What does npr stand for?

“np what?” Someone might ask. Do you know what npr stands for? How many of npr’s listeners don’t know what npr stands for? You certainly wouldn’t know from listening to them. Why has npr abandoned National Public Radio?

Hola a todos. The jazz radio station I listen to is a npr member station. But they only broadcast some of npr’s jazz-related programmes. They don’t air any content from npr News (such as Morning Edition or All Things Considered or news updates). And when I hear the funding credits on the jazz station, the announcer from npr says, “This is npr.” But s/he never says what npr stands for as they used to do when I listened to npr all the time.

For those who listen to npr, do you know what the letters npr stand for, particularly the “n?”

Nice Polite Republicans? Or, National Pentagon Radio?

Some npr listeners say npr stands for Nice Polite Republicans. Other listeners say that npr stands for National Pentagon Radio, since the network has been such a hawk for US imperialism. Is there any war or US terrorist attack on another country that npr News has opposed?

To be honest, I’ve not listened to npr since the days of when George W Bush was running for US president and Cokie Roberts was gushing over him in one of her segments on Morning Edition with Bob Edwards. Cokie was going on about Bush as being, “he’s a very attractive candidate.” Loca. I thought: What drugs is she on? After that, the network became a shill and hawk for every terrorist attack launched on Afghanistan and Iraq by the US Oligarchy, so I turned npr off and haven’t listened to it since. Well, I take that back. Recently, to write this article I did listen to a couple of newscasts to see if or how their news format had changed, which is why I ask: Why have they abandoned “National Public Radio” in their spoken, on-air network ID? They no longer say that. Why?

I did more research into this: npr has items for sale on their website and none of them say “National Public Radio” either. They have the npr logo only and then there’s one item that says “public radio nerd” rather than “national public radio nerd.” It’s as if the network is running away or already has from the word “national” for some reason. I don’t understand that.

I was on npr’s website the other night and no where on their site that I saw do they say what npr stands for. In fact, they have this new thing called NPR Media, which one of their Bay Area member stations is promoting too.

So, I went on two of the local Bay Area member stations for npr. Neither of them say what npr stands for either. And they both give npr a very low profile, which is the opposite of the way it used to be when I was a regular listener to npr. One of the Bay Area npr member stations doesn’t have anything about npr on their website. Neither station say, “We are a npr member station.” One of them has the logos for both npr and PBS at the very bottom of the website because they are both a radio and television station, but that’s the closest thing they come to it. Well things have certainly changed since I stopped listening to npr. I remember when the member stations heavily promoted the network (npr). It was all about npr. They’re not doing that now. What happened?

When I was a constant listener to npr, anyone at a npr microphone for their newscast said, “From National Public Radio News in Washington, I’m Ann Taylor” (for example). Sorry to read that Ann Taylor left the network sometime ago. We liked her. We (mi amigo/my friend and I) saw her when we visited npr years ago. She was in her news booth reading the news as usual during the first feed broadcast to the member stations of ATC. Then half-way through the newscast, Ann would say, “This is npr.” But as you see, they identified the network that one was listening to. Not now. I listened to two newscasts recently from npr and they never said: “This is npr. National Public Radio.” No, with npr, you’re on your own to figure out what the letters stand for because they’re not about to tell you, not that I heard.

So again, I’m just wondering how many listeners to npr have no idea what the letters stand for since npr seems to have run away from the “National Public Radio” language. In order to find out what the letters stand for, you have to go to wikipedia or somewhere. That’s crazy. Why did npr make such a ludicrous change?

Perhaps it’s a way for npr to become more corporate and corporate-sounding like the other corporate “3-letter” networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC et al. They are just three letters and those corporate networks never identify what their letters stand for either (ABC = American Broadcasting Company, CBS = Columbia Broadcasting System, NBC = National Broadcasting Company). But then you have Fox which is one word, and Univisión and Telemundo which are words and not letters.

So, I don’t know why they made this very questionable change, but it doesn’t seem very intelligent and again, I was wondering how many people who listen to npr don’t know what the letters stand for because the network never says. And the same for the two Bay Area npr member stations I checked in with via their websites.

Oh and by the way, I once dated someone briefly who — I think — was trying to impress me and he mentioned listening to “PBS Radio.” There is no such thing. Showed how much he knew (or didn’t)! When we talked on the phone before our first date I told him about something I heard on npr. By him saying “PBS Radio,” that told me he had no idea what he was talking about, but I didn’t correct him because I was interested in having a date with him and I wanted everything to be smooth without any difficulties. So I just let it go. But there is no PBS Radio. PBS is the television network of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). NPR is the radio network, and both networks are under the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. But you can’t fix stupid, so don’t waste your time trying. Chau.—el barrio rosa