Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree

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Hola a todos. You can land a job without the proper job-related education or experience as a member of the US congress, or as US president, or as US ambassador to the United Nations for that matter. Yes, that’s true. Wouldn’t you think that a “lawmaker” would have a law degree? No law degree is required. One can be a US Senator with just a Bachelor of Arts degree, not at all related to being a senator, and no legal experience at all. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Members of the cesspool called the US Congress — Representatives (House) and Senators (Senate) — are often referred to as “lawmakers” or “the lawmaker,” yet some of them (or is it most?) have no legal training at all. Did you know that? They have never been to law school. They are not an attorney and do not have the Juris Doctor degree (J.D. or JD as its known). Does anyone else find this odd, if not outrageous? The logical question then is: How can these people make laws without having any legal training or a law degree? WTF?

I began to think about this the other day when “the senior senator” (Dahling) Dianne Feinstein, who has been sitting in congress all these years without a law degree or any legal training whatsoever, and who has told us repeatedly that she thinks that the current occupant of la casa blanca/the white house could be a good “president,” and that we should expect “it” to serve its full term. Does anyone else need any additional confirmation of her intentions during the tenure of his regime? She was questioning someone who appeared before a senate committee and who was trying to keep the special counsel from being fired by the current occupant of la casa blanca. Feinstein said she wasn’t a lawyer and didn’t have any legal training, and she was having trouble understanding what they were telling her. (roll eyes) I thought: Then WTF are you doing in congress without a law degree while calling yourself “a lawmaker?”

That would be like me teaching in a Conservatory of Music without any music training or a degree in music. That is not allowed. With the one exception being that the non-degreed musician is an internationally-known concert artist and is hired as an “Artist in Residence” by the Conservatory or a University’s School of Music. In that instance and only in that instance can a musician be on the faculty without having an advanced degree in music and that’s because the artist studied privately with a world-renowned artist(s) before becoming an international concert artist. And in the case of piano, the artist probably won multiple international piano competitions which led to touring opportunities as a concert artist. But in any other circumstance, one is required to have a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) degree in music or pursuing one (often at night and teaching during the day) to be on the music faculty in a Conservatory or a University’s School of Music.

So how is it that these basura in congress (both House and Senate) can get by having a Bachelor of Arts degree completely unrelated to what they’re doing in congress? No wonder we’re in such a disaster politically. I had looked this up a few weeks ago when researching her background. Feinstein has a BA in History from Stanford University. That’s a Bachelor of Arts degree. She’s in the US Senate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History? WTF? I didn’t think she had a law degree or any legal training, and she doesn’t.

For those who don’t know, Feinstein was on the Board of Supervisors here in San Francisco and was mayor for two terms, but first got in the job of mayor by default when Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone were killed and she was board president and instantly became (interim) mayor, but neither of those jobs (supervisor or mayor) require any legal training either.

Feinstein was given one of those ugly, feel-good honorary doctorate law degrees (Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws) back in 1977 from Golden Gate University here in San Francisco. Honorary degrees are meaningless and carry no weight, although I have known some people to start calling themselves “Dr” after they received one, which is really tacky. The only doctorate degrees that matter are ones that are earned through years of study. There are some professional musicians who after earning their DMA continue to refer to themselves by their first name, rather than “Dr ____.” I think they do so because they think that even though they worked extremely hard to earn their DMA, it can come off as a bit pretentious, elitist and formal to call yourself “Doctor _____.”

Any idiot can be on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors or serve as mayor. The current San Francisco mayor is a corporate hack and shill who permanently resides in the upper colon of the techies, greedy developers, and he is also owned by a billionaire venture capitalist. Both jobs (mayor and Board member) unofficially require being a shill and hack for corporate interests while calling oneself a “moderate” when in reality one is quite conservative. In San Francisco, a “moderate” is code language for being a conservative. And today, one has to be a shill for the parasitic and predatory Tech Industrial ComplexTM which now owns San Francisco.

As for congress, any idiot can be a member of congress (House or Senate) — and that’s mostly what they seem to attract — if one is able to bamboozle enough gullible and devoutly partisan sheeple into voting for the career politician one term after another.

The US really has some pathetically lame requirements for some important positions having a bearing and major consequences on millions of people’s lives. If one has no legal training, one should not be called a “lawmaker” or even allowed to make laws. Such a person should not be allowed in the congress. In any other job I can think of, one has to have some or extensive training specifically related to that particular field, including degrees related to that field (not some Bachelor of Arts degree in History). But rather than any legal training, the only requirements for being a representative or senator these days seem to be: 1) wealth (and in many cases a millionaire), 2) being partisan, and 3) in the case of Feinstein, acting as if she’s afraid of her own shadow (“terror, terror, terror”), and 4) working to erode the US Constitution. The last I heard, about half of the congress consists of millionaires. Both Feinstein and Pelosi keep getting elected — no matter how often they serve as enablers for their close friends, the Republicans — by the devoutly partisan Democratic voters of San Francisco. I suspect most voters in San Francisco probably couldn’t tell you anything about either of them, such as details about their voting record. In San Francisco, most people vote 1) by name recognition, 2) by that “D” next to the candidate’s name and 3) based on which candidate is endorsed on their slate card. And that’s precisely why we keep ending up with the same basura — without any legal training or law degrees — one election after the other.

