bigoted and prejudiced parents who want to be protected from anything gay-related. This has nothing to do with the children and “protecting them.” I saw many examples of this while writing this article. I was briefly on Bre*tbart.com (that far-right site of willful-ignorance and hate.) They had two articles about the openly-gay Olympians and I predicted the tone of the comments before clicking on them. Of the over 3,000 hate-filled comments, I saw they were mostly one-liners of childish anti-gay hate. The proudly-ignorant far-right trash on that site want gay people to stay in the closet. They don’t want to see them. They don’t want to know that Olympians — or anyone else for that matter — are gay or hear about anything gay-related, or about Rainbow Flags. They wanted these gay Olympians to pretend to be straight/breeders and lie about their sexuality. These supposed adults on Bre*tbart want to be protected from anything gay-related. In reality, they themselves are the children they are screaming about that need to be protected. And who are these 3,000+ commenters? We all know them. They’ve made themselves well-known over decades. Most of them are closet cases full of self-hate because of their gay sexual orientation. Like all closet cases, they pretend to be breeders. They sit there on Bre*tbart writing anti-gay comments while likely jacking off to gay porn. They’re not fooling anyone. Then they take a break from their gay porn, and go back to hating on “fags,” which was their common hate word in the comments. Basura.

I suppose someone would tell me: pink barrio, you don’t seem to understand. The Queer community has made so much progress that the Olympics still have these archaic rules to promote the societal brainwashing that there’s only one type of couple in the world and that’s a light-skinned breeder/straight couple. And because of the enormous progress Queers have made, corporate networks worldwide cannot show two guys dancing together because the Olympics are all about being “Family-Friendly.” And as you well know, the heteronormative and conservative Queer community has warmly embraced this and promotes the heteronormative Breeder Agenda of “Family-Friendly.” That’s why the Queer community has sanitised what remains of their gay areas in major cities to make them “Family-Friendly.” You wrote about this very topic in your article at that link, pink barrio. You see, it’s not good to see two guys dancing or skating together. That’s why you only see “him and her” couples. Even when the guy in the couple is openly gay.

Sigh. One hopes that these openly-gay Olympians won’t conform and marry a female at some point to be like the breeders like so many gay guys are doing these days. It’s called fucked-up in the head as the gay guy heads back in the closet to be like the (superior?) breeders. These days, anytime mi amigo/my friend and I see a gay guy — according to our very reliable gaydar — we now assume he’s in the closet and with a female. Up until a year or so ago, we didn’t think that.

So don’t anyone come at me with this nonsense about a “Gay Agenda.” There is no Gay Agenda, but there most assuredly is a Breeder Agenda. Worldwide, the agenda is that of a Breeder Agenda — which the Olympic rules strongly promote — to brainwash the masses that “you must be straight; you must be a breeder to be ‘normal.'” A “pair” must be a male and a female. No exceptions. And that’s what I see on television all the time no matter what network it is, including the images I saw of the 2018 Olympics. Awhile back, I remember writing about this requirement for breeder couples that they have on the español language networks for their dance competitions. The contestants were always paired off in the Breeder Agenda: “Him and Her,” even when it was obvious that the guy in the couple was/is gay. The Breeder Agenda is also heavily promoted in modern dance, ballet and opera story lines yet many of the classically-trained dancers and singers are Queer boys. Nevertheless, it’s always about “Him and Her.” The “guy getting the girl.” Of course they rarely talk about the divorce that follows and/or their dysfunctional relationship.

I was venting about this with my straight neighbour — who has told me many times how he wish he were gay — before I decided to write this article. He said: “I feel sorry for the gay guys in these Olympic “pairs” who are not allowed to dance with a guy who they’re more comfortable with, and with the gay guy having to put his face down there near her smelly pussy in some of these choreographed movements they have to go through. I know from experience no matter how well she cleans it, that pussy still stinks.”

As for openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon, he says he has no intention of meeting with the nazi basura currently occupying the office of vp in the shithole US and Adam will not go to la casa blanca/to the white house to see the dysfunctional international bully-child. Good for you Adam! At least a few people among us still have some principles. Basura don’t deserve the time of day. And yes, you are correct Adam: Meeting with that anti-gay septic piece of basura — something is clearly wrong with that man — occupying the office of vp would indeed be a distraction. Don’t waste your time with any of these despicable people. They are the worst of peoplekind. I should also point out that people who are that vehemently anti-gay are usually closet cases. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The World-wide Breeder Agenda at work:

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The article says, “Pedestrians should not propose to their significant other in the middle of the road.” The image shows a guy down on his left knee proposing to a female (of course). I’ve also written about that here: Breeder Marriage Proposals: Guys, what are you doing down on your knee? Aren’t you and your “girl” equals?.