Are you Coming to San Francisco for Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Weekend?

Arte en lienzo Lámina - Bandera Transgénero Canvas Print

La Bandera Transgénero
The Transgender Flag

This is the flag
they refuse to fly at
Harvey Milk Plaza as well as on
the balcony of San Francisco City Hall

Hola. I hadn’t planned to write anymore about this but I was talking with an amigo the other day and he mentioned Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend and said: I wonder how many people plan on wasting their dinero/money by coming to that this year? I said: I don’t know. It’s nothing like it was. I told him I hadn’t planned to even talk about it this year considering the corporate event it has become, but I’ll ask on pink barrio. So I’m wondering if you’re planning to come to the New Conservative, Lobomotised, Techie San Francisco for Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend later this month, junio/June 2015? It’s the last Domingo/Sunday this month. The event is officially called SF Pride. But as of last year I and mis amigos/my friends began calling it Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend since that seems to more accurately reflect the reality based on the thousands of gay personal sex ads we’ve read in major US cities and continue to read written by closet-case gay guys with gay shame. These guys describe themselves as “discreet,” “down-low” and some saying “closeted, not out” (here in 2015) and “straight-acting.” Nearly every ad in the men-seeking-men category on the site I call ClosetList has the word “discreet” in it.

“Discreet” is the opposite of Proud and Pride, as in Gay Pride

As I’ve written many times but since this may be your first time to pink barrio, the only reason a gay guy would be “discreet” is if he is ashamed of his gay sexuality and/or he’s cheating on someone and doesn’t want that person to know. “Discreet” means trying to hide something and keeping something secretive. Well, keeping one’s sexuality secretive is called being in the closet. That’s not Gay Pride.

I started to notice this nonsense after GLBTQs were given the orders by those useless corporate GLBTQ organisations — who with their bloated executive salaries serve as Democratic Party hacks and shills and Obamabots — to assimilate with the “straights.” This was around the time of the US Supreme Court’s same-gender marriage ruling. Unfortunately, many GLBTQs misunderstood the assimilation order and mistook that as a signal to go back in the closet, become conservative and heteronormative. In other words, be as much like those precious “straights” as possible in one’s desperate and dire attempt to be accepted by them.

I’ve noticed that the heteronormative “discreet,” closet-case gay guys want nothing to do with the more feminine gay guys. Some gay guys (especially the self-described jocks) describe themselves as bisexual presumably because they think that sounds more macho/masculine than calling themselves gay (with their gay shame), however I never see their ads/pics in the men seeking women category of ClosetList. They’re only in the men seeking men category. Also in many ads written by gay guys that I’ve read they say, “No fems” along with “No fats.” I understand personal sexual turn-ons but really! I especially feel sympathy these days for the more feminine gay guys because of continued rejection they receive from these obnoxious jocks who — from my experience with them — may look polished and buffed on the outside but it’s their fucked-up personality and head-trip that needs the work and a lot of it. From my experience with them, they can’t talk. They often have no social skills at all. I often think that these techie sex apps are for those insipid people without social skills and their inability to talk with people.

Now keep in mind por favor that these people I’m talking about who are “discreet” and “down-low” are not in some small hick town with busy-bodied prying eyes as one might think. No, they’re in major cities where no one gives a fuck what they do sexually or with whom. They’re anonymous, but Manhattan (as in New York City) is full of closet cases. Who would have thought that?! And the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco has no shortage of them either. Loco./Crazy.

So I and amigos are wondering how many people plan to come to — what should be called — Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend later this month in San Francisco? The event these days is nothing but a big corporate advertisement called a parade. Last year’s SF Pride was thoroughly corporate and it was more “straight” than gay. So not only are “straights” hell-bent on taking over nice Queer areas and going to gay bars (WTF is that about?) in major cities and changing them to the way they want them, but now they’re taking over the so-called Pride Parade too. And SF Pride has become sanitised and so-called family-friendly presumably to genuflect to those delicate “straights”/conservatives (UGH!). It’s nothing like it used to be during the height of the Gay Mecca days, so why would anyone want to come here and see this thing?

