San Francisco: Do NOT re-elect Pelosi in 2020

Update:  Just days after Pelosi presented the two articles of impeachment, 180 Democrats in the House voted to give the current White House occupant his record $738 BILLION war budget, as well as his border funding (that obsession of his).  If they sincerely wanted him impeached and out of office, they wouldn’t give him anything.  Duh.   This is insanity.  That’s $20 billion more than last year, and $120 billion more than under Obama. The war budget gives the current White House occupant his “Space Force” and gives the green light to more wars without end.

The woman needs to be retired, as well as put on trial as an enabler of the current White House occupant, as complicit in his crimes against the US Constitution as well as international laws.

Hola a todos. I’ll make this as brief as possible, in part because I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind because when partisan brainwashing is involved, changing anyone’s mind is impossible. Pelosi was in San Francisco recently receiving some useless award that she didn’t deserve and some protesters rose up during the ceremony and demanded she allow impeachment hearings to begin. The protesters were hauled out — Pelosi wouldn’t even listen to them; so much for our fake-democracy — but the “Democratic” Party Cult trash in the room known as Pelosi-bots/Dem-bots sided just like cultists do: They sided with their messiah Pelosi and not with the protesters who were standing up for the US Constitution and against the fascist regime that has taken over the US government with Pelosi’s help/complicity, where the US Congress has essentially been relegated to ceremonial status.

Since the current White House occupant has been in office, Nancy Pelosi has served as his unflinching complicit enabler. In fact, she and her majority so-called Democrats in the House of Representative enabled him by giving him his record war budget. Fake-progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted for this as well. A genuine progressive does not vote for war or for a record war budget, period.

Non-Representative Pelosi has refused to allow impeachment hearings to begin in the House as if she’s under the illusion that she owns the US Constitution. From what I’ve read, in her mind it’s all about “retaining her majority in the House,” a majority that enables the current WH occupant as you can see above with the record war budget. Oh she lightly makes fun of him to pacify the gullible basura in San Francisco who consistently and blindly vote for her as loyal cultists of the Democratic Party Cult, which is often the Cult that works for the Republican Party Cult.

Unfortunately, due to cult-like partisan brainwashing, San Francisco D-cultists consistently re-elects this incompetent woman, Nancy Pelosi, to the US House of Representatives. She clocks in at about 78% of the vote each “election” cycle no matter what she does for the Republicans and regardless of voter turnout. It really is all about brainwashing, isn’t it? She should not be Speaker of the House. But as good little cultists, the devout brainwashed “Democratic” cultists in San Francisco worship, magnify and glorify their god Pelosi no matter what she does for the WH occupant — as seen at that ceremony — and for the Republicans. When one votes for Pelosi, one is complicit with her as her enabler and an enabler of the current WH occupant. Anyone who votes for her is basura. You are part of the problem.

I suspect if you asked most voters in San Francisco about a detailed record of what this woman has done, you’d get a blank stare from them. They couldn’t tell you. They blindly vote for her because of that D for Democrat next to her name. This type of voting is that of a cult. It’s blind voting. This type of brainwashing is no different than the brainwashing one sees from religious cults and fanatics.

Pelosi is unfit to serve as Speaker because she’s weak, mealy-mouthed, an enabler for the current White House resident and fails to live up to her oath she took to the US Constitution. She’s a disgrace. She’s not about to do anything other than to serve as a doormat and rubber stamp for the orange despot. This despicable behaviour should not be rewarded by giving this inept and incompetent woman another 2 year term. Toss her out on her ear. She’s worthless and useless. Basura. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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