Women as property of men

It’s always been that way, and likely always will be with most breeder couples. Rejecting this thinking was partly what the 1960s were about, but nevertheless, frankly I think many women enjoy being the property of men.

Hola a todos. Let’s see now, how long have some women (upon getting married to a guy) not adopted their husband’s last name as part of their own? Answer: For decades.

I find the idea of women taking their husband’s name weird. “Damn odd, Ms Bucket,” (pronounced “Bouquet”). It’s as if la mujer/the woman thinks she is his property and she’s quite content with that. Men; however, very rarely take the female’s last name to signify that he is her property. Many constantly needy and attention-seeking females seem to enjoy being the submissive and subservient “dainty-little girl” property of their tall, dominant, domineering (sexist and chauvinistic) husband, where she behaves as if she thinks she’s a second-class citizen to him and he is supposed to protect submissive her at all times. Some of these females look like the little daughter of the guy she’s with because of the couple’s extreme height difference (him-tall/her-short). When they make out, he looks like he’s making out with his little daughter. And that’s often the way breeder couples/straight couples behave around San Francisco these days. Walking down the sidewalk, insecure her is latched onto him like a leash — her right hand is fixed to his left arm if they’re not walking in the perfunctory and mandatory hand-in-hand routine to show everyone that they are a couple and that they are both taken, as if anyone cares! — and she’s walking one-half step behind him like a little dog giving the impression that she thinks she’s not his equal. While writing this article I saw an image online of Meghan Markle walking with Prince Harry, or more accurately walking behind him at least one step. Her left hand was stretched out clutching his left arm as she was tagging along. He was “leading.” The image portrayed Dominant him, submissive her (yet she claims he’s a feminist). But as I’ve described them is the way it looked, and I see this annoying sexist and chauvinistic behaviour all the time in the new Breeder Mecca Castro in San Francisco. Or, there are the breeder couples who are walking in lockstep and she’s more or less lying on him — yes, while walking — with her head sorta in the middle of his chest (under his chin) and his arms have her locked in as his chattel/personal possession. It’s a damn awkward-looking position for walking, but I do see that on occasion.

Angela Merkel (pronounced aŋˈɡeːla ˈmɛʶkl̩) is the Deutscher Bundeskanzler/German Chancellor. She’s considered the most powerful la mujer/woman en el mundo/in the world and the “leader of the Free World.” Note that the most disgusting human being who is currently the shithole US “president” is not considered the “leader of the Free World” as was the case with former White House occupants, I think, up until Obama left office. The conservative and traditionalist BBC News constantly refer to Angela Merkel as “Mrs Merkel” rather than “Ms Merkel.” Both are technically correct in a form sense, but the feminist in me doesn’t like “Mrs” — I prefer the feminist “Ms” — just as men use “Mr” regardless of their marital status. Angela was married to Ulrich Merkel, but they got a divorce. So why does BBC News call her “Mrs Merkel” as opposed to “Ms Merkel” (which would seem to me to be more appropriate). Angela kept his last name after the divorce probably because of the two children they had. Angela’s current husband’s name is Joachim Sauer (he’s a quantum chemist and professor) whom some people mistakenly refer to as “Mr Merkel.”

Men use “Mr” whether they’re married or not. Women should use “Ms” whether they’re married or not. Just as with men, it’s no one’s business whether a woman is married, which is what the traditionalist and conservative “Mrs” signals. “Mrs” tells the public that she’s married and “keep your hands off.” Although that doesn’t seem to matter to many breeders as easily as their wedding rings temporarily slide off and on into drawers and pockets when they’re cheating on their spouse, and the breeder divorce rate in the shithole US is well over 50%.

Who uses “Mrs” these days other than outdated (in a feminist sense), conservative, traditionalist chauvinistic and sexist women who prefer to live in the 1950s or before with their “housewife” and “baby factory” mentality? The septic far-right supporters of the most disgusting human being (el hombre naranja/the orange man) here in the shithole US would of course use “Mrs.”

An example of the “Woman is property of the man” is often seen when written like this:

“Mr and Mrs Richard P Chauvinist.”

One sees that style as the address on business envelopes and on contributions/donor lists that breeder couples make to some organisations, such as a symphony orchestra, for example.

In Latin culture, both names are customarily used, the mother and the father’s name. For example, in the internationally well-known telenovela Betty la Fea, Betty’s name was Betty Pinzón Solano. Pinzón being her father’s last name and Solano being her mother’s last name. Betty’s mother’s name was Julia Solano Galindo de Pinzón (“de Pinzón” meaning of or married to Hermes Pinzón). Betty’s father’s name was Hermes Pinzón Galarza. Or in the case of Ecomoda secretary Berta (if you watched Betty la Fea, you certainly know who Berta was), she was Bertha Muñoz de González. González being her husband’s last name.

Some women hyphenate their name keeping their birth name and hyphenating it with his last name when they get married to a guy. That still strikes me as if she is his little submissive property because men rarely hyphenate their last name for anybody. When men marry a female, men very rarely tag her last name onto his last name. He keeps his last name as it’s always been, or at least most do. One would hope that one day women would catch up and decide they’ve had enough of this nonsense and don’t care to be property of men any longer. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. UK Reader

    This relates to your article, which I agree with, by the way:

    Why I took my wife’s last name
    “These days many women keep their own name when they marry, and couples are increasingly opting for a double-barrelled or merged name. But men who take their wife’s surname are still quite rare. Kirstie Brewer spoke to three.”

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola UK Reader, gracias for that. I do like their “Mr” and “Ms” hats. Exactly the point I made in the article about dropping that “Mrs” shit.

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