Just so you know, if you’re planning to come to the New Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie San Francisco don’t expect things to be as they were. This city has changed drastically due to the techie invasion and the San Francisco Oligarchy (some thoroughly corrupt politicians working for their corporate owners). If you’re hoping to speak with a local resident, good luck with that. Many local residents — especially in the stupidphone/smartphone-addicted Castro — are hunched over, squinting at and fucking with that toy cemented to their hand that they’re distracted by and addicted to 24/7. But if you come here and happen to see the rare person looking up and aware of their surroundings and not on a stupidphone, you might consider talking with them.

Again, if you’re planning to waste your el dinero/money by coming here and if you’re expecting to see the San Francisco that you’ve heard about for decades, I’m sorry but you won’t see that city because that city is gone unfortunately. Fin. The End. That city has been evicted to Oakland and elsewhere. Yes, San Francisco has done a 180 from its former alternative and proudly-radical past. There are no shortage of examples of that but I’ll list one: The petty, conservative, local hateful totalitarian merchants group refuses to fly the Transgender Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza of all places!, and that flag pole is on public property. El alcalde/the mayor also refuses to fly la Bandera Transgénero/the Transgender Flag from the balcony of City Hall. So I’m displaying the flag on this page in protest of these basura around here and also because I like the Transgender Flag (it’s a very pretty flag, don’t you think?). But as someone noted in a comment on another article:

“the mayor refused to fly the transgender flag from city hall but he has no trouble flying any other flag he wants to fly”

True. Then one of my nice commenters responded to that by saying:

The merchants groups all were a part of that as well…
As a trans person, the fiasco over the flag was when I finally decided SF is dead. I’m outta here – seriously considering heading for Oregon (Eugene would be nice – not many yuppies there from what I hear).

Yes, I understand. It saddens me to even think about it. When I moved to San Francisco during the height of the now-fading Gay Mecca days, I never thought that the San Francisco that I loved would some day turn into the conservative city it has become with the help and complicity of the now-conservative GBLTQs. What the fuck happened to them? Today, social activism has been abandoned and is sneered at in favour of conservatism and corporatism. Also, where I live used to be mostly gay. Today it’s mostly “straight” breeders and I don’t think any of them have ever heard of condoms or birth control. Everybody around here has squeezed out at least two babies it seems. The place is overrun with babies/children and condominium-sized strollers. Clearly, overpopulation is not a concern to these self-entitled and self-absorbed people. It’s all about them and their pretentious focus on superficial and shallow status-symbol materialism. That’s the opposite of the former alternative and proudly-radical city that I moved to and loved.

I’ve heard some San Franciscans say that SF Pride is essentially becoming Straight Pride. Some brief history: For decades on one particular San Francisco corporate website the conservatives/anti-gay “straights” have whined in the comments every time SF Pride comes around that they (the “straights”) don’t have a straight pride day. It was pointed out probably hundreds of times to these anti-gay/conservative bigots that every day is “straight” pride day. That’s especially true in office settings where there’s no shortage of family pictures displayed showing the wife and the husband and their los niños/their children for everyone to see their “straight” family. They’re very in-your-face with their “straight” sexuality while they complain about GLBTQs being in-your-face with our sexuality. Fucking hypocrites!

But if you’re planning to come to the big corporate advertisement tourist-event known as SF Pride, or what I and others call Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend, leave a friendly comment por favor. Or if you plan to stay home in this dismal economy, that might be a better idea. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 10 de junio 2015): I read last night that a new US-national corporate chain is trying to quickly open at Castro and Market and they said, “We’re trying to open in time for Pride and will have a float in the parade.” Let me rewrite that to reflect reality: “We’re trying to open in time to exploit Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Day and we will have a moving corporate ad on wheels in this corporate parade with all the other corporate ads.”


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29 comments on “Are you Coming to San Francisco for Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Weekend?

