¡La Casa de los Famosos de Telemundo!

La Casa de los Femosos 2012 is the latest installment from Telemundo/Endermol-Shine.  I much preferred Gran Hermano.

Labia-obsessed Manelyk — with those low-riding pants which she’s frequently adjusting to make sure they’re low enough — is like a gnat on a banana. The house pest. A pest that refuses to go away. She’s also the slut of the house, or one of them. Did you see that pink get-up she had on for the live show on 25 October 2021. Who would wear THAT on television? It was all about her tits and trying to show her labia again. This child is Kelvin’s pest and she is going to be a problem for him long after this show is over, at the rate things are going. She’s exhibiting the behaviours of a stalker, such as conveniently having to work out when Kelvin works out demanding his attention. She thinks she’s deserving of him and all his attention. She refuses to accept that he’s not interested in her. And when that’s the case, you have trouble.

The worst part about this show is the chick, Manelyk , who acts like a 13 year old pesky child. She’s really 32, but you’d never guess that by her behaviour.  Her behaviour towards Kelvin borders on that of a stalker in her nonstop efforts to win-over Kelvin, who has stated repeatedly that he has no romantic interest in this child.  At this point, I don’t think he has even any platonic interest in her either.  What sane and rationale guy would? She’s absolutely desperate-acting for a man.  She’s like a gnat on a banana.  Kelvin tells her “no” and she takes that as a “yes.”  She thinks that her continued besos on his cheek or quick touches of his face and neck will win him over.  If anything, it turns him off.  He ignores it all or says nothing and just puts up with it as part of his strategy for this show. And when did chicks started messing with a guy’s face like a mother does with a child’s face?  She pouts, moans, whinges and complains most of the time whilst saying “I love him so.”  Well, it’s not mutual and when that’s the case, there’s nothing that can be done about that.  The person feeling the “love him so” has to get over in time and stop their obsessive behaviour towards the person. She’s doing the opposite. One cannot force a romance when no feelings exist for that from the other person.  But this little girl in an adult body does not have the maturity to understand that.  I think she’s been programmed that whatever she wants, she deserves.  I’ve heard that is the teaching of some parents of Millenneals.  So, to be honest, this chick ruins the show for me.  I can’t stand her, and I’ve never felt this way that I remember about any house guests of the few reality shows I’ve followed.  But this child, like I said, and I’m serious, she could easily be a stalker and that’s not something I say lightly.  I’ve never seen anyone like her.  The immaturity is just not there.  Well let me put it like this:  the 15 year old boy across the street from me is far more mature than this little girl.  And she does act like a little girl, not to put down little girls. Most of the others in the house are much more mature. Will the other house guest nominate and have the public vote her out? Are they as tired of her obsessive antics as I am? If not, the producers need to have a serious talk with her — unless they think this is all good “drama” — to try to get through to dense her that she’s looking pretty bad and embarrassing herself, if that’s possible. She uses the live show to sit on the couch and try to “work” Kelvin by sitting next to him and seeing how close she can sit to him, occasionally laughing at something he says thinking “this will win him over.” Kelvin is not shallow like that, little girl. She touches his arm, his neck and he ignores that. She went for him in the kitchen yesterday with her arms around him as he was walking and he ignored that. Then she let go and ran the opposite direction laughing at her antics like a little girl. On the live show, he ignores her and she looks pouty and angry on the live show. Is that how she cares to come off to the viewing audience? Unfortunately, Kelvin has not slept that well since he won HoH because she’s there. Is that why he has slept for (by my count) 12-14 hours. Gets up at 1-2-3pm. Even in his sleep he’s focused on being on the edge of the bed holding a pillow so she can’t touch him. No one can sleep that well when they’re having to always think of a pest by their side and way over in the middle of the bed rather than on their side of the bed. She didn’t like it that he was playing pool the other night and not giving her attention, so she took her fingers and flicked the balls on the pool table causing them to roll, which set him off briefly. She so extremely immature and disrespectful of other people.

