“You’re gay, you’re fired!”

Hola a todos. The orange nazi’s regime says employers should be able to fire gay people because, as they argued in court recently, “gay people aren’t protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” He also said this sometime ago and I wrote about it at that time. But this has come up again as expected, and the article I’ve linked to (see bottom of this page). I would think that as part of the law it would state that employees cannot be fired for being straight/breeders. They can only be fired for being gay. Employers having the right to fire their gay employees will likely end up in the US Supreme Court sometime after the orange nazi has stacked the court with at least two far-right injustices with the help of the feet-shuffling, enabling and complicit right-wing Democratic Party. Keep in mind that orange nazi-enabler Pelosi has taken impeachment of the orange nazi “off the table” three times now. Here’s one of them:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.”

It should be pointed out that we wouldn’t be in this political disaster if most people had possessed the intelligence, integrity, independence and foresight to vote overwhelmingly for genuinely progressive Jill Stein in the 2016 s-election. She was the best candidate who ran. This wouldn’t be happening, but one should remember that the corrupt Democratic Party threw Democratic Party-enabler/fake-independent Bernie Sanders “under the bus” and then nominated a horrible candidate: War criminal right-wing Hillary. Then on cue, the brainwashed-partisan Dembots — who pretend to be “progressive” and “liberal” while supporting right-wing politicians — swarmed to their new-found messiah Hillary like flies to caca. She has a “D” next to her name and that’s all that matters to brainwashed partisan Dembots. Bernie Sanders could have shown some integrity and character and a hint of being a genuine independent and endorsed Jill Stein, but being a Democratic Party enabler he endorsed corrupt, right-wing, war-hawk Hillary after campaigning against her and timidly criticising her for months. Hypocrite. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes that we know of. Through our fraudulent voting system — which most people choose to live in denial about — the orange nazi allegedly “won” the outdated electoral college vote through highly questionable methods. I do not consider him legitimate and there’s increasing evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

To this day, the Dembots continue to play The Blame GameTM (just like the orange nazi, they always need someone to blame but themselves, and lack the maturity to do so), and instead blame third party candidates for their/Dem losses — even though as I said earlier Hillary won the popular vote, which Dembots seem to forget; some of them barely have the maturity of toddlers nor are they the brightest of people — rather than having the maturity of taking ownership and responsible for their own corrupt party putting up an awful nominee.

Dra Jill Stein would not be nominating right-wing basura for the US Supreme Court. She would be nominating genuine progressives (what few there are) and the Democrats of the US Oligarchy could either vote for her nominee or “cross over the aisle” as they usually do and enable their employers, the Republicans, once again. (Related: Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?)

Employers will then likely be able to fire people for being gay if the orange nazi has his way, whether legally or not. Legal doesn’t matter to these basura. They do what they want and no one seems to do anything about it.

You may remember we were told by wishful-thinking conservative idiots in the so-called “gay community” that “gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream.” They said that, in part, to get rid of gay meccas and to welcome in the breeders/straights to take them over, as they have done. Mi amigo/My friend said: But by the time this ruling is announced in favour of the orange nazi regime’s, most gay people will have “converted” — through self-induced gay conversion — and gone back in the closet and “gone straight” and married females. Yes, that’s what gay guys worked decades for, the right to marry females. Nearly every day my reliable gaydar alerts me to a gay guy walking around San Francisco holding hands with a female as if they are a breeder couple. (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) So this anti-gay ruling really won’t make any difference, will it?

And the so-called “gay community” — which died sometime ago, around the time that gay marriage became legal and that ludicrous order for “gay assimilation” was given here in the shithole US — will continue staring intently at their phones pretending to be straight and saying, “I’ve got a girl (or wife) now, gay conversion worked for me. I’m on the down low (back in the closet).” While others in the so-called “gay community” will simply go back in the closet — including gay couples — and lie about their sexual orientation. But the orange nazi’s regime won’t be fooled by that. They will respond to them by saying: “You’re not heterosexual because according to your online activity including your social media activity which we have full access to you’re constantly looking for sex with a guy and downloading sex pics from gay sites. We have also reviewed marriage certificates and have proof that you are married to a guy living at this address.” The gay guy says: “That’s illegal, you can’t do that!” The orange nazi’s regime laughs in his naïve face and says: Apparently you haven’t been paying any attention; we do what we want. Legal doesn’t matter to us. We’re above the law, and we have passed this information we have on you to your employer.

The employer says: “You’re gay, you’re fired.”

And that’s the end of that. One should not expect any protests against this because that’s not what the conformist and conservative so-called “gay community” does these days. In fact, they seem to be ashamed of our protest days of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, with apologies to the breeders for inconveniencing them in any way. In other words: The so-called “gay community” today is long dead in any activist way. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Orange nazi’s regime says it’s ok to fire people for being gay

8 comments on ““You’re gay, you’re fired!”

  1. FedUp!

    Bad news…but expected. FYI: took on some Dems yesterday and got banned from this ‘progressive site’ that wants an echo chamber. I was polite….didn’t matter. I passed on what you wrote about Jill Stein….just changed it a bit. Felt like I was responding to people in grades 1 thru 8 rather than adults. Went back today. It said BANNED. They want lockstep before the midterms.

    1. D8

      Being polite won’t stop you from being banned, as you found out. I’ve been banned from so many sites I can’t begin to count. Guess I was too polite. No, it was because I didn’t agree with all the Democratic Party commenters and you’re right these sites do want everyone in agreement especially before elections.

      Appreciate the article.

      1. FedUp!

        “Being polite won’t stop you from being banned, as you found out. ”

        Right you are! That’s the funny thing….they don’t ban the people who tell me to fuck off. They ban me for writing another version of what pink barrio wrote in this article. They demand lock-step.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    One other thing: any “laws” that are/were supposed to protect queer people are completely toothless anyway. It’s all too easy for a potential employer to reject a queer candidate *because* they’re queer. All they have to do is say, “we’re sorry, that position has been filled”, or “a more qualified candidate was available”. Same thing with housing. The burden of proof in this case is not something easily overcome.

  3. E in Sunnyvale

    …and if you’re a transwoman[1], you’d be lucky to get hired at all in the first place.

    [1] …since apparently trans MEN don’t exist.

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