  1. rosa_barrio Post author

    El 26 de junio de 2015: It was very crowded in The Castro tonight. At first it was just a bit more crowded than any other viernes/Friday night. But the later it got the more crowded it became and more “straight.” Yes, the “straights” were pouring in a little after 10.00pm, presumably to get drunk. Maybe they require alcohol in order to fuck? There were people dancing in an upper story window on Castro between 18th and 19th with loud music blaring. Looking in their window I saw 3 “straight” couples dancing. No gays or lesbians. It reminded me of the “in your face” behaviour of “straights” in a barrio that is supposed to be gay. “We’re all ‘straight,’ look at us dancing.” That block was also noticeably “straight” which I’ve noticed for some time but it’s getting worse. It turned me off. Walking up towards the metro at Harvey Milk Plaza, that was also becoming very “straight” especially so at Castro/Market. That’s when I decided to go back home. Initially when I got out, the atmosphere reminded me of the old Pink Saturday of the Old City. Generally speaking, the crowds were young and mi amigo said “it looks like what they call the Bridge and Tunnel crowd” (meaning people from around the Bay Area as opposed to San Franciscans or people from out-of-state). It’s often the “Bridge and Tunnel” crowd for events around here these days. The locals are older and we didn’t see that many of them. What we did notice was the epidemic level of stupidphones (also known as “smartphones”). We saw so many large groups of people together and talking but everyone was squinting at their screens rather than being completely engaged with the people they were with. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  2. Gay Pride has been turned into Corporate Pride

    What used to be Gay Pride is now Corporate Pride. Pride is nothing like the way it began. SF Pride this year is co-sponsored by two corporations. One of those corporations is taking thousands of apartments off our rental market when the city desperately needs **affordable** housing. The other corporation sponsoring Pride is that big, billionaire-owned social media network company. It’s the same company that won’t even allow drag queens to use their drag names on their accounts. Today Pride is all about corporate $$$$$$$$. The police department will be in the parade. It’s weird to see a police department that murders black and brown people marching in the parade as if there’s no history of beating up gays and arresting gays for sex work and sex in the parks. There will be the bougi pride party under the dome of City Hall. Forget the pride breakfast by the conservative gay club. They only represent the interests of middle and upper class gays. Forget the self serving politicians who ride in the parade. Forget the corporations and the banks. Forget it all. Pride has become a marketplace for corporations. Queer pride has nothing to do with any of these things and because of that I have no interest in going.

  3. Ilene

    I take it that nobody is using any form of birth control today in San Francisco. Why is it that every time I come over to the Castro I feel like I”m in a nursery? WTF has happened to the Castro? Jesus! I had heard that the heterosexuals were swarming the place but this is ridiculous. These huge baby strollers. Is there a fad now to have twins? I see many 2-seater baby strollers and some of the women pushing them have packed the stroller with everything except the kitchen sink. What has happened to this city?

    The heterosexual make out sessions on Market St and in the Castro?? Yeah I’ve seen that too. As a lesbian that doesn’t really appeal to me. They do seem very determined to go to the Castro to put on a heterosexual display. I didn’t know there were so many heterosexual exhibitionists out there and I think they’re all in the Castro.

  4. Ellen in MD

    Hi/Hola – Can you tell me in just a few words (if that’s possible) what ruined San Francisco? Appreciate it.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Ellen in MD,

      Short answer: The #1 thing that has ruined San Francisco is The Oligarchy’s policy of giving corporate welfare (through tax breaks) to techie companies based in the city.

      Longer answer: There are over 2,000+ techie companies based in the South of Market area alone. There are over 5,000 techie start-ups in San Francisco each worth $4.6 MILLION US DOLLARS on average. They pay an average salary of $105,000.00 US DOLLARS. These are wealthy companies backed by millionaire/billionaire venture capitalists yet this city is giving corporate welfare to wealthy companies. *eye roll* The techies are not originally San Franciscans. They were brought here/imported here for their job (a form of outsourcing) and that’s what is remaking the city because they’re very wealthy and enjoy throwing money away on over-priced cookie-cutter condos and other over-inflated things. They’re mainly young, “straight” and white with some Asians. Many San Franciscans have referred to the techies (correctly in my opinion) as “a soul-less group of people addicted to their ‘smart’phones.” They don’t see where they live because they’re always looking at their screens. And many residents talk about the pretentious, new and expensive vehicles on the streets owned by the techies as these shallow and superficial techies are trying to “Keep Up With the Joneses.” (Related: Let The Joneses Keep Up With You). Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. Erik

    I’ve read the personal ads you’re talking about and even though some social progress has been made it’s very telling the number of gay guys who are clearly not comfortable with their sexuality and they’re in major cities. I had no idea this was the case. I thought most people had gotten over that after decades of gay pride marches, the Gay Rights’ Movement and the like. From reading those ads it’s quite obvious that’s not the case. Those ads leave one with the impression that very little progress has been made.