Kelvin has a major problem on his hands and her name is Manelyk. Ugh. If you saw what I did on the live feed on 21 October, when she was sitting at the island in the kitchen and he was stupidly standing next to her — why didn’t you move away from her muchacho? — she started kissing his arm (he took his napkin and wiped the kisses off, and she saw him do that) and she pulled his arm multiple times and reached up under his shirt to rub his arm and back. Absolute embarrassingly desperation. This little girl has a major problem that will last well beyond this show. I guarantee it. It goes well beyond infatuation and infatuations can be extremely difficult to get over. And, in part, he eggs it on. Why does he do that? He was good in positioning himself on the couch for the live show not sitting near her. Then later in the kitchen he essentially cancels that behaviour out and does not move away from her when she sits down right next to her. Then he leans down on the island with his arms and his face was at her face level. Why would he do that? I said to the camera: Get away from her. What are you doing? Why are you getting that close to her? You’re giving this child mixed messages and that’s how she takes it. I think he wants to treat her like he would everyone else in the house, but with someone like this you cannot do that. She needs serious psychological help. Then she began the masturbating of his arm and back and kisses of his arm. He pulled away and tried to walk away twice but she grabbed his arm and pulled him back each time. He gave her no affection, no body touching or anything at all. Other than before all of this grabbing her arm and taking his hand to her hand in the air to do a “high five.” That must have set her off and told her, “He now loves me.” Instead, he pulled away slowly, much more slowly than I would have. So in part, he’s partly to blame for this by his mixed messages. He doesn’t seem to get that you cannot treat her like he does the rest of the house guests. When will he get that? Or is he doing these little mixed messages of baiting her so that she doesn’t nominate him? I think there’s no chance of that because if he leaves the house, this child would be in agony, in desperation and probably have to be hauled out of there a complete emotional wreck. And did you see her routine pouty, angry look she had for most of the live show with those sunglasses on? She looks awful as if she doesn’t want to be there. Production asked her to take her sunglasses off when she did her nominations. Behind the scenes, every live show it’s about this child and Kelvin. She uses every live show and them being seated on the couch to work him, play him, pout and look angry. Where will he sit, next to her or way over on the other side? She uses pouting to get exactly what happened at the island at the kitchen I described earlier. I think a part of him feels he needs to “smooth things over” a bit, which only encourages more of her loca behaviour. You don’t egg it on, muchacho. You learn that when you’re about 2-3 years old. At times he acts so submissive to her. Why? Can the viewers please vote this child out? I’ve never seen such an agressive female towards a guy before. After her antics, she made sure she was working out in the gym along with him, but fortunately Christian was there to which sort of stifles her obnoxious and immature behaviour towards Kelvin. But this chick has a major problem.

And it should be said that Kelvin is damn annoying at times as well and sends mixed messages. I’ve seen him repeatedly put his feet and legs in her direction giving her the opportunity to fuck with his sandels. And she takes the opportunity. She takes the bait. Keep your legs and your feet to yourself, muchacho. Any opportunity to touch him. Rather than positioning himself away from her, he positions in her direction as if baiting her, whilst saying “nothing romantic; I have a girlfriend.” Her hands were allegedly cold the evening of 23 October in the back yard following the barbeque so she touched his hand to show him how cold she was. He grabbed her hand hard to warm it up, touching his hand and holding it for probably 10 seconds, rather than telling her to warm her hand up under the blanket she had on her lap. Dude, you don’t touch a chick’s hands unless you want trouble and to send a message of something more than friendship. You haven’t learned that yet and you’re 30 years old? What did his supposed “girlfriend” think about that when she saw him holding M.’s hand to warm it up, assuming she was watching the live feed? He kept calling M’s name at times through the evening, rather than ignoring her. As I say, he does some stupid things at times which come off as flirting. Not sure what is going on in his head but it comes off as hypocritical. On the evening of 22 October he was right-on in his behaviour toward her. They didn’t see each other the entire evening. He was in the backyard with the fire he had made for the others and she was in the house and she went to bed early. This was after she had been nominated. I had expected him to go give her mixed messages by trying to “console” her, but fortunately he did. But then, other times, he does these stupid things as I’ve described that he does not do with any of the other house guests that he wants to be just friends with. The guy has some issues, and needs to learn more about women and what you can and cannot do with them, unless you want trouble.

