With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

Just go get the dick!

Hola. It’s really odd to see so many girlfriends (GF) out of town all at one time. Where do they all go? That’s been my question over the years that I’ve been looking at gay personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList. GFs that would fill several airliners are out of town constantly if one believes the lies and bull shit in the ads written mostly by gay guys pretending to be bisexual and a few pretending to be “straight.” They claim in their ad to be bisexual and “straight” because they think that sounds more masculine and heteronormative than calling themselves gay. They also describe themselves as “discreet” and “DL” (down low). I think most of these guys have “issues.” They come with what’s known as internalised homophobia/gay shame. This is one of the many problems with this GLBTQ assimilation nonsense I’ve written about.

Any time a so-called “bi” (or “straight”) guy wants to suck dick predictably the “GF is out of town,” which means he’s cheating on her if one takes his ad at face value. I’ve read that “GF is out of town” countless times in gay sex personal ads on CL. I’ve especially noticed this in New York City, of all places. I had no idea there were so many closet cases in New York City, and especially Manhattan. When I came out of the closet GLBTQs went to major cities to “come out”—for example, I and mis amigos/my friends went to the District of Columbia—because no one knows anybody there or cares what the fuck anybody does sexually in a major city. A person is anonymous in a major city. There are no busy-bodied prying eyes wondering what the neighbours are doing that exists in small towns. But these days, it seems that GLBTQs go to major cities to stay in or go back in the closet. It’s loco/crazy. And los muchachos have this small town way of thinking. I’d like to ask these heteronormative closet cases this question: Who in Manhattan cares what the fuck you do sexually or with whom? Despite the decades of work of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, many GBLTQs are going back in the closet trying to be like the “straights” (when was that ever a goal of GLBTQs?!), heteronormative and the “GF” (girlfriend) they don’t have is always out of town and el chico is looking to get the dick. It’s just some made up stories these closet cases come up with. These guys are very transparent.

Just go get the dick, dudes

Just go get the dick, los muchachos, and stop the fucking charade! jesus! You’re not fooling anyone with this phony girlfriend story that all of you closet cases repeat because you all say the same thing. It’s as if you copy and paste each other’s ads. And you don’t even need to talk about a GF as part of your bull shit story. Just say in your ad that you want to suck dick. There’s no need for any internal-guilt trip explanations of why you’re on ClosetList or any apology (such as los chicos that start out by saying, “I don’t usually do this and I’m not that kind of person…” or “My first time doing this and wanted to see where it would go…”). But the reason you bring up this fictitious GF is part of your fantasy head trip and you’re trying to give the impression/image that you’re into pussy and more “jock,”/masculine than the guys who say they’re gay. You’re into dick just like the gay guys because you are gay. Can people be into both pussy and dick? Yes, but you’re not one of them. And how do I know that? Well, a good indication is that I never see any of the guys (with their pics) who claim to be “bi” on ClosetList looking for females over in the men-for-female section. No, they’re not there. They’re always pretending to be “bi” in the men-for-men section only, and if you’re fucking around and really bisexual it seems to me that you’d be looking for females too even though you pretend to already have the (nonexistent) “GF.”

I read one ad the other night where the guy claimed to be “straight.” He said he is engaged (to a female) and she was also out of town. I guess she was with all the other las muchachas maybe having a nice fiesta somewhere. Yeah right! He was looking for the dick too while she was supposedly out of town. So this loco is already going through the charade of supposedly being engaged to a female and planning to get married while he’s on ClosetList looking to get the dick and to fuck around with a guy. Well, when they get married I can see where that marriage is headed, can’t you? That happens all the time. Another case of divorce and child support, and a fucking mess. This guy needs to just go get the dick and forget about that female that he’s not really into, otherwise he wouldn’t be online looking to get the dick! But upon reflection, since his “GF is out of town” like all the other GFs, maybe she doesn’t exist either and the heteronormative engagement part was also bull shit.—el barrio rosa


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6 comments on “With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

  1. Chisme

    This is OT and feel free to delete this if you want. I’d just like to speak my mind about what I’m seeing in the novela I’m watching. This is about gay guys pretending to be a person they’re not, I’m watching ¿Quién mató a Patricia Soler? on MundoFox and they have Santiago Gómez cast in a hetero role. Isn’t he GAY? He looks like it to me. It looks so wrong to my gay eyes to see this GAY guy who I’d bet any amount of money is gay to be sucking face with one of the female characters. I know you’ve written at length about the people who say that “gay is now mainstream” which I don’t believe and I know you don’t believe either and still I don’t see any gay makeout sessions on my TV in novelas or anywhere else. They still cast gay guys in hetero roles just like they’ve always done (think Rock Hudson). WTF is that about if “gay is so mainstream now?” Pisses me off. I do NOT believe that Santiago Gómez is straight. From the very first time I saw him on that novela I said he’s GAY. Do I need to explain to anyone the problem with gay guys in hetero roles? It merely continues the lie, and what’s that word you use a lot, ah yes “heteronormative.” That’s exactly what it is.

    1. Alejandro

      Hoooooooola. Sounds like he just needs to go get the dick, LOL, which is what he might be doing after he gets off the set of Patricia Soler. You never know. Another closet case? Or is he openly gay and playing that role? If it were me I’d have a problem doing that unless I was really hard up for dinero. I’d say to cast me in a gay role or no role at all but I think the production company would say, “No role at all for you.”

    2. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Chisme, I haven’t watched QMaPS closely. That’s the telenovela (produced in Bogotá – some pretty scenery) with that drab black, gray and white colour scheme that I previously wrote about. I know who you’re talking about though and thought the same about him. Don’t know if you saw it tonight but he gave a red rose to la muchacha and then made out with her. What it looked like was a Queer boy being forced to make out with a female. It just didn’t look right. Maybe producers don’t look for that sort of thing. As long as it’s a muchacho giving besos/kissing a muchacha that’s all that matters to them. I couldn’t hear the dialogue at the time to hear what was being said. Gracias for your comment y that of Alejandro as well. Chau.

  2. Dan


    It’s been my experience on “ClosetList” that most people are fucking flakes. They’re on there mining for guy’s dick and ass pics and I don’t think most posting on there have any intention of ever getting together with anyone. I think the guys that mention the girlfriend being away are doing that because they think that proves to anyone that they’re bi but as you said anybody can say anything so I think you really have take what anyone says on there very lightly. There’s so much BS on CL. That’s been my experience. I don’t go there too much anymore. I tired out very quickly of all the lies, fake profiles and flaky people.

    Enjoyed reading your article about it. It was funny the way you wrote it. “Just go get the dick” LOL.

  3. Ed in the Castro

    A friend of mine goes on ClosetList and told me about some of this. You’re not the only person to pick up on the girlfriend being away in the bi ads. My friend mentioned that to me too. He said why do they have to put that in their ad? The thing that really has turned him off is the guys saying they’re discreet like there’s something wrong with being openly gay. That’s where things have really gone back to. The Castro was anything but discreet when it was a gay mecca. It was wild and quite the time and it’s what attracted so many openly gay men here. I don’t think we’ll ever see that again other than by watching clips of that day. But today, it’s about being discreet (shaking my head in disgust).

  4. Alejandro

    Hoooooooola. One reason I come to pink barrio is because you write about things that nobody else will and this is one topic that no one would touch. You told it like it is. I’ve seen those personals you’re talking about on “Closet List” with the girl out of town. One guy said that the girl was out of town on a work trip but that’s the only time I’ve seen anyone explain what she was doing out of town. LOL. I agree with your statement that the gay rights movement is now dead. Nobody else would say that either. Muchas gracias.

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