  6. castro local

    hi, you talk about the glbtq community being exploited….i’d like to talk about that. look at all the businesses putting out NEW rainbow flags in and around the castro and down 18th street. as you’ve noted, it’s rare to see rainbow flags around castro and upper market these days. these businesses never fly rainbow flags any other time of year but when they think they can exploit the gay community during gay shame gay discreet month they rush out and buy new rainbow flags to put up. mind you, these are the same businesses that are part of that prudish sex-negative merchants group that have worked to sanitize the castro and are for the policies that are causing the eviction of queers from this city. they strongly support the conservative gay politician you refer to as “the holy trinity.” i know who you’re talking about. i can’t stand him. i hope the gay community won’t be fooled by these new rainbow flags being quickly put up by these businesses to let the exploitation of queers begin. this reminds me of that gay sports bar that only puts out a rainbow flag on “pride day”….more exploitation. it must annoy them to even have it out then. from what i’ve heard the owners of that bar are more like closet cases than “out and proud.”

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola castro local, yes I’ve noticed that and so has un amigo/my friend. He said it reminds him of during the holidays where the sheeple go through the perfunctory ritual of putting up the “required” holiday lights and decorations per tradition. This reminds him of that, in addition to exploiting the GLBTQ populace as you said. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  7. Gay Guy in the Castro

    I have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life and I live in the Castro. I went down past Church and Market today to my credit union and I saw nothing but baby strollers and straight couples. I saw two guys that looked like maybe they were gay. The gay community is really disappearing from this city. While walking down to my credit union I saw lots of straight make-out sessions and lots of hand holding.

    You know the funny thing is I’ve been in Marin County and also down in Silicon Valley and I never see straight couples making out on street corners and I don’t see hand holding.

    The only place I see that is in San Francisco in the Castro area. Market and Castro, Church and Market, 18th and Castro is where I mostly see it. You almost wonder are they trying to tell us something??? ….. WE’RE TAKING OVER YOUR AREA AND MAKING IT STRAIGHT.

  8. KimmySashey

    Heterosexuals have forced gays back in the closet. Period. Intentionally so? Very much so. Heterosexuals will only accept us gays when we look like and behave like them.

    Sweetie, that’s how I see it. I think I’ve read every article you’ve written about the problems facing us gay people. You’ve done a good job and written volumes about it. Honey, first off, I like your order of the letters much better: GLBTQ. I read that article too. I wish I knew how to correctly put in links here.

    Honey, the way I see it is that heterosexuals have forced many of us gay people back in the closet. How did we do that asks the heterosexual internet trolls? By forcing gay areas to become “family friendly and mainstream,” as heterosexuals invade and dominate over our gay areas with the encouragement of narrow-minded and uptight conservative gays. Sweetie, you know what that’s done? I think consciously or unconsciously it has caused gay people to feel this straight domination that we’ve felt all their lives. Honey you know what I’m talking about. Put another way, the bigoted message is straight is “normal”. Oh god that burns me to even type that but sweetie you know as well as I do that’s what society teaches us everywhere we look. Gay is not mainstream. Like you said, all advertizement and shows I see show us young white heterosexual couples and 9 times out of 10 with a child. I see this advertizement in gay areas. Because of this I think many gay people and gay couples don’t feel they can be themselves in gay areas being taken over by heterosexuals and are not comfortable making out in front of heterosexuals the way heterosexual couples like to put on a PG or R-rated show in front of us gay people. Gag.

    You’ve covered the sports bars that are turning our gay guys into superman, heteronormatives putting on this machismo façade straight act and “grunting” (your word) at television screens showing ball games.

    The discreet and down-low behavior? That’s sad to see isn’t it? Honey, I think that’s big-time insecurity and gay shame. That’s consciously or unconsciously being forced on gay people by heterosexuals. Like that poll you mentioned that heterosexuals don’t like seeing gay people kissing in public. That right there would make insecure gay guys feel like they need to hide something. Me? I’d put on a gay make-out show for them but that’s just me. With insecure and closeted gay guys? Nope. They assume the closeted heterosexual posturing and façade game. Honey, I don’t at all agree with it but I think that’s what we’re seeing. Like you’ve said we’re going backwards. That’s about it sweetie. I really can’t think of anymore to add. Thank you for reading my comment. Hugs.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola KimmySashey, I added the link for you that I think you wanted to add.