I’ve never felt this way about any of the “Big Brother” type shows I’ve watched. I’ve only watched a few to be honest over the years. This one really sets me off. I did not feel this way about Telemundo’s Gran Hermano. But this one? Ugh. I feel like turning this show off and am doing so. I’m now on Univisión at least as far as the live show is concerned. And some of the viewers are just as clueless. I wonder if they’re watching the show I’ve seen. They have fallen for this production-manufactured phony “relationship” too and call Kelvin and this little girl, “They make a cute couple.” They’re not a couple; he can’t stand her by his behaviour towards her. He tries to be polite to her at times, but his body language shows the real Kelvin. The viewers can’t seem to read Kelvin’s body language which says he has no interest in her. He doesn’t touch her. In fact, there are pillows going down the middle of the bed separating the two in bed. Has none of the viewers noticed that? Did production suggest to him that if he won HoH to invite her up there? I thought he had gone insane or was that for drama purposes? Before I turned the feeds off a few minutes ago she was eating banana bread off of his plate with her fingers, that he had prepared for himself. He didn’t say anything such as “You could fix your own plate, you know, if you’d like some banana bread with ice cream on it?” Where had her fingers been? Playing with her vulva again considering how low she enjoys wearing her pants? Get your own plate, child. Then she started rubbing his left arm thinking that will win him over. WRONG. Then she gave a quick beso on his cheek and quickly rubbed the back of his neck. He shows her no affection at all, as he shouldn’t because you don’t lead a person on when you’re sincerely not interested in them. During the last challenge, was it production that told Kelvin to give this infantile that piece of ice in the shape of a heart? If so, Kelvin should have told her: My heart is icy cold for you. That’s the intended meaning of this and not that I have any interest in you at all. Giving her that heart seems to have really set this little girl off. It didn’t dawn on her that it was a piece of ice, and not chocolates. But when you’re desperate for a man, reality goes out the window, not that she’s ever based in reality to begin with. But Kelvin has been sending mixed messages. She asked him to give her a neck massage (back of the next), and he did. Why did he do that? You’re touching her, dude, she’ll think you’re now in love with her just because you touched her. I would have told her to ask another house guest to give her a neck massage. If you want her to get the message, don’t touch her at all. Or is this more of production’s scripted “drama” of forcing him to touch her even though he doesn’t want to by all of his behaviour in the house, by giving her a neck massage? But to Kelvin’s credit, he plays pool all night (until he goes to bed) by himself. Completely ignoring her. Yet she still doesn’t take the hint.

Kelvin is perfectly at ease with his own company. The evening of 15 October he spent the evening playing multiple games of pool by himself and then later reading the bible for awhile before praying and going to bed. He spent no time with her at all other than that little neck massage she asked him to give her (for attention?) She was in bed alone whilst he was playing pool and reading his bible. Therefore, as I have said: There is no romance between these two as the show and some viewers have been led to believe. He couldn’t care less about her other than his required interest in her — the same interest he’s required to have for the other contestants — as part of the show. Then what did Telemundo have on their site: “Kelvin gives his heart to her.” What bull shit. It’s just the opposite. When did Telemundo turn into this type of deceitful operation? The evening of 19 October she couldn’t go get her own shoes out by the pool table, she wanted him to do that. So he did and dropped them from high up in the air onto the floor where they fell randomly by the side of the bed. Ms Needy couldn’t get her own shoes. Clearly he was annoyed by this again. That’s why he dropped them. They had no talking to speak of when he stopped reading the bible. The camera showed them in bed with him on the edge of her side and a wall of pillows up separating them. She’s way over near his pillow nearly in the centre of the building. She wants it all. Really very disrespectful she’s technically his guest. Last night his legs were off the bed because each time she got in bed after peeing she deliberately slid in the bed and went to the centre hoping to attract him. He ignored her. Tonight she has a pillow on right side of her side of the bed. That’s where she’s supposed to be (on the edge) like he is, and not in the centre where she thinks she’s entitled to be. She is an extremely immature, self-absorbed, self-entitled and disrespectful female.

