Yellow Vest Protesters complete tenth consecutive weekend of protests

“The Price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.”

Hola a todos. Bonjour. The Yellow Vest Movement protesters in France just completed their tenth consecutive Samedi/Saturday protest in Paris and in cities throughout France. It’s been raining every Saturday in Paris and they’re out there usually without umbrellas. The rain and cold temperatures do not stop them. They are vigilant. These are people who have given up their Saturday and Dimanche/Sunday in some cases for ten consecutive weeks as of this writing.

Comparing France to the US: You can’t get people here in The Cesspool/US of Insanity to protest even in good weather. And when they do so, it’s only a flash-in-the-pan. Purely symbolic. Which reminds me of the recent Women’s March in various cities. Well, like most “protests” the Women’s March is mostly symbolic. State-sanctioned charades with Establishment politicians speaking at their events. These marches don’t accomplish anything in the big scheme of things. It’s just a feel-good time for mostly partisan-brainwashed women and some guys to get together on a Saturday. Aren’t most of the participants of the women’s marches aligned with the “Democratic” Party Cult (as opposed to the Republican Party Cult)? I think so. I saw one guy at the Women’s March wearing a “Resist” t-shirt. It’s going to take a whole lot more than “resist” to change anything here in The Cesspool. What really needs to happen here — read between the lines — is not going to happen because USians are too fucking lame, to tell it like it is. Vigilant protests — going on eleven consecutive weeks — like the YVM in France would disturb their comfort level and phone addiction here. Can’t have that!

Contrast these flash-in-the-pan US “protests” or demonstrations to the Yellow Vest Protesters throughout France. They are vigilant. They’re not flash-in-the-pan like these women’s marches and others. And the Yellow Vest protesters have accomplished some things. French president Emmanuel Macron and their Prime Minister have made some concessions to them, but the Yellow Vest protesters don’t consider it sufficient enough. They say they want the full baguette, not just crumbs. So the Yellow Vest Movement continues on.

When was the last time that a peaceful protest accomplished anything? I can’t think of any. I was in the streets peacefully protesting many things for decades. In hindsight, everything that I peacefully protested went on as planned, including illegal wars. None of these protests in the US — violent or non-violent — seem to have changed a thing. They were/are purely symbolic.

What caused the French government to make some concessions to the YVMovement? The violence, particularly in the wealthy Avenue des Champs-Élysées area, and the vigilance of the YVMovement. The French government understood that the Movement was not going away.

In other words, don’t expect any positive changes of substance to be made by having one lame or annual polite, “cakewalk” so-called “protest” or “demonstration” with genuflecting to the Establishment state-sanctioned charade as seen here in the US of Insanity to accomplish a thing. The only thing that some governments seem to react to with some substantive positive changes is violence after weeks of vigilance on the part of the protesters. During the YVMovement, I’ve heard it said by some of the French public, “Our police are professionals unlike the thugs in the States.” Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not aware of any police brutality in Paris — like what one sees in The Cesspool — that has taken place in France during the Movement to the level that would happen here in The Cesspool. I do know that some of the YVM protesters have been roughed-up by the police but I don’t know to what extreme that has occurred. I did read that four of the YVM protesters have suffered serious eye injuries in conflicts with the police.

From my understanding, the French government is now requiring the Yellow Vests to have permits/approval for their demonstrations. This was not the case when the Movement started. It sounds like the Macron government is following the US Model for “protests.” That makes a protest a state-sanctioned charade. A farce. If one needs approval (with a permit) from the Establishment for a protest, then it’s not a protest. Period. Before this was announced, the Yellow Vest Movement just got out there and protested. They didn’t ask permission from the Macron government. I’m not sure if they’re asking permission now or not. Some of the women of the Yellow Vests have been having their own protests on some Sundays, in addition to the major Saturday protest. One of the YVM women said on camera, “You see the YVM men and the violence. We women want to show that one can have a peaceful protest with a message.” I’d love to ask her: And when was the last time a peaceful protest accomplished anything and was anything more than purely symbolic? I’d also like to remind her that she should have added the word “some” in reference to the men and the violence, because the overwhelming majority of men of the YVM have not been violent. Also, most violence is often caused by the police or their infiltrators who purposefully cause violence to take the power out of the Movement and try to snuff it out. Au revoir/Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. E in Sunnyvale

    When was the last time that a peaceful protest accomplished anything? I can’t think of any. I was in the streets peacefully protesting many things for decades. In hindsight, everything that I peacefully protested went on as planned, including illegal wars.

    I’m all in favor of a peaceful process as a first resort. But I do believe we’re well past the point where peaceful protests will do anything at all. They get absolutely zero media attention, except as portraying the protesters as a “lunatic fringe” of extremists.

    We’ve passed the point, and I think it’s time to get loud. But that’s not going to happen.

    Home of the brave? lol


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