      I just want to say this: Yesterday I was reading a comment about one of the local gyms. It’s been known as the “gay gym” and the one I’ve written about. Some fucked-up “straight” guy who acts more like a gay closet case was whining that he was offended by the cruising in the locker room and in the showers. *roll eyes* My question to him is: Why the fuck are you over here in The Castro to begin with if you have a problem with gay guys looking at you or cruising you? Why do you deliberately go to the “gay gym” if you’re that fucking insecure with your own sexuality that you’re offended when a guy looks at you? People who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality aren’t offended when a man or woman looks at them/cruises them, asshole. Ugh. I can’t stand bigoted people like him. Fuck off! It’s yet another supposed “straight” guy trying to change the already-sanitised Castro and that gym to the way they want it. What more do you want them to do? Take your fragile ego and bigoted ass to another gym if you can’t bear to have another guy look at you. There are lots of “straight” gyms in this city, but I can’t guarantee that a guy won’t look at you there. In fact, that guy may claim to be “straight” too. But as I said, you sound like a closet case to me. Get some psychotherapy.

      Gracias for your comment, KimmySashey. Chau.

      1. KimmySashey

        Hi Sweetie, thanks for adding the link for me.

        Honey, I love this:

        “People who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality aren’t offended when a man or woman looks at them/cruises them, asshole.”

        Exactly. Couldn’t agree more.

        Honey, I’m gay but I have no problem when a man OR WOMAN cruises me. I have no interest in her but I’m not offended when she looks at me or cruises me. No harm is done to a person by someone looking at or cruising a person. Closet cases are very anti-gay as they try to hide their gay sexuality. Then this heterosexual??????? guy you wrote about at the San Francisco gym chooses to go to a gay gym. Like you said, he sounds like a closet case.

        Hugs, sweetie.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Y, I have no respect for that publication. (They haven’t gone out of business yet?) I used to read it weekly but I started noticing a conservative trend. They turned me off years ago. The sleazy publisher is a conservative and enjoys living in the upper colon of The Establishment. They routinely endorse Establishment parasites no matter how corrupt and sleazy. They endorsed the hateful anti-homeless sit-lie ordinance in San Francisco while making lame excuses for their endorsement. Then they endorsed the city-wide nudity ban because of 2-4 nude guys in The Castro. They endorsed the conservative gay parasite whom I refer to as The Holy Trinity who campaigned for the anti-homeless ordinance. I call him that because that’s how his rabid conservative supporters see him as they genuflect to him. That publication has endorsed other corrupt politicians (usually D-Establishment). Often when it comes to local endorsements, as long as the person is gay that’s all that matters to them. That’s their #1 requirement. They will jump through all sorts of hoops to support Establishment candidates or candidates who are trying to become part of The Establishment as long as the person says “I’m gay” or “I’m gay-friendly.” Personally, I’d much prefer a “straight” candidate whom I agree with on the issues than a conservative gay candidate I can’t stand on the issues. But again, with them it’s about who the person has sex with. The publication masks themselves in newspeak words such as “liberal” and “progressive” when they are neither. They are GLBTQ conservatives, and some local GLBTQs finally see them for what they are. It’s taken them awhile. Occasionally someone will ask me: “You don’t read that publication?” My response: Who wants to read that conservative trash? I have better things to do with my time than to have conservatives tell me what I’m supposed to think. Fuck them! I don’t read stuff from people I have no respect for. But I suspect that the majority of GLBTQs who live here love what they do since GLBTQs have become pro-Establishment/corporatist conservatives especially since their messiah Obama took office. Ugh. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. Y

        “The sleazy publisher is a conservative and enjoys living in the upper colon of The Establishment.”

        I enjoyed the upper colon part. LOL!! That’s way beyond being an ass-eater!!

        Thanks for your informative response; very helpful. The few times I’ve read it I couldn’t tell where they were coming from. I’ll no longer waste my time with it either.

