Conservatory students concerned about US civil war, US mass shootings.

Hola a todos. It might come as a surprise to some that music students have political views. Yes, despite their very busy schedules in a Conservatory, some do try to keep up with what’s going on in the world, as least to some degree. Politics and music have gone hand-in-hand with many composers and performers. There are too many pieces to name where music and politics are intertwined, directly connected. But we wouldn’t have pieces such as Haydn’s Missa in tempore belli/Mass in Time of War, Mass No. 10[1] in C, (H. XXII:9) also known as the Paukenmesse if music and politics were not interconnected within composers. Music scholars have long thought the piece to be of an anti-war nature. Nor would we have Lenny Bernstein’s choral symphony, Symphony No. 3 “Kaddisch”. If you aren’t familiar with the piece, the text is most politically appropriate for these days even though the text was written back in 1963 and he made some revisions to it in 1973. Nor would we have Benjamin Britten’s The War Requiem, Op. 66 to name three major works off the top of my head, if musicians had taken a denial approach that politics and music have nothing to do with each other and should not be mixed, giving the impression that musicians are void of political views. But that’s not realistic. The conservative Classical Music snots often like to live in denial and divorce any politics from music. They are easily offended by this, failing to understand that one is not getting a true story, a genuine picture of the music of the day they’re listening to and what was going on en el mundo/in the world or around them at that time.

I walked into the Conservatory yesterday afternoon (el 4 de agosto de 2019/4 August 2019) and a group of students were out in the hallway talking quietly among themselves, taking a brief break from their practise time. They were huddled talking about the two most recent mass shootings here in the non-United States. I listened to what they were saying. They spoke of their increasing concern about a civil war here in the nation which is brewing, with an increasing number of mass shootings. The mass shootings have become a common septic symptom of US culture, so common that they’re often not even reported online in the US media. The thinking seems to be: “Oh it’s just another shooting. Why report that? They’re nearly an every day occurrence.” One has to go to international media to see any coverage about them. When there are two mass shootings back-to-back that stirs more attention in the non-United States. Then out comes the perfunctory, expected and predictable talk of “thoughts and prayers” from septic career politicians. Shove your “thoughts and prayers.” Several of the Conservatory students mentioned the current White House occupant, whom they clearly despise, and find him directly responsible, which of course he is due to the political climate of hate he has set as well as the basura around him.

The Conservatory students saw me walk in — we all know each other and they read my site — and they asked me what I was thinking about all this. I said: Oh that’s okay, I don’t need to give my opinion. This is connected with politics and I avoid that topic because it raises my blood pressure to an unhealthy level. They said: Well can you give us something short, that should be all right, it doesn’t have to be long. So since they insisted, the following pretty much sums of what I told the group. At the end, they said: You should post that on your site; you made some excellent points. (Gracias to them). I agreed to post it for others to read, so here it is, as best as I remember what I said:

I started out by saying that I had read what the current White House occupant had said after the El Paso TX shooting and I wanted to speak to this glib cliché that I constantly hear from (conservative) politicians. Any act of violence that politicians are not responsible for themselves they call, “an act of cowardice.” I heard former British Prime Minister Theresa May repeatedly speak those words (“an act of cowardice”) as well as French President Emmanuel Macron following various so-called “terrrrrrrist” attacks. I think May and Macron got this language from the current White House occupant. The current White House occupant mindlessly repeats the same pabulum as does all other basura politicians by calling the mass shooting “an act of cowardice.” That’s complete rubbish, just like the person who made the comment. The fact is: It takes a lot of courage to plan and go out and shoot and kill 20 people in El Paso Texas. Then another person killed 9 people in Dayton OH within 24 hours of the first shooting spree, as two examples of mass shootings. There’s nothing “cowardice” about that at all. The true coward is sitting en la casa blanca/in the White House living in his usual Denial as an enabler and accomplice of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The true coward hid behind bullet-proof glass on the Mall in the District of Columbia the evening of 4 July 2019 as he was rattling on about “freedom.” Bullet-proof glass and “freedom” don’t go together. They are a glaring contradiction. If we truly had “freedom” and any other fake-patriotism and fake-nationalism that he was rattling on about, he wouldn’t have insisted that he speak behind bullet-proof glass. What’s “Mr Freedom” afraid of? I guess his insipid speech writers didn’t think that through. If only these political basura possessed any critical thinking skills whatsoever to think things through before they speak, they wouldn’t make such stupid remarks about these heinous mass shooting events, some of which are caused by their own rabid white supremacist supporters. Let’s tell it like it is: If one really insists on talking about cowards and cowardice, one should look inward at the most delicate, fragile, narcissistic, cowardice personality and approach that said politician takes to stringent gun control in the non-United States. That’s the coward right there. Such political basura has one’s head in the upper colon of the NRA.