Previously I wrote: Most of the people in this house suck. I find them damn annoying. Many being actors, they feel they need to act for the cámaras, and with some arrogance, because they’re actors.

I’ve watched some of this season of La Casa de los Famosos (the House of the Famous), but I came in about halfway. My “gaydar” was set off immediately by seeing about 10 seconds of Roberto Romano in the kitchen talking with Kelvin and observing Roberto’s body language. I said to myself: He’s a Queer boy. Then I found this about Roberto from Mundo Hispánico. One quote from the article, “A source close to actor Roberto Romano claims that the participant of La Casa de los Famosos is gay and that he is only playing with women inside the house. The source stated for TV Notas that he is doing it as a strategy and that “he did not care if he damaged” the relationship between Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna in order to reach the final.” Well, he didn’t fool me. I saw him for what he is. Yet he tried to play the role of Mr Straight Dude en la casa trying to make everyone think he’s heterosexual by lying in beds with las chicas with besos and besos and hugging and besos. It was all a bit much really, considering he’s a gay guy. Some of us were not fooled. The fact is: For centuries, closet cases have been in bed with women, married to women and with kids. That doesn’t mean they’re not gay. They are, but they’re in the closet living a heterosexual life. I wasn’t sorry to see Roberto leave the house considering the history of him as written about at the link above. The voting audience had become tired of his manipulative personality. As I said, I was convinced in the first few seconds I saw him that he’s gay, and no amount of kissing females and lying in bed with them or other manipulations convinced me otherwise. I saw a fake-heterosexual guy. Apparently the others en la casa come with no gaydar at all. Or ignored it.

Then there’s the Christian y Cristina Show. Ugh. Aren’t they something? Well the word that I’m thinking of is: obnoxious! They’re like the Odd Couple. Well, Christian is alright by himself I think. But her? No comment. Then they have to put on this telenovela love scene for the house guests every time they’re together — are the other guests thinking “Oh here they go again with another so-called love scene!” — even when sitting on the couch waiting for the live show to begin. I don’t know what he sees in her to be honest. Is it the oversized boobs or long straight blond hair? One day on, the next day off, having to pet each other’s face and stare into each other’s eyes. Right out of a telenovela. That’s part of what makes me think he’s acting. They don’t seem to know whether they’re coming or going in their television “relationship.” Too much for me! They didn’t sleep in the same bed the last two nights that I saw. Most of las chicas en la casa are emotional wrecks. Then it’s the guys’ duty to console Ms Needy.

After watching this show for about 2 weeks, it didn’t take me long to start to lose interest. I didn’t feel this way after watching Telemundo’s Gran Hermano.

I find Kelvin the most interesting. From what I remember about him from my research of some of the house guests, he’s divorced and is an air-conditioning installer, so he could probably use the USD $200,000 award the most. He’s also the most authentic. Except to when it comes to lying about some imaginary girlfriend he has. He doesn’t seem interested in any of the chicks in the house. Maybe his divorce soured him on las chicas. Mi amigo/My friend and I both sense that Kelvin is a Queer boy also, but in the closet by some of his behaviour and mannerisms. He has said many times according to some viewers that he has a girlfriend. Oh but of course, the perfunctory (and non-existent?) girlfriend. Many gay guys in the closet have a nonexistent “girlfriend.” Is Kelvin saying this to take him off the hook from having to get in bed with some of these chicks or even get at all close to them? Some closeted gay guys have a boyfriend who they refer to as their “girlfriend” and they use pronoun substitutions such as “she” when referring to him. If Kelvin does have a girlfriend she certainly doesn’t see much of him. What girlfriend would put up with that? I read that before La Casa de los Famosos that he was on another show and packed his bag and came onto the La Casa set. No time for a girlfriend there, and again, how many girlfriends would put up with this behaviour of their boyfriend never being around or available? His previous divorce to a female has obviously made him “wise up” to women and their manipulative behaviour, especially their use of tears-at-the-ready. He divorced his former wife after she didn’t want him to be on one of these shows from what I read. The others en la casa are actors and or famous singers. Which brings to mind the Christian y Cristina Show (C&C Show) again. Christian is an actor with extensive acting experience in telenovelas, so why would Cristina believe anything he does in the house is for real when he can be acting his way through the show the entire time as if playing a role in a telenovela and manipulating her? Does she never consider that? He certainly does give this chick a lot of time. Well what else do they have to do all day and night? They have few if any challenges. They mostly just lie around the house all day or eat or sleep or pet and make out as in the case of the C&C Show. Cristina talks badly about Christian in the morning but by evening, she’s forgotten all about that and is in his arms again. (Roll eyes). Then he’s raptured and throwing his body half-way over her’s whilst others on the couch sit near them. Fucking embarrassing. “Get a room somewhere, dude.” Completely dysfunctional in their television “relationship” and they’re not even at the fucking stage yet. I wouldn’t want to imagine those scenes since I’m already annoyed by the ones I have seen.