Oh and by the way, speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she doesn’t have a law degree either or any legal training. Like Feinstein, she also has a Bachelor of Arts, from Trinity Washington University.

These congresswomen (Senator Feinstein and Representative Pelosi) — and there are congressmen (representatives and senators) just like them — have been in congress how many years? How many terms? They’re living there in my former hometown, the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital. There are at least two fine law schools that I know of in the District: Georgetown University and George Washington University (located in Foggy Bottom). When I lived in the District, some of my amigos/friends were studying law at Georgetown and at GWU to become an attorney. Both Feinstein and Pelosi are millionaires so money for tuition can’t be a problem. Why haven’t they pursued law degrees over the years to be fully qualified and to fully understand law as a “lawmaker” in congress and to better themselves? I wonder why that might be? Hmmmmmmmm? I suppose they would say: A law degree and legal training are not needed for this job of “lawmaker,” so why should I bother with that? Yes, I suppose it would give you less time to party and to rub shoulders with influential people and corporate interests who will benefit you financially through various (war) contracts and other deals through the Military Industrial Complex et al. (Take your pick from this list: Feinstein: War Profiteer).

The Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) doesn’t have a law degree either or legal training. He’s another one with a Bachelor’s degree. His is in economics and political science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I’m sitting here partly laughing at this and these Bachelor degrees for being members of congress and degrees that are completely unrelated to what they do in congress. This would be funny if it were not so serious, in that these corporate parasites of the US Oligarchy effect millions of people’s lives by the often draconian decisions they make without any legal training or background. It’s really reprehensible. But they don’t care. With their Bachelor degrees (if they even have that), both teams (D and R) work for their corporate owners and the Military Industrial Complex, et al.

On the positive side, there is at least one person in congress with an advanced degree, although it’s completely unrelated to what he’s doing in congress and that’s Senator Rand Paul who has a MD from Duke University School of Medicine with a residency in Ophthalmology where he specialised in cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

Joe Biden has a JD from Syracuse University School of Law. And you may remember that during Obama’s first campaign, his teary-eyed cultists were going on about him being “a Constitutional Scholar.” We heard that hundreds of times from them about their new-found messiah. It didn’t seem to matter though, because even though he as a JD from Harvard University School of Law, after he became president “Mr Constitutional Scholar” helped to shred the US Constitution during the 8 years of his expansion of the illegitimate Bush regime’s neocon agenda.

And the qualifications required to be president are just as pathetically lame. Any idiot can be president if they’re a US citizen, 35 years of age and able to successfully bamboozle enough of the stupid and gullible US public and electors of the outdated electoral college to get them to vote for them. Just play them emotionally and feed them feel-good pabulum. That always works. It worked for Obama with his “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” marketing bull shit. Playing them emotionally with feel-good pabulum worked for the thing we have now occupying the oval office. That international embarrassment. As for his training — or was he given grades to get him out of the school? — he has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School. So one can be in occupying the office of president with a BS degree. Sigh.

Wouldn’t you think that these politicians with JD degrees would sort of look down on these politicians with no legal training? I should think so. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (enero/January 2018): This topic of qualifications (or lack of) for people in public office came up again recently with some amigos when I pointed out the following: that wretched woman who serves as ambassador to the United Nations from the shithole US under the orange man’s regime only has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Now can you tell me how a degree in accounting qualifies this wretch to be ambassador to the UN? What would she know about the UN? Previously she was a governor of South Carolina and is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. How does a degree in accounting qualify her for either of those positions? She was governor and — just like the basura in the US congress– a “lawmaker” without any law degree? As for the UN, in reality, just like the world’s #1 bully/basura whom she works for, her job is to go to the UN and bloviate and bully them which she has done repeatedly. She’s a piece of work. She’s merely an extension of the dysfunctional international bully she works for. Clearly any ass can be a bully and she certainly fits that. More basura in positions of power and on a power trip. Unlike a real job that the average working class person would apply for, no qualifications are needed in the area of expertise when it comes to making major political decisions that have consequences on the lives of millions of people. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Originally published on Nov 11, 2017 @ 20:08

2 comments on “Making laws with a Bachelor of Arts degree

  1. Sue

    You’d think they’d all have law degrees to best meander their way through their thick corruption, or is their excuse when corruption allegations flair up “I didnt’ know because I’m not an attorney” as their alibi. If there’s something that’s illegal, they’ll just change the law for themselves…..and ONLY for themselves.

  2. D8

    “Wouldn’t you think that a “lawmaker” would have a law degree?”

    Yes, I would think that. For some reason I thought they all had law degrees. Shocked to read that they don’t. This article is quite the eye-opener.

Fin. The End.