The current White House occupant said: “Hate has no place in our country?” Since when? You’re the role model for hate.

The current White House occupant is incapable of shame or even human feelings. He’s a cold, empty, self-entitled and self-absorbed angry vessel with an occasional forced-fake smile. One wonders went he underwent a lobotomy. There’s nothing he doesn’t think he’s an expert on. He’s one big hypocrite. A disgrace to the office he’s currently residing in. He deserves no respect and has earned no respect whatsoever. And he, with his dysfunctional personality, wants a fight with the entire world. He is a corporate parasite of the very swamp he claimed he wanted to drain, and has only added to said swamp. His most recent example of hypocrisy is that following these two mass shootings, he said that, “Hate has no place in our country, and we will take care of it.” What does that pabulum mean? More empty words. Just like “Thoughts and Prayers.” More hypocrisy! This man-child spews hate on a daily basis — especially at his cult rallies — to feed his white supremacist cultist base, giving them his signature “white power” hand gesture whenever he speaks.

One should expect more of this. I do. And one should expect the current White House occupant to receive a second term some way or the other — and like everything else he does it won’t come legally and yet nothing will be done about it; he’s above the law despite what they say to the contrary — with the help of Democratic Party enablers, including Nancy “he’s not worth it” Pelosi and others. From what I’ve read, it’s all about Pelosi’s “majority” in the House, that’s all that woman is concerned about. In reality, it’s a “majority” that serves as enablers for the White House occupant. In fact, they were his strongest enablers on the recent war budget that passed in the House, and later in the Senate with the enabling of the Democrats as well — including the Democratic Party presidential candidates who didn’t bother to show up to vote on this critical bill (Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker did not vote; they were too busy running for another job and not doing their job as senators) — giving the Pentagon a record $738 Billion USD for fiscal year 2020.

The Conservatory students said they were glad that I had picked up on the “an act of cowardice” cliché as they had similar thoughts about that. They gave me a nice applause after I spoke. That was a first for me. I wonder what my blood pressure reading was at that point? But muchas gracias to them. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: The White House occupant “addressed the nation” on the two most recent shootings (TX and OH). Aren’t we fortunate to hear his words of wisdom? [sarcasm intended]. I changed the channel on my television when he showed up just as I did when Obama appeared. I later read what the current White House occupant said. Most of it was drivel, basura, as expected. One thing I noticed: He’s playing word games to his cultist base to pacify the NRA. He said it’s the “trigger” and not the gun that caused the shooting deaths in TX and OH. Does he not know that the trigger is on the gun? He can’t bring his useless self to say anything negative about guns, so he stoops to the level of reducing things to the trigger rather than guns. As he came out to speak, the second-in-line White House occupant followed him and took the position — as he always does — of trying to look intimidating or like The Hulk with this chest stuck out (in that menacing black suit), arms straight down but not in a resting position the way “normal” human beings usually stand who are not trying to puff themselves up and look threatening or like Mr Tough Guy — and he stood there with his usual lobotomised, “nobody is home” emotionless facial expression. For anyone who is concerned about The Hulk replacing the current White House resident upon his impeachment (impeachment is not going to happen because Nancy Pelosi thinks she personally owns the US Constitution), I would like to remind people that The Hulk is already in power. He’s the most visible second-in-line guy I’ve seen. He frequently appears either with the current White House occupant or alone. He’s already running things. It’s as if we have two people in one position. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: So the White House occupant is going to El Paso on 7 August 2019. Why? For camera time, for photo-ops, for attention to feed his narcissistic personality. The fact is: He couldn’t care less about any of the people who were killed or injured or their families or amigos. He didn’t know any of these people, and even if he did he has no ability to show sympathy or empathy. It’s always all about him and I can predict that he will make this visit all about him. There is no need for any politician — especially this one — to go “visit” the town or city where a mass shooting takes place. If any contact needs to be made, he can pick up the phone and or e-mail the mayor of the locality. But that doesn’t give this political basura camera time to show more “white power” hand gestures, therefore, waste more fuel going down to Texas to feed his enormous ego and create more problems and insult even more people while he’s down there. He’s blanco basura (slang form). Chau.—el barrio rosa