Then there’s the chick who wears her supposed lesbian sexuality on her sleeve with rainbow flag images (rainbow flag belt). But didn’t I see her in bed with some guy on one of the shows? What’s a lesbian doing in bed with a guy? Loca.

Then there’s that needy, nagging child Manelyk. Why is it that I can’t stand her? And there are not too many people I say that about. She doesn’t seem capable to grasping that Kelvin is not interested in her. That’s part of the reason why I find her damn annoying. Is she really that dense and desperate to find a guy? She seems obsessed with her tits and ass. They don’t look any differently than many other chick’s tits and ass.

I much preferred Gran Hermano to this version from Telemundo/Endermol.

Having actors on a supposed reality show seems to contradict the entire concept of “real” when, again, with actors who is to know when they’re acting and when they’re not whether the thing is scripted or not? Why have actors on a reality show when their strong point is acting? And what’s USD$200,000 to an actor? A day’s wages? Well not quite but I hope you get the point.

Oh by the way, the house they’re using for this production is the same la casa they used for Gran Hermano. It’s a very nice and rather large house — I’ve always liked it — and they changed some of the colour schemes for this show, such as in the bedrooms. It’s located in CDMX (Ciudad de México, or for the stupid people: México City).

Many viewers have complained about the EN VIVO live stream feeds of the 24 hour cámaras in the house on Telemundo’s website and on AdTube. But to their credit, the feeds are free and very high quality resolution on Telemundo’s website. They’re the same feeds on AdTube, which Endermol is now removing due to copyright problems, which really makes no sense since the feeds are free. And despite all the cámaras in the house (I think the house is installed with around 50 cámaras, if I’m remembering correctly), too often all 4 feeds are on the same thing and can be stuck there for hours, such as the back yard as they were last Friday night, where I think the production crew went home for the night. But considering the feeds are free, one has to take what they give you. Nevertheless, on the AdTube chat next to the EN VIVO videos, many commenters have written “Telemundo FRAUD.” If people were paying for the feeds I could see being pissed off about this, but since they’re free I don’t think Telemundo really cares what the viewers think about it. An English language network would be charging for the feeds. Don’t they charge for the Big Brother live feeds? I think so. Maybe Telemundo said: Because of the COVID pandemic and people not working, Latinos don’t have any extra dinero lying around to fork over for paying for feeds, so we’ll provide them for free, which is very nice of them.