  9. Speak The Truth

    You wrote,

    “That’s especially true in office settings where there’s no shortage of family pictures displayed showing the wife and the husband and their los niños/their children for everyone to see their “straight” family. ”

    LOL. That is so true. I’ve noticed that’s how they usually refer to each other too as “the wife” and “the husband” instead of “MY wife” or “MY husband” ….they’re so affectionate sounding aren’t they? Also noticed that to copy the straights that some gay guys do the same by referring to “the boyfriend.” Sounds rather detached, sterile and unemotional to me.

    BTW, I’m NOT coming to Gay Shame, Gay Discreet Weekend. I wish I had made it to one of the original ones before they fucked it up, but this corporated thing? Meh.

  10. strangetimes

    this is all becoming “the norm.” my partner and i were walking in upper market this morning and waiting to cross the street was this young girl and guy. i checked him out and my partner whispered to me it’s another “nelly-pooh gay boy with a girl.” looked like it to me too. before the light changed he started rubbing her back and looked like they were about to start making out right there, and then as they crossed market street he held her hand as if they were a str8 couple. after we crossed the street he looked back at us no longer holding hands. i said to my partner – it’s another gay boy pretending to be heteronormative/str8. my partner said well depending how far he takes that he’ll regret that. he asked – why did they move to this area? the big rainbow flag is flying down the street a couple blocks and this area to some degree is still known as a gay area because of the gay mecca years. if he were str8 why didn’t he and his girl move to an area in the city known for being str8?

    the point is we’re seeing this scene regularly now so we agree with you. it should be called gay shame gay discreet. and don’t tell me he’s bi. he acted like a closeted gay boy. during the mecca years neither of us saw this type of scene. it’s really a strangetime.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola strangetimes, why did they move over here? For the same reason all the other closet cases have moved here. Because they’re gay, and he probably tells her, “Oh I’m not like that but don’t you think it’s good to ‘support the gays’?” while he’s looking back at the gay guys behind him, cruising guys out of the corner of his eye (as is so common with closet case gay guys with a female) and having fantasies about guys he’s seen when having sex with her. Who would have thought that the proud Gay Mecca area would later become an area with many fucked-up closet cases? It’s just like in Manhattan. You didn’t say but was he in his late 20s/early 30s? That’s usually the age range of the closet cases I see around here and on ClosetList. WTF happened to gay guys in that age range? They were born approximately between 1983-1987 – Reagan regime years. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. strangetimes

        “You didn’t say but was he in his late 20s/early 30s? That’s usually the age range of the closet cases I see around here and on ClosetList. WTF happened to gay guys in that age range? They were born approximately between 1983-1987 – Reagan regime years. ”

        ah, interesting…. yes I’d say he was in his mid to late 20s. they had the predictable look – he was tall and she was short you’ve written about.

  11. BlueWhales


    I’m glad you don’t require registration to comment and don’t use those tracking comments systems. I refuse to register with any comment system, and this is one site I can comment on and I appreciate that.

    Every time I read an article about San Francisco the commenters are mostly ignorant. I read an article on another site about the housing prices in SF and that the city government is – supposedly – trying to do something to curb that. Yes I’m sure. It’s the commenters that annoyed me. Some person referred to San Francisco’s “socialist, semi-communist government.” It aggravates me to read that bunk because from what I know about your government it is a corporatist government. I think commenters like that are living in the past and not aware of how the city and its government have changed. They think that the old city government is still in power. That government is history.

    I’m not coming to Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Weekend. I would have enjoyed the original “SF Pride”, but this one doesn’t sound too appealing.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola BlueWhales, you’re not really off-topic. I’m pretty lenient about what’s “off-topic” as long as the commenter is friendly, as opposed to being an asshole. Commenters can agree or disagree with me and what I write as long as they’re friendly about it.

      Like you, I don’t like those data-mining third-party comment systems either and I don’t know why WordPress sites use them. I researched them but prefer the WordPress native comment system. I’m very pleased with it. I’ve been on some WP blogs and they’re using the native comment system and it looks like shit. They haven’t taken the time to set it up correctly, or don’t know how.