The best parts of this show are: the house, Kelvin, Pablo (they’re both very down-to-Earth), Giselle, and the production crew. They have a superb set on the television show. Latinos certainly know how to do a set with LED lighting, as well as many other things and the very rich and immense Latin culture. Beautiful colours. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update 14 de octubre de 2021: Pest Manelyk seems absolutely desperate for a guy. She is one of the most immature chicks in the house. The 15 year old boy across the street from me is more mature than Manelyk and she’s 32. She can’t take no for an answer. She thinks she deserves what she wants. Kelvin is clearly not at all interested in her sexually or really as a friend. He treats her the same way he treats all the other house guests: As acquaintances. Remember he has that “girlfriend” at home? But he puts up with all of Manelyk’s ridiculous come-ons such as the arm rubbing and touching, the need to touch his face, her loud obnoxious fake-laughter at some of the things he says to make him like her. Did I say something about her touching his face? Good lord. It’s like having a fly on your face. STOP TOUCHING HIS FACE, BITCH! She’s one of the most obnoxious chicks I’ve ever seen and dense as well not to realise when a guy has no interest in her. She’s clueless and desperate. When he became HoH, the next morning/afternoon the camera showed pillows separating the two of them in the bed. He did not want her coming over to him wanting dick. And I have no idea why he chose her to be in the HoH suite with him; it must be his strategy for not getting nominated by her or something. I can’t stand her. Basura. He seems like a very nice guy but I think his decision to have her sleep up there in the same bed (WTF was he thinking?) with him — even with pillows separating the two of them so they have no contact — was a major mistake. It’s only made his problem with her worse as he should have expected. When I read that he had done that I said: WTF? Has he gone insane? Her behaviour during the latter part of the live show on 14 October 2021 was embarrassing. She was all over him. He did nothing with or to her other than to untie her shoe (was that to get her to move her leg away?) and eventually he moved his leg away from her. He was doing his best to be polite and to say nothing as she was sitting nearly on top of him. Having had arguments with her in the last week, I guess he figures that it’s futile to say anything to this bitch. Just remain silent or talk about something. When they got up out of bed on the afternoon of 14 October, the camera showed pillows separating them that he had put there. He got up and got dressed and left her up there in the HoH suite. There was no “love” or affection of any kind shown. Wherever he goes, Ms Pest follows and has to be near him. She’s like a gnat that won’t go away.

Then there are the viewers watching this show who have commented about it. Are they watching the same show I am? They claim that these two make a cute couple. They’re not a couple and never will be. He’s made it painfully clear to her that he’s not interested. Where have these viewers been to see that? Similar to when they were talking about Pablo getting Giselle pregnant in the HoH suite. Those two never had sex. It’s as if the audience can’t read body language at all and they put all of these heart images across the page. There is no love here between these two. It’s all desperate her. She’s desperate for him. He’s not interested. He does nothing with her. He doesn’t touch her, other than on the odd occasion in a very non-affectionate, cold way as anyone else would touch another person on a platonic level. He just puts up with her without saying much so he doesn’t get nominated.

One thing I have found annoying with production is that the camera sits on one of the females whilst other people are talking and you can’t see which person it is, if one is not that familiar with their voices. As with other shows, the camera should be on the person speaking and not fixed on a chick and her oversized boobs, or how many pimples she has on her face.

Also, the television show is also promoting this fake-romance between Manelyk y Kelvin. For ratings? Why did Kelvin make that ice heart and give it to her? For more drama? Or did production buy that somewhere and have Kelvin pretend to carve it himself (that was only shown about 1-2 seconds). Was that a suggestion from Endemol? When Kelvin gave the heart to her did you notice how he did it? With his arm stretched out. Keeping distance from her. There was no beso, no hug, no nothing. Just the ice heart. Perhaps he was trying to tell this clueless bitch exactly how he really feels about her: “My heart is cold/icy for you.” When will you leave this house? It can’t come soon enough! Because how would he have thought to make something like that and does he have the skills to do so? I think Kelvin is just trying to create drama because he has shown her no affection at all, not even a beso, fortunately. Other than that 1-2 second hug he gave her after they had an argument in the kitchen where he was trying to smooth things over after the quarrel.

Why did he invite her up to the HoH suite? Was it because production told him to or suggested that, should he win, to create more drama? I’m no longer convinced that this show and other reality shows like it are not scripted.

How much of this show is for real and how much is it “scripted” as in the producers encouraging some sort of drama so that they have a show that people will watch? There’s always some controversy, which makes me think it’s somewhat scripted. Or drama angles are suggested to the house guest. Such as the boring and now-predictable Christian y Cristina Show. You never know when they will be “on” or “off.”

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