      I’ve noticed the same thing you have regarding your second paragraph. It also frustrates me to read their ignorance and no one ever educates/corrects them. Most of the people who hated Old San Francisco don’t know that the city government has changed. Too bad, as I think they would approve of The San Francisco Oligarchy today. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  12. FormerSanFranciscan

    No, I’m not coming to that thing. San Francisco has too many paranoid people in it for me. You’ve written about Upper Market and that’s where I used to live. You stop and look at someone’s flowers or stand for a few moments on the sidewalk to take a break from walking and what do you get? The neighborhood Nazis coming out of their homes to ask you “do you need help” or “may I help you?” I felt like telling them “No, mind your own fucking business.” I and my partner had that happen so many times to us. These paranoid assholes are suspicious of anyone who stands on the sidewalk for a short time. I got so tired of that. We started avoiding certain streets so we wouldn’t have to deal with them. To quote you ” if they want to live in Mayberry why the fuck don’t they move there if they can find it.” Couldn’t agree more.

  13. E in Sunnyvale

    I’ll definitely be staying home that weekend. I’d rather work on a painting – perhaps on a theme about the Old San Francisco…

    1. Ed in the Castro

      I won’t be going either. Haven’t been in years. Pride used to be a really big day in Old San Francisco. Maybe it still is to some. As fast as this city is trying to divorce itself from the old city it’s surprising they still have it. The original concept of Pride was part of the old city and I think because of that is has become passé to many people. It’s mainly a tourist event now for making money for corporations, local bars and for giving free advertizement and face time to politicians riding on top of cars waving on auto-pilot to bystanders. Tech has taken part in it and gay people fall for that and want to support tech because tech companies were in their parade. I think if Pride didn’t make money for people they’ve get rid of it saying it has served its purpose.

      1. rosa_barrio Post author

        Hola Ed, you don’t seem to understand [sarcasm intended].

        If one wants to be seen as part of the new techie city that I’ve written about that requires being addicted to tech in order to “fit in.” You’re not anyone if you’re not seen jogging on the Golden Gate Bridge with your screen bouncing up and down in your hand as you jog. You’re not anybody if you’re not seen cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge staring down at your screen the entire time. Or every motorists driving across the GGB being on their screen while driving (and there were 2 crashes on the Bridge the last time mi amigo went on his bike ride across the GGB). If I had to take a guess, both motorists were texting or distracted with their screen. Or seeing customers shopping in a grocery store staring at their screen, paralysed and leaning on the shopping cart. They’re glued to their screen the entire length of my time in the store (they may still be there!) instead of using their mind/working their brain and remembering what they need to buy. All of that is what mi amigo/my friend has seen on his bike rides across the GGB and I’ve seen in Rainbow Grocery Cooperative.


        Gracias for your comment, Ed. Chau.

  14. Alejandro

    Hooooooola. No I’m not going to Gay Shame-Gay Discreet Weekend (that’s a better name based on the state of things as you indicated!) and as you know I live here. Last year a gay writer wrote about how all the bars were packed the Friday night before Pride. Made it sound like Pride was all about bars being packed and drinking with gay guys getting drunk. Surely there’s more to Pride than drinking and getting drunk? Alcohol is about the only aspect of Pride Weekend that they haven’t sanitized or banned yet and I guess that’s because of the bars and beer company corporate funders. Imagine what it would be like if they removed alcohol from Pride weekend.

  15. D8

    You’re probably more interested in hearing from people who don’t live in San Francisco or the Bay Area but I’ll answer your question anyway. No, I’m not going to that. I haven’t been in years. I heard about last year’s “Pride” and from what I heard it was as you described. I don’t like supporting corporate parades even if they are surrounded by rainbow flags. I think “SF Pride” has lost itself. Thanks.

    1. SF-Resident

      I agree with that. You’d have to be wealthy to come to GSGDW if you don’t live here with the roundtrip airfare, expensive hotel room with hotels exploiting this for greed, and then there’s the eating out at least 2-3 meals a day. Restaurants in this town are not cheap and most in the Castro are just medocre. Who can afford all that in this economy. Techies can but we don’t need any more techies here even on a visiting basis. This is a very expensive city now and it’s because of tech. FUCK OFF TECH! I’m sick of tech. If you like watching corporate ads just stay home and watch television and put a rainbow flag or two on the side of your screen….you’ll get the same effect.

      1. DougDG

        Even if I wanted to come I couldn’t. Obama and his cult followers lie to us about how glowingly wonderful the economy is but I don’t see it where I live. A crumbling nation is more like it with greater divide between the very wealthy and poor.

Fin. The End.